New Hasbro Coupons – Over $80 Worth + Toys R Us Deal

New Hasbro Coupons

There are over $80 worth of new Hasbro Coupons available.

Print: Hasbro Coupons

Here are the coupons you will find:

  • $4.00/1 Monopoly
  • $4.00/1 Life Game
  • $4.00/1 Scrabble
  • $5.00/1 Monopoly Electric
  • $4.00/1 Jenga
  • $4.00/1 Sorry
  • $3.00/1 Candy Land
  • $3.00/1 Chutes & Ladders
  • $3.00/1 Memory
  • $5.00/1 Monopoly Crazy Cash
  • $5.00/1 Scrabble Turbo Slam
  • $5.00/1 Connect 4 Launchers
  • $4.00/1 Operation
  • $4.00/1 Guess Who?
  • $4.00/1 Connect 4
  • $4.00/1 Battleship
  • $5.00/1 Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash or Yahtzee Flash
  • $3.00/1 Cooties
  • $5.00/1 Scrabble Alphabet Scoop
  • $5.00/1 Bop It XT

::Toys R Us Deal

Toys R Us has BOGO 50% on all Hasbro games this week.  Here is a deal you can snag with this sale and the new coupons:

Buy 2 Operation Games ($9.97) $14.95 for both with sale
-(2)$4/1 Operation Coupons
$3.47 each after coupons & BOGO 50% off sale

Buy 2 Candy Land, Memory or Chutes & Ladders ($9.99) $14.98 for both with sale
-(2)$3/1 Candy Land, Memory or Chutes & Ladders Coupons
$4.49 each after coupons & BOGO 50% off sale

Source: Don’t Make Me Nuts

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  • Anonymous

    Way better deals come around for these games every Christmas. If you can wait till then I would. I donated a lot of the ones I got for free to toys for tots last year!

  • Jessica

    Does it have to be 2 of the same game, or any 2?

  • Jill

    What great deals! Think I’ll stock up for birthday parties!! 🙂

  • Dollie

    When do the coupons expire?

  • Caliwifey

    Great deal!
    Dollie these expire Oct 9, 2011

  • Linda-PA

    Where did you get the prices? My store has operation for 18.99

    • Holly

      I think it’s for operation Buzz lightyear…prices @ 9.99…HTH

      Thanks for posting the great deal! My kids love games! We did the target deal yesterday and got scrabble slam for 7.00 and a free market fresh pizza!

  • Lisa

    I saw Memory at Walmart and Meijer for $7.04 regular price I thought. So you might want to check their also

  • Asra

    Im going to buy these and save them for my daughter’s birthday party. these are great for giving out as prizes.

  • Phyllis

    I was so excited when I saw these coupons! I have 3 young daughters and we love playing games. I printed all the Q’s this am and headed to Walmart to check out the clearance….I found travel Connect 4 marked down to $4.50 and there were a few Battleships left marked down to $5. I used (2)$4 off connect 4 Q’s and (2)$4 off Battleship Q’s and paid only a little over $3!!!!! Was a great day!…..Until I realized that I left my envelope full of freshly printed “hasbro” Q’s in my shopping cart when I left……so sad! When I realized they were missing I went back to the store but they were no where to be found. I was hoping to stock up on games for xmas gifts.

  • Holly

    Thank you so much for posting this. I went to my local TRUS today and this is what I did:

    Operation Buzz LIghtyear 9.97
    Candyland 9.99
    Travel Guess Who 7.99-4.00 Bogo 50%
    U-Build Monopoly 9.98-4.99 Bogo 50%
    Echo Microphone (impulse buy for my 2 year old to keep him happy)
    Total (before Q’s): $32.02
    Total (after q’s): $18.02

    I saved $15.00 and paid less than what the original price was for the Buzz Lightyear game. Not bad! Now I just have to hide them in my Christmas stash before the kids get home.

    • Holly

      Guess I should have posted the echo microphone was $3.00 so my games alone would have been $15.02ish with tax.