New Target Coupon Policy Link


Target Coupon Policy 2011

For a while the Target Coupon Policy had seemingly disappeared from the Target Website.  It seems that they have just relocated it on their website when they were doing their redesign.

So, for those of you that have been searching for it, here is the new link:

Target Coupon Policy 2011

Remember to check all the store coupon policies as well as direct links to the store weekly ads, electronic coupons, store coupons and more on the Coupon Policies Page

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  • Jessica Mayville

    Do the Catalina coupons that print at Target that say manufacture coupon but only valid at Target county as a manufacture coupon or Target coupon for stacking purposes?

    • Cindy

      They count as a manufacturer coupon so you can not stack a coupon with it.

  • Candice

    And with the mobile coupons…do those apply to every purchase….such as the Bayer deal. Do you scan the mobile once and then it will take $2 off every bayer asprin you purchase or is it just one? Do you need to (or can you) do multiple transactions on mobile coupons?

    • Eva

      You can only use one mobile coupon.

  • Kristi Marie

    Umm, Is the policy stating that I cannot use a coupon for the free item on the BOGO coupon? If so, they just lost my patronage

    • H

      I know Kristi. Had a huge problem the other day at the Target in North Bergen NJ. I had one bogo coupon and one target coupon for 2 items. They told me I could not used a bogo coupon and another coupon in the same purchase. I called the 800 corporate number and they told there team member why not? He had to allowed the coupon since it ONLY STATES THAT YOU CANNOT USED A BOGO B1G1 AND 2 OTHER COUPONS ON TOP. EVEN IF IT WAS A TARGET COUPON THEY CANNOT TAKE MONEY OFF A FREE ITEM,, WITCH IT MAKES SENSE!!!!

      • chrissy

        I also shop in North Bergen…Several great cashiers there! Anna (the lod) knows her stuff as well as Carlos (also a lod or gslt?) If the cashier is problematic ask for the LOD on duty….I have great luck there. Now Edgewater….they really stink!
        Jersey City is alos good…

        • h

          Lol. I love Edgewater. But thanks nd good to know. If u ever want to swap coupons. Let meknow…..

  • Regina

    I would like to know about their price matching. I’ve had no luck with that. Anyone else?

  • Jamie

    I’m not sure if the policy has changed since then, but I went to Target on Tuesday, the 13th, at Millville, NJ, and I took advantage of the buy 5 Kashi products, get one free. I had no problem using six coupons in addition to one Target coupon for the crackers. I thought I was going to have a problem because the coupon said “crackers” and I was purchasing the pita CHIPS (even though the little quip that’s printed with the coupon clearly says “Try our new crackers!”), but the cashier was really nice & accepted all my coupons. Even the overly sensitive cash register didn’t beep at the cashier! I was so happy! The new pita chips (especially the zesty salsa) are a hit at our house!

    As a rule of thumb, always ask for a manager if you think the cashier is not executing the policy correctly. It might be inconvenient to other customers, but it is your right as a consumer!

    Regina — I’ve asked at customer service and the answer is always no, no price matching. Maybe one day!