Pathmark Coupon Matchups 9/16 – 9/22

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 9/16 – 9/22

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Marina

    CAn I use (4) $o.50/1 AnyDawn and (4) $0.75/ 1 Any PLUS Dawn (if included on the sale) in the same transaction? I should right?

    • nuri

      on 8 dawns, you should be.
      Does path mark even have a limit to 4 like coupons

      • teresa

        mine does here in beverly nj

        • Marina

          I’m using 2 different coupons ($0.50 and $0.75), but the items to be bought are the same!

          • CK

            Marina, if you have eight coupons (four of each) but are only planning on buying four Dawn dishsoaps, you cannot use two maufacturer’s coupons for one item. You would have to buy eight dishsoaps to use all eight of your coupons.

            • jess

              You should be able to use all 8 coupons since you are limiting it to 4 of each coupon and the $0.50 off is for ANY dawn product. As long as there is not a limit on how many you can buy it should work out just fine.

    • Cynthia

      I have done it before. I guess it depends on your store. They aren’t the same EXACT product OR coupon so you should be able to. You may want to ask the customer service desk first and explain that they are different. That’s what I’ve done and it’s worked for me! Good luck!

  • paty

    i dont see the ecoupons for the dawn or the cascade or the herbal does anyone have this problem?

  • paty

    never mindd!! i got it…

  • paty

    I have a question about the ecoupons, if anyone can help me will be
    really appreciated. Do the ecoupons work for every item I purchase or its limited to only one item? For instance if I purchase 4 dawn plus ..will the ecoupon deduct the savings on each individual dawn or will it be limited to only one dawn ? Thnk you in advance!

    • Zahra

      Even if you buy 4 bottles of Dawn, the e-coupon will only apply once. HTH!

      • paty

        thank you!

  • Jessica

    I haven’t used Zavers coupons before. On their FAQ page it states that the manufacturers usually will not accept a paper coupon and an e-coupon. Has anyone tried to use the two on the same item? Will both come off for one item?

    • Lesley

      I am wondering the same thing. I want to do the pillsbury grands biscuit deal and the deal here shows that both a paper coupon and the Zavers would come off. I know the Zavers do not double, too. But I also did see on their FAQ site what Jessica show. Anyone use a paper coupon with te Zavers coupon?

    • ethel

      yes I’ve tried them many times…this week I got a pack of huggies for free (2.50 each and I had .75 coupon that doubled and $1 zavers came off) But it will only come off once..

      • Jessica

        Thanks! Cellfire is hit or miss. This is great!

    • Cynthia

      The Zavers has come off for me when the product was scanned (after scanning my Pathmark card of course) than, they deduct your coupons! So yes, you can use both. Its worked for me several times. You should see it come off when the item is scanned. The zavers only comes off once. Pay attention when they scan your products because my card didnt work the last 2 times I tried. Still trying to get it fixed. HTH! Good Luck!

      • Cynthia

        Sorry, let me make it clear, I meant that I’ve used Zaver coupons on more than one occasion BUT each coupon will ONLY COME OFF ONCE! I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. :o(

        • Jessica

          Thanks! Even just being able to use the ecoupon once for one product is great with me. I understand that it won’t keep taking off for several of the same item.

          • Mary

            Zavers only ever comes off once, then it’s deleted.

            Sometimes the zavers savings does not calculate in until the cashier hits checkout, it’s pretty random!

  • Lisa Cox

    @ Paty: Just this week I purchased multiples of the same item within an order and I noticed the z-coupon credited only once. I also returned for more of the item in another transaction and no z-coupon was credited.

  • Cara

    Could not find the $1/5 Campbell’s Condensed “Great For Cooking” Soup printable from the link provided. Any specific zip code I need to use. Thanks.

  • Arizia

    Great matchups!

  • Corri

    If I buy 6 Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Cereal, will I get 2 Milk catalina’s? I’m only asking because I want to use up my $1/2 cereal coupons & use the $1.50 off fresh fruit coupon during the back to school sale. TY!

    • Tara

      You get one catalina per offer. So buy the minimum for the catalina to print, then do a seperate transaction to get another one to print.

  • Tara

    The Danimals yogurts are going to come out to .66 each with the .50/1 coupon. It won’t be $1.16 each as shown, it’s going to be less.

  • Colleen

    when they say e coupons not zavers are they pathmark coupons or from another site like cellfire ???

    • Cindy

      No all the eCoupons are from Zavers

      • marie

        Hi Cindy,
        Do the coupons from Organize in Style double at the register?

        • Cindy

          Yes they do

          • Marie

            Thank you

  • Malinda

    Are zaver coupons different for different regions? I don’t have dawn, gillette, cascade, or herbal essence?

    • Jessica

      I don’t have any of those either.

      • Jessica

        Nevermind. I found them. There was a second page. Duh.

  • Mark

    It might be a regional thing but today in my SS found a Ellios coupon $1/3.

  • Gregg

    Another wek of uninspring sales at Pathmark. Shop Rite is killing them!

  • aileen

    I agree with Greg! Does anyone notice that whenever Pathmark has double mfr coupons under 99 cents week, they offer no good sales?! I had to stop going to them for a while. Now, I buy a lot of those things at CVS! Too bad I have no ShopRite nearby!

    • H

      Agree, I also notice. If an item is on sale at shop rite, path mark would have the same item on sale but cheaper and they are usually not on the flyer. Even though I use lrwc list I double check when go to there sites and I also notice none advertise sales. Just yesterday at pathmark they had the grande tortillas chips for .49 cents each bag regular price $2.99 and so on..

    • felicia

      I find a lot of good unadvertised deals at my pathmark. Of course, if my Shoprite fully doubled I’d probably have a different outlook!

  • Christina


  • Jessica

    Just got back from Pathmark. The ecoupons did not come off. I just double checked online and they are all there. I bought the correct items, I double checked the card number to my card number and I typed it correctly. Not really sure what happened but I am a little upset. If I return the items I lose my paper coupons. If I keep them, I’ve spent money on them that wasn’t worth spending since I already had a stockpile of each.

    • Cindy

      Did you scan your card or put in your phone number when you were at the register? I am asking because I had my Pathmark card registered on the Zavers account but when I went to the store, I put in my phone number so I didn’t have to take out my Pathmark card. Well, it turned out that my Phone Number was registered to another Pathmark card that I didn’t even know I had. It was from years ago.

      • Jessica

        Hi Cindy!

        I also had posted you on facebook. I used my card. When I got home I double checked and the card number I registered is the card that I had used this morning. I also double checked and all of the coupons were added to my account. I don’t know what happened, I added the coupons last night, does it take a certain amount of time for them to kick in for use? The manager said if I printed an email with the coupons (I guess the shopping list feature) they will adjust my receipt. If I use paper coupons are you sure the ecoupons are supposed to also come off for the same item? Ex. I had a paper coupon for Dawn and there was an ecoupon.

        I actually purchased like 5 or 6 items that there were ecoupons for and not a single one worked (gillette body wash, cascade, dawn, herbal essence, betty crocker fruit snacks).

      • meganchipp

        The zaver coupons are not working.. I went to pathmark twice this wee. I had my print out and went to customer service and they gave me the money back for each item that I had the zaver coupon for. 🙂

        • marie

          Do you mean that you printed the shopping list and took that to Pathmark?

          • meganchipp

            I printed my list of coupons that I loaded on my Pathmark card. Then at customer service we match all the items on my receipt to the items on my print out. I hope that helps 🙂

            • marie

              Yes. Thank you. I just printed mine. Pages! Now, what to do, try the P & G deal or not to try?

  • lisa

    Hi, How do you get the Kraft Food & Family coupons? I registered but can ‘t find them.

  • tina

    has anyone tried the p&g deal? is it going by shelf prices?

    • Jessica

      I tried it with shelf price and it didn’t work. I was told it is after sales/ coupons.

      • Cindy

        Hmm, I’m hoping this is not a trend. I’ll have to research this more and find out what the situation is. It’s not after coupons though. It may be at sale price but not after coupons.

        • Jessica

          That is what I am thinking..

  • Kelly

    my Zavers coupons have not worked for several months now. not sure what’s happened. I’ve contacted the company and the last I heard from them was a month ago when they were going to “look into the matter.” I first wrote to them in July!

    • meganchipp

      I emailed them too. I haven’t gotten a response yet. As long as you bring your print out from the Pathmark zavers site, they will honor them at customer service.

  • Tara

    OK, I “attempted” the P&G deal this afternoon but it didn’t work out as planned. First, they were out of Crest toothpaste & were subing Colgate. Which didn’t help for the deal. So I had extra Oral B Cavity toothbrush coupons on me so I figured I’d get 8 toothbrushes instead. I got those, 4 Dawn, 4 Downy and one Herbal Essence. When I went to the register I was scanning my coupons, the toothbrush coupon .75/2 was only doubling to .25, even though you obviously have to buy 2 according the coupon rules and the manager just wasn’t getting “it” so she wouldn’t help adjust it. My total was something like $18 after coupons so something went wrong. And YES, my zav’s coupons DID get applied for the items! It didn’t seem like a good deal to me as my paper coupons weren’t matching up for some reason so I cancelled the transaction. So much for that $5 cat off my food bill…but I still did pretty well on food without it. 🙂

  • Rosa

    My Zavers coupons haven’t been working either. I will print my Zavers coupon list and bring with me going forward. Thanks for the tip!

  • Ana

    In the past i’ve noticed that the zavers I add into “my coupons” do not count into the “total savings in account” and do not get deducted at the store unless I first add them, log out and then log back in. usually after I do this my “total savings in account” increases to include the newest zavers i’ve added so then I know for sure my coupons should be in there…so far this has worked as they get deducted at the store.

  • Crystal

    What zipcode in zavers for Dawn and Cascade. They aren’t coming up for me. Thanks

  • Shamara

    I went to Pathmark yesterday and my zaver coupons worked and the cat worked also…. Im soo happy!! This is what i brought..
    4 Downy
    4 Dawn
    recieved a $5 CAT

    • Arizia

      did u use coupons? I want to try this tomorrow. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, i used 4 (.50 off) Downy P&G , 4(.50 off) Dawn P&G, Plus i had a $5 CAT from a previous transaction… Hope this was helpful to you…

  • Maria

    Just a side note, went to my pathmark and waldbaums in Long island, oceanside and east rockaway, and they have 50 percent off tampax and always. I got a great deal with zavers and coupons.

  • Purvi

    None of my zavers coupons worked today at Pathmark. It worked fine last week with Kotex deal. Any ideas?

  • Cynthia

    My Zavers hasn’t worked in weeks!! I ve emailed tham BUT STILL haven’t heard back.

  • Rosey

    Can someone please tell me the details on this catalina deal? I have looked all over for it and cannot find anything. Thank you in advance.

    • marie

      It’s in their circular. The top section of 2 pages. It states buy 25.00 of these participating P & G products, in a single transaction and get a 5.00 coupon OYNO. The products are pictured. Use the shelf price to get to 25.00 and use the sale price minus your coupons to decide if you have a good deal. Look at the circular on-line.

  • Rosey

    Thank you Marie each and every time I try to do a deal like this using the “shelf” price I don’t wind up getting the catalina. I have to go pretty far to shop at a Pathmark so I would really like to know if it is working in South Jersey.

    • Marie

      Actually, just like the Deal Idea Cindy lested above.

  • Dessa

    Don’t know if this will help anyone but…

    My circular says that PM will double all coupons to .99, and it specifies that it includes DND.

    So there is a Kraft singles blinkie machine at my shoprite spitting out $.50/1 DND Q’s.

    If you were to use them at PM you would get Kraft Singles 14.7-16oz for $.99 each 🙂

    (1.99- .50×2 = .99)

    • Mark

      Yes, the bar code starts with a 9 and it still doubled. I got the blinkies at Stop and Shop last week. I will probably go back before the sale ends to get 4 more.

      • Marie

        Can you freeze Kraft singles?