Pathmark: P&G Catalina Deal Update

Pathmark: P&G Catalina Deal Update

I was a little disappointed hearing that some of you have not had success with the Pathmark P&G Catalina deal this week.  But, reader Shamara was successful with the deal at shelf price so I thought I would post what she was able to score.

The P&G deal this week is for Buy $25 in select P&G products and get a $5 catalina.  I’m not sure of the exact coupons Shamara used however, these are the items that she purchased that produced the catalina:

Buy 4 Downy Liquid Fabric Softener ($4.19) $2.99 each
Buy 4 Dawn dish Detergent ($2.45) $0.99 ***
Total: ($26.56)$15.92
-(2)$1.50/2 Downy Products from the 8/28 P&G insert
-$0.50/1 Zavers eCoupon
-(4)$0.50/1 Dawn Coupon from the 8/28 P&G insert
-$0.50/1 Zavers eCoupon
Pay: $7.96
Get a $5 Catalina
$0.37 each after coupons & catalina

I am actually going to go and try this deal myself today!!

***Update:  Be sure to check the price of the Dawn.  The Classic Dawn with a shelf price of $1.59 is the one that is part of the P&G deal.  This may through off your totals and require you to purchase more items.   I am heading there today and will update when I get back. (Thanks Lisa)

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  • Lisa Cox

    On Friday I was able to get the $5.00 P&G catalina deal @ Pathmark. HOWEVER, I was not pleased; the Dawn dishwashing liquid pictured in the flyer was not what was on sale. Fortunately, I noticed that there was no sale ticket posted in front of the 14 oz Dawn, and so I price scanned it before going to the register. It was the less expensive Classic Dawn that was on sale for .99 cents. The Classic Dawn normally is $1.59, so if you used the $2.59 shelf price in calculating what you needed to reach $25.00, there is a good chance you probably did not meet the $25.00 requirement to receive the catalina. Futher, given the depletion of stock of the “advertised” Dawn, it looked as if some customers were likely bamboozled by this misleading advertisement. Intended to make note on PMs facebook page when I came home from shopping, but just to busy to do so.

    • Shamara

      The Pathmark near me had the 14 oz bottles of dawn on sale for .99 cents… Im in the Atlantic City area… Not sure if this helps???

      • Lisa Cox

        Thanks, Shamara. Rereading, I see I wasn’t quite clear. The Dawn featured in the flyer was 14 oz., but that’s not what was actually on sale at the PM in PA. The Dawn that was on sale was also 14 oz., but it was the less expensive “original” Dawn. The Dawn featured in the flyer is normally $2.59, the Dawn that was actually on sale for $1.00 is normally $1.59. (As such, if you picked up the more expensive Dawn that was advertised, you wouldn’t have gotten credit toward the $25.00 purchase necessary for the catalina. And, it looked as if other shoppers had done so — and rightfully so, because they were using the flyer — as a normal person would expect that what is pictured in the flyer is what is on sale.)

  • Paty

    Has anyone figured out if the dawn plus is included in this sale?

    • Shamara

      The Pathmark near me did NOT include the Dawn Plus

      • Paty

        Thank you!

  • Shamara

    Hi Cindy,
    I used the following Q’s on the transaction..
    4 Downy : (4.19 ea before sale price) Sale price 2.99
    Coupons used ( (4) -0.50 off P&G )
    4 Dawn: (2.45 ea before sale price) Sale price 0.99
    Coupon used ( (4)-0.50 off P&G)
    I also used a $5 off CAT from my first transaction

    recieved $ 5 CAT

    • marie

      What was your first transaction? I would like to try the deal again, but not sure how to work it. I only have 3 P & G inserts. Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I didn’t get the cat. I did buy the 2 dawn dish soaps and the shelf price was $1.59 which is what I used to calculate my total and be sure I got over the $25. I threw my receipt out, so I don’t have the exact numbers but here is what I bought:

    2 classic dawns
    2 cascades
    2 herbal essences
    1 gillette body wash

    It definitely totalled over $25 (shelf price). I triple checked at the store before I got in line with my calculator.

  • marie

    Maybe the Classic Dawn is not part of the deal? I bought the green apple dawn, shelf price 2.45 , sale price .99 and I got the 5.00 CAT. The green apple dawn did not have a sale price tag on it. I price checked.

    • Jessica

      That is what I am thinking now that I am seeing that there was confusion with the picture and the sale stickers at the store. Did anyone who bought the classic dawn receive the CAT?

  • jennifer

    I think I got a pretty good deal on the pampers wipes….they were on sale 1/2 price….360 count for $5.25 (regular $10.49), bought 3 paid $10.72 and got a $5 catalina…so I went back and bought 1 more $5.25-5 from first order – .25 cents.
    So I got 1440 wipes for $10.97…I’m sure there were some coupons somewhere but I couldn’t find any in my binder 🙁 But I still think it was a pretty good deal.

    • Marina

      Wow…that’s a heck of a deal on Pampers wipes! I’m going to check that out tomorrow.

    • Jessica

      That’s a great deal! I may try buying the wipes. I don’t have any coupons for pampers wipes either, I don’t think there are any out there right now. I usually pay around $25 for that many wipes at BJ’s.

    • Lisa L.

      If you bought three ($5.25 x 3), the total is $15.75 , plus .25 equals $16.

  • Danielle M

    I tried two transactions and struck out on both.
    Transaction 1
    1 cascade gel (4.49) 3.49
    4 old spice body wash ($4.99×4 =$19.96) $3.49×4 =$13.96
    1 dawn dish soap $1.29
    TOTAL shelf price $25.74
    NO Cat
    Then I did
    4 old spice (44.99 x 4=$19.96)
    1 gilette body wash (4.69)
    1 dawn dish soap (1.29)
    TOTAL shelf price $25.94
    NO Cat
    I only paid $22.26 for all but I was hoping to get $10 in cats back. Should I return it?

  • patty

    i think everyone should know the $5 catalina is not $5 off any order but $5 off when you spend another $50

    • Jennifer

      I checked my catalina carefully and it just said $5 off your next order. No $ amount was specified.

      • marie

        Mine either. No amount specified. I used it to buy milk and cookies! Is the Old Spice included? I decided not to take the chance on it. Bought the Gillette instead.