Reader Shopping Trips: CVS, Walgreens & Target

Melissa and her sister Stefanie went to CVS, Walgreens and Target and purchased some great items and got a great deal!

CVS Items bought:

(4) Progresso soups (on sale 4 for $5)
-(1) $1 off 4 Progresso soups (from cvs extra insert)
$1 each wyb 4

(1) Schick Quatro for women cartridge refill 4 pack (on sale $8.99)
-(1) $4.00 off schick quatro for women cartridge (9/25 SS)
$4.99 each

(3) fun size mars candy bags (snickers, twix, and m&ms) – $3.33
-(1) $1.50 off any 3 mars candy bags (9/25 SS)
Part of ECB deal

-$11.25 ECB from last weeks shopping trip

total before coupons $23.30 (with tax)
total after: $4.34
also got $4 ecb from shick and $2 ecb from mars

Walgreens Items bought:

(2) butterball chicken broth ($.99 each)
-(1) 2for $1 butterball from walgreens ad
$0.50 each  wyb2

(3) hunts tomato sauce 8 oz. ($.99 each) 3 for $1 with in ad coupon

(1) yardley bar soap ($1.49) $.69  with walgreens ad
-(1) $.25 off yardley bar soap manufacturers coupon (All You Sept ’11)
$0.55 each

(1) aquafresh extra clean toothpaste ($3.99)
-(1) $2 off any aquafresh with walgreens ad coupons
-(1) $1 off aquafresh manufacturers coupon
$0.99 each

(2) dark choc hershey bars (on sale for $.59 each) filler items

(1) kettle chips jalepeno 9 oz (on sale $1.99)
-(1) $1.00 off 5 oz or larger kettle potato chips (RP 8/7)
$0.99 each

(1) morton salt ($.99) another filler item

(1) deerfield farms garlic salt ($.1.79) $0.79 with in ad coupon

(1) haribo gummy bears 5 oz ($1.49) $0.69 with in ad coupon
-(1) $.30 off haribo manufacturers coupon
$0.39 each

(1) Shick Quatro for women cartridge 4 pack ($8.99 on sale)
-(1) $5 off schick quatro for women 4 ct cartridge (9/25 SS)
$3.99 each

Total before coupons: $27.45
total after; $12.35
got 5 rr from schick

Target Items bought :

(1) cascade action pac trial size ($.97)
-(1) $1.00 off cascade action pacs (8/28 PG)

(4) tide single packs (trial size) ($.99 each)
-(1) $1.00 off any two tice products (9/25 RP)
-(1) $1.50 off any two tide products (8/28 PG)
(2) for $0.49 each and (2) for $0.24 each

(1) kettle brand potato chips sea salt ($2.99)
-(1) $1.00 off 4oz or larger kettle potato chips (9/25 RP)
$1.99 each

(2) boxes starbucks tazo tea ($3.14 each)
-(2) $1.50 off starbucks tazo tea or latte concentrate  (9/11 SS)
$1.64 each

(1) nivea for women body wash ($3.00)
-(1) $2.00 off nivea for women body wash (7/31 RP)
$1.00 each

(1) nivea body wash for men ($2.99)
-(1) $1.00 off nivea for men body wash (7/31 RP)
$1.99 each

(1) colgate optic white toothpaste ($2.99)
-(1) $1.50 off colgate optic white manufacturers coupon (9/11 SS)
-(1) $1.50 off colgate optic white target coupon

(1) colgate optic white toothbush 360 ($3.49)
-(1) $1.00 off colgate optic white 360 toothbrush manufacturers coupon
-(1) $1.00 off colgate optic white 360 toothbrush target coupon

(1) package dixie insulated beverage cups ($3.50 on sale)

Total before coupons: $27.65
total after: $14.68

Be sure to check out the CVS, Walgreens & Target deals for this week.  And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • Izabela

    First,it wasn’t a critique, I was just saying that the details on that deal were not clear and I am sure, not only to me.I am sorry if I offended you I really did not want to.
    Second, regarding you saying, that you have asked not to critique the shopping trips in public and email you directly, I just wanted to straight it out and apologize again, that I am very new to “couponing ” and have never read any post of yours like that_maybe didn’t read enough yet.

    In the future, if I have an issue with the reader shopping trip post, I will email you directly -of course.

    • Cindy

      Izabela, thank you for the response. I state that right at the bottom of each shopping trip post. The wording on your comment lead me to believe that you felt it was more then it just being a little unclear which is why I commented and then deleted the comments. Questions on reader shopping trips are fine and encouraged as that is how we learn how to do it right. I want to stay away with picking apart a trip publicly. Occasionally, some readers do not do what we would consider ethical couponing and sometimes I miss that and post trips up that contain something that is not exactly right. I encourage people to email me if they see something like that so I can remove the post or make an adjustment (if applicable) behind the scenes as to not embarrass a reader. There are many occasions where the reader may not even realize they used a coupon incorrectly or some other unethical couponing.

      Unfortunately I have had to add that disclaimer at the bottom of the shopping trip posts because I have had a lot of people feel it is okay to go through the shopping trip line by line and critique it right down to the penny. And, the worst, is when the discuss turns of the use of ecbs or catalinas and how that calculates out in your final total. The bottom line is, these are examples of shopping trips. They are meant to encourage others. The exact amount does not matter as much as the huge amount of savings that everyone is able to have at the end of the day.

      Again, that’s for the comment. I appreciate you responding. 🙂

  • keisha

    I am jealous that you were able to get the Kettle products. I went to 2 walgreens and neither one accepted the coupons. What a bummer!!!
    They said it was invalid because it said item not found;-(

  • Where in Target do you find the small packs of Tide and Cascade? I’ve looked in the aisle where the larger size products are located and in the travel section. Maybe my Target doesn’t carry them. Thanks you the info!

  • yolene

    when i try to use that coupon for the tide for trail size i keep being told its not for trail size i even tried target they told me that the picture on coupon is for a bottle of tide not those little packs