Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

Karin made a great trip to ShopRite! She saved 73% on her bill!

Well, I convinced my 7 year old daughter that we had to go to the store today because my 2.00 off anything coupon expires (got for signing up online at shoprite) and I bought her a little something to make her help worth it to her. We saved 73% and got a lot of stock up items.


6 Red Pack tomatoes 3/$2.00
4 Libby pineapple $1.00 ea
1 Helmans mayo $3.79
4 Ragu $0.99 ea
2 Wishbone dressing $1.88 ea
1 Knorr side $1.00
1 Romaine hearts $1.99
1 Fresh express $2.69
1 Lime $0.33
1 Watermelon cut $2.33
6 Emmi swiss yog(2 transactions to get the other 2) $1.00 ea
1 Milk $3.19
1 Majic pop snack $2.99
2 Blue bunny ice cream $2.50
4 Luna bara $1.00 ea
2 Ice pop containers to make $0.99 ea
1 Jonas brother cup $0.33 (cheap bribe)

Coupons used:

3 Red Pack $1.00/2 NLA
2 Libby $1.00/2 (8/28 RP)
1 Helmans $1.00/1
2 Ragu $1.00/2 (9/11 RP)
2 Kikkoman $0.50/1
2 Wishbone $.40/1
1 Knorr side free wyb 2 wishbone $1.00
1 Fresh express free $2.69
6 Emmi swiss yog $1.00/1 (8/28 RP)
2 Blue bunny $0.55/1
4 Luna $.50/1
2.00 Shoprite online sign up
6 Bags $0.30

TOTAL: $84.47
OOP: $22.71

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  • kristina

    i dont see any kikkoman products?

    • Anonymous

      Panko breadcrumbs are in the picture.

  • corinne

    love the bribe lol i always end up with an open bag of chip’s lol

  • Robin

    Two thumbs up!

  • Carie

    Karin- either it is a coincidence or you also saw them making watermelon/lime pops on the Disney channel yesterday. My eight year old daughter wants to try them out! To those that didn’t see it, blend watermelon cubes, some fresh squeezed lime juice and a scoop of greek yogurt and freeze.

    • Carie

      I think they squeezed some honey in too

    • karin

      I absolutely did and we made them today. All the items are pictured. You are good. Also a little bribe to go with me.

  • Christine D.

    Did you do the Luna bars and Swiss yogurts in 4 separate transactions or did you just only get 1 for free.

    My shoprite will only double the first coupon if something is going to be free. So only one yogurt would be free, the other 3 would be 50 cents.

    • karin

      I was at the oakland nj shoprite and I got the 4 luna bars and 4 yogurts in the same purchase with all coupons doubling, so all free. Then bought 2 more yogurts for free to make it 6 total.

  • Christine D.

    Oops, I see you had $1 coups off the yogurt, but same question and principle applies for the Luna bars.