Reader Shopping Trips: Target

Marianne had a great shopping trip at Target spending under $2.00 for everything! Here is what she got:

8 – Tide Singles (in travel section) – $0.97
(4) $1.50/2 Tide PG 8/28
as low as $0.22 each after coupon

6 – Degree (in travel section) – $0.97
(6) $1/1 Degree Deodorant PREMIUM RP 8/28
as low as free after coupon

4 – Cascade Action Packs (trial size found in regular aisle) – $0.97
(4) $1/1 Cascade Action Packs PG 8/28
as low as free after coupon

4 – St. Ive’s Lotion (in travel section) – $0.97
(4) $1/1 St. Ive’s Lotion SS 9/18
as low as free after coupon

2 – Reach Dental Floss (normal price) – $0.97
(2) $1/1 Reach Dental Floss SS 7/31
as low as free after coupon

2 – Crave Cat Treats – $1.59
(2) FREE Crave Cat Treats RP 9/18
as low as free after coupon

2 – Whisker Licken’s Cat Treats – $0.99
(2) $1/1 Whisker Licken’s Cat Treats Target Coupon
as low as free after coupon

4 – Shout Wipes (in travel section) – CLEARANCE @ $0.48
(2) $0.75/2 Shout Wipes printable
as low as $0.11 each after coupon

SAVED: $28.82
Total: $1.98

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  • Jonni

    Great Job!!

  • Liz P.

    Awesome! Stand up and take a bow!!!!

  • jennifer

    That is awesome, one of the best I’ve seen.

  • Julianna

    Great trip! I can never find good clearance stuff, but you really cleaned up!

  • Diane R.

    Marianne, did your Crave coupons scan? I used 2 of them yesterday in Stop and Shop and they would not scan. The cashier even tried putting the numbers in manually and it still didn’t work. She tried everything. I finally just had to go to customer service to get the $3.18 for the coupons. I was wondering if this was just a problem at Stop and Shop or if other stores are having trouble scanning this coupon. I sure hope not, cause I just bought 26 of these coupons on ebay!

    • Marianne

      Yes, my crave coupons scanned no problem. I did have a little argument with the cashier over the treats – she said they were B1G1 and I only needed one coupon. They weren’t, and when my total was $3.33, I knew she needed to put the other Q in. SHE WOULDN”T DO IT – told me, “You can’t complain. You have to pay ‘something'” Customer service gave me the money back.

      • Jennifer

        Wow what an interesting comeback. You have to pay something??? You should have said “no, i dont”. LOL. I had an issue with target this week myself, i had a target coupon and a manufacturers coupon and the girl at the register said i couldn’t apply my manu because the target one was already applied. It was very strange.

        • Mariann

          Yes, I was SHOCKED she said that! But it wasn’t worth arguing with her so I took it up with customer service. Silly woman. She should use coupons too then she’d realize I don’t HAVE to pay!

  • Sarah

    Awesome, if I hadn’t just injured my right ankle I would be over there with my coupons after work to see if I could get close to what you just did!

  • Michaela

    that’s great. my target would flip if i tried using that many coupons.

  • Marilyn

    Do you know that the sales are already there before you go shopping? Or did you jusy happen to come across them? thanks!

    • Marianne

      I always know my sales before I go! I take a lot of time to prepare my trips. Sometimes I’ll come across a good clearance find and don’t have my coupons with me, but if it’s a good deal, I’ll go back.

      • Deena

        I have started to carry my coupon books in the car with me when I shop, that way if I see something in the store that I know I have a coupon for, I can go check without making a spectacle of myself with three big binders!

  • KT

    I have that same coupon for $1/1 degree premium. Does the travel size have regular and premium types? Does it just have to say premium on it to use it?

    • Marianne

      There were 2 Degree coupons in my inserts. One was for PREMIUM and one was for ANY. The travel section at my store had both premium and regular. I actually went back the next day and got 10 more premium with the coupons I had left! If your coupon only says Premium, Yes, you need to buy the deodorant that says premium to use the coupon correctly.

  • Lashetta

    You did a very good job!! I will see if I can do a similar shopping trip at Walmart.

  • Jen

    Great shopping trip!!!

  • Alice

    Do the happy coupon dance – great job 🙂

  • Jeanne

    I tried to use the $1 off Degree at Walmart tonight on the travel size and they wouldn’t even scan it for me because the coupon said PREMIUM and to them, that meant full size. None of the full size or travel size deodorants say PREMIUM on them, so I don’t know if their interpretation was right. But, I wish they had at least scanned it to see if it worked! I’m wondering if they gave you a hard time at Target when using them on the travel size.

    • Marianne

      Not a second look! (and they gave me the overage which is not in their policy but this particular store always does)

  • Marianne

    Wow, THANKS EVERYONE! This is a pretty typical trip to Target for me. I always seem to do so well there. I will try and answer everyone’s questions….

  • Bonnie

    So the St. Ives coupon is $1/1 Lotion, but it looks like you bought the St Ives scrub in the picture. They’ll accept a lotion coupon for the scrub ??? What about the body wash ??? Haven’t found any travel size lotion, but have seen both the scrub and wash.

    • Marianne

      Good catch! I just looked at the item and indeed it IS a “scrub” not a lotion. Whoooops! I didn’t even notice and the cashier didn’t either.

  • yolene

    I tried to do a similar order at target today and no where on the tide coupon do it say a size but they wouldnt take they kept telling me its not for trail size and would not override it no matter what i said even though no one could show me where the coupon said a size in fact it said any . They also told me i cannot use a $1 coupon for items that is less that a dollar the item have to be more than the amount of the coupon the whole trip was a waste of my time

    • Marianne

      I went to a different Target over the weekend to see if they had some different products I was looking for. I had the same problem with the Tide – they would NOT push it through. So I just asked them to take the Tide off my order and give me my coupons back because other Targets allow me to use it.