Reader Shopping Trips: Walgreens

Jasmine had a great shopping trip to Walgreens and has $8 of RR for next week too!

Transaction #1

(1)Walgreens Maxi Pads -$2.00
(1)Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough & Sleep Drink – $5.99
(1)Mini Highlighter (filler) – .39

-$7RR (from 2 wks ago)
Total: 1.38+tax
Received : $6RR (Zarbee’s) + $2RR (maxi pads)

Transaction #2

(2) Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – $3.99 ea
-(2) $1.50/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste from the 9/11 SS
(3) Mini Highlighters (fillers) – $.39ea

Register Rewards Used:
-$6RR (from trans #1)
Total: $.15 + tax
Received: $6RR (Colgate)

Transaction #3

(2) Thera Flu Green Tea w/Honey – 2/$10
-(2) $2/1 Thera Flu 9/25 SS
(1)Mini Highlighter (filler) – $.39

Register Rewards Used
-$6RR (From trans #2)
Total: $.39 + tax
Received: $5RR (Thera Flu)

Transaction #4

(2) Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – $3.99ea
-(2) $1.50/1 Colgate Optic White 9/11 SS
(1)Mini Highlighter (filler) – $.39

Register Rewards Used:
-$5RR (from trans #3)
Total: $.37 + tax
Received: $6RR (Colgate)

Final Result:
1 Walgreens Maxi Pads
4 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
2 Thera Flu Green Tea W/Honey
1 Zarbee’s Nightime Cough and Sleep Drink
5 Mini Highlighters

$2.29 + tax for $41.06 worth of groceries!! And I still have $8RR for next week 😉

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  • Walgreens was killer this week. I spent $9 bucks at two different stores and came home with SO much stuff I was too lazy to send it in to you.

  • Lori r

    Well done

  • Jessica

    That is extremely impressive!

  • Melissa

    The catalina machine at my Walgreens was not working. The manager was not very helfpul. I had to return all the items for a refund. I tried 2 Theraflu in a single transaction and still no catalina!

    • Roxy

      I had the same problem. I talked to the manager and showed her the circular where says you get $5 RR when you buy those products. I bought the Theraflu green tea with honey and no catalina print out, so what she did was she scanned different theraflu that is in the circular also and the catalina print out. I think the problem is only with the theraflu green tea and honey, but they were supposed to give you the RR..

    • Kate

      My Theraflu didn’t print either. I was in a rush to pick up my kids and didn’t realize it until after I left. I headed back over asked them if they could check to see if the rr was printing for these. They called for a manager who told me that it was because I didn’t “spend” $10 because I used coupons. I told her that’s not how it has worked in the past, she then stated that things are changing. I told her I wanted a refund then and she said she couldn’t give me $10 because I only spent $.19 (in addition to (2) $2 theraflu I used $6 Zarbee rr and added on a filler). She then said she would ring it up again at 2/$10 w/ no coupons and it should print….surprise, it didn’t print!! It’s probably not right, but she ended up scanning something else in the ad that had a $5 rr and just gave that to me. It’s such a pain to deal with Walgreens sometimes. Sorry your trip didn’t go better.

    • Rebecca

      I had the same problem today at Walgreens. I purchased two TheraFlu products, which were the ones with the Lilting green tea and honey. I also bought two Planters trail mix. I had a $1 off two trail mixes and the two $2 off TheraFlu products as well as a $3 RR from the Revlon deal last week. I paid $4.96 with the tax and didn’t get the $5 RR. The cashier had the manager come up and he said that I didn’t get it because I used coupons and hadn’t spent the $10. I told him that there was nothing in the ad that said the $10 had to be after any coupons. He was very rude and didn’t try and resolve the issue. I ended up calling customer service when I got home, but who knows if I’ll get the reward or not. This is why I don’t like to shop at Walgreens!!!

      • Rebecca

        Sorry I meant to say it was the TheraFlu with the Lipton Green Tea w/ Honey. I typed my above comment on my smartphone and I still have a problen typing on them! I’m still waiting to hear back from Walgreens customer service to see if they will be mailing me my $5 Register Reward or not. What I find funny about this is that the circular actually states next to the ad for the TheraFlu that there is a manufacturer’s coupon in the Sunday paper!

  • Jennifer Holder

    Wait, so the RR for the Colgate is printing?? I was told I had to wait until Saturday to get the sale price and RR. I really hope I can use it before then b/c I have to drive 30 min to the closest Walgreens and I dont have much gas!

  • Betty

    WhAt is getting a filler about?