Reminder – 10,000 FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza Today

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

Reminder, 10,000 Free Domino’s will be given out today.  Here is a schedule of the Donimo’s Artisan giveaway for each day however there is no time set so you have to keep checking.

  • 7,000 on Monday, September 26
  • 10,000 on Tuesday, September 27
  • 10,000 on Wednesday, September 28
  • 20,000 on Thursday, September 29
  • 20,000 on Friday, September 30,
  • 20,000 on Monday, October 03

Head over to the Domino’s Facebook Page to get your Free Domino’s Artisan Pizza! This coupon is valid for carryout only on the day you have won the free pizza. One pizza per person

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

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  • Barbara A

    Thank you. We had it last night. The taste was good. The crust is very thin. Don’t be surprised that the box is kind of small but it was more than enough for my husband and myself. ( we also had a little left over pasta and a salad.) Just don’t plan on feeding a whole family. Of course the price (free) is right and there were absolutely no problems picking it up. I also did the option of placing the order when I got through on the site but choosing a pick up time later in the day, dinner time. All this being said I think the regular pizza is probably better but I appreciate the free trial.

  • kathryn

    I won one yesterday. The pizza is enough for 2 people and I am not sure that I would actually order it if it was not free. I was afraid that there would be some sort of issue picking it up, but it was super easy. They did not even charge tax.

  • CB Jones

    Does it go live randomly? TIA

  • jennifer

    For those ofyou that won, did you just get that pizze or did you feel obligated to order other stuff? Just curious, hoping I were to win, but I’m one of those people that feels funny going in and only getting my free pizza. Crazy right?

    • Barbara A

      I only picked up the free pizza and there were absolutely no issues and no one made me feel bad. I really don’t think that the young person working in Domino’s could care less if you order anything else. I do know what you are saying, I do feel bad in some stores just getting free stuff (sort of) but think of this more that you won it?

    • Barbara A

      I should add that this is a marketing thing on Domino’s part to get traffic into their stores and to get you to try their new pizza and they are hoping that you will return.

  • Theresa

    What time did it go live yesterday?

    • Anonymous

      check the post it says there is no time set so you have to keep checking.

  • Theresa

    I saw that, I am just asking what time it went off yesterday…

  • I’m still waiting for my pizza!!!!

  • Tranea

    It’s live now

    • DIANE


  • Anne

    Anyone else having probLems with this!? It was live and then said iv already had one when I haven’t!

  • mike

    mine says its not working

  • MARY

    Says I already claimed my free pizza but I did not!

    • Lori


  • Maureen

    My facebook shows a blank coupon with the fine print on the bottom (good on delivery only….) but the no offer.

  • Amy E

    It worked for me! Yay! Ready for pickup at 5pm today!

    Keep trying…I had the same problems as you all, but I finally got through.

  • Jen

    Just got dinner for tonight!!! Yummy!

  • MARY

    Finally worked – picking up @ 5PM. Spinach – no one but me will eat it! lol

  • Steph S.

    did anyone try this twice? i got one yesterday and tried again today but am having problems. I was hoping to get more free ones since i’m very light on cash this week.

    • Steph S.

      ok, I figured this one out. I found a disclaimer so I just wanted to let everyone know. “Free Pizza Limit: One Artisan Pizza per person. Any attempt by any participant to obtain more than one free Artisan Pizza by using multiple/different email addresses, Facebook accounts, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods may void that participant’s Artisan Pizza order, and that participant may be disqualified.”
      Found at:
      1 was great for me! It was tasty but wish they had made it big enough for 4 or more people.

  • Got mine! Sausage & Peppers for my kiddies tonight. Thanks Cindy!!!!!

  • Diane R.

    Got one. I scheduled pickup for 6:30 tonight so my hubby can pick it up when he gets home from work. Hope everything goes smoothly.

  • Jenn

    I refreshed the page for 15 minutes and then got a message that I was blocked!

  • Sandi

    I just knew that as soon as 3:00 rolled around they were going to do it. Bad for people picking up their school kids.