Rite Aid: 75% off Clearance Finds – $0.25 Paper Towels

Rite Aid: 75% off Clearance Finds – $0.25 Paper Towels

Check out some of these great clearance items that reader Chia found at Rite Aid.  Remember, clearance items and prices can vary from store to store but these are certainly worth checking out at our Rite Aid store.

Here are some of the deals that may be available:

  • Rubbermaid Take-a-Long ($3.29) $0.82
  • Rite Aid Simplify Tall Kitchen Bags 30 bags ($5.57) $1.44
  • Rite Aid Simplify Paper Towels ($1.00)$0.25
  • Xtra Laundry Detergent ($3.49) $0.87
  • Libman Dustpan ($9.99) $2.49
  • Libman Bowl Brush & Caddy ($6.99) $1.74

Let us know if you find any clearance items at your Rite Aid.  And be sure to check the rest of the Rite Aid Deals for this week.

Thanks Chia!

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  • peggy

    saw the post and ran out of my house without shoes…. to no avail. our store wasn’t running this sale. but thanks for the tip…

    • Tracy

      My store wasnt having the sale either 🙁

      • Melissa

        LOL.. I bee-lined it to RA, but those items were not on sale! Maybe next week!

  • aimee

    My RA has their dollar items for 50% off. Duane Reade has their summer items for 90% off. Got a few pairs of beach slippers for 20 cent each.

  • Our store had the paper towels for 25 cents & 100 count paper dishes 87 cents..Thanks for the heads up……….

  • Lisa

    My store in Somerset didn’t have those items on clearance either. However, they did have 75% backpacks.

  • Ann Eckard

    My store had 1 bottle of detergent which I bought for 87 cents. I asked the cashier and she showed me a large amount behind the counter but those belonged to the employees. Oh well you can’t get all the good bargains. Thanks for posting it though.

  • chia

    I think the sale just started because they are tons of stuff still on the shelf. There were back to school items @ 75% off too. So just wait and see if you don’t see it yet.

    • cristina

      What RA is this because mine isn’t having a sale either 🙁

  • Jennifer M.

    Two weeks ago I got a bunch of summer toys there for 90% off! I think you have to time it just right- that was the one and only time I was so lucky!

  • Theresa

    Mine had 75% off popsickles.

  • Joy

    We went to RA on saturday and got some teacher supplies for 50% off. I got a 12 pk of cute hot pink and purple (solids) washclothes for $2.50.

  • Monique

    Thank you for this post! I went to 2 different Rite Aids within about 3 miles from each other. I was so excited at the first store that I only got the last 2 rolls of paper towels. I forgot to look for the other stuff! But I racked up at the second store with stuff for church! GREAT FIND! Headed back out to see what I can find! Also the summer toys were 90% off. Im guessing the original poster is in South Jersey?

  • Irene S.

    Woo hoo!! Thanks for the heads-up on this! I went to (2) Rite-Aids today. The first one didn’t have anything marked clearance, so I left. Went to the second one, and found clearance! They really need bigger carts in those stores! I got (8) paper towels, (6) paper plates, (1) plastic cups, (2) 2-pk sponges, (1) disinfectant wipes, (2) 30-ct garbage bags, and (2) boxes of freeze-pops. I used some of my +up rewards, and wound up spending only $2.20 out of pocket! I love when I get deals like this!!

    • msrossdaboss

      what area are you in and what brand did you buy?

      • Irene S.

        I’m in Northeast PA, and everything except the popsicles were Rite Aid brand products.

  • Kelly

    Rite aid Mattydale and north Syracuse has these. It was hard not to clear the shelves lol. Also on sale pledge pet sweepers 2.44 febreeze fabric fefresher w gain 1.43 and you can use a $1 off coupon. Hmm lots of other stuff like rite aid brand bleach cleaner .98 sponges .50 etc

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  • Joy

    I went to a 2nd RA today and found some more great deals! lots of little stocking stuffers for less than a dollar….i picked up some “reward” prizes and photo frames. all 75% off. I checked the paper products and none of ours were marked down. Cant win them all! Im still happy with my deals.

  • Joi

    I ran into RA today too…scored vegetable seeds (we are planning a garden sometime in the future) for .03 each. Also got a few plastic potters for .42!