Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 9/11 – 9/17

Rite Aid Deals for the week of 9/11/11

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NOTE: Don’t forget that there is a LONG ad and SHORT ad for Rite Aid – be sure to check your ad first. You may not have all the deals listed.



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  • anon

    Will the $30 J n J track? I doubt I will find well over six tylenol precise at one store, and I won’t shelf clear.

    • tinap

      yes I expect it to track. just don’t do back to back transactions, for some reason the RA system won’t track correctly that way.

    • Jennifer

      usually they do. at the bottom of my receipts, they will have the amount purchased towards the current UPR deals.

      • Julianna

        And if you find that it’s not tracking correctly, call customer service and you can give them the info off of your receipts (transaction #, store #, date, time, etc.) and they can send you out the +UPR. I’ve had to do that twice and it wasn’t too bad. The nice part was that they mailed me several smaller denomination +UPRs instead of just the single $20 +UPR that I would have gotten on the bottom of my receipt.

  • Holly

    no more prints for the theraflu

    • 0246

      yup, just came to mention this.

  • shannon

    does anyone know what paper the $5.00 off the tylenol precise patches coupon was in?

    • melloddie

      I got mines in the NY Newsday

  • Anonymous

    how do you score the ra flu coupon book? pharmacist and mgr would not give it to me unless i got a flu shot 🙁

    • melloddie

      same here. It’s suppose to be no purchase necessary and I actually made this complaint on their FB but no rep.will respond as usual-cowards… They’re losing more business by the day. Just ck out their likes versus CVS & Walgreens, it’s almost sad if it wasn’t so pathetic. I use to shop at RA at least 1ce a week, now I only go if there is absolutely a sensational deal otherwise I rather pay more to shop elsewhere

  • Dee

    how many times may i do a deal that has up rewards?

    • Sandy

      Your ad will specify the limit of each deal in the circular – it’s in small print.

  • Dee

    how about if it does not say?

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      ah, that would be a “gray area”. technically one could say that if there is no limit listed it is an unlimited deal, but the store can always impose a limit, an dyou will find in the fine print at the bottom of your flyer some legal jargon including “we reserve the right to limit quantities except where prohibited by law (idaho)”
      BUT unless you have an employee that wants to be a PITA or youre wiping the store out of ALOT of merchandise, you could probably argue the no limit specified and get as many as you need/want, if anyone even bothers to say anything…

    • One of the changes in their coupon policy was their right to limit quantities. Basically they don’t want shelf clearing. They won’t get any seeing as they’re losing more customers every day… :-/

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    any confirmation that the j&j is tracking over multiple transactions?

    • e

      yes,i have confirmed..1st transaction,i bought
      2 tylenol precise XL patch $11.98
      2 tylenol precise knee patch $8.48
      Total:$20.46 – (4-$5 Q)

      bottom of my receipt was

      $30 J&J $10 +UP total $20.46

      2nd transaction,bought 2 tylenol precise cream $11.98 minus (2-$5 Q)

      get $10 +UP

  • Ruth

    I got a small money maker for stayfree (i think it will also work for carefree… didn’t check the tag for that). There were 2 tags I thought it’s one or the other but I got both — BOGO [@$3.99] & get $3 wyb 2. I used (2) 1/1 MQ, paid $1.99 and got $3 UP –> $1 .01 MM.

  • Sandy

    Welch’s juice 2/$4
    use (2) .75 cpns as listed by Cindy previously
    Get $1 UPR

    Cost .75 each

  • Rem

    Did 6 of the Precise across three transactions and it is tracking however my J&J amount is 29.95…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need .05 to get my $10.

    I have more precise coupons but doubt I will find anymore @ my store. Any suggestions?

    • e

      go back on saturday when they put up stocks on their shelves for next week’s special.

    • Julianna

      If you’ve already bought 6 then I don’t think that you’re tracking correctly. To be at $29.95 you would only have bought 5 ($5.99 x 5 = $29.95). 6 would have you at $35.94 and you’d have your $10+UPR. But if you’re sure that you bought 6 and you have all of your receipts, call customer service and tell them that it didn’t track correctly. They can verify your transaction numbers and Wellness+ Card number and then they will send you the $10+UPR in the mail. I’ve had to do this twice. It’s a little bit of a hassle, but it’s it worth it when you get that envelope in the mail with your hard earned +UPRs.

  • Melissa

    I have a question about the Rite Aid, why did the 5 +UP Reward print for the Bayer? And why does it matter if you do 2 separate transaction? I don’t usually shop at Rite Aid. I am planning on buying the Bayer limit 2 +Up and the Tylenol to get the 10+ Reward… any help? I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Jodi

    I see all these complaints about Rite Aid, but I have to say that RA is the most pleasant drug store to shop in for me. All of the employees are very nice and they have never given me a problem with coupons. They even recommend doing 2 separate transactions so I can use rewards from the 1st on the 2nd transaction. The new manager at my local store is really trying to have the sale items in stock too.