Rite Aid Coupon Match Ups 9/25 – 10/1

Rite Aid Deals for the week of 9/25/11

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  • Susan

    Can you roll +UP Rewards and use for them to purchase the same product again? There is a limit of 4 SoftSoap +UP Rewards this week. Can you buy 2 and then use those +UP Rewards to buy 2 more?

    • tinap


  • Susan

    Great! So much easier than Walgreen’s. We got $1/1 SoftSoap bodywash and $1/1 Irish Spring bodywash coupons this week in MD.

    • Jessica

      I agree. I stopped shopping at Walgreens a few weeks ago. I was going to CVS, then last week I went to Rite Aid. I really enjoyed shopping there and plan to go again this week. No problems at all with any of my transactions, coupons or UPRs. always had some sort of issue at Walgreens.

      • Kierstin

        I agree…I’m also completely DONE with Walgreens! They never have anything in stock & I seem to always have to write an e-mail to the Catalina company to receive my RR.

        Rite-Aid is always stocked, they’re super friendly & patient and I’ve never had a problem with UPRs printing. Definitely the best drug store for me!!

        • Meli

          I’ve never shopped at walgreens, Im ususally a CVS girl but today i did my first rite aid run and got 3 hair dies 2 colgates 2 sensadine 2 clearance patio tables and 2 80ct aleve for $17.62 and left with 8 in up rewards .. They did not scrutinize my coupons or give me a hard time about doing 4 seperate transactions.. LOVED IT.

  • Candice

    FYI I had save $1/2 softsoap body wash in my 8/28 smartsource 🙂

    • michelle

      there is a $1/1 softsoap body wash coupon in today’s SS

      • Michelle

        Thank you there is also a $1.00 off of Irish Spring Body Wash in my SS today. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  • hanna

    Olay Body Wash wyb Olay Pro X, Regenerist or Total Effects Moisturizer – $22.00
    Get $10 SCR
    This offer, if you don’t have any coupons ($10/2 or free body wash, etc), straight deal is buy one of those $22.00 product and get $10.00 SCR?

    Ad showing 2/$44.00 is to use $10.00/2 coupon?

    • Kesha

      if u don’t have any coupons it would be 2/$44. Then you could send in for the $10 SCR.

  • vera

    Should this be as low as $1.49 after UPR & Coupon or do I just need to go to bed because its late?

    SoftSoap Body Wash – $2.99
    Get $2.00 UPR
    $1/2 SoftSoap Body Wash, exp. 9/25/11 (SS 08/14/11 R)
    $1/2 Softsoap Brand Body Wash or Bar Soap , exp. 10/7/11 (ALL YOU Sept ’11)
    as low as $.49 after UPR & Coupon

    • Laura

      Buy 2 pay $5.98
      – $1.00 $1/2 Coupon
      – $2.00 UPR
      = $2.98 TOOP on 2 = $1.49 each not $.49 each.

      • Jenn

        There is also a $1/1 coupon from 9/25 smartsource so they could be $.49 but there is also a better deal at cvs to get them for free ending tomorrow.

        • Jenn

          Actually it looks like the cvs deal is about the same… and you cant get up to four of them at RA… with that $1/1 coupon it will be free at RA

      • Jenn

        the UPR for two would be $4.00
        so they would be $.49

  • Christine

    Like some of you, I too am done with Walgreens. Not once have I had a smooth transaction. I stay away from Walgreens unless they have a really awesome deal. I also was in New Jersey today visiting a friend and went to the Shoprite in Piscataway and had some problems with the Carolina rice coupons because my friend and I were together and bought 8 1lb bags separately but used my price plus card and the manager gave us a hard tim and told us that they aren’t coupon friendly.

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      The manager told u they aren’t coupon friendly??? U should write their corporate office or even the owner (I think most of them are privately owned). That’s ridiculous. They act like the coupons are coming out of their pockets. They mail them in and get their money back!… what a Turd!!!

  • Sherry Z

    Thank you again and again, Cindy. You’re amazing.

    There are no coupons available at the site for Irish Spring Body Wash at this time.

    Hugs to all!

  • Arizia


  • Jenny

    I just got the mouth guard! I had the 5.00 coupon and then a 20.00 buck from last weeks Scott deals. I had to buy comething to cover the penny it was under, but then I got a 20.00 buck AND a 5.00 dental buck. WOO!! Didnt expect that.

  • Mich

    can you really use a -$1.50 colgate optic white toothPASTE coupon for the Colgate 360 optic white toothBRUSH?
    how does this work out?

  • Sherry Z

    I don’t see anything in the RiteAid flyer for the Colgate 360 Optic White Toothbrush or toothpaste. What page is it on, please? Page two has Colgate but I don’t see Optic products. Thank you. )

    • Sherry Z

      Apologies… I have found the $2 UPs Optic offer on the back page. Thank you!

      Now I’m trying to locate Head and Shoulders. )

  • Sherry Z

    I’m confused by the coupons you’ve listed for Crest as they don”t match the Crest items offered with the $2.69 UPs. Can you please confirm? Thank you so much!

  • Sherry Z

    Forgive me for continuing to have a tough time for the second day….

    I’m baffled by the following given that the 10/02 insert is next week and not this…. am I missing something obvious?

    Olay Body Wash wyb Olay Pro X, Regenerist or Total Effects Moisturizer – $22.00
    Get $10 SCR
    use $10.00/2 in 10/2 inserts

    Thanks again…

    • Kesha

      Don’t understand the 10/2 insert part ether, but there was a $10/2 coupon in some 9/25 RP inserts.

      There are also $5/1 printables on the Olay site.

      • hanna

        I think list meant this Sunday 9/25. But coupon is to purchase 2 of those $22.00 item. One Pro item and body wash, I don’t think I can use that coupon.

        I thought to buy one of Pro and get free body wash, get
        $5.00 coupon from Olay site. Then still get $10.00 SCR right?
        Thanks Kesha!

        • hanna

          I read SCR and I have to buy two of those $22.00 item.
          Next week ad preview (start 10/2)said spend $30.00 P & G (included Olay) and get $10.00 UPR. Not sure if Pro series are included but if so, it would be a better deal for me.

  • Cathy

    I keep seeing that the Rite Aid items can be doubled with Video coupons. I do not have a printer, is there any other way of getting these coupons? Thanks for your help.

  • Sherry Z

    Gee….. I never had problems ion all this time…. I don’t know what is wrong with me?

    I don’t follow how this can be free, given that two must be purchased in order to get the $2 UP…

    As I see it, the price is 2/ $70
    minus $2 UP = $2/ 5
    – $2/1 RA printable = $3
    -$1/1 = $2
    What have I miscalculated, please?

    Mitchum Anti-Perspirant – $3.50
    Get $2.00 UPR wyb 2
    $2/1 Mitchum Advanced Control Anti-Perspirant RA printable
    $0.75/1 Mitchum or MItchum for Women, exp. 10/16/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2)
    $1/1 Mitchum Product, exp. 9/25/11 (SS 08/21/11)
    as low as free after UPR & coupons

    • Sherry Z

      Okay… this one I solved… it’s the use of two VV, I suppose…… hmmmm. Still baffled )

    • Anonymous

      2 Mitchum deo=$7.50
      use (2)1/1 mitchum deo manufacture coupon ,
      use(1) 2/1 rite aid mitchum printable coupon
      I dont think you can use (2 )RA printable coupon for the same item in the same transaction,but you can check with the cashier to be sure.

      rite aid q=2
      manufacture q=1+1=2
      =$4 in coupon-$7.00. PAY$3.00
      get back a $2 RR

      • Anonymous

        WHERE I HAVE 2 DEO$ 7.50 SHOULD BE $ 7.OO .

  • Kesha

    Is Speed Stick free with the b1g1 sale and the b1g1 coupon or does Rite Aid not allow that? i don’t see it on the deal list.

    Also, anyone got any good ideas on how to use the $20 UP reward from last week and get back most of the UP in small increments this week or next?

    • hanna

      This is based on you have more than 1 coupon for each item.
      Crest Pro-Health $2.69 , use $1/1 coupon (pay $1.69) get $2.69 X 2 times
      Similasan $6.99, use $1.75 /1 coupon (pay $5.24) get $6.99
      Soft Soap body wash $2.99, use $1.00/1 coupon (pay 1.99) get $2.00 X 4 times. Total is $18.58 for opp (before applicable tax) I think.
      $1.42 left to use maybe Colgate or some Fun size candy to use?

    • Malinda

      No B1G1 coupon with B1G1 sale anymore. You can use (1) B1G1 and (1) cents off together.

  • Cat

    I just purchased 2 Olay products and when I went to put my receipt info for the scr I didn’t see a rebate listed for Olay. I also noticed that it said September rebates run from 8/31 to 9/27. Do the rebate periods overlap?