ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 9/11 – 9/17

ShopRite Deals for the week of 9/11/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • sylvia

    I purchased 4 boxes of Barilla Pasta elsewhere last night and received a $2 catalina. I wondered what it was for – now I know.

    • Did you buy whole wheat pasta? Or regular pasta?

      • sylvia

        Now I am not sure that is the reason for the catalina. I bought 3 piccolini fibre and 1 regular piccolini. I also bought 4 boxes of cheerios, 2 ragu sauces and a (free w/purchase of 2 ragu sauces) box of ronzoni rigatoni. This was from Pathmark (Garwood, NJ). Today I purchased 6 boxes of Furlani Texas Toast Pizza from a different Pathmark (Linden, NJ) and I received a $2 catalina. It’s weird since I did shop at a Pathmark on Thursday night (Elizabeth) and this morning at the same one as Friday’s trip (Garwood) and no catalinas were printed. Kind of confusing.

        • Ami

          Just for you to know that Pathmark or A&P start their new sales on Friday, not Sunday like any other supermarkets.

    • Aileen C

      I’m wondering how long this catalina is going on for. I just looked at the Sunday Coupon Preview, and there is going to be a .55/1 coupon for Barilla whole grain pasta.

    • Mary

      Did you sign up for the Pathmark yourbucks? That gives you a $2 cat for each Pathmark you shop in. Maybe that was where the cat is from and not from barilla?

  • Joe

    Nestle has their coupons out again and there is a $0.75 off any Nesquick powder. It you buy the 3.9oz bag for $0.99 it’s free after coupon doubling.

  • Joan

    Does anyone know how I get the Wishbone coupon? I signed up and they emailed me but there was no coupon. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      i usually get a coupon on their Facebook page

      • Joan

        It was there, thank you!

    • Ted

      Found it on their facebook site today

  • Kate

    Does anyone know the zip code for the .55/1 Kikkoman printable? I can’t find it. Thank you!

    • 0246

      90210, i believe.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see it there, maybe it’s gone. 🙁

        • Anonymous

          Oops, found it. 90210 was right.

    • Lauren

      My ShopRite had a display of the $.99 Teriyaki and Soy Sauces that were on sale and all of them had a $.55 Q attached that doubled!

      Keep a look out at your own store. The display at my store was right in front of the shelves.

  • allie

    Where can I find the Nestle Nesquick coupon??

  • Kristen

    wow that Rachael Ray Dog food would be a great donation item if you don’t have a dog or your dog doesnt eat that brand of food! I think i’ll buy some for my local pound!

  • Liz V

    I also have the EMMI yogurt for 10/$10, and a whole lotta $1 coupons. I look forward to trying it, hope they have it at my store!

    • Ellen

      Clark had it! Got 4 free!

  • Sabine

    could not get the Baileys Coffe Creamer coupon. Site stayed blanc. Even I liked on face book. Anyone know how to get it?????

    • Heather

      im having same problem!

      • Nancy L.

        Same here.. there seems to be no baileys coupon anymore.. confirm???

    • Aileen C

      I do have one that expires tomorrow (9/11) – it’s from the 6/19 SS. May have been regional.

  • Lynn

    Cindy, My Just 6 dog food coupon states “6 lb bag or larger”. My circular says 8-10 package, so I don’t think it will work.
    thanks for the match ups!

  • Liz V

    Cindy, my circular states that the Piccolini are excluded. Did I read that wrong?

    • Anna T

      Mine says that it excludes the mini and vegetable piccolini. It doesn’t say anything about the regular. I really hope its included. I get all of this free/super cheap pasta but my picky pain in the butt daughter will only eat the piccolini 🙁

      • CC

        Regular picollini was included! I just bought a few boxes!

      • Andrea

        My circular specifically excluded the piccolini, but it was included at the store in North Brunswick.

  • KT

    These are some good deals this week!

  • Chris

    Thank you!

  • keisha

    i need groceries. just came back from vacation. shop rite sales are not helping in this cause;-(

  • Nichole

    Just a heads up- I saw a peelie on the freezer door at shoprite for $3/2 digiorno pizzas so that would make them $3.49each wyb2.

  • Elaine

    There is a coupon out for Buy 2 Ragu get a box of Muellers pasta free. Can we use a .75 off 2 and the Free Pasta coupon??

    Thank you

  • Sandra

    Great match up

  • Aileen C

    From what I see online, the 6 lb bag of Rachael Ray Just 6 is 9.99 The Just 6 “crunchies” (treats) are what is on sale for 2.99.

    • Cindy

      In the circular it states the dog food for 8 – 10 oz is the one on sale. I didn’t have info on the coupon when I put this together but now I think the $2.50 coupon may be for 6 lbs or larger, so that coupon will not work.

  • Anna

    Cindy, are there any coupons available for Kozy shack pudding?. I have some but unfortunately they expired August 31.

    • Angela D.

      Right now there are only coupons for no sugar added. Does anyone know if the suagr free is included in the sale? In the last sale they were not. We already went through all of the Kozy Shack that I bought at the last sale. I should have bought more, but I hate buying too much and then throwing things out no matter how cheap they are.

      • Angela D.

        I don’t see Kozy Shack on the matchup list. am I missing something?

        • Jules

          Angela kozy shack may not be on the match up list, but it is on sale this week…i have friends and family coupons that they mailed me when i wrote to them to compliment their product for $1 off 2…

  • Kim

    Does anyone know wherethe 1.00 off 2 coupon for Skippy was??? I remember it several weeks back but never used it. I dread having to look through every insert for the past two months.

    • Aileen C

      That’s what the coupon database is for! Just type in what you’re looking for and it’ll tell you what insert it’s in.

    • Ann-Marie

      There was a $1 off 2 Skippy coupon that expired on 8/28. I don’t remember seeing any more recent than that one.

      • Kim

        Thanks! I did look on the coupon database and didn”t see it. I guess because it’s expired now. 😉 Should have clipped it then … Oh well.
        Thanks guys!

        • christine

          it was a printable coupon a few weeks ago. I doubt if it’s still available, they go quickly

          • Kim

            I received a CAT coupon from the machine a couple of weeks back for the Skippy. Maybe you saw it in your stash of shoprite print outs??? My machine is always printing out tons of them and then I forget. So excited that I got one for FREE minute maid OJ! Up to $3.99. Not going to lose that one!

            • Shell Holland

              If you go to acme I found a coupon book that has manufacturer coupons in it and one of them is $1.25/2 Skippy PB!

              • Joan

                Shell, where in Acme did you find the coupon book?

              • paula c

                I was at Acme over the weekend. got 10 boxes of betty crocker potatoes for .50 and they had .99 ground beef that was on quick sale wish i would have gotten more wasnt sure how much would fit in my freezer. The Acme books with the coupons where at the end of all the registers and there was a big display of them right when you walk in the door.

    • Nancy J.

      Kim, try this…Cindy posted it last week. People are saying that even though it says “redeem at Walmart,” it’s a manuf. cpn & SR should accept. HTH!

  • Aileen C

    I don’t know what the wording is on the Blue Diamond coupon (don’t have it), but the nut chips and nut thins are two different products.

    • Lianne

      yeah I was curious about that too

  • Jasper

    I don’t know if this is in every ShopRite, but my circular (Englewood, NJ) has 12 oz. Mishpacha honey bears on sale for $1.99, and there is a $1 off coupon in the circular, making it 99 cents, or $1.32/lb, which is an amazing price for honey.

    • hanna

      Mine has it same, Commack NY.

      • tara

        same in brooklyn. happy jewish new year coming up 🙂

        • Stella

          Same for Hudson, NY

          • Thanks Stella..The Hudson store is where I shop..LOL..small world!

  • Emily

    I shopped at Shoprite & Stop&Shop and got the Catalina deal for the Kotex, but I bought 4 items, and 2- $2.00 catslinas printed out! Hoping this will still work for next week since the coupons are still good through 9/17!!

    • Dessa

      I think they fixed it- went to SR yesterday, bought 2 liners, and 2 pads- got $2.50 OYNO

  • Arizia

    Thanks for the matchups

  • April S

    FYI: Don’t know if the Yo Crunch Cats are printing this week, but Catalina approved my email and mine is in the mail from last week. I purchased 8, btw.

    • felicia

      I bought 20 today in 2 transactions, and didn’t get a catalina. Who should I contact to get the catalina?

    • I received a cata today.. 2 in fact. To be safe I purchased 8 Yo Crunch first and received $1.00 cata. In my second transaction I had another 8 and the rest of my food and received another $1.00 off cata.

      • Jen W

        I bought 10 (5 strawberry and 5 blueberry) and did not receive the CAT. I will contact Catalina today!

        • Laura D

          Same problem, no CAT. I don’t know about everyone else but in Northern NJ Shoprite it seems to be happening a lot recently.

          • frink

            Purchased 12 today in Watchung, no CAT.

            • Cassandra

              I bought 10 today and recieve 1.50 cat

              • OMGitsJuiceLee

                I just bought 10… no CAT 🙁

                • YAz

                  NO CAT in CT!

  • April S

    Pillsbury Sweet Moments are on sale for $3, there is a $1 off in todays SmartSource and $1 on

  • Tisha

    For those of you that like the SnackWells. There was .75 off 1 coupon in the 7/31 SS. making the SnackWells 1.00/ea.

    • Tisha

      The coupons does state DND, but its a 5 instead of 9, so it may double, if the cashier does not hit the DND button. Also, you still save more, as you can use two .75 off coupons for a savings of 1.50 off 2. making them 1.75 ea.

      • Tisha

        or you can you the 1.00 of 1 that was also came out in some of the 7/31 SS. making it a 1.50 ea. I have both.

  • Shita

    i just used the the .75/1 coupon for SnackWells bar doubled without problem.

  • laura

    I jusr bougt three boxe s of whole wheat barilla pasta and didnt get a catalina. Im in abingdon md.

    • Jasper

      It’s not supposed to start until 9/12, though. You jumped the gun.

  • David

    Am I the only one in the world who doesn’t know how to use the Coolsavings website? I’ve gone through their offers before but never get to the coupons.

    • Amy

      No, I can’t figure it out either.

    • I don’t get what I am supposed to either : /

  • N marc

    My as only has 50/prego not ragu.

  • Anonymous

    My shoprite (east windsor, nj) had trident single packs for .77 Buy 3 and use the $2/3 Q. Get 3 packs for .31 — awesome deal

  • Jess

    I bought 3 Barilla whole grain pastas today and didn’t get a catalina either!

    • Kim

      I did the same and did not receive the CAT. But I went back an reread Cindy’s post and it says starting on 9/12. I feel a bit foolish!! However, I did receive a CAT for a free minute maid orange juice up to $3.99!!! Made up for my not reading the fine print 😉

  • LISA

    Cindy or others,
    Assuming I can use the farmland coupon…. With the Farmland milk can I buy 2 and use the $1 coupon and I will get two free? I know this idea works with the Kikkoman Mix. Anyone know? Thanks

    • Yes, I got 4 free today but the coupon would not scan. The cashier was NICE enough to deduct manually.

      • Lisa

        Thank you Alecia. Good to know. I’ll try it…not so hopeful at my Shoprite bc they are pretty picky with internet coupon.

  • MillburnLaura

    My Shoprite had small bottles of Kikkoman soy sauce on sale for .99. They had a coupon attached to them for .55 which doubled, making them free. I got four, since my store will only take four like coupons.

  • MillburnLaura

    Did anyone get the yoplait catalina?

    • felicia

      nope! It says on the coupon network that there is a catalina and shoprite is one of the stores, so I’m hoping if I contact them I can get my catalina!

    • Carie

      Yes, in Bristol CT.

    • Alison

      I bought 10 and received a 1.50 cat today in Waterford Ct.

    • Patrice

      yes..I did in New Rochelle, NY

      • YAz

        I didnt get it and I went to the new one in FAIRFIELD Ct

  • Used the Kikkoman coupons this morning at my ShopRite (Glassboro, NJ) and was advised the 99 cent price applied only to the regular Soy Sauce and the regular Teriyaki Sauce. I had purchased the Reduced Sodium variety of each. As the circular did not state otherwise and the sale price wasn’t even marked in the aisle yet, I asked Customer Service to honor the 99 cent price for the Reduced Sodium which was done!

    • jazzycee

      wow this happened to me , (fishkill NY)today too but i just left them there, i told them
      i would go to walmart they”ll match it but when i went to walmart they only
      had the 15 ounce bottle , oh well the week is young , i will go back to shop rite tomorrow , i want the low sodium too!!!

      • Kristen

        My shoprite (west deptford, NJ) had the low sodium soy sauce on sale for the 99cents and I used the coupons getting them for free. They were marked on sale.

        • Aileen C

          Same here. They were actually out of regular so I had to get the reduced sodium, and they were .99.

  • Kit

    I did not get a cat for the yo crunch yogurt at shop rite.

  • Laurie M.

    The Skippy coupon says Redeem at Walmart. Are you allowed to use it at ShopRite??

  • Lori

    Not sure if this was mentioned but SR has their calendars out and it contains a lot of good coupons!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Lori…I owuldn’t have even looked for coupons in there!

    • Meli

      Where did yiu find t hem? I can never find any of the SR booklets.

      • Teresa M.

        My Shop Rite in Chester, NY has the Jewish New Year calendars at the Courtesy counter. They have some good coupons in the middle.

        • melissa

          that’s my shoprite too lol! Do you ever find the live right books everyone refers to? I never seem to find them.

          • Teresa M.

            Once in a while they have a stack of them at the end of the registers or on a temporaray display in the organic section since most of the Live Right coupons are for products in that aisle. Do you have kids that go to Chester? Maybe we know each other!!!

            • OMGitsJuiceLee

              Wow… I picked one up because I thought it was the box of circulars. I put it back down when I realized it was a calendar…silly me

            • Meli

              I am going to have to check for those. My daughter is 4…so next year she will be in school.

  • Jen W

    Mallomars are limit 2! I didn’t even catch this so went to CS to return 1 as I wasn’t paying 4.19 for the 3rd box, she just gave me the 2.70 back in cash!

  • Marjie DeStefano

    I did not get the Yo Crunch Yogurt catalina today. I bought 10. Who do I contact? Thanks..I’m knew at this.

    • Tisha

      Same here. Who and how do we contact catalina.

    • Aileen C

      There is a link at the bottom of the matchups. You can either call them or email.

  • chia

    Free Tazo ice tea with $2/2 q in database. Anyone knows how the Emmi yogurt taste? Like Greek yogurt? Free too! Acme has the gift card Catalina again, free groceries…. get like gas card or home depot card, always need them.

    • Anonymous

      wow! thanks for sharing. I wish I had read your post this morning.

  • Roz

    I found the ragu coupon in this week’s redplum not the SS .

  • Martha
    • Angela

      thank u!!

  • Keena

    Thanks for the match ups Cindy!

  • Marjie

    I called 1-888-826-8766 (Catalina Marketing). Was given detailed instructions and emailed them at Hopefully – I’ll get a response.

  • Eleanor

    Cindy, how do you decide if something is a stock up price? Only asking because pizza dough at $1.39 is checked off as stockup price, but it was on sale for $1.00 about 3 months ago?

  • Dawn K

    My flyer has the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt on sale for $.79. I still have the $.30 off coupon, plus there’s a $.40 Saving Star coupon, making it a $.21 MM!

    • anon

      thanks- It’s not a mm (no .30/1) but I feel .39 is a good deal in my area anyway.

    • Kabby

      Dawn K…I checked the database but I do not see a coupon…do you remeber which week you found it in. Thanks for the tip.

      • Dawn K

        Kabby, it was a IP a few months ago on I don’t think it’s there now, sorry. Supposedly, Diamond Crystal had a coupon on their website, but I have yet to find it. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did!

        • Aileen C

          I have it too. I think it was from early spring on It has a really long expiration date – 6/2012

          • Kabby

            thank you all for your responses.

  • chia

    Kandoo wipes 42 ct. wipes is $.99 so free with .50 q 8/21 ss
    Philly cooking cream is 3/$5 so cheap if you have the .75 q

  • Jennifer

    I am missing something. If Pure Silk shave cream is $1.79…and I have an .80 coupon that will be brought up to a dollar…why are you saying that they are as low as .19 cents each? What am I not seeing? Thanks!!

    • Joan

      If your store fully doubles it would take $1.60 off, making it only .19 cents.

  • Stella

    I wonder if today’s (Tue. 9/13) RedPlum deal dash coupon for $1/1 Hellmann’s Olive Oil Mayo will work with the buy 2 get 2 Starkist promo.

    • rachel

      Used it yesterday- worked!

  • Michelle B

    I found 2 more deals!!!
    Old Orchard frozen lemonade is .99 has a cououn for $1/4 frozen concentrate items making them .75 ea

    4 pack Go Go squeez applesauce is 1.99 and their facebook page has a .75 off coupon. So .50ea
    What a great week at Shop Rite!!!!!!!!!

    • Joan

      Thanks Michelle!

      Did anyone else have trouble with the Go Go Squeeze coupon? Mine wouldn’t scan and the cashier acted like I was trying to steal from her or something. It was finally put through but I don’t think I’m gonnna use my second coupon, not worth the trouble, though I really do like these apple sauces.

      • Michelle B

        I’ll be using the go go squeez coupon tommorrow. I will let you know.

        • Nicole

          I would write to the company. I’ve written them, and they have great customer service. They even sent me a package with a box of every single flavor that they make!

      • YAz

        thanks terrible. I bought 5 yesterday and no problem. I had a nice young girl as a cashier

  • thusa

    My shoprite had the kandoo flushable wipes in a 42ct for .99. With my .50 coupon that doubled to 1.00 they were free!

    • Ruth

      Where did you get the coupon? Can’t find it in the database. Thanks.

      • Ruth

        Never mind. Found the circular issue but i’m not as lucky as you… I didn’t get it.

    • Meg

      Where is the coupon? I only found a printable that you receive in the mail, and nothing else in database.

    • Lianne

      Thank you very much for this tip–I was able to grab three free today thanks to this comment!! LOVE it!

  • April S

    My Shoprite had the 8oz Tyson Grilled & Ready bags 1/2 price for $1.99, the $1/1 in 8/7SS makes them $.99 each!

    • April S

      Sorry, it’s the 7/31 SS.


    So my mom and I went to shop rite to day to stock on the Ragu they had on sale because it seems like my family inhales spaghetti sauce anyways my mom buys four jars and her (2) .75/2 ragu sauces coupon did not double. When we went to customer service the customer service rep says that the coupon is not suppose to double because it can’t exceed the value of the item. Now I know coupons and shop rite policy on coupons and since two jars would be $2.00 and the coupon would take off only 1.50 I did not understand why the coupon would not double. The customer service rep called the manager over and she proceeds to tell me that the coupon did not double because the coupon states do not double which it did not. To make a long story short my mother remembered that she did not give her shop rite card and asked would this affect the coupons not doubling. The manager states yes and my mother gets her 1.50 back and walks out of the store with four jars of spaghetti sauce for 1.00. I just had to rant because I hate it when cashiers and mangers lecture you on coupons when its clear they have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Joan

    I had nothing but trouble at Freehold today, they acted like I was trying to shoplift for using legit coupons.

    I was buying 2 Clif Z Bars, 2 Luna Bars, a big package of Vanity Fair napkins, and the Go Go Squeeze apple sauce, and 3 Kashi bars. It took me 15 minutes to check out and the people behind me in line were visibly annoyed and I could tell they thought I had done something wrong.

    I gave the cashier all of my coupons and and she spent a few minutes examining them. She said she needed to check them to make sure they were good, so she called someone on the phone. While we were waiting I asked if that is something they always do now and she said something like “there are a lot of crooked things going on in the world.” The whole time we were waiting she was talking with the woman behind me in line (I think she also worked there). The other woman asked her “are the numbers the same? that would mean she copied them!” and the cashier refused to even check. Finally after the person she called did not arrive she disappeared with my coupons for several minutes and came back and finally scanned them. The Go Go Squeeze would not scan, and the Vanity Fair coupon said “item not found” and the $1/3 Kashi bars wouldn’t scan either (it had the new bar code) We waited several more minutes for someone to come over and she manually entered those 3.

    I can understand that she didn’t want to get in trouble if I had been using fraudulent coupons but she was honestly so rude throughout (as well as the woman behind me she was speaking with) I will definitely avoid her in the future.

    • Aileen C

      This is why I choose my cashier very wisely! I tend to choose the younger guys and they don’t give me a problem.

      • True:) do the same thing

      • Andrea

        I do the same thing!

      • Lianne

        Has anyone tried the Blue Diamond nut chips scenario yet? They’re on sale again next week so I’m curious to see if that coupon included the chips?

        • Jenn

          Me too! Some of the women cashiers like to wear their fine-t00th comb glasses.

          • Tina

            always trouble at this shoprite. i go to Manalapan store. no trouble and better stock.

            • H

              Hey Ladies you seem to know a lot about coupons. I just started and I’m getting very good at it. Nothing but pleasant visits to used my coupons every where I go but I seem to have a problem and may be one of you can point me the right direction. I did the yo crunch deal for shop rite and no catalina. I did the degree a few weeks back and the same no catalina as well as others like, Axes at pathmark and the same results. . I do the transaction by itself pursuing the catalina to use on my next purchase. Any suggestions?

    • YAz

      My Go Go squeeze coupons beeped … but they put them though ok. sorry you dealt with that.

    • lindsay

      Joan, I had the same experience at my shoprite, Chews Landing in South Jersey. The EXACT same thing happened to me and I called the store manager and wrote an email to shoprite. I have not been back to that shoprite in almost a month. I was never so insulted!

  • Andrea

    So another Yo Crunch question….I bought 10 at the ShopRite in North Brunswick and did not get the catalina. When I checked the Coupon Network site it states “Available at: A & P Store, Acme Market, Saker ShopRite”. Are many of us not getting the catalina because we are not shopping at a “Saker ShopRite”?

    • April S

      I shop at “Saker Shoprite” and it still didn’t print. I just think there is a bug with it somewhere in the system.

  • Lianne

    Has anyone tried the Blue Diamond nut chips scenario yet? They’re on sale again next week so I’m curious to see if that coupon included the chips?

  • Shita

    I just opened a box of kikkoman Panko. there are 3 coupons inside the box!!!
    $1 off ponzu, .75 cents off teriyaki marinade & sauce, .55 cents off panko. so, if you still have any kikkoman coupon go get the Panko box. i am going to use these to rollout for more panko and sauce before end of this week.

    • Alice

      So glad I read your post — went thru 3 boxes and the final one was a winner – had the coupons inside – that was exciting as I wait for dinner to cook – thanks so much for sharing the info 🙂 🙂

    • Aileen C

      Thanks! I will have to check mine out.

      • kathryn

        Some of the Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce and soy sauce had peelies that also made them free.

        I’ll have to check my panko boxes when i get home.

  • Alecia

    If you to the Silk Soymilk website, you can get a 75 cent coupon off one half gallon, quart or 4 pack which doubles for a really good deal. If you don’t think you’ll like it, try the chocolate…I know some dairy milk drinkers who like the chocolate soy milk.

  • Miriam

    Where did you guys get the GoGoSqueeze coupons? Also, i did the huggies and wipes deal and did NOT get a $5.00 catalina as promised. So i wrote to them and they told me that the ones i bought were not included in teh deal. Funny because I had done the deal ten minutes before hand and it did so Im not really sure why it didnt the second tiem around. Im really pissed!

  • Miriam

    Sorry that was the deal from last week….just thought I’d vent about it this week…lol

  • Christina

    Where is go go squeeze located? Couldn’t find it in baby aisle toms river

    • Shannon

      I have found them with all the applesauce…

  • Anonymous

    has anyone had any good results with the farmland’s best coupons? I had them work for me twice in two different stores. They were the small containers priced for 2 for $1. The coupon is for $1 off 1. So that means on 4 milks you would possibly get $2 overage! You don’t get the money in hand but it went towards my other purchase items. my stores are in Pa.