ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 9/18 – 9/24

ShopRite Deals for the week of 9/18/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • Natalie K.

    Thanks for the matchups! Did you know there is a coupon in RP 9/11 for $2 off any Purex. That would make them FREE!

    • Cindy

      Unfortunately the coupon is for a larger size then the one on sale.

      • Anonymous

        No it’s not. I used it today. Purex was on sale this week too for $1.99, so I got it for free! The coupon expires tomorrow.

  • felicia

    Has anyone had luck finding or printing the butterball coupon?

    • chiara

      i was able to print it…

    • stephanie

      Yes I found at 07039 I printed one today and I had printed one last week.

      • Laura

        Yes I clicked on the top link and it took me to which immediately said no offers available. Then a box popped up asking for a zip code, I put in 07039 and up came the coupon. I was able to print it twice. 🙂

        • Kim

          The CAT machine printed out a coupon for $3.00 off butterball turkey burgers a few weeks ago!!! Pretty excited about that one!

          • Kim

            @Kim, I got that same coupon, but when I went to use it I was told it’s only for the froozen variety 🙁

            • stacey

              try a different cashier. mine was accepted!

        • Jessica

          I can not print out or find the butterball coupon either.

    • melissa

      coupon is gone from both links

  • Heather

    I still have my 2 free pantene coupons!

    • Holly

      Me too! It makes is a money maker! Yay! (as long as it works right)

  • Stephanie

    anyone know the zip code for the butterball;; turkey burgers? Also the 1st link said it was NLA.

    • Cindy

      It’s 07039. These Butterball coupons are strange. They only show up in certain browsers. I can only see them in Firefox. Try a different browser.

      • Laura

        Stephanie, same thing happened to me. Wait for the box to pop up on the butterball site (after it tells you its NLA). Put in zip 07039 then the coupon will pop up and you can print it twice.

        • Jessica

 is using SmartSource’s coupon printer – I was just told that I have already printed this offer (I printed these coupons the last time they came around but that was maybe 2 months ago?). Annoying.

      • Jennifer K.

        Thanks so much for the tip! I had taken them off my list because neither of the coupons would print for me. I was able to print two of the coupons thanks to your instructions! 🙂

      • Janelle S

        How do you get Firefox? I would love to be able to get this coupon

        • 0246

          go to and download the browser.

          • Janelle S

            thank you so much….I just got this coupon and I am so Happy

            • Janelle S

              was able to print 4…..2 from the butterball website and 2 from…..using

      • Sara

        Hi, Cindy, Newer follower since around March of this year. Love the site! Thank You! Stumbled on to it by accident…now my go to page for all my couponing needs….best accident I’ve ever had! 🙂
        Had a question about the turkey burgers; wanted to know if you have any suggestions on how to prepare them and what to serve them with. Tried these onces on the grill, but myself and my family found them pretty bland tasting. Have some more patties if the freezer and would like to give it another go! Maybe even some of the readers may have a few tasty suggestions! Thanks for any help you may be able to offer! Keep up the good work….cuz I’m hooked!

  • Steven

    I am wondering if the $3 coupon that printed out at SR I have off BB turkey burgers i going to work. If anybody tries to use, please let us know if it works.

    • I used this TODAY and spent .29 a lb on the butterball every day fresh turkey burgers! Hope that helps!

    • Anonymous

      Hi I know that the SS $3 does work they will adjusted. AT my SS I used the SS coupon plus a print out coupon and it also work but the cashier always need a manager to come over.

    • Yep, it works, I bought the fresh turkey burgers for $.29 after finding the coupon someone left in a shopping cart. woohoo!

    • Jodi

      They had them last Sat at my SR for $3.29 ea. I had 3 of the $3 coupons, but wasn’t sure of the price (nothing on the shelf). Since they almost never have these at my SR and 2 of coupons were about to expire I tried it. I bought 2 and the coupons went through no problem. I paid only $0.29 ea. I am hoping they have some left when I go shopping today since I have one $3 coupon left and some of the $1.50 coups too.

  • Steven

    I am wondering if the $3 coupon that printed out at SR I have off BB turkey burgers is going to work. If anybody tries to use, please let us know if it works.

    • Michele

      I used the $3 coupon on BB. It beeped “exceeds value”. First they thought I didn’t buy the product, then they thought it was frozen only(picture) but the wording is any and they put it through for $2.49. No tag at the store. Actually anytime this is on sale there is no tag.

      • Holly

        I was wondering that too b/c I have three of them..guess I will try and see!

        • jessica

          where can you find shop rite coupons??

          • katie

            I got the sr prints over the last couple months. They WORK!!! I just got 20 turkey burgers for FREE!!

    • Pamela

      I had 2 of them print out over the last couple weeks, they adjusted them down to the sale price, so got them for free. Don’t let them tell you their for frozen burgers, it says any on the coupon.

  • Jaye

    The current Shop Rite Live Right book has $.35/1 coupons for the
    Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauce with Omega3 . Coupon states not to be doubled or tripled. In the past it always doubled.

  • Jaye

    The coupon is on page 21 of Shop Rite Live Right book for the
    Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauce with Omega3

  • Dawn

    Can the coupons from the SR Live Right book be printed and accepted at the store? I know at some point the only way to access the book will be online (was told a while back at my store) and the coupons can be printed then. Any idea if they are accepting them printed yet?

    • Rachel

      It didn’t work for me because they had said something along the lines of it being a copied coupon. I tired to point out that it was a SR coupon from a website, but when they wouldn’t accept it, I didn’t fight it anymore. If I remember correctly it was a $1 off Tums from a few months ago. It’s worth a try though.

    • Pamela

      Shop rite CS (the 800 number) told Cindy we could print the live right coupons off the pdf on their web site and use them in store. If you tell them corporate CS told you you could print them off the web site they usually back down immediately. Really who’s going to photocopy a live right book anyway. I suppose if you had 100 of them, but they only let you do 4 coupons anyway 🙂


    Don’t forget the Twinkies. They were in the circular for just $1.88! An even better deal with the $1/1 printable coupon…just .88 a box!

  • Jennifer

    Cindy, did you forget to add in the Twinkies deal? 😉

    Hostess Twinkies for $1.88 and with the IP q, it will be $.88.

    • Pat C

      It’s Hoho’s and Chocolate cupcakes too!!!! 🙂

    • Barbara N.

      Where is the twinkie coupon listed? Thank you!

      • Barbara N.

        Oops…found it on facebook…thanks!

      • Jen

        You have to like hostess on facebook and it is a bricks coupon for .50 off which doubles to 1.00.

      • Michelle

        It’s gone already (NLA).

        • Jen

          Michelle, I just printed it about 15 minutes ago. I can only print bricks coupon in the firefox browser. The coupon has been out for a few days so try to check again.

          • Arizia

            just printed out the q, it’s 11;20

            • Susie

              Just got home from Shoprite & noticed that the Hostess coupon did not double! 🙁 Keep an eye out for that.

              • Lori

                Yup, did not double for me as well! I think it had the new bar code…how can we tell if it will double (i.e., 5 or 9)?

    • Cindy

      Ah, I just saw this now. LOL. I think it was subconscious telling me not to put them in the match ups. And, actually I went today, and they were all out.

  • Michele

    OK what is Biscoff Spread?

    • Deanna B

      it’s yummy they make the cookie into a spread. I think it has coffee in it?

  • Sandra

    Good deals.

  • April S

    Thanks for the awesome matchups, as usual. My daughter is excited about having twinkies in the house, hahah.

  • RoseAnn

    I don’t see the Green Giant boxed vegetables in the flyer, however they are in the coupon matchups?

  • Chris

    Thank you!!

  • Chrissy

    Love both of these…… But the Blue Diamond Almond thins and chips are 2 different products

    The thins are round…

    The chips are triangles, like doritos…

    Don’t have the coupon, tho, so i don’t know if it’s for both.

    • cris

      These are really good chips, and they are gluten free! IF you can’t find them in the chip/cracker aisle, then look in the natural section.

  • candice

    brachs candy is on sale for $1. if you have the .50 coupon, free!!! Thanks

    • Coupon Addict

      Where can I find the Brach’s coupon?

      • Michelle B

        all you magazine from 2 monthes ago

      • Taima

        Noticed the Brach;s coupon say ( not vaild on holiday products) Just a heads up ..

  • Liz v

    I have some coupons in my cheerios box, $1 off 2 grands biscuits. Also there was. A .50/1 Gatorade coupon in the calendar. Does it double?? If not, the Gatorade is still only .27.

  • Jill

    Our shop rite is having a grand reopening so we have few bonus coupons for this week including Perdue oven stuffer for .69, Pepsi 2 liter 5 for $3 and several others. These coupons were in my local freebie papers flyer. I don’t know if they’ll also be in the paper today. It’s the Clinton nj shopite

  • Christina


  • millburnlaura

    Does anyone know of the Barilla pasta catalina is still available?

  • Glenny

    There is also a -$1.50/1 coupon for the PediaSure 6-pack. ShopRite has the pack on sale for $9.99, making them $8.49 a pack. Here is the link to the coupon:

  • Marques

    Has anyone tried getting 6 Pantene Hair Care products in one transaction to see if the double CATs print??

  • Dawn

    Look for peelie coupons on kikkoman sauces makes them free ………….:) this is a serious stockpile item free

  • Lesley

    Is there something wrong with SmartSource coupons that ShopRite does not like accepting them? Today I went to buy 3 of the Vanity Fair Napkins, 2 Pompeian Balsamic Vingear, and one of the Friendship sour creams. Last week I had no problem using the Kikkoman coupons that were from SmartSource. But my cashier today went to go ask about the coupons I had and she came back and said that I could not use one of the Pompeian coupons or the Friendship sour cream coupon (which are both SmartSource… I will also note that all my coupons were printed in color, which is something that tis particular ShopRite has mentioned before. One time a manager said very loudy, “Doesn’t anyone have color printers anymore?” I print coupons at work to have extra coupons on top of the ones I print at home.. at work it is only black ink). Also, the Vanity Fair coupons were having trouble scanning and the one that did, did not double. I don’t think it said Do Not Double. I was getting very frustrated and told the cashier to take off two of the napkins. And I did not buy the sour cream or oil on principle.

    Is there any rule that ShopRite will not take SmartSource coupons? My ShopRite is in New Milford, NJ. I do not like there is not ny consistency among the cashiers, some cashiers just scan the coupons, which others go ask about them.

    • Ruth

      Most shoprites are not coupon friendly. Most of their staff is poorly trained and lack customer service skills. There are a few employees who are wonderful and helpful but in my experience, most aren’t. The worst thing is that there is no one to complain to since SR are individually . owned. I go to SR once a week and I try to get in and out quickly. The shelf checkout cashiers in Newark, DE are rude and have no customer service skills. The prices are getting higher and higher so soon they will have a hard time competing with stores like Giant who actually train their employee to value their customers.

      • Dawn

        the SR in Millville NJ is excellent. I was having a hard time finding 3 items (not accustomed to that store) and one of their clerks took time to show me. I already had ice cream melting in the cart , and still had to go get chicken and ham…he was also kind enough to get me rainchecks for 3 of the items we couldnt find and have them ready when I checked out. AND 2 more employees helped HIM when he couldn;t find those 2 items. they went out of their way to look up what an items looked like so they knew what to look for. While I’m getting ham, they took the last 2 boxes on the shelf to the front to hold them for me! I felt like I had a troupe of personal shoppers!

    • Dale

      I haven’t had any problems at Shoprite yet, but yesterday at CVS the cashier told me that CVS no longer accepts SmartSource internet coupons due to excessive fraudulent coupons! I had already waited in line too long to argue, so I just suggested that if this was a new policy, they should post a sign. Has anyone else heard this?

  • RoseAnn

    I don’t have any problems at the Palisades Park Shoprite with any of my coupons. The Vanity Fair coupons never double for me…I don’t use them anymore.

    • Aileen C

      I just looked at my Vanity Fair coupon. It doesn’t say DND, but it starts with a 9. I’m not sure what the rules are on that, but you may be able to ask them to manually double it.

      • Michele

        Here’s the rule of thumb: Any coupon barcode that starts with a 9 will NOT double (regardless of the wording on the coupon). If the barcode starts with a 5, but states Do Not Double, it is up to the cashier to not allow the doubling of the coupon. The register will double any coupon with that starts with a 5. The new barcode system is the exception. The wording counts on those!

        • Aileen C

          Right, but I think you probably could ask them to manually double one that starts w/ 9 but does not actually say “do not double”. They would have no reason to not double it in that case.

          • Dawn

            manually double is up to each store…esp if it has a ‘9’. Any 5 that doesn’t dble on its own, the store can put it. Any 5 that states ‘do not dbel’ on the coupon…means the manu will NOT give the $ to the store, the store has to eat that. Same w/ a ‘9’. The Store will eat that discount they gave you. Some stores will do it to keep the customers happy, some stores can afford it. Most stores are on the edge just like we are…they need their income and may not continue doing it….just be prepared….

  • Shita

    My store have $1 off any kikkoman peelie on Buterball turkey burger. this make a great deal with $1 turkey plus free kikkoman.

    • Kabby

      Shita…thank you for the tip…purchased mine yesterday. Turkey burgers and sauce….FREE

  • Meli

    love this site thanks!

  • Miss Ginny

    Just want to say thank you. You do a wonderful job. We are very grateful.

  • Mani

    My shoprite told me they dont take smart source internet coupons b/c some of them were fraudulent… They only take the ones with Verfi on them.

  • Anonymous

    my shoprite also will only take the ones that say verifi on them. i think they had an issue with smart source being fraudulent.

  • Nancy L.

    Haribo Gummi Bears – $1.00
    $0.30/1 Haribo Product
    as low as $0.30 each after coupon

    *** This deal would make the gummi bears .40 cents each.. not .30 each

  • carolyn

    I’m a little confused, is there a catalina for the beech-nut baby food and all the products under HBA or just the ones that you listed deal ideas for? Catalinas are still a little new to me. Thanks!!

    • Aileen C

      No, there isn’t a catalina for the beech-nut. If there is, Cindy will put that underneath the item name. Look at the Degree Deodorant and Sensodyne toothpaste listings to see what I mean.

  • Nicole

    My Hostess Twinkie coupons printed without the third barcode on them. Wondering if Shoprite will even accept it like that? Did anyone else’s print like that??

    • Aileen C

      Yes, they only have the long bar code. Mine did not double automatically and I had to ask them to manually double it. Make sure to check the screen!

    • Anonymous

      shop rite will not accept it. just went their this morning

      • Aileen C

        I would argue that with customer service. It is a valid coupon – they should accept it. They have had many months to get their systems ready to scan the long bar codes.
        That being said, I did not have a problem with it scanning at my store.

      • Diane R.

        I used 4 of the Hostess cpns. today at Lyndhurst SR. They scanned no problem, but did not double. The cashier checked with the head cashier and she said to manually double them because no where on the coupon did it say “do not double”. So all went well. You should try to use them again. They are good coupons and they do scan.

        • Anonymous

          Went to shoprite this afternoon with my hostess coupons. The cashier didn’t even bother trying to scan the coupon. She just entered it manually without me having to say anything at all. I guess they are trained about the new barcodes. I was very pleased.

          • Kathie

            I went to SR this morning and had 4 of the Hostess coups. I pointed out to the cashier that the coupons didn’t double. The FE Supervisor came over and informed me that I could only use 1 Hostess coupon per order, since all the bar codes on the coupons all ended in the same number. I pointed out the other bar codes in the upper right hand side of the coups and how they all had different numbers. She told me they go by the one in the lower left hand side and they all had the same number. She told me I could go back and do 3 other transactions, but they had to be at different registers.

            When I got home, I looked over my receipt, and she never doubled the first coupon. *sigh*

  • Deb

    Does anyone know if the Wacky Mac coupon will work on the cheese dinner? It says veggie pasta and the boxes do not say anything about veggie pasta. Am I missing something or maybe my SR doesn’t carry it?

    Also, my SR looks at every internet coupon (warrington, pa). I haven’t had a problem with any of them but it is getting old.

  • Meredith

    Deb…I shop at the ShopRIte in Warminster and they have been examining my coupons much more closely even the ones from the newspaper matching up to the item. It is getting old and time consuming, I thank the person behind in me in line for their patience.

  • Aileen C

    Emmi Swiss yogurt was still 10 for $10 at my store. I bought 4 and they each rang up as $1, so all free.

  • Mark

    I went to two different stores looking for the Butterball turkey burgers – both sold out. Does anyone know how frequently they would restock?

    • Can you get a raincheck? Unless it says No Rainchecks you should be able to.

    • Jodi

      My SR only carries them when there is a sale. I have asked for rainchecks before, but they would expire before they got the burgers in again. You have to see if your store carries them on a regular basis or just when they are on sale.

  • Coley

    4day sale: Tai Pei meals 2.99
    new coupon for .75/1 = $1.49 at fully double stores

  • AnonJerseyChic

    Just a FYI:
    If internet coupons are NOT scanable; Shoprite will not accept them. The cashiers are not to enter them manually. (Eikhoff owned)
    ***(Nor are required to accept expired coupons, coupons with no dates, catalina coupons from other stores, or coupons that don’t match the specific item listed; EX. $1/2 Wacky Mac Veggie Pasta coupon for Wacky Mac n Cheese as well as that Piccolini coupon on the regular pasta)
    So check your coupons before your purchase. It is not the fault of the cashier if your coupon has no date (because you cut it off), is expired (know your dates) or a catalina from another store (again read your coupons)***
    You may try to use your coupons at self-checkout, if you wish to avoid the hassle. But fair warning, the new longer codes will not scan at self-checkout.
    Thank you and have a pleasant shopping trip! 🙂

    • Aileen C

      I don’t have a problem with long bar codes at self-checkout. That might vary from store to store.

    • Jen W

      Saker owns most of the stores in Central/North Jersey and they are very customer friendly. However, I have had several cashiers who read the coupons wrong and tell me that I didn’t buy the correct product. I tell them to read the coupon, not look at the picture. Most apologize.
      I typically go to self checkout (Robin) is the best self checkout cashier and have no problems with coupons at all!

  • Candice

    Just an FYI: I have a $1/1 New York Brand Frozen Product in my 7/24 Smartsource. Happy Couponing!!

  • Chris O

    Just bought 4 packs of Butterball turkey burgers ($2.50 each), using 4 $3 off coupons; the manager did not adjust the coups down, and they went through no problem. As a nice bonus, each package also had a $1 peelie for any Kikkoman product, so I got 4 free bottles of soy sauce and marinade! (Shoprite in East Norriton; Tonight was one of those awesome nights, by the way…$115 for only $26! Woohoo!)

  • cc

    Where are the sunny d coupons, can’t find them in my 8/7ss?

  • Lori

    Is Betty Crocker Brownie mix the same as Betty Crocker “supreme brownie or snack bar” mix? There are some .75/2 coupons floating around and a $1/1 cellfire that MAY work for the .99 cent brownie mix making it very cheap or even free if any of these apply. Does anyone know if these will work?

  • Amber

    Keep an eye out for Kikkoman peelies on the Butterball turkey burgers. Scored more free. And love the tandori chicken seasoning mix, got 2 free per coupon. 🙂 I also received a $3 off coupon for the Butterball turkey burgers a few weeks ago and it beeped for exceeds amount but the manager did an override.

    • IK

      Amber – do you know what triggered the $3 butterball coupon? Thank you!

      • Aileen C

        I have those as well. No idea what triggered it. I thought about using those, but I decided against it because the coupon says “burgers” and the meat says “patties”.

        • Lady J

          I would try it. I hate when you have a good coupon that you’re not sure if you should use because the wording is obscure. You can always ask at the CS desk if it’s the same thing.

          • Aileen C

            I did end up using them because the package says “turkey burger patties” – which I didn’t notice the first time – so I figured it was ok. It beeped (at SCO) but the attendant put it through as 2.50.

      • Jenn

        I received the $3.00 Butterball turkey burger coupon when I bought another brand of turkey burger. I ordered Butterball but they were out, so they substituted Perdue for the same price, plus the $3 Butterball coupon printed.

  • rebecca

    is anyone having a problem using the $2.00 purex coupon with the $1.99 sale this week??

    • Cindy

      That coupon is not intended for the $1.99 product. The coupon is for a much larger size then the size that is on sale.

  • Charlotte

    The Staten Island shoprite had the 3.5 oz Colgate on sale for .77. But what was displayed was boxes that were 4.0 oz cause they had 33% more on the box, so they qualify for the coupons for 1.00 off 2, or 1.00 off 1. The cashier had to call the manager over cause the coupon would not go through, cahsier told manager the items rang up .88 – so the manager put the coupons through for that amount which doubled – so they paid me .10 a box to buy the toothpaste. – So look for the boxes so you can use those coupons… good luck.

  • Shita

    Have anyone used the &1/2 Emmi swiss yogurts coupons? on the bottom right corner states “Redeem at HEB store only” . i am not sure i can use this in SR?
    what is HEB store?

    • Aileen C

      HEB is a grocery store. Based on the wording, I would say no, you can’t use it at Shoprite.

  • MARY

    New Skippy coupon. You can stack this with the Super Coupon in this week’s ad (YMMV).

    Super Q — 2/2.98 Skippy 15 – 16.3 oz jars
    Manu Q — .60 off 2
    NET 2 for 1.98 (my store does not fully double)

  • Stacy

    Vigo yellow rice 10 0z package was on sale at my store for .99 – Used the .50 coupon on them and doubled to 1.00. Freebie.

    • Mary

      Where did you find those coupons?

  • Etah

    Hostess coupons are gone:(

    Also, I can’t figure out how the Haribo candyends up at $.30 – I think it’s supposed to be $.40 (assuming the coupon is doubled).

  • Stacy

    I am looking for more of them, not sure where I got them but I have had them awhile now waiting for them to go sale lol

  • Christina

    For turkey burgers recipe use 1 1/2 # turkey burger 2 tsp worcestershire sauce 2-3 garlic cloves minced 3 tbs minced onion some salt and black pepper to taste mix all together and marinate for 2-3 hrs. I then grill on George foreman…..SO GOOD…. Better then regular burgers!!!!

  • Angela D.

    Just got back from shoprite- had a few issues with the coupons. $.55 Vanity Fair didn’t scan at all, needed to be entered manually. Apple & Eve Fruitable $.55 didn’t double and they wouldn’t adjust it for me (new long barcode). They said even if it doesn’t say do not double, if it doesn’t double automatically they won’t double it. Same with hostess. Also, Beechnut $1/3 did not scan at all- needed to be entered manually.

    • Angela D.

      When I say they didn’t scan- the numbers couldn’t be enetered either, they needed the key to do an override.

    • Aileen C

      Did the cashier tell you that (about not doubling) or customer service? There is no reason that they shouldn’t double the coupon if it doesn’t say “DND”. That has happened to me a couple times with long bar codes and the cashier was able to do it manually.
      Next time I would have someone come over (if you didn’t this time) to verify. I find that some of the cashiers do not know the coupon policy.

  • anonymous

    At my Shop Rite (palisades park), I was told today that YOU CAN NOT Stack a Shop Rite Super Coupon (NOT a manufacturer coupon) with a manufacterer coupon for the same item. I was told I “could get in a lot of trouble” for trying to do this. You are also not allowed to receive more than one of a free item, by free I mean if the coupon is for the price of the item. Is this just the policy of the Inserra stores?

    • Kabby

      I shop at an Inserra Shoprite…I have been told only one free item only once…a while back a razor turned out to be free after a high value coupon…Meanwhile my friend was able to use four of her free razor coupons in one transaction…never told she could not… I just got a rain check when they all ran out and used the same deal about two weeks after…no problem.
      I have never been told you cannot stack a manufacture and a Shoprite coupon…the most recent one I did was last week for the OJ manufacture coupon coupled with the OJ coupon from the Holiday Shoprite coupon.
      I would ask Customer Service about the stacking….but the free item remark is listed at my stores coupon policy…it is hit or miss.

    • RoseAnn

      I shop weekly at the Palisades Park store also. Just last week I used 2 free cpns for Pantene shampoo. The cashier took them with no problem. I have also used a ShopRite cpn along with a manufacturers cpn…no problem. It all depends on the cashier you get. Luckily, for a long time now, I’ve had no problems with any cpns.

    • Diane R.

      I shop at an Inserra Shoprite — Lyndhurst NJ. 3 different times in the past year I have been told about the “only 1 free item” rule. One was with Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches (when they were on sale for .99 and there was a $1 peelie on the box), one was for Coffeemate (when it was on sale for .99 and I had .50/1 cpns) and the other time was for Santa Cruz Lemonade (on sale for .99 and I had the .50 cpns). So each time I just told them to only ring up one of the item. Then I just did other transactions to get the duplicate items. So basically it just took up more of my time, but the store didn’t gain or lose anything by enforcing that rule except to aggravate a customer a little bit. However, on many other shopping trips I have gotten more than 1 of the same item for free in the same transaction. So it really is up to the cashier to enforce that rule or to even know about it. But it is apparently one of Inserra’s rules. As for not stacking a store cpn and a mfg cpn, I have never had any problem doing that although I’ve only done it a couple of times. I do remember last November I stacked the SR Stovetop cpn with mfg. cpns and had no problems at all.

  • Dawn

    this is a repaeat question, I”m hoping the fiorst one was lost in the thread…Did anyone try the 6 bottles of PANTENE to print out 2 $4.00 Catalinas…pls someone try ot get back to me asap, I need to get goinga little earlier I’m willing to try it, as long as they give me back my coupons IF it doesn’t work-Lol!!

  • mike

    Dawn I did the (3) pantenes and received (1) 4.00 cat back. Sorry did not try (6)