ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 9/4 – 9/10

ShopRite Deals for the week of 9/4/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Arizia


  • are the bird’s eye vegetables the sauced variety from the 4 day sale? It was hard to read the ad scan, but it looked like they were.

  • Lashetta

    : )

  • Anonymous

    Is Anyone Having Trouble With Bagel Bites Printable??

    • Larrina

      I clicked get coupon and it did not print or take me to a page to print just another ad 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Me Too 🙁

        • krystina

          same here!

          • d

            same here

            • Tisha

              same here. I registered, but still no coupon

              • Shanta

                same here!!!!! Still no coupon..:(

                • April S

                  From the Ore-Ida FB page:
                  The Bagel Bites® “Snack Simply” pledge campaign. The campaign officially ended on August 31st but we would like to thank the 70,000 who took the pledge and are excited to donate $65,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Please stay tuned for future offers and promotions from Ore-Ida Bagel Bites!

  • Jade

    Hey Everyone, on the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks there is also a $0.50 Super Coupon in the Shoprite Family Savings Booklet.

    • Kera

      Not sure if the shoprite family savings book is a regional thing ? Im in CT and was wondering where I could find one?

      • Jade

        Kera- I went to customer service and asked for one, so be sure to check with them. Also, sign up on for the family savings for every $250 you spend they will give you a 5% off your next order- hope this works for you in CT, :0)

        • Kyle

          I found them at the East Hartford, CT store in the front near the weekly ads. It’s the celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • H

    Yeap bagel bites is not printing or can’t find. Also I think the math on the beech 20 for 2.70 is incorrect is giving me 20 for 4.90 including all the coupons

  • April

    Don’t forget about the Dole frozen fruit cups and the Dole smoothie- on sale for $2 and there’s a printable SS for .75 off.

    • Cindy

      Oh right, forgot about that. I’ll have to check to be sure to coupons is still available. It may be gone already.

  • Sandra

    Thank you!!

  • liz

    Thanks for a great match up Cindy – and enjoy the long weekend…

    I’m not sure the math is right on this, but maybe I’m missing something…Buy 20 Beech Nut Baby Food $0.47 each
    -(1)$2/20 Beech Nut Coupon
    Pay: $2.70
    Get a $1 Saving Star Rebate
    $0.08 each after coupon & rebate

    I get 20 x 47 = $9.40, – $2 – $1 = 6.40/20 or .32c a jar

    • H

      Yeah I got the same math too..

  • Gina

    There is a coupon for Xtra Detergent making it .77
    Xtra Laundry Detergent 75oz $.50/1 (exp 10/31/11) SS 8/28

    • Ginny

      Thanks! I just bought some on ebay!

    • Sue

      I didn’t get any! SAD!!!

    • Kabby

      Is this the date others had…I was sure I had this coupon….I just can’t find it. Any others?

  • Anonymous

    the purina friskies deal isn’t adding up. wouldn’t they be free if they’re on sale for $.50 and using a $1 coupon?

    • Alyson

      The coupon is good for $1 off 20, making it 5 cents off of each can when you buy 20 of them.

  • Larrina

    Cindy… I have tried the bagel bites coupon link and am having no luck. Is there something that I may be doing incorrectly? Please help… Thank you!

  • Leslie

    Can anyone share the correct answers to the earthbound quiz? You need 100% to print coupon.

  • Charity

    Cindy, quick question … On the International Delight coffee creamer offer, when I read the circular it says 32 oz container, but the link you have listed for the coupon prints as 55cents savings off 16 oz. Will that match up work at the store? I’m hoping so, since I can’t start my day without my coffee and creamer! And that would make it a sweet deal if it works on 32oz.

    2.50 each
    Double .55= 1.10 off
    Makes it 1.40 each for the 32 oz? Not bad if it’s true!

    • Michelle

      I went this morning and the one coupon worked for me. The second coupon I had, the cashier had to override it to work.

    • aimee

      Coupon should only be used for the 16 oz pint but if a coupon states “on any International Delight then the coupon can be used for any size”. Hope that helps.

      • Charity

        That’s why I was confused because it specifically stated the size, but I went earlier this morning and asked the cashier to check them and it worked.

  • Meli


  • Jessica

    I shop at the Vails Gate, NY store — today’s circular has a super coupon for $5 off a $40 purchase. I’m hoping to pair that with my Baby Bucks and Family Rewards!

    • JACKI

      I shop at the Vails Gate store, too! Live in Newburgh, but the Vails Gate store is sooo much nicer than the one on N Plank Road. I got my $5 off coupon too and I should earn my baby bucks today since I’m getting the diapers & wipes deal….

  • Alyson

    Just as a heads up – I went to the Hatfield website to print out the $1 off Hatfield product, and it spit out a $2 off Hatfield product. I don’t know my Shoprite’s policy on overage, but I’m hoping I can make some money on these hotdogs! The Facebook coupon – $1 off any Hatfield Franks product – is still coming out at $1.

    • Shanta

      me too, I had already printed the Facebook coupons. But when I tried to print to $1 from the website it gave a me a $2 coupon also!!!! woo hoo:)Now I’m not sure but my shoprite here in PA, would normally adjust the coupon down. but for my I’ll use the $1 ones to get $.10 franks & I’ll save to $2 Q & hopefully Shoprite will have another sale for $2 Hatfield ham steaks.

    • Jeremy

      The last time i when to shoprite to buy a item for .99 cents with a dollar off coupon and walked out with them owing me .04 cents it was something that the manager had to come over and figure it out but i was able to walk out with the .04 cents. so as long as the couopn isn’t doubled then they should be able to give you the money that is owed but to save yourself a hassle i would get some extra items to cover off the extra money that was given to you. In this case .90 per coupon.

  • Janelle S

    CINDY, where is the Hatfield franks in the circular…..I want to go and get them but I don’t see them in the circular….Please Help

    • Cindy

      They are actually priced at $1.10 (I corrected that). Here is a screen shot from the Shop at Home site showing the item.

      • Cindy
        • Janelle S

          Thanks Cindy…….I went to Shoprite and they didn’t have them so I’m going back later in the week to see if they have them then…..

      • Lisa

        Hey, I went to the Hatfield website where I signed up the get the coupon — and to my delight, I printed 2 coupons for $2 off any Hatfield product!!! I was going to get franks, but now I’m wondering what other goodies I can get with my fantastic coupons… 🙂

  • kathryn

    I printed out the Hershey’s chocolate coupon. It is listed as $1/2. Not sure if it’s still a great deal.

  • Anonymous

    My shoprite in nothern nj had newmans alfrdo sauce garlic variety for $.96 making it free with the 50/1 coupon!

    • 0246

      on clearance or ?

      • Anonymous

        no not onl clearance, on shelf by other jars but listed as while quantites last?

  • Nahney

    Just wanna give you a heads up ladies I bought the Classico pasta sauce 2/$4 I bought 4 and used the 2 $1 off of 2 Q’s ( cant remember from what insert)and got a $1 Catalina

    • Michelle B

      They are still 2/4$ this week???

  • Cynthia

    Has anyone seen the peelies for the Powerade drinks that is my husbands favorite drink for work and .18 cents is an awesome deal.

    • Deneen

      I found the peelies at quick chek. Hope that helps

    • Ashley

      Try Ebay, I was able to get them there.

  • mary

    The Solo plates 100 count are on sale for $3.99. (This my be a better deal than the 48 ct for $2.49)

    • kca

      The current deal is :
      100 CT solo plates=$3.99
      use $.75 coupon-doubles to $1.50
      – this would make each unit(plate)=$.025
      48 CT solo plates=$2.49
      use $.75 coupon-doubles to $1.50
      -this would make each unit(plate)=$.021
      Thus, the 48 CT plates would be the better deal!
      – if you buy 2 packages of 48 CT plates it would cost $2 for 96 plates vs $2.50 for 100 CT

  • Cynthia

    Yeah I checked the quick chek by me and they didn’t have any earlier I tried that too…hopefully i will luck up soon that is an awesome deal.

  • tara

    the gatorade should be (at least it is in my store), but 10 to get free product, not 1.

  • tinap

    anyone try to get 3 brawny paper towels and ge tthe $5 cat?

    • Abby

      Does the Huggies deal work twice in one transaction?

      Here’s where I’m at. I have 2 – $1.50 off diapers & 1 – $1 off 2 packs of wipes.

      If I were to use those coupons & purchase 2 boxes of diapers & 2 wipes in the same transaction, would I get 2 $5 catalinas?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Melanie

      Worked for me!

      • Melanie

        That is the paper towels worked for me. Luckily I haven’t had to buy diapers for three years!



  • Peg

    I have a $10 off $50 purchase coupon that was sent in the mail (not sure why or how I got it, I only know 1 other person who did) & I also have the $5 off $40 purchase that was in the flyer. I read both coupons, neither state if you can use them together or not. I know I would need to make sure they scan those coupons before all my others so that the balance is enough for the coupons to work. But, my question… do you think you can use both of the coupons together? If so, I’m excited. I live in NY by an area hit hard by Irene & just cleaned out my whole stock pile & gave it to people who lost everything… my stock pile wasn’t that big so I’d love to restock & donate more! I donated nearly 35 tubes of toothpaste alone that I had got for free thanks to couponing, looking forward to restocking up on that this week!

  • Beth

    With the totino’s .50/2 coupon…what does GM stand for? thx!

    • Alecia

      General Mills. It was another insert

  • kca

    Has anyone tried the cantaloupe this week?? Is it any good or don’t bother?

    • Angela

      I got 2 and they were great. Although, you never really know!

  • April S

    If you have a non-doubling store, or a lot of teenagers, or both, there is a $1/2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls coupon on the Betty Crocker site. This would make them $.49 a box! This also means you can use 8 coupons in the same trip, (4) $.40/2 and (4) $1/2, woohoo!

  • Emily

    Is anyone else having trouble printing the old el paso coupons?

  • lovescoupons

    I just got the cantaloupe, very good, sweet & juicy. Kids & hubby love so its going in with their lunches this week. Bananas great, too. Id love to find the powerade peelies, as that’s my hubby favorite work drink, too.

  • LindsayG

    Im trying to print some of the new El Paso coupons but they aren’t coming up using zip code 19805… Can someone help with a different zip that is working? Thanks

    • Kabby

      Go to site…there is a coupon on the bottom right. Hope that helps.

    • Laura

      try this site, they have coupons for Old El Paso available
      I got it using the coupon database search.

  • Jessica

    Has any one else tried the Huggies deal? I tried it with the slip-ons and the wipes and didn’t get a $5 cat.

  • Colleen

    I cant find the coupon for Solo can someone please help me thanks

  • Pamela

    I bought 8 yocrunch yogurts and the catalina didn’t print. Also the cellfire for the pizza rolls didn’t come off. Why is it always me 🙁

    • Kabby

      My cellfire for same item did not come off either.

      • Anonymous

        My cellfire didn’t work either

        • Laura

          You can go to customer service and they will give you cash back for the mistake. It helps if you have an old receipt stating the cellfire coupon amount on the bottom. They sometimes have no idea what cellfire is. But if you explain it to them, especially with a previous receipt with proof, they’ll gladly refund the amount.

          • Angela D.

            The same thing happened to me 🙁 I did not get my Yo Crunch Catalina for 8 and did not get my Totino’s cellfire

        • Diane R.

          Has the cellfire Totino’s Pizza Rolls worked for anyone? I bought 8 boxes and my cellfire didn’t work. And my daughter bought 3 boxes of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and her cellfire didn’t work either. My cellfires for the Totino’s Pizza and the BC Cookie mix did work, but not the pizza rolls. It’s so weird because on the receipt bottoms it still lists the Totino’s Pizza Rolls as one of the cellfire coupons loaded onto our cards. We didn’t bother going to customer service because we were already out of the store when we noticed.

          • IK

            exactly the same here – did not work, and still listed on the receipt as loaded… except I do not think you can go to CS for this… I contacted cellfire. Let’s see what the response is (in “3-4 business days” according to the message).

            • April S

              Ditto. My FunDaMiddles, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Totinos Pizza all came off. I went today and bought 16 boxes of the Pizza Rolls and it’s still at the bottom. The best part is when I got home I got an email reminding me that it was about to expire.

              IK, if you hear something back I’d be really curious to know what they say.

              • IK

                April – sure I will let you know

                • IK

                  so – I just heard from the cellfire re the cellfire coupon for the Totino’s pizza rolls that did not come off. Previously I provided them with the receipt info (last week). This is the response I received today:

                  Dear Valued Cellfire user,
                  Thank you for contacting Cellfire Customer Service.
                  Thank you for sending us your receipt. We added a .75 cent coupon to your account. Please use this apology coupon the next time you go shopping.

                  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • KT

      Hey Pamela, I was checking and it looks like the catalina was “Save up to $1.50 YoCrunch® Cups in future savings when you buy ten or more YoCrunch® Cups” maybe they changed it after Cindy posted it :/

      • April S

        If you actually choose and print the offer, you’ll get esentially what prints out at the catalina machine.

        It says..
        Purchase Requirements:
        Buy (6) or (7) & Get 75¢..
        Buy (8) or (9) & Get $1.00..
        Buy (10) or more & Get $1.50..
        ..Coupon off your next shopping order

        All Items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to Product in stock. No Cash Back. Offer expires 9/23/11

        • KT

          Thanks April, I didn’t actually print it. If I try it tomorrow and it doesn’t work do I tell customer service or do I just contact Catalina?

          • April S

            I emailed Catalina. Haven’t heard back yet though.

            I would email, someone else mentioned in a previous thread (I think it was the Degree Cat Deal) they called Catalina and after the fact thought better of it because they have no way to find out the final determination. At least with email, they’ll let you know one way or the other what the end result is.

      • Cindy

        Oh bummer. Okay, I’ll look into that.

  • MARY

    ShopRite Family reward available – Free 15 count Totino’s Pizza Rolls for 100 points. Should be able to stack with manu Q.

  • paula c

    I was at shoprite today they had a shipper of Jif to go and there were coupons on there 50/1.

  • April S

    Woohoo! Cellfire Bonus coupons tomorrow!!

    Join in the fun by logging in to Cellfire TOMORROW, September 8, between 6AM and 6PM EDT to see if you’ve won $.50 or $2 off of your next shopping trip! While you’re there, don’t forget to save on breakfast for the kiddos with coupons for $.50 OFF Honey Nut Cheerios and $.75 OFF Cocoa Puffs!

  • I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet but there is a $1.00 coupon on the kraft foods website for Honey Maid graham crackers. It will work good with the SMORES deal.

    • maria

      where is this coupon? cant seem to find it.

  • mahal

    Is there any zipcode for the gerber pasta shells coupon? I cant find it.

  • Jaye

    Purchased 4 bottles of V-8 today on sale for $2.59 each & I used 50/2 coupons. To my surprise & delight I received TWO $1.ooOYNO thankyou from V-8 certificates. Have no idea when it began or when it will end.

  • Ayo

    Has anyone purchased the Hatfield franks in Northern NJ? Can’t seem to find it in Succasunna and Netcong. Also my cellfire did not work for the Totino’s pizza roll either 🙁

  • rose

    So here my questions reagrding Shoprite Catalina’s…Are they considered Manufacturer coupons (because they say manufacturer on them) or are they Shoprite coupons? I had an issue today where I had (2) 2.00 off coupons for Gentle glide tampons wchich would make them .44 each BUT I also had a 2.00 off 2 gentles glides Catalina print out to stack which would have given them to me for free BUT the cashier wouldnt stack them stating because the Catalina states “Manufacturer” on the top that she coulnt take it to stack. Is that right or should I have fought it at the register. She was so nasty, like I was taking money out of her pocket.

    • KT

      Hey Rose, if the Catalina says manufacturer coupon and it has the product on it then it is a manufacturer coupon and you cant use more than one manufacturer coupon per item :/