ShopRite Preview Ad for the Week of 9/18/11

ShopRite Circular Ad Scan for Week of 9/18/11

Here is your ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 9/18.  A big thank you to reader Melissa for providing the scan.

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below.

ShopRite Circular Ad Scan 9/18/11

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  • Janet

    Wow! You are so lucky! I haven’t seen pasta for less than $1 in ages, 0.99 cantaloupe, and Tropicana 2/$5! We don’t get deals like this in upstate NY, although we do have PriceRite, ShopRite’s discount cousin. Can’t use coupons there, though.

  • Kimberly

    The Hostess twinkies are on sale for $1.88 using the coupon link that was posted the other day would make them .88 each.

    • Cindy

      Oh my gosh, don’t tell me that. Now, I’ll have to buy a WHOLE box. 🙂

    • Jeremy

      and im planning on using the $2 off pasta coupon i received this week towards that purchases so ill get about 4 for 1.52.

  • Terry

    Butterball Turkey Burgers are 2 for $5. If you printed the coupon from smartsource for $1.50, you can get them for $1 each!!! woohoo!! 🙂

    • Steven

      What page, I don’t see it?

      • Terry

        I’m not sure, I printed them a couple days ago. Check the coupon database, maybe it is posted there. 🙂

        • Steven

          Which page of the flyer do you see Butterball Turkey Burgers are 2 for $5? I’ve looked three times and don’t see it.

          • Terry

            Page 7 of the flyer.

            • paula c

              Also check to see if you have the checkout printed coupon got it a few weeks ago 3.00 off!!

    • Michelle B

      There’s a butterball coupon in ALL YOU magazine too!!

    • Anita

      Terry, what size/weight does it say on the coupon? Do you know if it matches the size listed in the circular? Thanks!

      • Terry

        no size restriction on says on 1 package of butterball turkey burgers! 🙂

        • Anita

          Super! Thanks so much Terry 🙂

    • Michele

      Burgers were $2.49 today. Thanks for the reminder of the $3 coupon from check out.

  • Dana C

    Love to see the Purex on for $1.99! There were $2/1 coupons in last Sunday’s inserts that expire already on 9/24, so that makes it free!

    • Lianne

      unfortunately that coupon is for the big 128 oz bottle, the one on sale is the 45 oz bottle

    • Dana

      Which one had the Purex coupons? SS or RP?

  • Alicia

    i was excited about the hostess sale, and then i printed that hostess coupon – it didn’t print both barcodes – only the long one – i highly doubt they will be accepted….booo..

    • Cindy

      That is the new databar code. The coupon is fine to use that way.

      • Alicia

        THANKS! Hopefully it won’t get any strange looks. I’m looking forward to cheap snacks!

        • Diane R.

          If anyone has used this coupon yet, can you please let us know if it scanned and doubled automatically? Thanks!

      • Lori

        BTW, and maybe you addresssed this, but how do you know if the coupon will double with the new code (i.e., 5 or 9)?
        Thanks, Cindy!

        • Michelle

          I used one with the new bar code the other day and it did not automatically double, but I was in a hurry and with the line behind me I didn’t argue it to find out why though.

      • April S

        Oh! That’s the same way that the Hillshire Farm barcodes looked the other day when they wouldn’t accept them and wrote my PP number on the coupon. Good to know it wasn’t me!

  • Amanda

    I’m hoping that the Butterball Turkey Burgers that are on sale for 2/$5 are the Everyday ones that I keep getting $3 coupons for at checkout, I’ve got 3 of them and have been waiting for them to go on sale again.

    • Michelle B

      I got those too. I am going to use them because they don’y say anything on them about size or fresh or frozen.

      • Alicia

        I have those too! Let me know if they work!

        • Ladies – I’ve used them on the fresh. I don’t buy the frozen. Those coupons are great!! I buy them w/ the coupon because they’re so cheap, then I use the ground turkey for chili, meatballs, and burgers…

          • ANNA

            I tried using those coupons on fresh turkey but the coupon bipped.On the coupon there’s a picture of the frozen burgers so maybe that’s why.

            • Dana

              I have found that coupons love to beep at ShopRite. I usually get two or three that do this each transaction. They just look at the coupon, verify that I did buy the item, and manually put it in. I love my ShopRite (Poughkeepsie). They are always so helpful.

  • Liz V

    My kids love those Super Pretzles, I still have the .50/1 to double t $1. Making them $1 per box. When I saw the Keebler stuff on sale I was hoping the Club crackers would be included…..

  • April S

    The big boxes of Fisher Boy are on sale for $2.99, now we can use the $.75/1 and get them for $1.49 a box. Yay. My son loves those.

  • lauren

    Canned Cherry Tomatoes???? FINALLY! i’m in heaven!

  • Jessica

    I just ran through the ad and I don’t see much at all.

    There is a sunny d super coupon in the back for $0.99 (with $10 purchase). It’s a store coupon. There is a $0.25/1 coupon in SS 8/14 (I think). Will shoprite stack the two? I’ve never tried, but it would make it $0.49.

    • Jess

      Yes! They’ll take a “super” coupon along with a manufacturers, no problem! It usually makes it a great deal1

      • Jessica

        Awesome! My step kids love that stuff.

  • jessica

    Where was the fisher boy fish sticks coupon!?!?!? I am super excited tosee sunny d on sale that is all my daughter drinks and i didnt want to waste the coupons!!!

  • jessica

    My shop rite wouldnt take the chef boyardee new Face book Coupon with the 1 barcode! I was so pissed!

    • Alicia

      why do i have a bad feeling about using those…

  • Amanda

    ATTN ATLANTIC COUNTY, NJ residents FEMA is giving D-SNAP cards for people affected by hurricane Irene until TUESDAY. Look on government webpage for details.

    • Angiey

      also in Passaic Co.

  • rachel

    If you pick up the new shoprite jewsh year calandar, there are coupons in it for $0.25 off Lays potato chips and $0.50 off of 1 tropicana orange juice! I don’t know if these double- does anyone?

  • Wendy

    I don’t know if any of you also shop at Weis..they have Francesco Rinaldi sauce for $1.00 next week. You can use the .35 off in the ShopRite Live Right magazine to get a nice deal.

  • Anna

    Welch’s juice is going to be $2.00 next week. There’s $0.75 coupon on their website. First you have to watch a video and then they send coupon to your email.

  • Angela D.

    Does anyone know when the full matchup is supposed to come?