ShopRite Preview Ad for the Week of 9/25/11

ShopRite Circular Ad Scan for Week of 9/25/11

Here is your ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 9/25.

Thanks coocoocoo from SD for the scan.

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below.

ShopRite Circular Ad Scan 9/25/11

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  • Holly

    So looking forward to the match-ups!

  • Prudence

    I am SO excited about the ground beef price! Its the only meat I needed to complete my freezer stockpile.

    • Jennifer K.

      Ditto that. We’ve been eating a lot of poultry here this week. haha!

  • Ana

    If you still have the free herbal essence coupon and the $1.00 off any herbal essence or aussie product this would make a great deal @ shoprite starting 9/25 if you buy 2 herbal essence products @ $2.99 you get back $3.00 OYNO. so you would pay $1.99 and get back $3.00 (thats if u have the free coupon) BUT if not and u only have the $1.00 off you would pay $3.98 for both and get back $3.00 OYNO still a good deal! plus the coupons expire 9/30 (perfect sale) 🙂

    • heather

      I love this stuff, I just ordered 20 coupons off ebay for $1.25 I got 20- $1/1 I plan on rolling this deal a few times and getting 2 bottles for 98 c! Good stock up price for me!

  • The dynamo / Fab detergent will be 1.49 after the $1/2 coupon from (I think) 8/28
    There’s a dole coupon for .75/1 salad kit but I don’t remember when it’s from. The salad is 2 for 3, this means free salad after doubling!

    • Dana

      I think that coupon expired 9/12 because I had some and had to use them up 2 weeks ago before they expired – unless there’s another one? I would love to know!

      • I just ordered 20 from ebay. it’s $1 /2 and it expires on 11/13/11

  • Heather

    Question about the Herbal Essence Deal!!

    If I get 4 Herbal Essence products will I get 2 $3 Catalina’s back?? Or is it like Wags, and only gives one per offer?

    TIA Heather 🙂

    • Heather

      Anyone Know?

      • It’s usually one, at least where I go.

        • Heather

          Just to be safe and less OOP I’m going to keep them seperate. Thank you

    • ashley

      with shoprite cat deal 99% of the time its one but it normaly state the limits

  • Lianne

    zomg i still have a bunch of those pillsbury .50 off coupons that double, brownies galore!! They expire 9/30, I new there would be one last sale! yesss!

    • Lianne

      sorry typo, they are .40 cent coupons, making the brownies .08 🙂

      • Kaitlyn

        do you know what insert that was from …. i want to make sure I did not use them all

        • Katie Coupon

          In the Red Plum 6/12 or 6/19 there is a coupon for $1/2 Pillsbury Frostings or Brownie Mixes. Hope that helps!

          • Katie Coupon

            oh, and they expire on 9/30

            • Kaitlyn

              ok thanks I think have used all mine by now. hehe

              • Katie Coupon

                Kaitlyn, I have 6 extra Pillsbury coupons I am not going to use. Would you like me to mail them to you?–email me if you do!

  • Donna Ziehl

    Thank you Cindy for all of your help and input to all these great sales and deals! Was so excited to go to Shoprite last week and save over$105.00. I am a new couponer and am
    on my way!

  • marsha

    is anyone else having trouble finding the mispacha honey bear that has been advertised the last 2 weeks and looks like its on for next week? there is coupon right under it in the kosher section of the ad for $1 off making it only .99….i need honey and cant find it anywhere! i checked the honey aisle and the kosher aisle….of course the 16 year old kid i asked said they mustve sold out, but there’s no spot on the shelf for it….anyone else having this problem?

    • Angela

      Yes!! I can’t find it at my SR either. No shelf tag and not in the Kosher or honey/syrup aisles.

      • Danielle M

        I seen other bears but not that one. lol. I gave up.

      • Colleen

        oops i replied in the wrong place, have you looked where peanut butter and jelly is ???

    • Cindy

      It was in the kosher aisle in my store.

    • Melissa D

      my shoprite told me they would honor the $1 off on another honey.. i said, “But the other honey isn’t on sale for $1.99.” they said, “no it’s not, but you can get it for like $2.49” Hmm.. really thought they should sub out the price too… ended up getting the shoprite honey bear for $1.49. still not too bad though.

      • Lynda

        My store sub’d the shoprite honey for $1.99 then honored the coupon so I got it for .99

        • Sonya

          Same thing with me. I went to Customer Service and they told me to get SR honey and tell the cashier to ring it up at $1.99 and honor the coupon. I call all my ladies at Customer Service by first name (you can read it right on their bright yellow tag) and super nice to them, so I think they feel special and never give me an issue with anything. I also call the cashiers by their first names, as if they are my buddies and they don’t give me any issues with coupons either. 🙂

          • tara

            in our store it’s in the promotional aisle. but then again, there are a lot of kosher-consuming customers in brooklyn, ny, so they are fully stocked

      • Ellen

        I found it on a display by the meat and poultry area in Shoprite of Middletown (NJ). It was an odd place but they had plenty.

    • Susan

      Sold out at my store (it was in the Kosher isle). They substituted SR brand.

    • Anonymous

      Just go to the courtesy desk and ask if they will sub another brand for it.

    • Jessica D

      IN our store they are subbing the 12 oz SR kosher honey with coupon as they are not available ask your store if they will do the same

    • Teresa

      There were plenty last night at Elizabeth SR – in the first aisle near seafood/poultry/seasonal stuff.

    • I found it in the kosher aisle and on the end caps at both of the shoprites I go to

      • Denise

        My SR gave me a raincheck….and told me it was a manufacture Q so I could use it next week since they were out

        • Thanks everyone!!! Never occured to me to ask them to sub…duh!!! Well looks like I have all next week to try it!! Honey is the only thing i almost never see coupons for but use frequently.

          • Kyle Eckert

            My SR (East Hartford, CT) was subbing any other bottle of the same size.

            • Stella

              My store in Hudson had a small amount of them in a wire bin near the courtesy desk.

              • tara

                my shoprite still has the mishpacha honey (they must have ordered tons – large jewish community here in brooklyn!) but also had the manischewitz clover honey bears for same deal. so ask!

    • Lyn

      I asked at Rockaway and it was in a cardboard free standing display in the produce section.

  • Shanta

    I like the Smuckers…on sale $1.99 & its a shame I only have 1 of the $1.50/1 Smuckers coupon. But I will be happy with my ‘1’ $.49 Smuckers!!!!!

  • Colleen

    look for the honey where they put the peanut butter and jelly , sometimes i have seen it there !

  • Tara

    Looks like with those high-value printables posted the other day, the 1/2 price schick razors will be FREE! Hooray.

    • Marques

      YES!!! I need to print more of those

      • tara

        which ones?

    • Kris

      I thought so that the Schick quattro razors would be free looking at the $5 coupon and my circular says they will be on sale for $4.49 next week, so a money maker! (Hopefully!)

  • Jessica

    I too am looking forward to the match-ups! Last week i went grocery shopping @ Shoprite and thanks to Cindy and this FANTASTIC site….i saved over $163 in one trip! I am fairly new to couponing but was thrilled that i saved that much! My total was almost $229 and after coupons and Price Plus…we wound up paying around $130!

  • Sarah

    Anyone have any extra $2/1 Sorrento?? I have looked everywhere for some!! 🙁

    • Heather

      What insert are they from?

      • Sarah

        6/26 SS

        • Anonymous

          couldn’t find it in my 6/26 insert 🙁

          • Kaitlyn

            Are you thinking of the one in the 8/14 ss? that one says for string or stick cheese 10oz or larger, any variety….. I dont know if that will work on the blocks or mozz? Anyone want to confirm yes or know ?

          • Kaitlyn

            Are you thinking of the one in the 8/14 ss? that one says for string or stick cheese 10oz or larger, any variety….. I dont know if that will work on the blocks or mozz? Anyone want to confirm yes or no ?

            • Sarah

              It was from the 6/26 SS very regional for the mozzarella. It is very hard to find it seems. I think I actually had it, but when I was cleaning out my coupons a few weeks ago I think I recycled it ugh

  • Katie Coupon

    I am excited about the deal on Scotties tissues! In my house, our busy-tissue-season is right around the corner, so I am stocking up big time. They are 5 for $5 and when you buy 15 of them, you get a $5 catalina. I bought $.50/3 coupons on ebay for them, so I will get $4-5 off per 15 boxes (depending on the cashier/store). With all things considered, I will score 15 boxes of tissues for $5-6 total!….and you know I will definitely do this deal about 4 times 😉

  • Just a couple of matchups I saw not mentioned yet:

    Bailey’s creamer had $1 off 2 blinkie a while ago making them 1.50 (not great but i’m out)

    GOT 2 B styler (2.99) $2 off coupon in All You August making it $1

    Chore Boy sponges on sale again (1.49) ■Chore Boy $0.55/1 printable makes it .29!

    • sorry, Got 2 B styler coupon was in the SEPTEMBER All You.

  • Arleen

    Mama Rosies ravioli 1.49 coupon available 1.00/2

    • Susie

      Awesome! Love these & I never see coupons for them! Thanks! 🙂

  • Claire

    My Shoprite circular (Philadelphia) put on my doorstep had an extra coupon page on the outside. Says its for Oxfor/Levick, Eddystone, Knorr St, Front and Olney, Aramingo ave, synder plaze, roosevlet blvs, 67th and haverford, 52nd and jefferson, oregon ave, island ave, e norriton, cheltenham, roxborough, morrell plaza, and knorr st locations in PA. There were a few DE locations too, but no NJ locations. Coupons that looked good (all limit one with $25 purchase): 5 campells soup for 1.98 (got it right before my trip today, so decided to wait on the campbells til next week), 5lb russet potatos 1.48, oven stuffer roaster perdue .77lb, friendly ice cream 1.98 each, 2 shoprite large eggs (dozen) for 1.98.

  • ashley

    for the Nestlé Pure Life Water 24-Pack. water my flayer state it 3.49 not 2.99

  • liz

    Just got the first of my inserts today and there is .50/1 super pretzle. Mid week sale at 1.49 makes this baby .50! My kids LOVE these pretzles.