Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/16 – 9/22

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/16 – 9/22

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • allie

    Slow week at S&S. Thanks for the match ups!

  • Anonymous

    No prints for Perdue or Coffeemate, real bummer. Anyone got a good recipe to make your own flavored coffee creamer. Has anyone tried any of those syrups?

    • Michelle

      Torani syrups have good sugar free flavors. They’re good to add no calorie flavor and sweetness to your fat free half & half! Have found them at Walmart and in grocery stores.

  • Tara

    In my ad I saw the single-serving size of Simply Orange 10/10…so if you got that printable it would be free!

    • Diane R.

      Oh thanks Tara! I had totally missed that when I looked at my circular because the picture is of Minute Maid OJ, but in the small print it also lists Simply Orange OJ. I still have my 4 $1.00 OJ cpns, and 4 lemonade cpns. I hope the lemonade is on sale too! Free OJ is always a good thing!

      • Diane R.

        I went to S & S tonight. The Simply Lemonade was also $1. So I got my 4 free OJ’s and 4 free lemonades (one of the lemonades is rasberry lemonade). I am very happy!

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    Why is no one mentioning the free Milk Catalina? at my stop n shop in CT, buy 3 kellogs cereals, get instant 3 dollars off and 4.00 catalina for milk. the only good thing about this weeks ad!

    • Cindy

      It’s listed, but my ad is not showing get $3 off instantly. Just the Get a $4 Catalina. I’ll have to look again at my ad

      • Mommy Tool Belt

        My bad! In my enthusiasm I misread it AND missed it listed too!

  • Christina


  • maria

    Peet’s coffee is also on sale at $7.99 at my S&S in Franklin Park, Nj. There’s a $1.50 coupon in

    i figured i’d mention that today, my store had the sale price on labels but the coffee scanned at $9.99 each. I asked CS to correct it and to my surprise, they gave me the 1st bag i got for free because of the incorrect label. so watch how this one rings up. you just might get a free bag!

  • Anonymous

    if you got your 9/18 coupons already there is an awesome deal. Barilla $1/2 whole grain pasta is in there. not sure if it was RP or SS (sorry) so you can get them for .24 cents a box AND it generates the $2 catalina when you buy 3. i used 2 coupons for each transaction so it would generate 2 – $2 cats. 🙂 Only good til Saturday!!

    • Mommy Tool Belt

      I just did this last night, no catalina! Front end told me no Catalina’s listed for Barilla! ugh.

    • Alison

      Wow. I have those coupons. I’m going to go try this. So, I buy four, use two $1/2 coupons and get a $2. cat? I have several of these coupons…..can I do this a couple separate times and will it keep giving me that cat?

      • Cindy

        Yes, you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you do separate transactions.

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    BTW, how do people get their coupons early?

    • Sue

      In some areas, some of the coupons are delivered on different days. I get all my Sunday inserts on Saturday. Some people get some coupons on Thursday. If you don’t get them that way, there’s nothing you can do, short of moving to one of the lucky towns!

      • anahita

        On Fridays, we get a free delivery of the local paper, not the Washington Post and there are always coupons in there, not as full as the Sunday insert just slightly slimmer and some “hot” coupons such as yogurt or baby coupons are usually not in the free paper. Sometimes the local CVS or local coffee shops/deli get a stack of these papers and put it outside their entrance (since they are free) and I usually get a few of them. And my neighbors give me theirs too (but not always!).

  • sheryl

    my ragu says 2/$3.00 which would make it $1.50 ea – minus q RP 9/11 $1/2 would make it $1.00/jar – still decent price …

    • Kabby

      Sheryl…not sure if you have a SHOP RITE near you….if you do Ragu is on sale for .99cents a jar till end of Saturday….with your $1/2 you would only pay .50 cents a jar…good luck!

    • Sue

      Strange…Mine says $5/4, which is $1.25.

  • Jen

    Manns cut vegtables in the produce section, i saw rainbow salad and broc cole slaw, 10/$10 and there is a coupon at for .55 cents off so free if your store doubles…

    • Diane R.

      Thanks Jen. I printed out 3 of the coupons (my 4th one messed up 🙁 ) I used them to get 3 free bags of broccoli cole slaw. I’m not too sure if I’m going to like it since I’m not a big fan of broccoli, but for free it’s worth a try. Thanks again for the tip!

      • Michelle

        There are lots of interesting recipes for the cole slaw on!
        My family loves her Hungry chick chunky soup (it uses regular cole slaw mix).

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the heads up – Love fresh veggies!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Jen, for posting this great find. I just printed my two coupons, but noticed that there’s an extra barcode missing. Did you have any problems when scanning this Q?

      • Diane R.

        Nope, they scanned just fine. Actually it was a little weird. I bought 3 bags @ $1 a bag (along with other groceries). When I scanned the first .55 cpn, I expected it to scan at .55 and then .45 double for a total of $1.00 (free). But it scanned .55 and .55 double for a total of $1.10. Same thing with the second coupon. I thought, “oh boy, I’m gonna end up with a .30 overage”. Then I scanned the third coupon. It scanned .55 and then only .25 double for a total of .80! So all the coupons added together did scan $3.00, making them all free but no overage. Darn those smart registers!!! 😉

    • katie

      Thanks!! Just a heads up – the ad prints first and the coupon is on the bottom of the page.

  • Linda Hughes

    The Bliss is not included in the dairy creamer sale, I scanned it and it came up $3.19, just a heads up.

    I had .75/2 coupons for Ragu, was able to do 2 transactions so I got 10 jars of Ragu for only 50 cents each! WHoooo!!! 🙂 My son will be happy when he comes by to ‘shop’ mom’s stockpile this week. 🙂

    I will be making a trip to my local food pantry soon with a couple of bags of items that I got for free or close to free.

  • Kristi

    The packages of Eight O’clock Coffee I purchased had 2 coupons on the inside of their wrapper – $1.50 off one and $1 off 2 I think. Woo Hoo.. My SS had them on sale for $5.99 BOGO. If they will take both of my $1.50 off coupons, then I should be able to score 2 of these for $3!

  • Kristi

    Too bad- the coupon inside the wrapper for $1.50 off was for the wrong size.. But the $1/2 would work if you want to take advantage of this deal. it would still be 2 for $4.99 which is a pretty decent deal. 🙂

  • Diana

    Anyone know if Northern NJ’s Stop & Shop’s cantelopes are the ones from the recall? Hoping it isnt!

  • Anonymous

    I only got the 1.00$ off the ragu, where did the .75 coupon appear?

    • anahita

      I think this was Regional in the paper. If you have a Harris Teeter near you, they have a great deal this week, starting today. Buy 2 Ragu sauce, get 3 for free, limit total 10 jars. And the best part is that even though you get the 3 for free, you are still able to use the $1/2 coupon on those ones too. So my friend bought some this morning, for total 10 jars, she gave 4 coupons (and then I used 2 other coupons to buy her another total 5 jars) which came to approximately $3.50 for a total of 5 jars, not bad huh?

  • melanie

    fyi – .75 off coffeemate if you use the scan-it scanner to total your purchases. not as good as the printable coupon but i couldn’t get that to work!

    • Kabby

      melanie…can I use the scanner coupon AND a paper coupon. Is the scanner coupon a Stop & Shop coupon or considered a manufactures coupon?

      • Dawn K

        Kabby, I always use a paper coupon and the scanner coupon together. Just check your receipt to make sure everything comes off properly. HTH!