Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/23 – 9/29

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/23 – 9/29

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


Plus the Latest Hot Stop & Shop Deals:

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • didn’t the cheesy skillet coupon expire yesterday?

    • Cindy

      yep, fixing that. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Tarah

    I found the Scotch Brite coupon in my 9/18 SS but there are 2 (1) is for save 1.00 off 2 scotch brite multipacks, dishwands, and refills, and the second is save 1.00 off one Scotch Brite Bathroom Solutions CLeaning tool

    • Cindy

      Some coupons are regional, and vary in dollar amounts off.

  • Sue

    The Welch’s coupon that you have for the juice is also good for the jelly, making the jelly $0.50 — and it’s an excellent food pantry item! You have to choose one Welch’s coupon; it’s not a coupon for everything.

    • cassie

      you can email each coupon to a different email, making 2 per computer of each one…this is better for me because I buy the jelly and the juice cocktail. now I have twice as many coupons!!!

    • Cindy

      Thanks I’ve updated item with that coupon! 🙂

  • Sue

    There’s also an Oikos coupon for $1/2 in the ShopRite Live Right book

  • Myrah

    My Stop and Shop in Long Island, NY had a display case for the Mio and there was a tearpad for $1.00/1 Mio.

  • Kabby

    Be on the lookout for a cardboard display with a coupon booklet…..contains numerous high value coupons. My store had them around the customer service desk. The booklet states “up to $20 in savings inside!” About the size of a 4×6 photo.
    Fiber one bars coupon is $1.10 off ONE BOX of Fiber one 90 Calorie Brownies…on sale this week for $2.88-1.10= $1.78
    Good Luck!

  • anahita

    I passed by Giant this morning in Centerville, VA and they also had the V8 juice for 2/$5 – they also had cheerios, the multi color one which never goes on sale, at 2/$6.



  • Jessica

    Does anyone know if there are Healthy choice soup coupons available anywhere? it is the new favorite soup in our house, and while 4/$5 is a good price, there is nothing wrong with trying make a better deal!

    • Cindy

      there’s a link to a printable

      • Jessica

        But isn’t that coupon for Campbells Healthy Harvest? Not Healthy Choice- unless i’m missing something?

        • Cindy

          Your right, not sure how but I mixed the 2 of them up. There is a coupon out for them, if your signed up to receive emails from Ready, Set, Eat. It came in their latest email “Simple One Pot Recipes For Your Slow Cooker”

          • Jessica

            Cindy – I do get those emails. Thanks again.

  • Michelle

    The starkist coupons in the September issue of All you are for $1 of 2 starkist seasations entrees or $.50 off 1 can of starkist autentico.

  • Mark

    Could you please check the price of Ensure Multipack in your flyer. You have it listed as $2.99.
    In my circular the price is $6.99. I have a sick relative who uses this. If the price is $2.99 I might just drive from NY to Jersey.

    • Mara

      I checked my circular for you (central NJ) and it’s 6.99 here also.

      • Mark

        Thanks, either the price was corrected or I was seeing things.

    • Cindy

      Sorry, just checked and it is $6.99 each. I updated the match ups

      • Mark


  • Melanie

    S&S butter is on sale for 2.50 plus if you use the scan-it, it’s an extra .35 off!

  • Melanie

    Just back from the store and I’m confused….I had a registered printed coupon for $2.50 off of a$25 of meat purchase. I wanted to use that on top of the “purchase 3 get $5 instantly” from the list of meat products there. I bought the brisket, the ham steak and the chicken breast – my 3 items. I didn’t notice until I got home that I didn’t get my $5 off instantly. Then I noticed that the chicken breast I bought, was $3.99/pound not the $2.99 as advertised even though I don’t see any difference with what I purchased and what wa advertised. Does anyone know if you can’t combine those register coupons with the instant savings? I can’t find anything in their coupon policy that really gives me an answer. Or does it seem more likely that I didn’t get the $5 instantly because the chicken I bought wasn’t listed at the right price? Any help would be great! Thanks!!!

    • Cindy

      I think it may have been the chicken that you purchased.

    • Jackie

      Instant savings never work for me when I am using coupons for the deal. I then have to walk over to customer service, show them my receipt and the circular, and they give me my instant savings in cash straight from the register.

      • Melanie

        thanks! I’m going to head over to customer service myself, hopefully get the right price for my chicken and get $5 off!

  • Katie

    Gold Peak Tea was priced at 2/$5 today. If you printed the coupon, they are only $1 each.

    • They are on sale at ACME for 2/$4, so a slightly better deal.

  • cassie free

    I don’t know how to make links to pages, but if you,like poland springs natural sparkling water on FB, you can print a coupon for $1 off any 1 liter bottle, it comes in all different flavors and they are 5 for 5 at stop and shop makes them free!!!!

    • cassie

      this is the name of the FB page, I really hope this helps someone score some free flavored water.
      Poland Spring Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water

    • Katie


  • I shop at Martin’s (which is the same as Giant, the same as Stop and Shop). Here are a few deals I found today:

    -Minute Rice Ready to Serve $1.65
    Use $.50 off coupon from 9/11 RP (doubles to $1.00)
    Pay $.65

    -Balance Bar (Regular Price) $1.00
    Use $.50 off coupon from 9/11 RP (doubles to $1.00)
    Pay 0 – FREE

    -Wholly Guacamole Single Serve $.89 (look for this in the produce section where the cut up fruit and veggies are in the refrigerator’s).
    Use the $.50 off coupon from 8/28 RP (doubles to $.39)
    Pay 0 – FREE

    -Nature’s Own 100% Whole Grain Bread $2.19
    Use $.75 off coupon at use zip 90210 (doubles to $1.50 off)
    Pay $.69 for a good loaf of bread