Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/30 – 10/6

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 9/30 – 10/6

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Jenn

    Cindy, can you double check the price on the Hormel Compleates … in my ad they are showing $1.66 each (3 for $5) Are they $1.25 in another part of Jersey cause I will go there lol

    • Cindy

      Nope they are $1.66, I’ll update that

  • Angie

    I got nervous when I saw – pay $165.45 on your last P&G deal idea. 🙂

    • Cindy

      LOL, things got expensive 😉

  • Emma

    I cannot find the eagle condensed milk coupon. Can you please tell me what zip code?

    • Cindy

      It appears that it’s no longer available.

  • Melinda

    I don’t shop at Stop & Shop too often. Does anyone know if I go to self check out, and use 10 coupons for .40 off 1, will all 10 double?

    • paty

      No they only double 4 coupons in one transaction. i ussually have to do multiple transactions to get all my coupons doubled, if i have more than 4 coupons. Also yes they do have self checkout but always messing up on you the cashiers always have to be coming around to unlock the registers….. its a pain in the butt sometimes.

    • Diane R.

      A few weeks ago I did 2 separate transactions at the self checkout. Each time I used 5 of the .55/1 hormel compleats coupons. And in each transaction all 5 doubled. I don’t think all 10 of your coupons would double , but at least the first 5 of them probably would double. If you did 2 separate transactions splitting up your coupons to 5 in each, the would probably all double.

    • Myrah

      My stop & shop in Long Island, NY is VERY coupon friendly. Even though, the website says they will only double the first 4 like coupons, my stop & shop will double all my coupons up to $.99 as long as they do NOT say “do not double”. I have had up to 10 like coupons double in both the self check out lane and lanes with cashiers. I would ask customer service ahead of time if you are unsure. You can always do separate transactions as well.

      • Jennifer

        My experience in CT is the same as Myrah’s. The policy states one thing but they actually do not enforce coupon limits (doubling or otherwise).

        • Mine also in Wappingers, NY. I’ve never seen a coupon not double that was “allowed” to

  • Any word on the pasta portions being included?

    • Jessica

      At my stop and shop today they were not included

  • Susanne

    I did not get the 3 USD instant saving off the Lipton- must be regional. I just checked my circular- no 3 USD instant savings.

    • Cindy

      it could be regional or you may have gas rewards, it is located on the back page of my circular. It’s in my first section buy any 7 and save $3 instantly

      • Mimi


        I just went to stop n shop last night to get the lipton, sobe, sierra mist and kleenex deals. And I had a problem getting my 5th $3 instant savings and I didn’t know why. I bought 36 Lipton iced teas and 10 Sobe fruit drinks…I should’ve gotten 5 $3 instant savings and i only got 4. When i went in this morning to get a refund for something I didn’t purchase and to find out why I didn’t get my 5th $3 instant savings the ladies didn’t know and could only tell me the reason why I didn’t get it was because I used coupons. I know this is untrue #1 because my mother did the same transaction as i did and got hers and #2 it doesn’t state that in the circular nor in the coupon policy. What should I do in order to get my $3 instant savings? Should I email corporate?

  • Alexandra

    anyone know where to find the Perdue Short Cuts coupon? Thanks!

    • Cindy

      unfortunately it appears that its No Longer Available

  • Catherine

    There is a fiber one bread coupon that expires 12/31/11 for 1.00 off making fiber one bread .99

    • Cindy

      thanks just updated the post

    • Michelle

      Careful on the Fiber One bread. The sale is on the smaller (16 oz) loaves. The larger (24 oz) are 4.29!

    • macrocat

      50c off fiber bread in ” scan it” offer. check online before you go.

  • paty

    I live in New York and I receive the ALL YOU magazine by mail,
    Ive noticed that some of the coupons listed here, for instance this week the Quaker instant oatmeal $2.00 off coupon is only $1.00 on my ocotber 2011 issue of ALL YOU .. New York seems get the low saving coupons for some reason and its soo expensive to live here.

    • Kabby

      In the state of NJ…my Oct issue is also $1.00

      • IK

        I’m in NY – and I only have $1 for Quaker, too… Also, I’ve noticed there was a Starkist $1 off any product mentioned in match-ups (Oct 11 issue) – I do not have that either, instead I have a very specific Starkist product (can’t remember which) – not any… confused…

        • paty

          yes same here about the starkist i think it was for the seasations or something like that.

  • Micheal

    I’ve got a big question…..when shopping here is it important to give them my store card last or first? I’ve heard mixed opinions…..Please tell me.

    • Michael


      • Jessica

        I’ve done it both ways without issue. either way it will still take off the sale prices and give you any merited discounts

      • Carolyn

        Give them your store card first. Coupons won’t double if the store card doesn’t go in ahead of the coupons.

        • Micheal

          Thank you.

  • chris

    lipton tea deal worked like a charm.
    8 bottles for 1.00 + tax (on total before coupons)

    • Kabby

      The deal on the lipton ice tea worked for me.

    • macrocat

      there is 50c off lipton natural tea 20oz in ” scan it ” offer for some of you.
      then total will be 50c for 8 bottles. You can go online to check whether you have that offer in the card.

  • dealcatcher

    Went to Giant today to test out Dannon Danimals Deal (Buy 7 get 200 Gas points). It could be a money maker deal and should work for SnS folks if you use gas points a lot.

    All following varieties are working for the Gas deal
    Crush Cups (4 cups) is on sale for 2/$5
    smoothies (6 drinks) is on sale for 2/$5
    danonino (6 counts) for 2/$4

    The Deal work like this:
    Buy 7 danonino (6 counts)
    Use 7 coupons (0.75/1 Dannon Danimals Pack, exp. 10/9/11) after doubling,
    Pay $3.50 Get Back 200 Gas Rewards points (up to $7.00 Gas savings at Shell station).
    If you buy Crush Cups or smoothies, it breaks even after Gas savings.

    • Micheal

      $7.00 in gas? How’s that possible? 200 gas rewards equals $.20/gallon right? Even if you filled up 30 gallons, if they let you fill up that much, you’d still only save $6.00.

  • debbie

    Hi i was just wondering i did the spend 35 on p&g get 10 back deal , does anyone know where i get the official form to send in?

    • Cindy

      i think You have to ask for it at the customer service area

    • macrocat

      I guess it is printed with your qualified receipt.

      • debbie

        i did the deal as posted, but nothing printed out, when i went to customer service they said it did not qualifiy, it has to be 35 after discount and coupons.

  • yolene

    the deal idea for the 8 lipton with 4 coups and u get -$3 didnt work at my s&s they didnt seem to know what i was talking about can u tell me how u figured it out like that

    • Cindy

      What area are you from? Some areas are gas stores and do not have the instant savings. It would be on the back page of your circular

  • yolene

    Ok I just seen that the lipton deal is not at all s&s that really suck i was looking foward to the deal i still bought them bc i had them in cart and waited on a long line but only got them half off since they didnt take off $3

    • Cindy

      On the top of the Stop & Shop post, it’s listed that some stores are gas stores.

  • yolene

    pasta portions not inc bummer

    • Leslie

      Hi Yolene, I went to my stop and shop and purchased 8 lipton iced teas and used (2) $1/4 coupons . The $3 did not come off my total. After I questioned why it did not work the manager agreed I was entitled to the discount thus, she gave me a $3 refund in cash to compensate the higher total I had to pay.

      • Carolyn

        I did not get the $3 off either. However, we are a gas store, so I got 200 gas points instead. That equals 20 cents off of a gallon of gas. If you have a big car and need to fill your tank, it could actually be better than the $3 off. If you got gas points however, you would have gotten a slip of paper (looks like a catalina) that would tell you that you had earned 200 pts. Hope this helps!

  • Kabby

    Aquafresh tooth paste $2.00….paid .50cents a tube when I used the .75 cents coupon(doubled)…they were the nice variety on sale…sensitive included….look for the packages that have 25% more free.
    Good luck.

  • Mark

    Kleenex Hand Towels were $2.50 at my Stop and Shop. With the $0.75/1 it comes to $1.00. Buy 2 and get the CareOne liquid soap free.

    • Mimi

      Mine too! Great stocking up deal =)

  • anna

    Bertolli Classic or Mediterranean Style Entree, or Meal Soup are in Clifton s&s for reg price of 8.35, so 3 of them come out to be 25.05, so 5.99 x3 – 10 = 7.97 for 3

  • Michelle

    I found a Stop & Shop Healthy Ideas magazine (Free!) at the entrance with the circulars. There are quite a few good Manufacturers coupons inside! Keep a look-out for these!

  • Cindy

    I went to Stop & Shop today (Dumont, NJ) and tried the freezer stock up sale ($25 get a $10 catalina). I spent $25.99, gave them $4 in coupons and it only printed out a $5 catalina. I called the manager over who said that it has to be $25 even AFTER coupons. I’ve never had that issue before. He went and got me $5 in cash to make it $10, but he did say that “I got lucky” before when I said that has never been the case…just a heads up.

    • Carolyn

      Yes, I’ve always had that with a P&G or Kraft promotion…it even says now in small print that the total is after coupons and all other discounts. The $25 pampers promotion says the same thing, which surprised me. Bummer!

    • Michelle

      I did the freezer stock up deal at the Franklin Park NJ S&S on Saturday and it worked. I bought: 2 Cool Whip $1 ea
      8 Mama Rosies ravioli $1.25 ea
      2 Smuckers snackn waffles $2.50 ea
      Total before coupons & card: 32.08, used coupons: 4 $1/2 Mama Rosies,
      2 $1 Snackn waffles. Total OOP: $11.00 and I got my $10 Cat!

  • Annabelle

    On your Buy 7 get $3 off instantly, you list Lays Kettle Chips. There is a $1/2 coupon in the Pepsio Moments for Lays Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. I think its the same thing.

  • tj

    I have never shopped at stop and shop before. Can anyone please tell me if the instant savings deal can be done more than once per card. I would like to do the instant savings deal once with the lipton ice tea and then again with the dannon yogurt. Will I de able to do this if I do it in two transactions?
    Thank you

  • Mary

    Kix is on sale for $2.50. I used the higher value $0.85/1 coupon on the Pillsbury/Betty Crocker website. I also loaded the $0.75/1 General Mills cereal onto my card from the “My Exclusive Offers/eStatement Offers”. I got it for only 5 cents!!! I don’t know if this is a regional only offer. I am on Long Island, NY. Other eStatement offers include: $1/1 Smuckers’s Jam or Jelly, $0.75/1 Tostitos Tortilla Chips, and $0.50/1 Oreo cookies.

  • Shannon

    Just came from stop and shop and did the freezer deal with the raviolis and waffles…it only printed me a $5 cat instead of $10 🙁 I went to customer service and they took out the flyer that said the total is after all savings have been applied. So they wouldnt give me the other $5

  • Julie

    I just was at S&S today and saw the Margarita Pepperoni on sale. The turkey variety is 2.50, but the cheese and italian style are 2.00. With the 1/1 Margarita pepperoni Q from recent inserts, $1.00 for pepperoni!
    Also, the Balance protein bars are a moneymaker (at least, they were for me). They are on sale for $1, but with the .55/1 Q doubled (9/11 SS, I believe) they give .10 overage to the rest of your order!
    And lastly, those Talenti gelato coupons from the giveaway you hosted recently came in very handy. With them the Fill Your Freezer deal became a moneymaker as well. Thank you again 🙂