Stop & Shop Fill Your Freezer Catalina Deal Update

Stop & Shop Fill Your Freezer Catalina Deal Update

It looks like the Fill Your Freezer Catalina Deal at Stop & Shop is working on shelf prices.  Which means that you can calculate the pre-sales price of the item to get to the qualifying amount.  The deal is as follows:

Buy $25 of participating items and get a $10 Catalina  or Buy $15 and get a $5 Catalina

There are a lot of items in the deal so instead of reposting all of them, you can head over to the Stop & Shop match ups.  I have updated all of them with the shelf price.  Please remember that shelf prices may vary from store to store so be sure to check the prices at your store when you are putting together your order.

Here is one of the better deals I came up with:

Buy 8 Mama Rosies Raviolis ($2.19) $1.25 each
Buy 4 Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Products ($2.29) $2.00
Total: ($26.68) $18
-(4)$1/2 Mama Rosies Coupons
-(4)$1/1 Aunt Jemima Coupons
Pay: $10
Get a $10 Catalina
Free after coupons & catalina


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  • Jill

    Has anyone actually done this deal yet? I was wary of trying the sale after I saw the ad’s fine print yesterday: “Minimum spend must be AFTER all discounts are taken…” I assumed this meant $25 post-coupons. Anyone have a different experience?

    • Cindy

      Several readers have emailed me and said that it worked on shelf price. This is not the exact deals that they did. I actually don’t know the exact deals that they did. I am actually going to try this deal out tomorrow and will report back when I have done it. HTH

      • Jill

        Thanks so much! That’s good to hear. I’ll have to round up my coupons and figure out a scenario 🙂

    • D

      Did it today. Paid $8.50 for 10 ravioli, used 4 coupons (shelf price was $2.50 at my store) and Cat printed – no prob!

  • karen kehrer

    Sadly I don’t have stop & shop, but wow that is an amazing deal. you guys really are the best for finding all these deals to help the rest of us. Times are tough and I for one really do appreciate what you do, You really make a difference in my life and the lives of others, I buy a lot of body wash, shampoo and deodorant deals and donate them, one thing I’ve learned is you can’t buy those things with food stamps and they are necessities of life. Thanks again for helping us all Live Rich !!!

  • Cinthya

    Cindy u have a typo…u wrote u get a $20 catalina instead of $10! Altho it would be awesomeeee if it were $20! Lol

    • Cindy

      LOL, Yes I think I have ShopRite on the brain. That’s ShopRite’s deal this week.

  • Michael

    and does this deal roll?

    • Cindy

      Not sure yet

  • Michelle

    I haven’t printed that Aunt Jemima coupon in months and it has never reset, boo

  • Meli

    HMM I never go to stop n shop but this is definatly worth a trip. Thanks Cindy!

  • Steven

    I did this deal yesterday.
    15 Celeste Pizzas ($1.25) $1.00 each
    4 Mama Rosies Raviolis ($2.69) $1.25 each
    2 Smuckers Snackin Waffles ($3.39) $2.50 each
    2 Aqua Fresh Extreme ($3.29) $2.00 each
    10 Pillsbury Cake Mix ($1.59) $1.00 each ($0.50 each after buy any 10 get $5.00 off)
    Total ($58.77)
    -(2)$1/2 Mama Rosies Coupons
    -(2)$1/1 Smuckers Coupons
    -(2)$1/0.75 Aqua Fresh Premium
    Pay: $27.08
    Get a $10 Catalina

  • amyjk

    giant pa/martins has the exact same deal starting tomorrow– wonder if it will work there on shelf prices too?

  • Tina

    I hope it does work on shelf price I have 4- b2g1 free smucker snackin waffles coupons I would love to use!!! Can we do 2 -$25 seperate transactions to get back $20 in catalina’s? I want to use up all the coupons I have so I can use the cats on my staples.

  • Laura

    I accidentally received this cat yesterday – I was wondering where it came from! I really wasn’t paying attention to this deal, since I thought it was pre-discount. Had I known, I would have purchased more! My purchase was:

    5 Celeste Pizzas – 1.25 each, onsale for $1 each
    2 Edy’s ice creams – $5.79 each, onsale for $3 each
    Paid: $11
    Received $5 catalina

    Now if only I can roll this into getting a $10 cat! 😉

  • Andrea B

    I just went and the fine print says $25 AFTER sales and coupons deducted. So, it didn’t work. Still, I only spent $10 for $30+ of groceries. Not bad overall, but was hoping for the that free $10!

    • D

      what did you buy? was the Cat machine working? 🙁

  • Jess

    Has anyone tried the Ronzoni pasta portions coupon ($1 off 2) with the sale this week? I have 5 of those coupons and don’t want to grab 10 boxes of regular pasta and look like a weirdo when the coupons don’t work…
    Can you tell I’m new to this? I’ve only couponed a tiny bit at pharmacy’s and have yet to go into the “big kid pool” aka a supermarket lol

    Thanks in advance 😉

    • Stephanie

      I actually tried them yesterday, they were not part of the deal but they were $1 each…… comes to .50 a box.

  • Christina

    Thanks looking forward to hearing all your deal ideas!

  • tiffany

    does anyone know if this will work at Giant in VA.?

    • Kerry

      Tiffany, I did it at Giant in VA, but they are definitely post coupons and bonus card discounts. Found that out yesterday on the buy $35 of P&G products, get a $10 gift card.

    • D

      I did it at Giant in MD today. Bought 10 ravioli (shelf price $2.50) used 4 coupons – paid $8.50 and got the Cat, no prob.

      • Liz

        Great! I’m in MD also. I can’t wait to try it!

  • Christina

    Would buying 12 mama rosies raviolis and using 6 $1/2 coupons work?

    • katie

      It really depends on what the shelf price is at your store. Make sure the total is over $25 based on shelf price then use your coupons accordingly. HTH

  • Christina

    Yeah! Bought 10 mama rosies at 2.69 shelf price 1.25 sale price used 5 $1.00 off 2 coupons . Paid $7.50 and got the $10.00 cat!

    • D

      Did the same thing today!! 🙂 Awesome!!

  • Christina

    Trying to find the ravioli coupons on eBay no luck

  • Tricia

    i printed these coupons… and i have to wonder.. are they legit? There is no ibm, upc thing code in the top right? It looks like that upc code was copy pasted and plopped indirectly over the wording of the mama rosies… ? I have others that I printed the other night that look a bit sketchy like these…

    • D

      mine worked fine today. have used them before, too.

  • Christina

    Does anyone know what insert the ravioli coupon were in I had two that expire 12 31 but they were already cut out so no idea where I got them. Can’t find in coupon databases

    • Katie

      4/10 Smart Source, I believe. I is definitely from April.

  • Veronica

    This deal did not work for me based on shelf prices. I only got the $5.00 catalina and I had well over 25$ worth of products.
    I live in Westchester County, NY and hit the Ossining store.

  • karen

    so excited to hear about this deal…need to do major stock up in freezer after irene:) anyone know if it is working around bay shore, ny?

  • Laura

    I went back, purchased over $25 worth of products, spent $18 OOP, and only received a $5 cat.

  • Katie

    I bought 10 Ravioli’s, using 5 coupons – worked perfectly, got the $10 cat.

    Then, I bought 8 Ravioli (4 Qs), 2 Smuckers Waffles (2 Qs) & 2 Celeste, got back $5. :/

  • Stefanie

    I did the deal yesterday at the Hazlet, NJ store and it worked fine! I purchased 10 Mama Rosies Raviolis for $1.25 each (reg. price $2.69)- used 5 of the $1/2 coupons (4 internet printed and 1 clipped from an old insert) came to $7.50 and the $10 catalina printed out.

    • Anonymous

      great job!!! i should have read your post before heading out to SS. i think if you buy the raviolis that are originally priced at $2.69 you’ll get a $10 cat after buying 10 packets. i bought a few priced around $2.10 and so only got a $5 cat even though i purchased 10 packets. still pretty good, though?

  • sarah

    Just curious if using self-checkout or the scan-it gun makes a difference…Did anyone get the deal who used either of these and if so, which one? Did anyone not get the deal who used either of these? I prefer to use scan it gun and self checkout, but sometimes I’ve had problems with deals not working out right. They are great about making an adjustment at CS for me, but the problem with this deal is that it clearly states $25 “after all discounts” so I don’t really have a leg to stand on if it doesn’t work. Just curious if how you checkout makes a difference even though it shouldn’t

    • Joan

      Sarah, I did this deal at Howell using the scan-it and self checkout. I got the $5 cat instead of the $10 cat. The shelf price total was over $25. I never have any luck at Stop & Shop.

  • Be

    I just tried it at the Madison NJ store. It is according to the shelf price. The Bertolli Soup Meal (part of the deal) is SHELF-PRICED at $8.35; Mamma Rosie Gnocchi is $2.99;MR Ravioli $2.69; Diana’s Frozen Choc Bananas $4.99, HD ice cream cups, $1.50. I bought ( 2) Bertolli Soup Meals and (2) Raviolis and (2) Gnocchi (all with coupons, totaling $4), and got the $10 CAT. Price paid, $12.98, but with $10 CAT. Thus, OOP of $2.98. Then I did a separate transaction with 1 Bertolli Soup Meal, 4 Gnocchi, 1 Diana’s Frozen bananas, 2 HD ice cream cups (just in case I added wrong), and got the $10 CAT again. I even used the first CAT. It didn’t scan but the cashier manually put it through. (I imagine they don’t want you to keep perpetuating this deal forever.) I am so excited. Don’t forget, tomorrow is presumably the last day of the sale???

  • karen

    i’m in bay shore, ny. and it worked for me. i used the self scann…and it rolled, i did 2 trans. the cashier only had prob putting it thru and had to ask for help. i only got the ravioli (cheese and spinach).

    • karen

      i forgot to add that, the ravioli’s @ my s&s is priced @ $3.19, so i only had to get 8 bags to hit the $25 mark. so it all worked out cuz i could only print 2 cpns:))) it was a $2 mmaker for me:) and i rolled the $10 cat:)

  • Katie

    I always use self checkout. With this particular catalina, I find it works if you scan all your items, then the $10 cat, then your S&S card, then the rest of your coupons. For some reason scanning your card after the $10 cat does not require cashier intervention. HTH

  • sarah

    Just got back and worked fine with “scan it”. I bought 9 ravioli and 1 edys. I probably only needed 8 ravioli, but wanted to be sure i would have enough. Anyway, this turns out to be an awsome coupon free ice cream deal too if it is working on shelf. Edys shelf price was 5.69 at my s&s. I did not do this deal but I was thinking you could buy 4 edys ice cream@ $3 and 1 ravioli at 1.25. total based on shelf at my s&s would be $25.45 (might need one more ravioli if your shelf prices are lower). The scan it gun also had a .50 coupon off 1 edys grand built into it(did not work on other varieties-i tried slow churned). Anyway the total OOP for this deal would be $12.75 (get $10 cat back) or $13.25 without “scan it” coupon. Anyway, it’s like paying $2.75 for 4 containers ice cream and 1 ravioli! I’m bummed I don’t have more room in my freezer!

    • karen

      wait… i need ice cr and can roll my $10 from yesterday into it? what specific ice cr did u buy?

    • Kabby

      I also did the freezer deal….bought 3 Edys(5.29) 3.00 then 2 boxes of Bagel Bites (4.99) 3.00….I was going to use the raviolis but they were ALL gone. Received $10 print out for next order. I had no manufacture coupons for this deal so paid $15.00 – $10 print out…- a print out received earlier from S&S for $1.00 off any frozen item.=$4.00….Cool!
      Oh…I was not aware Bagel Bites were included but s&s had the hanging tag stating it was…I did a mixture of Slow Churned Edys’ (less fat).

  • dave

    healthy choice prints dead?

  • Kristin

    This same deal is working at Giant Foods. Does anybody know if Giant works off shelf prices as well for this deal?