Sunday Coupon Preview

Sunday Coupon Preview

There will be 4 6 inserts in this weekend’s paper

  • 1 RedPlum
  • 1 P&G
  • 1 PepsiCo Moments to Save
  • 1 SmartSource
  • 1 Playskool
  • 1 General Mills

You can check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for a complete list of the coupons that will be available. Remember this list may not be the exact coupons you will receive in your inserts as they do change from region to region and even from newspaper to newspaper.

Find out how to find the Coupon Inserts in Your Newspaper

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    • Julie

      You can always check out your local recycling center(there was a lady on Extreme Couponing who does that) and go through the bins!

    • Alanha

      Denise, don’t know where you are but if you are in NJ look for the Jersey Journal on saturdays, it usually has the same coupon inserts that come out on sundays. 😉 HTH!

    • Anonymous

      I also work on Sunday but I subscribe for the newspaper and I get my inserts on Saturday

    • Campanita

      Denise, check your local walgreens. The one close to my house has the sunday papers on saturday nights. I don’t know what time they get the papers but I usually go after 7:00 pm and buy a few. I always ask the cashier/manager if is ok to check them before I buy. Just to make sure that all inserts are in there!

  • Paramus

    Pricier than just having newspaper subscriptions, but if you must have it…use them.

  • Eileen

    there are some sites saying there will be 6 inserts on sunday, including a GM and a Playschool or are these not in NJ?

  • Resa

    Denise, look for deals on getting your paper delivered. I just saw yesterday that i can get newspaper subscriptions with my continental one pass miles. Also They often run deals if you sign up you get a gift card for gas or a store.

  • D

    WOW! That is a BIG week for inserts! Looks like I’ll need an extra paper or two…. 😉

  • keena

    Will these insert be included in NY also? I’ve never seen a GM or Playskool insert in my newspaper ever!

  • spender


  • Jeni

    Oh, I am getting like a million copies of the paper this weekend!

  • susan c

    i was sick last week and missed out on getting my papers….i’m making up for it this week…:O) LOL

  • love couponing

    The atlantic city press will have the playskool and ss. I have inside knowledge. Although the ss in the press is never as good as the ss in the star ledger, trentonian and philla inq. The trentonian usually has P&G, RP and GM. Make sue you check the paper before you purchase.

  • Jenelle

    I live in central NJ and did not get RP in the Asbury Park Press… did anyone else get it??

  • Kellie

    I live in central NJ and have been buying my papers at the Dollar Tree for some time now. Apparently they are having problems with the Asbury Park Press. They are getting complaints from other stores that Dollar Tree is taking all the business by selling the papers for a dollar. So I had to pay full price this week. Which is ok considering all the coupons this week. Thank you Cindy for all that you do.

  • Adina

    I live in Central Jersey and did not get a Smart source in the APP. This is not the first time this happened!