Target Coupon Match Ups 9/25-10/1

Target Coupons Match Ups 9/25/11

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  • Juliann

    If this starts 9/25, the Target coupon to stack with the body wash wouldn’t be allowed since it expired today. 🙁

    • Juliann

      Nevermind…lol…saw the Target one online…. 🙂

      • Juliann

        Maybe it’s my cold meds…lol….but I am not seeing the Nivea or the Aveeno Target coupon online…???

        • Cindy

          It may no longer be posted, things reach print limits fast on things like that. =(

  • yolene

    the aveeno coupons states that you cannot use it on that size

    • Cindy

      Yolene, the Aveeno coupons I have say it excludes trial sizes, the 2.5 oz is not a trial size. Which coupon are you specifically speaking about?

  • Stephanie

    At my Target yesterday, the St. Ives lotion was on clearance for .67.

    • Cindy

      Makes an even better deal!

  • Sharon

    Luckily I had printed some of the Target $1/1 Nivea product so I will get the body wash for free!! I still have one $2/1 body wash from before and when I requested samples of the cashmere body wash from the website, they came with $2/1 coupons as well!!! oh happy day!!!!!!

  • Meli

    Yes i went today and a few things in the travel section were marked down to .67!

    • Cindy

      Score!! 🙂

  • yolene

    oh your lucky the ones i have say trial size and this size not inc so that really sucked am in I got my papers from pa i guess different states have different ones

  • mark

    i was wondering if you can use a peelie along with a manufacturer’s coupon

    • Crystal

      Only if it is a store coupon and not another manufacturers coupon

  • Kerry

    Yesterday I found some of the single Market Pantry juiceboxes for $.50 and single snack size bags of Market Pantry chips for $.75. Both of these were in the Target cafe cases and would make a nice deal when using the $.50/1 Target cafe item!

  • Linda

    There is a great new coupon on Target’s web site for $5.00 off a Transformers toy.

  • Chris

    how many like coupons will target let you use.

    • Cindy

      The coupons say on them you can only use 1 like target store coupon per transaction, some stores/cashiers will take this as per your entire order and only let you use 1, others will let you use multiple.

  • carol

    target has the schick quatro 3 pack for women on sale for 5.98 and 4 pack for men for the same price. very happy shopper.. thanks cindy for all your help

  • Ruby

    Hey guys,

    Headed out to target tomorrow, and I am wondering, how many “like” coupons are you allowed to use. There is nothing limiting this in their coupon policy, but I have been hearing some horror stories…

    • Cindy

      Each store is different but, at my store, I can use as many as I want. Granted I don’t get crazy with the amount I use, but they never restrict how many I can use.

  • Mary W.

    went to my neighborhood target today (north bergen, nj) and grabbed some of the great deals mentioned here–cascade, aveeno, aquafresh (thanks!)

    the only problem: i bought 2 travel size aquafresh toothpaste and had a $1off coupon for each. the cashier refused to scan both of them. i explained to her the coupon specifically said “ANY size” and does not state any exclusions, she didn’t budge. the manager came by, i gave him the same explanation, and he basically explained to ME that they simply could not give me $1 off on something that costs 97cents bc , in his only words: “where would the 3cents go?” >:( it was so frustrating bc i KNOW the coupon was legit! (the cascade i got was the same deal and the coupons for that went through fine)

    not wanting to make a scene over a dollar worth of stuff, i gave up and let it be but it still bothered me that they used bogus reasons to not scan my coupons. any advice on what to do in these type of situations?

  • Sherry

    My target (Newburgh, NY) had a misprint on the sign for the Scrubbing Bubbles one step refills. The sign read $3.99 for one and get a $5.00 gift card!!! They are paying me to take them. Not being a hog I only got four of them, which I also had a $1.00 q for. They paid me $2.00 to take these! Now, it did not ring up on the register this way but the head cashier easily overrode the transaction and gave me the discount. YEAH ME!

  • Cortney

    I just got back from my local target. I still had my Simply Orange/Simply Lemonade coupons. I had 4 coupons and 4 juices. 3 of the juices I picked up were only 73 cents. Since the coupon was for $1 they wouldn’t take it. They 3 different cashiers/front end managers/ and a traineer told me they couldn’t mark them down. Yes, there would have overage, but I had items to cover it. In the end they wouldn’t accept my coupons. They acted like I was stealing from them…I have never felt so horrible!
    Anyone, have problem like this with Target?

  • Kerri

    Question: I just found a Buy 1 get 1 Milk-Bone Dog Snack Coupon. Target also has thier own coupon for Milk Bones ($1.50 off with purchase of two Milk Bones Dog Snack)

    I know I can use them both, but do I have to get three Milk Bones total or can I just get the two to get the both coupons to work together?

    If I get the two, then I would get one free, but would the $1.50 come off that one?

    Any help would be great!