Target: Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Only $0.99

Target: Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Only $0.99

There is an unadvertised Gift Card deal at Target right now.  Unadvertised deals may sometimes be regional however, this is would be worth checking out if you are heading to Target anyway.  Especially if you are heading there to pick up your Free Pair of Leggings! 😉

The gift card deal is for Buy Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Kit and get a $5 Gift Card.  These are on sale for $9.99 and there is a $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Starter Kit Printable Coupon as well as on e in the 9/11 SmartSource insert

Here is your deal:

Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Kit $9.99
-(1)$4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Starter Kit Printable Coupon or from the 9/11 SS
Pay: $5.99
Get a $5 Target Gift Card
$0.99 each after coupon & gift card

If you don’t see a sign at your store, be sure to scan it at the price checker machine in case they did not mark it.

And, be sure to check out the rest of the Target Deals for this week.

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  • jeanette


    • Heather

      I tried there too and it wasn’t listed to get the gift card… but I did buy it anyways 🙂

  • Amy

    I saw this gift card deal advertised in my coupon inserts from the Sunday paper (not sure if it was SS or RP)….it stated a free $5 gift card with a purchase of the One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Kit AND a Refill.

  • Wendy

    Didn’t get the gift card in P A

  • Breanna

    When I tried it, they said that it wouldn’t work without the refill. However, the sign was posted (no mention of needing the refill), so they gave me $5 back when I showed them.

  • Anonymous

    You have to buy the refill with it! ughh

  • Tiff

    I just bought one at walgreens a few weeks ago and inside the box is a cpn BOGO refill. I still have my $5 gc from the Febreeze deal a few weeks ago so I might take a ride to Target in a little bit. Got some upsetting news today and I think doing a little coupon shopping therapy will help.

  • Tracy

    I purchased the kit a few weeks ago from walgreens and inside was a buy one refill get one free. So I went to Target today and got 2 kits and 2 refills gave the cashier the buy one get one free coupon first and to my surprise it took off $9.99 even though the coupon says up to $3.99 then I gave her the 2 $4 coupons I paid $10.36 and got 2 $5 gift cards. Omg!!!! My sister in-law went and tried it and it worked for her.

    • Tiff

      I went..didn’t even think about buying 2 of the starter kits. But I used a $5 gift card from the febreeze deal and paid $5.48 for the starter kit and 2 refills plus I got the $5gc. Still happy though!!. I already have one from walgreens and I only have 2 toilets so no need for 3. My cpns also rang up 9.99 but the cashier adjusted it down the 3.99 which I was ok with bc the cpn states up to 3.99 value. Although the target one didn’t have cpns in it. Bummer!!!

  • Michelle

    can someone help me i am confused so if you buy the 2 then you get hte $5 card or if you buy 1 kit and i refill . and how much is the refill if anyone knows thanks..

    • Diana

      At my Target you need to buy the Kit & a refill to get the $5.00 GC. The refill is $3.99 but there is a b1g1 inside the kit box so open it and take it out before paying. Or you can go online and print a $1.00 off coupon for the refill.

      • Anonymous

        i did the deal today in piscataway i did get the $5 gc but inside the box their was no coupon and i even checked the other boxes their and nothing. I did get a $1.oo cat and the gc..

        • Anonymous

          the other part to my question i forgot to write. $1 cat on the top says manufactures. What i want to know is i want to do this deal again but can i use that $1 cat and $1 coupon

  • So I went to target to see if they had the giftcard deal and nothing was posted on the shelf. The refill is on sale for 3.99. thanks to this site i knew to look inside the starter kit box for the B1G1 refill coupon so i took that out. I needed to buy 3 of the starter kits for the three toilets in my house so i grabbed 3 of them plus two of the refills because of the B1G1 coupon. got to the register and this is what i had:
    3 starter kits @ 9.99
    -(3) $4 off starter kit printable coupon
    2 refills @ $3.99
    -B1G1 refill coupon
    -$1 off scrubbing bubbles refill printable from this site

    This is what’s happening: the B1G1 coupon is automatically attaching itself to the starter kit, taking off $9.99 instead of the $3.99 (i nor the cashier noticed this, i now see it on the receipt) AND the $4 coupon attached itself to the refill, not the starter kit!!!!! AND each set (starter kit and refill) will get you a $5 target giftcard and i purchased two sets in this transaction and got two cards so no need to separate the transaction.

    So this is how it rings up on the receipt:

    Scrub Bubble starter: $9.99
    MFR COUPON -$9.99 (this was the B1G1 coupon found in box)

    Scrub Bubble starter: $9.99
    MFR COUPON -$4.00 ($4 off starter printable)
    Scrub Bubble refill: $3.99
    MFR COUPON: -$4.00 (this was the starter kit printable)
    +GIFT CARD $5.OO

    Scrub Bubble starter: $9.99
    MFR COUPON -$1.00 (this was the $1 off refill printable)
    Scrub Bubble refill: $3.99
    MFR COUPON -$4.00 (this was the starter kit printable)
    +GIFT CARD: $5.00

    So almost all of the coupons attached to the wrong products but did so in my favor. I paid $15 OOP and got (2) $5 gift cards which means i paid $5 for the three starter kits and 2 refills!! If i had known what was going to happen I would’ve purchased two more refills with another B1G1 coupon to qualify for the 3rd card. not sure if this will work for you but if you have the coupons it’s worth a try!

    for a total of

    • Diana Diana

      Danx MarshaJean77 =) I used (4) B1G1 and it works for the started kits $9.99, also bought 4 refills and used (4) of $4.00 off for the kits & it works =) got 4 GC $5.00 each.

      • Marsha

        Wow you made out!! I figure this makes up for all the times that stuff has wrung up wrong and it WASN’T in my favor, lol!!

  • Morgan C.

    No one at my Target (or me) knew what you had to buy for this deal so they just took 5 dollars off the transaction. I was happy 🙂

  • pam

    My coupon buddy just called… No deal in the Glouster township NJ store.

    • Marsha

      Did she actually buy the starter kit and the refill? It wasnt advertised anywhere on the shelf and i didn’t care if i got the $5 card or not I needed these so i was pleasantly surprised when the cashier scanned a card after each set was wrung up (the register prompted her to do so, she said she didn’t know why, lol)