• Dawn

    when i see people i always have a smile on my face. totally happy and very grateful.

  • H

    Oh yeah!!! thanks

  • christine

    Just got hot water & electricity today. Nothing better than taking a cool shower and laying in the air conditioning after removing 5 ft of water from your basement.

  • Deena

    My mother had it very tough when I was a kid — single mom with 3 kids in rural Ohio before the days of AFDC and such. She, however, was one of the happiest people I have ever known. She always said that no one else is responsible for our happiness, that we have complete control over our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with things/people/situations. I try to live by that every day, as she did.

  • Michelle B

    Ilove this. It’s going to be my new motto.

  • susan c

    this is just the thing i needed today!! thanks soo much for posting cindy!! :O)

  • Denise

    love this !!