TLC Extreme Couponing Season 2 Premiere Date

Extreme Couponing Season 2 Premiere Date

The new season of Extreme Couponing on TLC is set to return Sept. 28 at 10 p.m.  There will be  a sneak peak after the Sept. 12 series finale of Kate Plus 8. 

You can head over to Entertainment Weekly to check out a sneak peak of the Extreme Couponing Premiere where you get to meet a……oh boy, I can’t even bring myself to say it……“shelf clearer.”  Oh my!

Wondering How to Do Extreme Couponing?  Make sure to check out the Extreme Couponing 101.

Will you be watching?

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  • Sandi

    I really can’t stand the way the people act when they are checking out. It is obvious to those of us that coupon that this show is very unrealistic. So when these people act like coupon royalty it just makes me sick. I save an average of 50 percent on groceries and I am proud of myself, but I don’t clear shelves and I don’t rub it in people’s faces. Will not be watching the fairytale show that wrecks it for the rest of us.

    • Heylin

      Funny how they don’t give them a hard time. Like one coupon per transaction or 4 like coupons in the same transaction!!!! yeah I think the show is all fake!!!!!!

      • amanda

        seriously..this show is ridiculous…i watched literally one minute of it the other night while i was flipping through channels..and all they did was have 500 of one coupon paired with one sale and clear the who dang shelf…leaving nothing for anyone else…completey rude and idiotic…

  • OMG!!! I very much dislike this “shelf clearer” I’m being very polite… Cause You would delete my comment if I said what I really thought!

    • Abigail

      I definitely agree with your nice mean words. This lady is just… UGH! She could of at least given that poor guy one of the cereal bars she cleared off geez

      • for real!!! At least say how many did you need? what was he gonna buy 1? 2? possibly a whole 4…. You may be the early worm…. but your late to the nice party….

    • Caliwifey

      Wow, I agree too I dislike this lady in the preview. I also dislike this show it is so fake. I mean come one give the poor guy some bars, soooo mean 🙁

  • Tamie

    Disgusting!! That is the only word I can think of! People like that make me so mad. The only time I have “cleared” a shelf is when there is only 1-2 more left. Rude…just RUDE!!

  • laurie

    I HATE THIS SHOW! IT has really ruined everything in my opinion. I feel as if deals arent as good and coupons arent either. Policies seem stricter. CVS and riteaid use to be my favorites now i hardly go to them bc their policies have gotten so strict bc of the people in this show basically!

  • Beth

    I really wish this show would get cancelled! It has caused my local stores to change how they do things. It just makes me furious!

    • Beth

      I just left a complaint about this show to the network. Here’s the link I used:


      • su

        I shall be leaving my opinion too…thx for the link. In the real world, it’s affected those of us who follow the rules and have family to feed and truly need to coupon. Basically, it’s screwed it up for us.

      • nancy pants

        Thanks! I just left my comment

      • tara

        left my comment and will be sharing and asking people to comment also

  • Nicole

    I’ve seen this show a few times and for the most part I think these people are nuts! There is no need to have all that product stockpiled! I admit I go a little crazy during the General Mills cereal promos that give away the milk catalina, but that just means my parents, sisters and food pantries get the .17 cereal! I also question how they get their coupons? It’s probably not legal and most definitely not ethical! @Sandi above, I totally agree, there is no need to act like that. People like the “shelf clearer” make the cashiers cringe when they see regular couponers like us come to the register…

    • Lauraline

      Yeah – I don’t get how they can get so many of the same Q doubled – it has never been that way @ any stores around here!

    • Lisa

      Nicole I had to laugh at your General Mills promo statement…I bought 16 boxes of cereal and we really don’t eat cereal but I did it for the milk which we consume 2 gallons a week. I donated mine to the CFA and gave some away to frineds and family. It was one of the few times that I bought something I really didn’t need. How many ketchups and mustards can a person consume in a year? These people are HOARDERS not extreme couponers! They are getting tons and tons of free product and someone ultimately has to pay for that … us the average budget concious consumer! That show just infurates me!

  • coupon lady nj

    shes the exception to the rule…and Im sure she has no friends based on her personality. Hope her stock pile keeps her warm!

    • Megan

      Love it! You captured my sentiments exactly.

  • Heylin

    This show makes us all look really bad we should all write to TLC and express our frustration with the show. Not only it gives US a bad name and hoarders reputation. I really dislike the show. I used this coupons to survive. I’m newlywed and my husband and I could not afford to buy decent food to cook at home because we are both unemployed, going to school and we all know how expensive it is out there. I always get 4 of each item and I’m even managing to get a few thing for my disable mother… No wonder I always get dirty looks from people wen I take my coupons out. Thanks TLC and the idiot that go on the show!!!!!

  • TLC asked me to be on the show for this up and coming new season, I said no-I think they have a lot to work on over at TLC.

    • Dave

      Ashley, I’m just curious how it came to be that they would find you and invite you?

      If you have a differing perspective than others on the show, maybe that would have been an opportunity to share yours?


      • Lianne

        click on her name and check out her website! thats how they found her 🙂

      • Cindy

        Dave, that is not necessarily how it works. I, too, was asked to be on the show. They take hours and hours of film and can cut and clip whatever they want to make you look like whatever they want. Who knows what it will come out as. It was too much of a risk for me to take. I don’t want to seem like something I am not.

        • Sandi

          I respect your decision to not be on the show, so disregard my post asking if you’d be on the show to set the record straight. It is a shame that they cannot portray couponers in a real situation. They have to sensationalize it to get ratings.

          • Kate Walker

            A friend of mine was asked as well, she said they contact the store to pre-approve the voiding their policy for the one transaction and the show pays the store as well.

      • Hi Dave 🙂

        One of the story producers (I have forgotten her name now) saw my former website, and then found me on another website I contribute to. She emailed me and sent me over some information, and we chatted back and forth-but the feeling of uncertainty on how I would be portrayed, kept creeping back in. I did not want to be portrayed as someone I’m not. Signing a waiver releasing all my rights regarding the footage shot of me, well…….it made me uneasy to say the least.

  • People like this woman are the reason the manager at my local shoprite get all bent out of shape when people use coupons. It’s so rud to clear shelves and not share with others. Sharing – it’s what you learn as a little kid and should remember throughout life… noone likes selfish, rude people. They make us all look bad by creating a stereotype for couopners… Bad Michelle – very bad!

    • Amy W.


  • Robin

    I thought it was just me that hated this show. I think it’s unrealistic, staged, and they definitely border on the age of being hoarders. I’ve discussed this show with several people at my local Shop Rite and they would never permit what these people do. I think they will let you buy whatever you want, but you can only turn in 4 coupons per same item. I really think it gives us a bad name and has caused the stores to change policy because of it. I do love this sight though!

  • Alice

    Hate this show – makes me cringe & I try to stay under the radar with my coupons when I shop for that reason. It’s unfortunate that so many good people that use coupons to stretch their family budget get painted with this brush of rudeness!!!

  • Amy W.

    I agree. This is disgusting. How many years is it going to take her to use all of that dishsoap. There comes a point when enough is enough. When you have more than you can use in the rest of your lifetime you have a problem. In my opinion if you have to buy just to buy then you should seek help. Also, toothpaste does not keep forever. Just because you get it free doesn’t mean you need a hundred tubes. Things have a shelf life people!!! Sorry for my rant, but seriously!

  • I like the show only for the very reason, it got me into couponing. After watching it, you can see it’s not real life. I was so happy when they showcased a guy from long island. He followed all the rules and did not clear one shelf. LOVE this site and all the great information. Thanks to Cindy I save sooo much money every week, have a nice stock pile (NOT 100 of any item). Couponing is all about strategy…. Keep up the good work Cindy!!!!! You Rock!

    • cat

      I agree that was the one episode that was the way couponing should be. He got great deals but not 50 of one item. He still had a nice stockpile in his basement, but it was done gradually, he followed the rules and he left the store shelves with merchandise for others to purchase!

    • Kelly A.

      Terri, I totally agree with you! That’s the only reason I like the show. It has taught me so much about paying attention to the price of something, coupon or not. Okay, I watched the show last season a couple of times, and thought, I am gonna try this. Even then, I knew that their level of savings was unrealistic for my life. It was just common sense. So, I started saving the coupons that I usually threw out every week. Eventually, I got a binder, and now I buy three papers/week and shop the sales. Nothing extreme here. Thank you, Cindy, for being a good coupon rolemodel!

  • Dave

    The other thing I do hate, though, is when people call them “que-pons”. It’s “cooopons”, with a long O, lol.


    • aimee

      LOL!that’s funny!

    • Rachel

      Ha! That bothers me too!

    • Deena

      Dave, pronounciation totally depends on where you live. Most of these “que-ponners” are in the midwest or south. I grew up in central Ohio and my mom always said “que-pon.” But now that I live in the Northeast, they are definitely coo-pons.

      • Stephanie

        haha, I agree — I grew up down South, and it is “que-pons” — drives my husband insane (especially considering how much I talk about them!!!)

    • agreed! drives me nuts, and I live in jersey, and it drives me bonkers when i hear family and friends say it that way!

    • KT

      oh yeah, that bothers me, too! I correct the pronunciation mentally every time I hear it.

    • Mal

      A look in a dictionary will clearly show that both pronunciations are correct. Stop being so anal and just admit ur envy of these q-ponners.

  • Amy H-F

    I really hate this show. These are people with serious mental problems. They are hoarders and pass themselves off as couponers. Most of us that coupon are respectful of other couponers and know that we only need as much as we can use in a 2-3 month period of time. Cindy (at this site) has taught me well and when someone in the store asks me if I am “one of those people” I politely say, “no, I just like to save some money for my familly, I’m not a crazy coupon lady.”

    Thanks Cindy for keeping everything in perspective.

  • Hate the show. I often wonder about the outdates on the items they have in their stockpile.Also what ever happened to the Golden Rule????

  • Sandi

    It is apparent that this show is staged, unless there are different coupon rules in different states because there is no other way that they can use so many coupons. Most of our stores limit us to 4 like coupons, so in order to get a shelf load of items we would need to go in the store multiple times, and probably have many different loyalty cards.
    The lady in the preview is clearly an arrogant jerk and I am definetly going to send some hate mail TLC’s way. They need to be real if they are presenting a reality show. I would challenge them to have Cindy appear on their show, and present the reality of couponing. I encourage everyone to suggest this also. Come on Cindy, what do you say?

  • aimee

    I won’t be watching this season because the more viewers they have, the more successful the show would be and when that happens they will continue to make more.

  • Diane R.

    Wow…. that’s just about all I can say about this um, “lady” ( <– insert your own word here ). All I could think of when watching this clip is that she might get away with talking to other shoppers like that there in North Carolina, but if she talked with that kind of attitude here in NJ, she might just get a bit more 'colorful' of a response than that guy gave her! LOL

    • Cindy

      LOL, I would definitely agree with you on that one Diane. Wouldn’t you love to find her at the store doing that. Oh my, I would certainly give her a piece of my mind. 😉

  • Lianne

    Like others, I appreciate that this show got me interested in coupons, but it only took a few minutes of online research to find out its total BS.
    I’m very glad I found this website though because with out it I probably would have written off couponing all together. I’m very happy and proud of what I’m able to do with ETHICAL couponing.

  • Grandma Bird

    Simply..they should put these people on the show Hoarders! Who needs 165 tubes of toothpaste! I understand if you donate but please how many people cant even buy one tube of toothpaste? This show is a pock mark on all of us who use coupons to help make ends meet. I feel better now…lol

  • Michelle

    OMG..I am so embarrassed to even have to share this womans name! I really dislike this show and everything it represents. “Haha..I am a shelf shoulda beat me to the store..hahaha.” How rude! And I guess her 400 bottles of soap are much more important than any of her friends! I will not watch the premiere as I have only been able to stomach 1 or 2 of these shows anyway. Too bad they can’t do a “REAL” couponing show. And thank God for people like Cindy to help us use our coupons the way they should be!

  • Mattie

    Just had to add my 2cents…I am on disability and love couponing for a few good reasons and one is that it allows me to feel good about myself and keep me up in things that I didn’t necessarily buy when I was so for the extreme hoarders, I mean couponers, you are giving a black eye to the people who really use this as a means of real surviving. I absolutely love this site, I am in Louisiana and still manage to get good results here. Thank you for what you do .

  • Ket

    I have always love to save money, and I never had any problems using my coupons before nor i ever got any ugly looks by other people at the lanes or by the cashier BUT ever since that stupid tv show started. I never since so many “weird” looks by other people, the cashier or mangers than these pass few months when the show started. let alone that the stores changed there coupon policy because of the show ” or at least that’s what I think!” I HATE THE SHOW PERIOD it gave us all a bad name.

  • Amara

    I guess I am one of the few that likes the show. Guess I am being brave to admit it. The show was what got me into couponing, other than necessity. I watch the re-runs all of the time. I typically watch it before I start my couponing for the day to get me hyped up. I also watch it to find little tips here and there. HOWEVER don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with shelf clearing or the bad name they give everyone else who shops with coupons. I am a few months into couponing and have already received the nasty glares and comments as soon as I whip out my coupons. I agree with Cindy that all reality shows cut and paste the scenes as they want them portrayed. And without Cindy I would be pulling out my hair with all of these coupon match ups. Thanks Cindy!

    • Becky

      Amara – I’m with you. I love the show and watch it the same way you do – to get pumped. I’ll never be able to coupon like them but I still enjoy it.

      • Amara

        Never say never. Those over 90% savings come along once in awhile 🙂

    • Ewa

      Same here! I started couponing:-D because of the show so I can’t say that I hate to watch…also right after that I found LRWC :-)shelf clearing is bad and this lady is very rude I just hope people don’t start doing the same .

      • LeeAnn B

        I agree! I enjoy the show and it is what got me into couponing too – BUT after doing my own research I learned how to save and NOT clear the shelves AND that most of the time these people are buying about 10 things and just getting an extreme quanity of each one (500 dog food, 100 soap, etc., which makes it seem like a hug savings!)

        Yes, I have done 90-100% saving transactions only paying tax, BUT you can’t do that all the time, because you can’t eat shaving cream, toothpaste, and shampoo…well, I guess you could, but I wouldn’t want to! The show is entertaining and has the LOVE TO HATE factor. I do wish they would show some more realistic shopping trips, but that would not be as exciting for TV.

        I think another good thing that has come out of this show, is a lot more young people are starting to coupon AND a lot more products are offering coupons. I also usually get about 1 tip per/show AND I think that a lot of the shelf clearing shown is staged, because I don’t know about you but my grocery store does not carry a quantity of 100 soap of the shelf! I think they special order and then clear the shelf, or bin for TV.

        I will be watching Season 2 (and I am sure a lot of other people will be too, they just don’t want to admit it! )

  • andrea thompson

    All I can say is I’m glad my Mama didn’t raise me to act like that. She needs to seek help.

  • MichelleK

    I just wish the stores would limit quantities like they say they reserve the right to do. If she was forced to pre-order, then she wouldn’t be able to clear the shelf.

    Other than that, we don’t watch the show…but it was what got me into couponing. I have of course learned how to do it the right way!

  • Amara

    After the show airs I cant fathom how couponers are going to be portrayed. I finally got to the point where going to the market is fun. Oh boy.

  • Connie S.

    Anyone know what store this was that allowed the shelf clearing? Bet they change their policies soon. It doesn’t look like a Shop Rite?

    • Amara

      I hope its not a Shoprite. I already get the 3rd degree from them. lol!

    • Erica

      Based off the tags, an Albertsons/Lucky’s affiliate.

  • jenny

    I think tlc needs to combine the shows extreme couponing with hoarders. Is it really necessary to have 250 bottle of body wash? I think if you buy 4 when they are on sale with a q you wont even run out before they go on sale again! Just buy enough to hold you over till the deal comes around again, and it will!

  • Michele H.

    The only good thing I can say about the show is it got me more into couponing and to research and prepare more before I go to the store. I depend on Cindy’s site to bring me the best values at my grocery store of choice and coupons I deem worthy of printing out. I buy several Sunday papers to cut out the coupons. I keep the coupons for myself and pull out the ones I know my Aunt will use and rather than hoarding all of the coupons I know my aunt or I won’t use (because we won’t buy things that we don’t want or like) instead I share them with a senior citizen neighbor, who, like me is on a limited income and she in turn takes what she needs/wants and then forwards them on to about six to seven others. I don’t/won’t clear shelves because it is downright selfish. I limit my coupon use to up to four per transaction and If I need/want more and I have more coupons I will go back another day during the week or save them for another sale.

  • Malinda

    I have to say the show drives me nuts.. As others say you do not need 47 tubes of toothpaste. You do not need enought TP for 2 years. These people for the most part are hoarders..

    I can’t stand that all but very very few talk about giving back. For me it is not the rush of getting the great deal it is showing up at my local food bank with a trunk full of goods. When ever I talk about couponing I make sure I stress the importance of giving back. You have do the work help others.

  • Annabelle

    There were just a couple of people on the show who were realistic when doing their coupon shopping. One was a lady from Philadelphia. Her total before coupons was just over $200 and her final total was around $60 or so. Now that is the kind of show they should do every week. Show how it can be more attainable for the general public. I think the majority of people who watch the show think they could never get that many coupons or shop that way or have any place to put the stuff and would never even try. I didnt notice them giving any internet coupons to the cashiers. I guess I should hope they never do because that might make it even worse for the rest of us and they might stop offering them. I think a lot of people watch the show for entertainment rather than to see how to get great deals on money, like watching a reality show. Its not something they want to do but rather laugh at the crazies in it. A woman in our state was on the show and had an article in our newspaper. The show told her ahead of time she had to make the biggest “haul” she ever had and it came out so different from how she really shopped. It would also be a good idea to have them an episode where they have people who have never couponed before, give them the coupon inserts, a sale flyer from the store they regularly shop at and see what they can save in that one week. There would be rules they have to follow such as not clearing shelves, limiting the number of coupons etc just like we have to follow each week.

    • Alex

      It was like $5.95. She was my favorite. Joyce is very reasonable 8)

  • Erica

    What do you mean you manipulate the system?

    Calling cashiers “too stupid for their own good” is insulting to anyone who’s ever worked retail, which is the majority of the population. Cashiers are hesitant because it’s THEIR livelihood on the line if their “manipulating the system” for YOUR benefit. They could easily get fired for accepting an incorrect coupon.

    I agree that people dedicating an entire room to their shopping habits should reconsider their priorities, but it appears maybe you should reconsider your gratitude toward the people delivering customer service to you.

    • Dave

      By manipulate, I mean I try to avoid the tedious process of having to train the cashiers that don’t know what Internet coupons are and the 15min process that comes along with having to hold up the line while managers come over and I have to explain how I got them.
      I just think that if they accept Internet coupons, which they do, then their staff should know what they are and not give me strange looks every time I go to the store.

  • Sarah

    I dvr it and watch it later. I don’t think clearing is fair and even if I’m going to take the last 2 and someone else is there I share. I don’t let them frustrate me though, I’ll just go get a rain check.

  • Valerie

    wow- I just watched the clip. If she talked to another shopper like that around here ( NYC suburbs) she would definitely have some kind of confrontation on her hands. It makes us couponers look like bullies and jerks!How selfish and stupid! Hey everyone – toothpaste, soap, shampoo and dishsoap deteriorate over time- no need to stock up for the next 20 years. She should donate some of that body wash , dishsoap and detergent to a women’s shelter or a homeless shelter and help someone instead of being greedy. Unfortunately store personnel think all of us couponers are like that. I have made a point of telling cashiers (if they make a comment) that I donate lots of my haul ( which is true) .Us real people will outlast this fantasy show!

    • tina

      So agreed! Stores are getting impatient with couponers with a few coupons because of people that do what she does.

  • Dawn

    I think it is an awful show, I have NEVER watched and I won’t . it is sad to me with so many people hungry out there, how anyone can stock pile food and hygiene items when so many can use this is just very very very sad. we donate sooooo much of what we get to help out 2 homeless shelters and family and friends of ours. Isn’t that what life is about, helping each other out, not hoarding your items!!!!

  • tina

    I don’t like the idea that coupons give you great products at a great price,but some shoppers turn it into a “Give me,give me” thing. She should have given the guy a few of her coupons and the product to go with it,so that he could also benifit a little from the generosity of the store and manufacturers.This is an example of human greed,and obsession.SAD…Her pride is pittiful..

  • stephanie

    i think what i hate most is you know there are going to be people out there that are going to watch that and start clearing shelves themselves. i hate when people do that i will admit to buying more then 4 of anything when it is on a really good sale. but i do not clear shelves i will go at different times on different days or even go to a different store to make sure that i am not taking everything that other people will want too. couponing is in its own way about sharing and for someone to take everything off the shelf in one go is jut iggnorant!!!!

  • steph

    You know who was a real shelf clearer? That guy George who used to post on here. Funny how he just vanished. I always suspected that he was someone’s alter ego just to see how we would react to someone who hoarded like he did.

  • Elizabeth

    I also hate this show! We all know that this is not how real couponers shop. I also left a comment on TLC’s website at the link someone posted below letting them know my feelings on the show. I really hope that this show gets canned quick!

  • hanna

    I started couponing after seeing this show in Spring. Before that, I was checking my weekly fooods spending and always bought item when they were on sale. Still I could save only so much, then I dropped my mouth when I saw the program.

    I don’t know how many people believes in many couponers are like them.
    If so, shelf would be always empty and would see shopper with cart after cart.
    As program calls Extreame couponing, it must be Extreame not ordinal couponing.

    My husband watched season 1 with me and he laughed. How many people would do this? You could not live on condiments and candies. He thought this was unrealistic and it’s just a show. He said these before I got into the couponing. I think we will watch it but watch it as a joke and laugh how silly those women looks.

    Which remind me that LRWC started to have “Extreame Couponing ” for part of LRWC site name quite a while. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.
    Since many don’t like the name of program, wouldn’t that become a reminder? Or that might call in wrong kind of people here?

  • LisaCT

    The show got me into couponing again, but finding Cindy’s website is what helped me do it right this time. Before, I would just use a coupon here and there on a razor or something, then gave it up, but doing matchups with catalina deals was all learned from Cindy.

    I am worried the show will ruin this wonderful way of saving money and getting brand name products and food. Also, worried the government in my state may tax coupons, they tax everything else that helps the middle-class working people. That said, couponing is not easy and takes time and learning how to use cat’s, extrabucks, RR and UPRs. I have told friends about couponing and they say they want to learn. I give them Cindy’s website and a book I had from Krazycouponlady, but none of them have jumped in yet, I think it takes a certain individual with patience and they have to really want it and believe in it.

    I get stares too and looks sometimes, like here we go, this is going to take forever, I don’t really look at people behind me because I am watching the register to make sure all coupons are beeping, I block out everything around me, it works for me. They can go to another line if it is taking too long for them, its not that much of a big deal. Whenever I use a Catalina over $3 at Shoprite, a manager has to be called over to unlock the register with a key, this does not bother me anymore, I have no control over it, its the stores policy.

  • stacey

    First of all, my son is in the entertainment business and alot of this show is smoke and mirrors. Alot of the stores that these people are couponing in are allowing them to so transactions normal people on a normal day wouldnt be able to do. A show like this is pretty much just for your entertainment. At this point I am disappointed it is coming back on because I always feel guilty using my coupons when the cashier asks if I watch the Etreme couponing show.

  • ShopaholicMama

    I have no comments for the show whatsoever – that’s how much I dislike the show! Either the store’s manager want to be on TV so bad that they are allowing more than 4 coupons for the same item. It is so wrong!
    I am a big coupon user and it is crazy when I get denied for using the 2nd coupon.
    Secondly, these extreme couponers should be on Hoarders show. Because how much mustard can you use in a year. Everything has an expiry date. I bought 2 mustards last year and am still using the last one.

  • Karen B

    Each week I would watch, hoping it would get better. No such luck. The show is ruining it for all of us honest couponers. So unrealistic.

  • Cathy

    I love the show and I am excited for the new season. It is better than any of the other reality TV shows.

  • Ivy

    I would love to wade in on this. I worked for Safeway for 15 years. The reason stores have Loyalty cards and Just4 U, etc… is because it costs a lot of money to convince someone to shop at your chain, and so they NEVER, EVER want to lose an existing customer.

    If you don’t like Extreme Couponing you can do two things. Identify the store they are shopping at. Contact and tell the store you noticed them on TLC EC and you feel that they are being somewhat dishonest. They don’t allow you to use 60 coupons for the same item, they don’t allow you to double more than four, you don’t like that YOUR store (Alberstons, Shoprite, etc) let’s TLC shoppers play by one set of rules and makes you(their LOYAL customer for ___ years) play by another. Ask them not to allow TLC to film in their store. I bet corporate doesn’t even know before TLC shows up. They need to tell the managers no cameras and crews in the store. If they don’t listen you will take your business to a grocery chain with ethics. Cindy can post the emails for the public affairs offices for each chain and we can write, write, write.

    2. You KNOW the people who are being filmed started wanting to SAVE money but now they want to MAKE money. They will start their own blog with the TLC logo. Post to their blog, shaming and shunning, works for a reason. They are not ethical. Ask them what they are going to do with 125 tubes of toothpaste. Ask the name of the charity they donated to, and call to verify. Chances are this stuff is ending up in a garage sale. Ask what motivates them to donate 80 bottles of hot sauce to a charity. Takes me a couple of years to get through one.

    The people who watch this show think everything is free and get angry when it is not. I would have a fit if the person in front of me took 3 hours to check out, and had just cleared the shelves of things I needed for my family.

    Finally, if you write TLC or the couponer, ask them “What is the point?”. “What good thing did you teach people?” “How was it helpful to the hundreds of shoppers at that store who could not come in that afternoon/evening and possibly for days and find the things they need”

    Just saying…..

  • nancy pants

    I contacted the show (thanks to a link from Beth) this is the response email I recieved:
    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for contacting TLC. We appreciate your correspondence and for
    taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us about Extreme

    In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as
    these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to
    our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the
    integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of
    comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

    Again, thank you for contacting TLC.


    Viewer Relations