Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 9/25

Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 9/25/11

Here is the Walgreens Ad Preview for the week of 9/25/11.  These are just some of the highlighted deals for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad


Make sure to check out all the Walgreens Coupon Match Ups for this week.

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  • heather

    Nice! I love all the money makers 🙂

  • Jen

    I had a problem there today with the machine printing my RR. They insisted it was because I used manufacturer’s coupons which brought the total down to under the required amount for a RR. DUH. They told me they couldn’t just “get one to print”, yet I have had them do it for me before AND they did it for me on the following transaction because the machine didn’t print one (and I didn’t use any coupons). Additionally, they wanted me to fill out a form and mail my receipt in to get my reward (for stores without a coupon machine). I just wrote an email to corporate.

    • Deena

      It is amazing how different each store is in these chains. Yesterday, I had a cashier plug in a coupon code for makeup I bought to give me an extra $2 off that I did not even know about. She said there had been a store coupon, but they were all gone but she did not want me to miss the savings. I was already using a coupon, but I got extra money off because of her knowing her job!!

      We should all write to the company when we are treated badly, and when we are treated well. I almost hate to tell anyone about this cashier, though, because I am afraid she broke some rule and will get in trouble!!

  • Awesome! Some good savings here!

  • misty

    this may be a dumb question but what is…NLA?

    • Deena

      No Longer Available

  • Carmen

    I keep seeing people wonder about the rewards not printing. I always have the cashier ring up ALL the items, then have her total it (to let the machine know I reached the required amount) then I hand her my coupons….and I never have that problem anymore.