Walgreens Coupon Match Ups 9/18 – 9/24

Walgreens Deals for the Week of 9/18/11

Thanks to Coupon STL for this weeks match ups.

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Make sure you print a copy of the new Walgreens Coupon Policy and have it with you when you shop.

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  • Michelle M

    If you need the in ad coupon for the fillers listed above, how are they considered fillers? Or do you have to buy two of them so that the coupon is used for one item and then you have an extra item to use as a filler? I have been wondering if you buy three things on one of the in ad coupons if it still counts as three coupons or only one coupon? (ex. three jello….hand in one ad coupon but it takes it off for three jello)

    • Michael

      Good question, I’ve been wondering the same thing. I had troubles with one of their in ad coupons buying multiple things before and had to buy one or two of something else….but I don’t know if that’s why.

    • lucy

      Walgreens coupons (store) dont count in your coupon to item ratio.

      • Michelle M

        The store coupons don’t count to the coupon to item ratio??? I didn’t realize that….I have been counting them. So the coupon to item ratio is really only a problem when you use an RR then since you would never be able to use more than one manufacturers coupon on one item.

        • Ueen

          this is the beauty of couponing blogs, it helps you learn as you go. 🙂

          • Lisa E

            so true ,so true!

  • Jessica

    You can stack in
    Ad coupons with manufacturer coupons.

    • Cathy Jenkins

      In my experience the store coupons HAVE counted in the coupon to item ratio…so I don’t see the ‘filler’ items working if they have a coupon attached in my local store.

      • Cathy that has been my experience with WAGS too, that is why I don’t like shopping there.

        • lucy

          The monthly store coupons ( in the book) are manufacturer’s coupons, though you are allowed to stack. This has been a reason why so many people complain about walgreens’ coupon policy.

      • Sue

        …But the Walgreens coupons usually have a several-item limit, not just one coupon per item…So if you needed one filler item, you could clip the gelatine coupon and get two boxes (30 cents).

      • lisa alcorn

        I have had cashiers state that they can not give me the walgreens coupon and the mgr coupon butttt……… If I give them my walgreens coupons first and then my mgr. coupons last and the order is large enough they never even notice. it seeems to work for me. I don’t really feel this is cheating I just don’t think every cashier knows the coupon rules and it seems to work for me.

      • Dawn

        actually the store coupon and the manu coupon are 2 sep coupons right? and arent’ you allowed to use one of each on one item? SO if you use a store coupon on a ‘filler’ can’t you then use the money you are making from the monymakers towards the filler items also? The RR do count as Manu q’s so they are not considered store q’s. Am I following along the right way?

  • Vercilla

    Got the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Coupon… Thank You…..

  • Grandma Bird

    When talking about the Trident you mention a Walgreen September Coupon Book. What is that and how do we get one?

    • Sue

      They have them in the store, usually in the rack with the circulars — tall and skinny.

  • Robin

    I just wanted to double check with someone on the Carmex lotion deal. I Do have the $1.50/1 coupons but I thought this RR was for last week or the week before. Is it still going on?

    Deal Idea:
    Buy 2 Carmex Healing Lotion $5.00 each
    -(2)$1.50/1 Carmex Coupons
    Pay: $7.00
    Get a $5 Register Reward
    $1 each after coupons & RR – if you printed the coupon

    Thanks so much for the help!

    • Cindy

      It’s through the end of the month

      • Robin

        Oh, thank you so much!! You just made my night!

  • Arizia


  • Andrea

    There is also a prevacid q in the walgreen’s book for $5.00 off, combine with the $4.00 q, less $ OOP and you submit for the $10.99 MIR.

  • Kate

    RP 8/7 has $1/1 Herbal Essence product. They’re in the circular for 2/$6 with $2 RR when you buy 2, so with coupons $1 each.

  • Amy W.

    So if I am to understand it right the monthly coupons book coupons do count toward the coupon ratio and the in ad coupons don’t? So if I use a manf. and a monthly it counts as two. If I use a manf. and an in-ad it counts as 1? I have been confused about this for sometime as I have had mixed results. Reading this has further confused me. In the meantime I have just been counting all coupons because there is .10 taffy by the register for now. 🙂

    • Michelle M

      I am still confused too since it seems like people have had different experiences based on the comments.
      Cindy do you have any info on this? Thanks in advance!

  • Amy W.

    Also my Walgreens had a .55/1 Ben and Jerry’s tearpad a week ago.


  • Blake

    Has anyone else found the Prevacid 24HR coupon in today’s smart source? It was also supposed to have a $15.99 mail in rebate with it as well. I can’t seem to find it and i received two different newspapers this morning.

    • Grandma Bird

      My local paper did not have this one but the Denver Post did. looks like it was in bigger area papers. i have found that my local paper has a lot less then the Denver Post. Figures as I bought the subscription to the local paper. 🙁

  • AmyW

    So my store did not have the Hyland’s or Blistex. I got a poor excuse about remodling (of which I have yet to see any) and not having the recent truck put away. Don’t you think if it’s in the sale ad at the front of your store you should have it or at least have a empty space on the shelf where it was before it sold out?

  • Jennifer

    Did anyone get the Blistex Cold & Allergy Lip Balm? Where was it located?

    • Allie

      I found it down the aisle with the cold medicines. There were a lot of other lip balms/chap-sticks in that area too.

  • Grandma Bird

    Sounds like we need to let Walgreen know we are not finding product in our local stores. I know it seems like a waste of time but if enough people complain maybe they will do something about it! I quit shopping here years ago and now that I am trying to save by using coupon’s I have tried to go back but it sure is hard when “Old Mother Hubbard s Cupboard is Bare” .

  • Dee West

    I’ve checked my papers several times and I don’t have an Infusium 23 coupon in Smart Source for today. Was that a regional one?

  • Linda Hughes

    Slow week at Walgreen’s. Only thing I might want is the gum but again the whole ‘filler’ thing is a bit annoying.

  • Kerry

    Today I got a good deal on the 2/$4 Nabisco Fig Newtons deal. I picked up a package of regular Fig Newtons and a package of Fig Newtons Thins. I was also buying milk (on sale this week for $2.99/gallon).

    I used (1) $1/2 Nabisco coupon in the September book, (1) $1/1 Nabisco cookie wyb milk, (1) $1/1 Newtons Thins – this was taped to a package at WalMart from awhile ago. Check you binders and see what you can come up with!

  • 0246

    mmm, ben & jerrys.

  • ek

    Any advice? I bought one of the Hyland’s Cough and Cold and two packs of the 79 cent Brach’s candy corn. I used a 50 cents off 2 Brach’s candy and tried to use two RR. I thought these 3 coupons (1 Brach’s and 2 RR) would work since I had three items. They would only accept the Brach’s coupon and one RR. When they scanned the second RR, the monitor read, “coupons can not exceed number of items”.

    • 0246

      when you use ($/2) coupons, they attach to both items. try physically placing the coupons on your items – if your coupon needs to sit on 2 items, it essentially ‘counts’ as 2 coupons.