Walgreens Coupon Match Ups 9/25 – 10/1

Walgreens Deals for the Week of 9/25/11

Thanks to Coupon STL for this weeks match ups.

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  • Kathy

    what is NLA? I know it’s probably a stupid question and very obvious but it’s not coming to me. LOL

    • Mark

      It means no longer available.
      Slim pickings at Walgreens this week.

  • Erin

    Don’t really know where to put this comment but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY

  • Amy W.

    So does anyone know is the Schick Quattro deal for both men and womens razors?

    • Julie

      If not, you can get the women’s at CVS this week for free!

    • Roxy

      Hi Amy,
      yes the deal is for both, I did the deal for women cartridges and worked for me 🙂

      • Margaret W.

        Anyone know if I can do this: Buy 1 Womens Schick Razor system, and 1 Razor refill, use 2-$5 Schick Womens MFR, and get 2-$5 RRs?? I know its 1 per offer, but does that mean I can get 2 different items such as a razor and the refills?

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    The Renu coupon is out … Good thing I have a ton of those free Complete solutions from a few weeks ago 😉

  • Shelly

    I found a $5 moneymaker on Brita pitcher at Walgreens. Go to http://www.filterforgood.com/ and take the Pledge, its on the right hand side. Receive a $5 coupon for the pitcher and then print out the $10 rebate form . Walgreens has the pitcher for $10.
    Happy Birthday Cindy!

    • shaniajam

      I have the $7/1 from recycle bank a while back (actually I got two) so i am glad i will be able to get one for me and my mother in law. check recycle bank ot see if the coupon is now availble again.

    • Janice

      i tried doing that but unfortunately my walgreens is ALWAYS out of the stuff on sale…it is so aggrevating!!!!!!!!!

  • Arizia


  • laura

    I had a problem with the Schick coupon at Walgreens, was wondering if anyone else did? The register wouldn’t scan it; the cashier said it should work but didn’t know why and could not manually punch it in. The manager took a look at it and said it was missing some codes? I checked all my other internet coupons and none of them have the code she said it was missing. I was wondering if maybe it didn’t work because of the overage?? I bought a couple other things..Puffs, BalanceBar. Any thoughts?

    • shaniajam

      yes it is because of overage. My cvs will not give you money back. find some fillers and try again…

      • shaniajam

        i mean walgreens too.

  • what is a NLA coupon for walgreens?



  • Roxy

    just for your information there is a $1 off coupon inside the Zarbee’s Nightime Cough and sleep for children box. I realized about that when I got home, but since it’s free because it gives you a RR I might buy it again and use this coupon to make a money maker!! so take a look inside the box to get your coupon, byeee…

  • Karley

    Laura, I also had a problem with the Schick coupon at Walgreens. Luckily, all they had to do was manually punch in the “vendor coupon amount”. No problems for me… hopefully everyone else’s Walgreens doesn’t give them a problem.

  • Vercilla

    FYI Kettle chips are on sale for 1.99 per bag as well as the Kettle Corn. They are 1.00 coupons for BOTH in today’s sales paper, I think it’s the Red Plum… My son got the Haribo Gummy bears and the Kettle Chips….

  • kristi

    The zarbee’s cough medicine…open the box and there is a $1.00 dollar off coupon inside !!!

  • linda

    I found the Britta coupon but no rebate form. Where did you find it?

  • Anonymous

    To the comment asking if u can do the razor and cartridge, only if u Dothan in two transactions

  • Rebecca

    I don’t know if anyone else has tried the Theraflu deal yet, where you buy 2 for $10 and supposed to get a $5 RR back, but I did it today and didn’t get my Register Reward. I had the two $2 off coupons from this Sunday’s paper and the manager told me the reason I didn’t get the RR was because the total after using the coupons was less than $10. What I find hilarious is that the Walgreens ad this week lets people know that there is a Theraflu coupon in this week’s paper. I have never had it before at Walgreens where the total had to be after the coupon. I did the Revlon Age Defying deal last week 3 times where it was spend $10 and get a $3 RR back and I even used 2 $5 off coupons! I told the manager I would be calling customer service and he said they would just refer me back to him and he couldn’t get me the Register Rewards. This is just one of the reasons why I don’t like to shop at Walgreens and instead prefer to shop at RiteAide! Hopefully this deal will work for anyone else who tries it this week.

    • Campanita

      My mother in law did the DayTime Theraflu and it worked ( she used the $3 peelie from the box ) but when it was my turn doing the new one that has Lipton in it, it didn’t work ( I used $2 coupons ). The funny thing is that is the one in the walgreens flyer. The manager was real nice and tried 3 times to print the rewards but it wouldn’t work. At the end she gave me $5 cash and filled some papers and said sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes there are managers that want to help buy usually not that many.

    • Renata Ahmed

      Rebecca, same happened to me today. The manager here is New York gave me a print out to submit a form via mail to get $5 back. Ask your store manager to check the system and print a mail in form for you.

  • liz

    When I bought the $2.00 Walgreens Maxi pads a $0.50 walgreens Maxi coupon printed out!!!

  • Joy

    Ive done the $2 Walgreens pads twice and it worked both times. On the 2nd transaction a $1 coupon for Walgreens pads came out to thank me for trying their brand. I was successful twice with the remmington razor. Im in Virginia and Ive been into 3 Walgreens shopping this week. All 3 have the Remmington razor displayed in the makeup section, not shaving section. guess thats why they havent sold out. lol
    I work nights and have a 4 mos old so we were up at 4am so we went to walgreens. They were wonderful and got excited about the free deals. Maybe the night shift is cooler or my baby girls cuteness helped. Anyway, I think I will do more nocturnal shopping. We have a 24 hr cvs and 2 24 hr walgreens within 6 miles of my house. I will probably go by walgreens when I get off to try the thereflu deal.

  • Anonymous

    i have up2u coupons they are on sale for 99 they will not let me use 1off in book and the 99 cent supposed to be free at the end not sure what im doing wrong

  • Sara

    Two questions; Has anyone used their first $5. RR for the women’s Schick razor refills on a second pack of the women’s Schick razor refills, and if so, did it print another $5. RR for you? And also, has anyone done the Colgate Optic White toothpaste or toothbrush RR deal yet…or is this deal really just available for those few hours listed on Saturday? I wasn’t sure that date and time frame was for the colgate optic deal…kinda lame if it is! Thanks for any feedback!