Walgreens: How to Roll Your Register Rewards This Week

Walgreens:  How to Roll Your Register Rewards This Week

Here is a great way to roll your Register Rewards this week so that you can get the lowest out of pocket possible.    There are many ways you can choose to do the deals and your deals may vary depending on your coupons and the products that you need.  This is just an example to help you get started and get you thinking about your own deals.

Please do not do all these transaction at one checkout.  It’s best not to hold up the line for others.  You can spread them out throughout the day or the week.

Remember, if you already have a Register Reward from last week, you can include that in your first transaction.  These ideas are done as if you have no Register Rewards to start with.  Also, you can not have more manufacturer coupons then products.  Register Rewards count as a coupon but Walgreens coupons do not.

Transaction #1:

Buy 1 Balance Bar Single $1.59
-$0.55/1 Balance Bar Coupon from the 9/11 SS
Pay: $1.04
Get a $1.59 RR

Transaction #2:

Buy 1 Walgreens Maxi Pads $2
-$1.59 RR from transaction #2
Pay: $0.41
Get a $2 RR

Transaction #3:

Buy 1 Schick Quattro Razor $8.99
Buy 1 Hunts Tomato Sauce $0.33 (with in ad coupon) – filler item
-$5/1 Schick Quattro Coupon (NLA)
-$2 RR from trans $3
Pay: $2.32
Get a $5 RR

Transaction #4

Buy 1 Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough & Sleep Drink $5.99
Buy 1 Hunts Tomato Sauce $0.33 (with in ad coupon) – filler item
-(1)$1/1 Zarbee’s Coupon (NLA)
-$5 RR from trans #4
Pay: $0.32
Get a $5.99 RR

Transaction #5:

Buy 1 Remington King of Shaves Razor System $4.99
Buy 1 Balance Bar Single $1.59
-(1)$0.55/1 Balance Bar from the 9/11 SS
-$5.99 RR from trans #4
Pay: $0.04
Get a $4.99 RR (Remington)
Get a $1.59 RR (Balance Bar)

Transaction #6:

Buy 1 Brita Filter $10
-$5/1 Brita Coupon
-$4.99 RR
Pay: $0.01
Submit for $10 MIR

Final Result:

2 Balance Bars
1 Wags Maxi Pads
1 Schick Razor
2 Hunts Tomato Sauce
1 Zarbees
1 Remington King of Shaves Razor
1 Brita Filter

Paid: $4.14 + any tax for $35.81 worth of groceries
And you have a $1.59 in RR + $10 in Mail in Rebates

Make sure to check out all of the Walgreens Deals for this week and for all the coupons.  Also, if you are new to Walgreens, be sure to check out the Beginners Walgreens post.

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  • Karen

    I am THROUGH with Walgreens! I saw other posts and just thought I’d add my terrible experience this morning. EVERY time I go to Walgreens something goes wrong. Today, I was planning on going just to pick up the cough syrup, which by 8 A.M. was no where to be seen. So instead, I grabbed a Balance bar and the $2 Maxis. The cashier scans the balance bar and the register beeps. He asks me if I know how much it is and I show him the flyer. He proceeds to tell me that because he’ll have to enter the price manually, the register reward will not print. I looked at him in disbelief, declared, “I’m so DONE with this store!” and walked out. I won’t be wasting my gas to go to Walgreens anymore! Not even if they’re giving everything away for free! I’ve had it!

    • kathy

      I got bad experience this morning too. I wanted to get 2 Schick razors, and the cashier did not let me get the second one. He told me “limited one”.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I wouldn’t put up with that… if they tell me the rr won’t print, then I tell them they need to give me an in store credit for the amount of the reward which is the same as they would do if they were giving you a rain check and the rr reward wouldn’t print.

      • Dawn

        We just need to ‘think on our feet, take a minute, step back and figure out ‘what else can we do”? Take the bar off the trans til you figure out another way around it…Manager pls….?

        • Jenn

          I rarely go to Walgreen’s because something always goes wrong. I don’t even bother checking the RR anymore. Half the time, they don’t print and there’s always either a person who doesn’t know anything about it or has an attitude. You can keep Walgreens.

  • Julianna

    Don’t forget the Theraflu! My 2 rang up at $$5.99 and $4.01, but the $5 RR didn’t print. So the manager gave me a $5 gift card. I used printed (2) $2/1 Theraflu (the same pic on it as is in the ad). The gift card was awesome because I didn’t need a filler item to use it and I was able to split it up on to my next two transactions!

    • nicole

      I heard on a radio ad in my car this morning that when you buy a theraflu & an advil you get the RR. Maybe that is why it didn’t print? Or is it a different deal all together.

    • Cat

      Same thing happened to me. No RR so I got a $5 gift card.

      • Michelle

        There must be some kind of issue with the Theraflu RR printing. Mine did not print either, so the cashier had a manager come over. They verified that I bought the right thing. The manager then scanned the items and got the RR to print, so I am happy 🙂

        • CJ

          Theraflu RR didnt print for me either, the manager gave me $5.41 cash back in place of the RR. The Balance bar rang up at $1.50 and gave a $1.60 RR for .10 profit (no coupon in my inserts). Couldnt find the Remington razors or Colgate Optic White at either store I went to, but otherwise a good day at Walgreens for me 🙂

          • Amy W.

            My store didn’t even have the Thera-Flu in stock. Or the Optic White toothpaste that they said ran out last week and the warehouse was out of stock also.

            • Marlene

              If stores didnt order ahead of time they will only receive about 6 viz UPS. I ordered for my store 3 weeks ago. I had more then 100 this morning.

  • T

    Since when can you use a register reward to pay and still earn a register reward? I always hear a million excuses as to why they don’t print and of course store personnel always blame me for something I must of done. Sigh.

    • nicole

      It will print as long it is not being redeemed towards the same deal. For example if you are buying the balance bar in trans #1, you cannot use the RR towards another balance bar, it will not print cause it’s the same deal. But if it’s towards a different deal altogether it won’t interfere with the RR and will print the RR for the new deal. Hope that helps!

    • Marlene

      as a walgreens employee and couponer we never know why RR dont print out. We cant put them in manually and we cant force them to come out. The only thing we can do is send a message to corporate which enters the coupon deals and RR’s to fix it. If a manager offers you a gift card and you dont want it. Have him email corporate and let them know you want your RR when its ready. If not contact the District manager.

  • nicole

    The $5/1 brita coupon is for a new system not a filter. The filter is $2/1 unless there is another coupon out there that I’m not seeing.

  • Ueen

    Look for .50 peelies on the walgreens maxi pads.

    • Melissa

      I’ve also had .50 and 1.00 coupons print through the cat machine at walgreens after I bought some! So awesome!!!

  • Ueen

    Be careful with transaction #5, the balance bar is ringing up at 1.50 and not 1.59. So u will be short vs your 6rr and .55q

  • butterball chicken broth and arizona teas are a great filler items this week with the coupon in the ad. I got back from Walgreens this morning and spent $9 on over $100 in groceries. I did three transactions in each in two Walgreens, but I map them out and walk back through the store to get each one. I was also at the first one at five am and it was only me and the cashier. Good coupon day!

    The second walgreens had my fave cashier, too. There’s another cashier that works there and if she’s on, I’ll only do one transaction and leave. When people are mean to me, they don’t even get my coupon dollars!

  • Mike

    My wife and I too had an issue with the Balance Bars. When we individually rung out we didn’t get a RR for them. We also did not get a RR for the Renu contact solution. So we ended up having the manager refund us for them. How do we prove we are supposed to get a RR in the case when the only place I see you’re supposed to get one is on this website?

    • Michelle

      They are both listed in the ad. There are always ads right when you get in the store. The Balance Bar RR printed for me & I used the .55 coupon. The Renu has to be the Sensitive Multi-Purpose solution 12 oz, on sale for $6.99, which my store was out of. Oh well, I guess I’ll be going back this week 🙂 By the way, if you bought the right things, show them what you bought and the ad, and they will fix it for you. Don’t get discouraged 🙂

      • Mike


        This must be regional then. My Walgreen’s ad in Virginia lists the Renu and Balance Bar, but with no RR listed. Which kind of brings me back to my original question on how can we prove there’s supposed to be a RR besides this website. Perhaps it’s just regional?

        • julianna

          Yeah, if it’s not in your store’s flyer it would be a YMMV situation. Best to go by what’s in your local paper.

          • Michelle

            Must be regional, it’s in my ad in NJ. Bummer.

            • Marlene

              manager can check on the system all RR items.

  • Heather

    I did 4 transactions at 2 different Walgreens this morning and experienced normal glitches. First transaction RR didn’t print – I should have got $13.59 worth. The manager was very patient & tried to apply them toward my second purchase but he also tried to price modify each of the items that were suppose to generate more RR by the value of their RR- of course this wouldn’t work with coupons. Big mess. I left & returned when the machines were back up & everything worked out. Next, I went to another Walgreens & made 2 more quick transactions.

    • Marlene

      when the price is modified the RR will not print. What i do with my customers is ring them up at the price it shows so RR comes out. Then do an exchange price modifying the item.

      • Heather

        Yeah – he was trying to modify with both the RR’s that didn’t print on the first transaction & by the ones that should print but were not going to because the machine was down. Good in theory but, that would have been more than I owed. It all worked out – I just waited until the machines were back up & running 🙂

      • stephanie

        marlene, i work at a wags as well in de and i have modified an farr item because of raincheck and the rr printed just fine i have never once had and issue with a modified item not printing and rr. wierd

        • Marlene

          yes it is. Different state i suppose. I asked our regional manager which advised me on that issue.

  • Melissa

    Just an idea… my store had tumblers (cups) and halloween bags are 8/1.00 which comes out to .13 cents!

    • Michelle

      Got both, nice fillers!

  • karri

    My walgreens in California does not give a $4.99 RR . The cashier looked in the ad and said it is not listed so no. Is this a regional RR ? If anyone knows would appreciate it, Thanks.

    • Marlene

      yes it is. Please ask manager to open a fix it ticket with store ops. They should ad it to the system within 24hrs

    • Marlene

      what county do u live in?

      • karri

        Riverside county Murrieta, Ca. Thank you for your valuable input. ill be calling the manger with that good advice and hopefully it will be fixed.

  • Jessica

    CVS and Rite Aid are so much easier to shop at..

    • Marlene

      I guess it all depends on the walgreens staff. There are 4 walgreens within 6 miles of my store. they all put limits on there products. Our store doesnt. I order and i usually know a good sale. I over order to make sure there is enough for every customer. I have an average of 8 coupon customers that go in daily. And i always have enough for everyone. Walgreens should get 2 shipments in a week. There normal warehouse and a small load 2-3 days after. If the item you are looking for is not there ask a manager to order it for smartfill for you.

    • Deena

      It so depends on where you are. I stopped shopping at Rite Aid because the store was never stocked properly and the cashiers were just clueless. I have had OK experiences so far with Walgreens. If you are nice and work with facts (the ad) and the store policy, they are nearly always easy to work with. CVS is still my fave, but Walgreens is a close second.

      • kathy

        I have been nice to one cashier at Walgreens, but he always gives me trouble with my coupons when I shop there. He accused me of “copied coupons” twice, and would not let me purchase more than one item that goes on sale.

        • Marlene

          im sorry about that. I have encountered couponers that do copy i still take them in even tho the store does not get credit but i let them know that we do lose money.

  • sarah

    thanks for posting these comments. I usually don’t even check out the wags deals anymore b/c I’ve had issues in the past, but I was tempted to go this week. I’m not going to waste my time after reading about all the issues. thanks for the warning! I usually shop Rite Aid, but the deals have not been great lately, however, I never have a problem there.

  • jillian

    I completed all tranactions except for the remington razor, it was sold out @ 4 walgreens. So, I purchased the colgate instead and I got back $6.00 RR plus the 10.00 mail rebate. Thnaks!

    • Ueen

      U got a mail in rebate for the colgate?

  • at walgreens can you use 2 coupons on a buy one get one free along with store coupons

    • Marlene

      ex. old spice or gillette products this week are buy 1 get one 50% off. You can use a buy one get one free and a $1 off. i got these for my bf and with employee discount i paid $1.03 for a deoderant and body wash. i believe these coupons are from the last p&g. they exp 9/30.

  • Jillian


  • Paul W

    After reading all of these comments, I would be very worried about shopping at Walgreens. However, just earlier today I made a total of 8 transactions costing me less than $21 out of pocket and the retail value was nearly $100! I kept rolling over the RR into the next purchase. I know that some managers are very difficult, and others are very lenient. They all have a right to block multiple purchases it they wish to.
    I will only purchase one of an item per transaction, unless the printed add says I can buy more.
    Also, I will let others in front of me and make sure that I have all of my coupons ready for each purchase.
    I have had a few issues with the RR not printing, and when I showed the manager their ad and the products, they usually just give me cash back.
    I have learned that many coupon blogs, including this one, have information that is not accurate in all parts of the country. Such as the value of the coupons, or even if the are in the paper at all. Each city is going to be slightly different; same thing with some in-store pricing and deals.
    But I still love couponing and the major amount of money that we save EVERY single week!!!!!
    And I have no problem giving tips to anybody that needs it.

    • Ueen

      Nah, thanks for the offer but lrwc is enough for me . 🙂

  • jillina

    answer to Ueen Q. No, I got the 10.00 mail in rebate for the Brita.

    • Ueen

      Tks. 🙂

  • Jennifer R.

    I didnt get an RR for the Filter system. The ad just says 10.00 for the filter does not mention an RR so I could not dispute. Same thing with the Zarbee’s. I went to the little falls walgreens wondering if any one else had the same issue.

  • Jamie R

    Today I bought 2 Soft soaps that were on sale for 2/$6. I used 1 nwalgreen coupon and used 2 $1.00 offs from Sundays coupons 09/25. I paid $2.39. A savings of $7.98. Thought I let everyone know>

  • esther

    the last transaction wouldn’t work since you can’t use 2 coupons toward just 1 item (brita), the Manufacturer coupon and the RR count as 2 coupons.

  • zina

    WTH!! 2 walgreens i went to in port st lucie were out of optic white and renu AND balance bars! ugh!!

    • Marlene

      most likely if they have any they are holding them for saturdate with a Beauty advisor. they should get some in then viz UPS

  • Linda

    What are you referring to when you say NLA? You mention that $5 Shick Quattro Coupon – Where is this?

    • Julianna

      Linda – to answer both of your questions: NLA means “no longer available”. That particular coupon had been on coupons.com for a day or two, then it must have hit it’s print limit because it disappeared.

  • Linda

    Oh thank you – that explains why I can’t find it!

  • April

    If u buy the small bottle of pantene shampoo or contioner for 4.99 each which are buy one get one 1/2 off use the 3.00 in sundays paper u r only paying like 1.49 for both

  • Aileen

    DEALS OF WEEK 10/9

    Halls will be $1 free after RR
    Colgate Optic $3.99-$2RR=$1.99
    Aussie and Herbal Essenses 6 to 14oz $2.99-$1RR=$1.99
    Osteo biflex BOGO + Coupon in sunday paper
    Huggies Jumbo Pack $9.49- $2.50RR= $6.99