Walgreens: Look for $1 Zarbee’s Coupons Inside Box

Walgreens: Look for $1 Zarbee’s Coupons Inside Box

This week Walgreens has the Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough & Sleep Drink free after Register Reward.  There was a $1/1 Zarbee’s printable  Coupon available making this a money maker but that coupon is no longer available (NLA).  If you missed the coupon, you are still in luck because there have been many reports of a $1/1 Zarbee’s Coupon inside the box.  So, after you buy your first box, you can use the coupon inside toward your next purchase of Zarbee’s to score a money maker.

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Thanks Ueen!

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  • Julianna

    My daughter and I each had a cup of this last night (we’ve both been coughing and having trouble sleeping) and it tasted pretty good. I told her that it was grape tea and that we were having a tea party. I’m definitely going to go get more since there’s only 6 packets in a box and it worked well.

  • Gretchen

    Hey there! Love the site. Thanks so much for saving me so much time with your user friendly, organized coupon matchups and tips. LivingRichWithCoupons is the best money saving blog, in my humble opinion. Anyhow, I have a quick question. My Walgreens seems to have this one cashier who loves to be a thorn in my side. I have encountered this treat of a woman 3 times. Here’s the deal: she won’t let me pay for an item with a register reward AND a coupon because she says they are both manufacturer’s coupons (ie- using a $5 rr from the remington deal and the $1/1 Zarbee’s- Zarbee’s was 5.99, I had a bag of m&ms for my daughter as a filler). what the hey? Am I correct that she is incorrect and any tips for dealing with meany checkout people? I just kept my $1/1 coupon and ended up scoring the Zarbee’s for something like $1.05, so I figure I win anyways. I was nice to her and was not making multiple transactions. I really don’t want to have to switch my Walgreen’s location. Thanks so kindly and keep up the good work!

    • Ruth Jenkins

      They are a lot of cashiers who are plain nasty and they will continue to be nasty until you deal with them. To deal with this woman, print out the Walgreens coupon policy and also bring the phone number to the corporate office. When she tells that you cannot use a register reward, call corporate office and let them explain her job to her. They will ask her for her name, employee information, etc and her nastiness and lack of knowledge about her job will job on her record.

      Great customer service is extremely important to Walgreens. Years ago, I was one of their secret shoppers and they sent out different secret shoppers on a daily basis to their stores so they could improve their customer service. They invested an enormous amount of money on improving their customer service. I don’t think they are doing it anymore because the employees are no longer following basic customer service protocol at most of the stores that I visited since the Secret Shopper program ended a couple years ago.
      I have done this on a couple of occasions because

    • Julianna

      As long as you had the filler item to make sure that your total number of manufacturer coupons (including RR’s) didn’t exceed the number of items you were buying she should have let you use both. At the very least she should have scanned them to see if it would beep! At any rate, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of the store’s coupon policy in your binder, envelope or purse. Personally, I have a zippered pencil pouch with a clear plastic front for each of the stores I regularly shop at (color coded!) and in it I keep that week’s flyer, store coupons, manufacturer coupons I’ll need, any register rewards I’ve accumulated, a pen, a pair of little scissors AND a print out of the store’s coupon policy. Sometimes having that one piece of paper makes all the difference because even managers aren’t always 100% on what the company’s coupon policy is.

    • Deena

      Walgreen’s is a real stickler on number of coupons per transaction. And yes, they count the register rewards as a coupon whereas CVS treats them like cash.

      So, the thing to do is to make sure you have the same number of coupons as you have items. Single pencils, candy bars, gum, stuff like that added as a filler item can make the difference between getting to use a RR and being rejected.

      Say you have 4 mfr coupons for shampoo and one RR that you want to use. Grab your 4 shampoos and then something else little so that you can add that RR to your transaction.

      Once you learn Walgreen’s, it can be a great place to shop. And then the grumpy cashier will have to just keep her mouth shut because you SCORED ON HER BIGTIME!!!

      • Gretchen

        Thanks guys for the replies. You confirmed that I was indeed correct and that this cashier is interpreting the store’s coupon policy incorrectly. I suppose I do need to keep a copy of the corporate policy in my purse. Deena, you are so correct in the fact that I have noticed my Walgreens treats the RRs like coupons, whereas CVS treats ECBs more like cash. Looks like I just have a bad cashier with a prejudice against nice, small time couponers like myself. It happens, oh well. 🙂

  • Ruth Jenkins

    Too bad now the coupon inside the boxes will be gone because people will remove the coupon from inside the box. However, I just removed the ones from the boxes that I got so far. Thanks for the post.

    • Ueen

      Ohhhhh, I still believe that most couponers are honest.

  • gwen

    i had a really great cashier this weekend at walgreens. she suggested i do multiple transactions for the women schiek razor and the men one then she made sure i didnt use that razor rr for my next purchase cause i wouldnt get another.Then at another walgreens the cashier broke up the double pack of optic toothpaste so i could get the rewards and i used 2 coupons! 🙂 of coarse she got manager appr first but it rreally made up for the cashier at cvs who acted like i was trying to steal his pay check lol!

  • Terry

    just came home and checked my box, has the $1 coupon but it is for Zarbees cough syrup and the RR is for the cough drink.

    • Siobhan

      Mine has $1 off ANY Zabee’s product. Weird that there are different coupons in the boxes. Maybe they were made at different times? Or possibly from different plants.

  • Kate

    I just checked mine and it says cough syrup too. I know the first box I got had one that said “any”. Thanks for pointing that out or I would’ve ended up trying to use it.