Walgreens: Possible Crest Complete Money Maker

Walgreens: Possible Crest Complete Money Maker

Some of you may have received a $2/1 Crest Complete Toothpaste Coupon in your 9/11 SmartSource.  This was a regional coupon.  I did not receive one but I know some of you did.  If you did, you can score the following money maker at Walgreens this week until 9/17:

Buy 2 Crest Complete Toothpaste 5.8 oz $2.50 each
-(2)$2/1 Crest Complete Toothpaste Coupon from the 9/11 SS insert
Pay: $1.00
Get a $3 Register Reward
Free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & RR

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  • amanda

    I am going today to try and score this deal, going to roll the rr into the batteries on sale and I have a coupon, plus I already bought a pack last week so I should get the free gas code!! So I should come out spending .99 for all, plus get a $10 gas code! Unfort I did not by the first pack of batteries on sale 🙁

  • Scott Hosler

    I got these coupons and loaded up on this deal!

  • susan c

    i’m in coupon heaven…lol..a friend of mine gave me tons of inserts she had gotten from someone…and i just scored 12 of these q’s….the hubs thinks i’m crazy for getting this excited over coupons….. i love it!!! walgreens is very close to me… so i can make a few trips…:O)

    • susan c

      once again cindy….thank you! thank you!! :O)

  • OMGitsJuiceLee

    I tried to do this Monday morning but I’m guessing my local “shelf clearer” got to them first as they were ALL gone 🙁

    • Janet

      This would be lovely if only Walgreen’s had their advertised merchandise in stock.

      • Anonymous

        EXACTLY! Very rarely does Walgreens actually have items on the shelf after one day of the sale. You would think a large franchise could stock itself for sales. Im about to ditch Walgreens and just go to Target.

  • Janet

    Sorry, OMGitsJuiceLee, that comment wasn’t aimed at you 🙂 It sounds as if I’m your local shelf clearer, which I am not. Maybe there’s one at my store that’s keeping me from my great deals, or else Walgreen’s doesn’t anticipate enough stock for their weekly sales.

    • OMGitsJuiceLee

      lol, that’s ok… and ur right, it’s probably Walgreens’ fault for not stocking enough. They pulled this crap with the Keri lotion as well… In fact they only had them at the register and told me I was only allowed to purchase 1

  • Ainsley

    I tried to get this deal in Philly and all the stores are sold out of the specific type “dual clean” i believe, that you get a RR on. The manager at one would only write a raincheck for 2/$5 price not for the RR, other managers told me to come back next week. Why is Walgreens so much more difficult than CVS? It’s remarkable how much harder it is to coupon there between the low stock and the attitude towards those who coupon (which I have found to be ever present at all my local stores).

  • Kris

    Use it at WalMart! It’s good for the Oral B Complete floss. I found it for $1.96 at WalMart. 🙂

  • amanda

    I do agree about Walgreens vs CVS or even rite-aid. They are always so nice and give me no trouble when I do multiple transactions and have a ton of coupons. Walgreens they look at me like I have 2 heads. The newer manager of the one I go to is terrible, not a smile, thank you or even an expression that I think he gives a crap about his job. I have been using cvs much more because of this.

  • Annabelle

    I am in central CT and did get this regional coupon BUT I have never come across a coupon that reads the way this one does. Instead of “$2 off when you buy one” or $2 off one…” this one states “2 off when you buy 1 OR MORE of the following: Crest Complete Toothpaste…” I am curious to see if because of the OR MORE if you can only use one coupon if you buy 2. Lets hope not. That could be a trend to cut our savings way down.

  • Diana

    I did this deal on Monday several times!!!! It works on all Oral b floss too you dont just have to do the complete floss and you will get your RR.

  • Jennifer

    CVS has the 2.7 oz size at 2.57 with a 2 RR.

  • Sakin Amber

    I was at 3 different Wallgreens at 10:30am and little later Sunday, the first day !! I couldn’t find anything. Either toothpaste or toothbrush!! I don’t think people come and clear out the shelves. They just put 2 or 3 items and all week shelves are empty.

  • mindy

    I got th toothpaste! Yay. The manager opened a 2pk that was sitting right next to it since the shelves were empty. Out of ALL the 4oz bengay too!

  • Kristen

    Cindy – How did you not receive one? I’ve gotten the impression you live in Morris County (although I can be wrong…but just from some of the locations you shop, I figured thats where you were). Anyway, I live in Boonton and I buy both the Star Ledger and the Daily Record…I got the $2 coupon!

    • Cindy

      I’m in Essex and actually don’t get a lot of the good coupons. So sad 🙁

      • Kristen

        Wow that’s amazing! One county over and different coupons!

  • Laura

    For some reason everytime I go to the Walgreens down the street, they overcharged me. One week it was the Dove soap deal, then clear dividers/protectors for my son for school (For both sign said .99, but I was charged $1.99 for both deals) The irritating part is I usually go late at night, so IF I do catch the mistake, they tell me I have to come back tomorrow, because their “till
    ” has already been pulled for the night! What a pain!
    However, I absolutely refuse to go to CVS! One night after driving 6 hours to & from NYC from MD, (my daughter is a model) I was so tired & trying to figit with coupons, keys, cell phone & my exhausted daughter….well, I pay, walk outside, and there are FOUR state cops there saying “they think I stole something cuz I was figiting with my hoodie front pocket!!!!” The nerve, the embarrassment!!!

    • Yvette

      Omg that must have been terrible! Did the apologize atleast??