Walgreens: Revlon Money Maker

Walgreens: Revlon Money Maker

There is a Revlon Register Reward deal this week at Walgreens.  The deal is Buy $10 Revlon Products and get a $3 Register Reward.  And, Revlon products are all 40% off.  Plus, there is a sweet $5/1 REvlon Age Defying Product coupon in the 9/18 SS.

Here are 2 ways to score this for free:

Buy 1 Revlon Age Defying Foundation $8.39 ($13.99 regular price)
Buy 1 Revlon Age Defying Concealer $5.99 ($9.99 regular price)
Total = $14.38
– (2)$5/1 Revlon Age Defying Product from the 9/18 SS
– (1) $2/1 Revlon Cosmetics Walgreens coupon from the 7/24 SS  (Takes deduct $4 with 1 coupon)
Pay: $0.38
Get a $3 Register Reward
Free + Money Maker after coupons & RR

Buy 1 Revlon Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage $8.99 ($14.99 regular price)
Buy 1 Revlon Age Defying Concealer $5.99 ($9.99 regular price)
Total = $14.98
– (2)$5/1 Revlon Age Defying Product from the 9/18 SS
– (1) $2/1 Revlon Cosmetics Walgreens coupon from the 7/24 SS  (Takes deduct $4 with 1 coupon)
Pay: $0.98
Get a $3 Register Reward
Free + Money Maker after coupons & RR

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Thanks wildforwags

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  • hanna

    I don’t have 7/24SS coupon, but can I buy 2 of Revlon Age Defying Concealer $5.99 , use (2) $5/1 Revlon Age Defying Product from the 9/18 SS.
    Which makes it to $1.98 pay and get $3.00 RR?

    • Susan

      It is 40% off, so that wouldn’t reach $10.

      • Susie

        I think the $5.99 price is already 40% off. I’m pretty sure the final price will be $1.98. I don’t have the 7/24SS cpn either. Let’s try it & see! 🙂

  • Pawla

    I don’t understand how you can use (2) manufacturer coupons to purchse (1) product???

    • Jennifer

      The one coupon Cindy is referring to is a Wags coupon. You can use one store coupon and 1 manu coupon per item. Hope that helps.

    • Angela

      in each scenario you are purchasing 2 products, not 1 so you can use 2 manu. coupons.

      • Nancy

        I still don’t see how you only pay .38. I could be wrong but if the foundation is 8.39 – $5 MC and the concealer is $5.99 -$2 Wags Q then it should come to $3.39 + $3.99 = $7.38. Did I do this right? And if you buy 2 of each then it would be $14.76. I hope I didn’t confuse everybody. I think I just confused myself. Help!!!!!

        • Susie

          You forgot to subtract the$5 Revlon coupon for the concealer. Also the $2 Wags coupon will come off each item. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Dawn

    Hi Ladies, I don’t have the wags Q either but I read somewhere that all you need is the code number from the walgreens Q to have 4.00 taken off. I will try it this evening. I am hoping it works. The code is 5829.

    • hanna

      Let us know if it worked and how you did it
      (tell the cashier to input the code number??)

      • Robin

        I did this before, just tell the cashier the code and he can put it in. Mine had to add a bunch of zeros in front of the code to make it work.

    • Allie

      I would like to know if this worked too because I don’t have the coupon anymore 🙁

    • jennifer

      I just went and happy to report the code worked!!!

  • AO

    No concealer at my store, I’ll try a different one tomorrow

  • JD

    The Walgreens near me only let you use one coupon per item. I don’t think I would be able to do this deal.

    • Dawn

      you just need as many items as coupons you have. You can just get a piece of candy or they always have those caramels at the registers for like .33. If you have 3 coupons and only 2 items you just need 1 caramel.

  • T

    What is a wags coupon? I just went thru my 7/24 I dot see this 2 coupon? Thanks

    • Maria

      Walgreens usually has a booklet at the front of their store that is right next to or under the weekly circulars. The book contains coupons off for items in their store. these coupons can be stacked with manufactures coupons, but can not be used in another store (shop rite, rite aid..)

    • Campanita

      The coupon was regional.

  • Sarah

    Just got this deal! I paid $2.45 oop but it still was free with the RR. I did not have the wags coupon but took the code with me and the cashier had the coupon behind the counter!

  • IK

    Sarah – so did you just ask the cashier to input the code?

  • JW

    How did you get the $5 Q’s? I did not have any in my newspaper Q’s this week?

    • Susie

      You can also order them from Coupon DEDE!!! 🙂

  • Liz H.

    Am I missing something? Can’t you just buy 2 Revlon Age Defying Concealer for $5.99 each (after the 40%)? That’s $11.98.

    • Allie

      I think the total has to be over $10 after the Wags coupons to get the RR so that wouldn’t work…

      • Campanita

        I think you are right, the total has to be over after the Walgreens coupon.

  • Jennifer R.

    I got the $3 RR with the Age Defing DNA. It did not work with the regular Age defing. Since the ad only had a picture of the DNA product. The cashier said it was not included.

  • I got the second deal posted above.. I didnt have the coupon but used the code… Worked for me… 5829 is the code.. Thank you DAWN for the code..

  • Noelle

    I went to my Walgreens today, hoping to pick up 2 of the concealers. I had thought they were supposed to be 5.99 , but they had a sale tag of $9.99 so I didn’t end up buying them. Is the $5.99 only @ select locations?
    I did end up scoring 2 almost free blistex chapsticks though 🙂 Just had to pay tax. I gave one to my mom, so tomorrow I am going to get 2 more ( I don’t want to wipe out the whole selection – as tempting as it is)

    • AO

      I think the sticker price was more than they are ringing up. They are actually 5.99

  • Rachel Gierke

    Is the $5 coupon regional? I’m at 53222 and it wasn’t in my SS coupon booklet.

  • christina

    i was having problems with the RR, it didnt print out for me. The things was all deducted but no RR. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • dlshnn

      Your total had to be $10 AFTER the store q was applied, but the manufacturer coupons will not affect it.

  • tara

    can i use a RR or catalina from last week to buy this deal, and still get a new RR print out??

    • Alice

      I also have problems with the RR, it didn’t print out as well

  • Sara

    Just went to my walgreen’s, the cashier put the code in, but it wouldn’t accept it. I bought all the correct items….oh well, still a good deal.

    • tara

      my cashier said i need the paper coupon. oh well 🙁 but still a great deal 🙂

  • Jess

    when does the Walgreens Revlon coupon expire ?