Walmart: Free Schick Disposable Razors + Overage

Photo Courtesy Centsable Shoppin

Walmart:  Free Schick Disposable Razors + Overage

You can score a sweet deal at Walmart with the new High Value Schick Disposable Coupon.  Note that the coupon states “No cash back if coupon value exceeds retail price” so, most likely, Walmart will not give you cash back but, you can apply to overage to other more of your order.

Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Schick Disposable Razors $1.97 each
-(1)$6/2 Schick Disposable Coupon
Free + $2 overage to be applied to the rest of your order

Note: Price may vary!

Make sure to print the rest of these great High Value Coupons before they are gone.

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  • rosanne

    funny my walmart never ever gives overage! they always adjust the coupon down to the cost of the item even though i have showed them their own coupon policy which clearly states overage. i have called corporate several times and emailed them about this store but no changes. still free so i shouldn’t complain 🙂

    • LisaCT

      Yet, they collect the full $6 from the manufacturer, that’s not fair.

      • rosanne

        i agree! they are a huge establishment making money off the coupons they adjust. just doesn’t seem right to me.

  • Anonymous

    Got them!!!!!!

  • jen

    What store had them in stock? I tried two different Walmarts and they were sold out at 9pm last night!

  • Karyn

    My local Super walmart gave me a hard time twice about using a $3 off 2 of these packs of razors making both of them for $.97, they were refusing to take them until I flipped and told them the the coupon came from a pack of razors they were selling!!! I don’t know if I even want to attempt the $6. I have really been finding the stores in the Levittown PA area have been giving people a really hard time with a lot of the coupons.

  • Lesidhe

    I got four packs and they gave me the overages. I took a copy of their coupon policy with me and they ummed and aahhhed for awhile..but then went ahead and gave it to me.

  • Michelle

    It’s funny that you say Walmart does not give cash back. I have been given money back before. It was only .24 cents, but I had no idea it was gonna happen until she gave it back. Maybe she felt bad because out of the 4 coupons I had for the 4 items I bought only 2 would work since the other 2 had the new bar code setup. She said Walmart wouldn’t take them to which I responded I didn’t want the items then. Those were my higher priced items. The other 2 coupons provided overage. She finished the sale and gave me back .24 cents from the overage. ??? And I’m not one to argue bad or good.

  • Deanna

    Every time I go into our walmart, there is a problem. Yet again- had an issue today. They gave me problems with the coupon (shocker)- saying they would have to manually edit the credit (even though it took the $6 off)… then proceeded to argue with me that the coupon says “can’t use them on packs of 2 (mine were the 10 packs with 2 free inside). She thought the 2 free meant they were 2 packs. Who hires these people? I had to explain to the woman that my packs had 12 in them- not 2 in them. Really? I eventually got so fed up- I left.

    • lauren

      I totally agree Deanna. I have had such a hard time using Q’s at walmart and cvs on easy purchases that I have given up on both stores. It’s really frustrating, especially hearing other couponer stories where they have no problem. Don’t know where they shop but E.Windsor, NJ is not a pleasant shopping experience.

      • kayla

        that was what i just did today i just left …. they didn’t let me use my coupons

        • Deanna

          At least all the coupon stories tonight on facebook make me feel better. Guess I am not the only one dealing with cashiers that don’t get it.

  • Robin

    Did this deal in Monticello, IN this afternoon and it worked like a charm. I got 4 packs of the 10 with 2 bonus razors and used two $6 coupons. I used the overages to purchase a 12pack pouch Whiskas cat food since my papers didn’t have ANY of the catfood coupons this past weekend! I ended up paying $1.50 plus 94cents tax. I felt so good I came home and put together a “care” package for my neighbor who got laid off last week! The cashier looked at me like “How’d you do that?” I thanked her and left the store with my goodies! Turned out to be a good day after all!!

  • Penelope

    I had the same experience today at my local Walmart (in Westbury, LI). the cashier AND customer service told me they don’t give overage. I didn’t have the coupon policy on me so I just gave up. the cashier would not even adjust the price.
    The irony is I bought a trial pack of Cascade for $.97 with a $1 off coupon and got the overage on that. I’m debating whether its worth making the trip back with the coupon policy. To me sometimes a great deal is just not worth dealing with uninformed stubborn people.

    • jus1323

      I’m also from Long island and I try not to shop there, coz I tryed before and they dont gave me any overage…..what a bummer…. do you know any other walmarts in LI that gave you overage??

      • Penelope

        I dont typically shop at Walmart so this was my first couponing experience there. If that is the case then I’m not going to bother going back. Too bad cuz that stores has tons of the Schick razors in stock (probably from no one wanting to shop with their coupons there!)

  • Jessica

    I picked these up today! And I have to say, I must be the minority… I didn’t have any issues! (knock on wood) lol

  • Vikki

    The Walmart in Garfield, NJ is sold out. The Saddle Brook, NJ Walmart still had a few left. No issues checking out there.

  • Elizabeth

    What an awesome coupon! I used (2) $6/2 on the razors and my $4 overage paid for 2 boxes of playtex (using $4/2 coupon) and a candy bar. Total OOP including tax was $1.11. No problem from cashier. No more schick razors left in Linden, NJ Walmart.

  • kayla

    they didn’t let me use my coupons =(

  • susan c

    i just got back from doing this deal at walmart… i got 4 bags of razors….a bottle of comet soft cleanser and 2 cans of la choy rice noodles…my oop was 22 cents….( lovee it!!) when i got home i noticed that the razors had a coupon in them….$3.00/1 = free + $1. overage….i’m on my way back to walmart…:O)

    • Joan

      Susan, did you use the $3/1 coupon from the package? I can’t tell for sure if it’s for the same razors.

      • kayla

        Nop is not for the same razors that coupon is for the ST2

  • chiara

    these $1.97 disposables are nowhere to be found in the phila area from what i can tell. i did, however, have a nice experience at wal-mart last night and was actually given $.83 in overage.
    i ALWAYS travel w/ coupon policy in case i have a problem.
    it clearly states that they do give overage on coupons!
    i’m wondering if they even notice you’re getting overage when you buy other products that total or slightly go over your balance amount…?
    maybe that’s the trick… lol

  • chiara

    oh, p.s., i actually used my $2/1 wilkson-sword (or whatever it is – don’t have Q in front of me) on a trial pack that was $.97 and got $1.03 overage on each (i bought three) w/ no problem.

    i think it helps shopping right before closing – everyone wants to do whatever it takes to get the heck out of there!

  • Ruby

    I used 4 $6/2 and got 8 packs of these razors, 2 kiss my face lotions that were on the clearance rack for $2 each and then used a $1/1 Dove Visivble care body wash, and my total was $1.83! I thought it would be less but she said $1.50 of it was tax, so really .33 cents for all that! Super happy! The cashier did have to manually enter them though.

  • johnna

    I am new to this couponing thing…. and I guess Walmart was not a good early experience for me!! Went there today to use the BenGay $5 coupon on the $5.98 deal. It was $8.64 and did not ring up as a sale. I put it back. Wanted to get the schick razors deal…bins empty. Brought 4 boxes of playtex tampons to the register with (2) $4/2 coupons. cashier told me I can only use one like coupon at a time. I told her that was not WM policy, but didnt argue with her and just bought two boxes. Went to CS to clarify policy. They looked at my coupons and said that I was correct…they are not duplicates b/c they have diff codes. When the CS person was ringing up the second two boxes, she said I got a good deal and that she uses coupons and wanted to learn more about internet coupons. we chatted about this website. she was very interested and wrote the web address down. I told her I wanted to get the razors , but they were all gone. She said, “Oh the one w/ the $6 coupon? the manager told us this morning that we are not allowed to give any overage on them.” I reminded her of the WM overage policy and she said, “I know…but we were told we are not allowed to do it anyway. we can only take off the sale price!” What is the point in them having a policy if they will not follow it??

  • ashley

    did any one have a problem checking out with these razor my walmart did let them go through

  • jen

    I had no trouble with my online $6/2 coupons. But inside the packages there’s a $3/1 and they refused my overage because the coupon said “no cash back if coupon exceeds retail value.” Bummer. But still free.

    • ashley

      she did the 6/2 one first then tryed to do the other one but she took the coupons off as she went i got so mad i just left them