What We Love Wednesday

What We Love Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what people love to eat, what store they shop at or even what their favorite mobile app is? Now is your chance!

Every Wednesday I will post “ What We Love Wednesday” where all of you will have the opportunity to send me what you love! This could be anything from your favorite nail color to your favorite website! It is up to you to share what your favorite things are with the Living Rich with Coupons Community.

So, send your favorite things to WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com.

We got some great responses for this week’s What We Love Wednesday! All of the readers below are receiving a reusable Living Rich with Coupons shopping bag!

::Favorite Homemade Recipe

Kaitlyn K. Loves –

Homemade Granola – Kaitlyn K. writes, “I wanted to share this with you I have just finished making another batch and it is So delicious I thought others may enjoy!  This recipe has been tweaked from one I found a few years ago.  I hope you enjoy!


::Favorite Snack

An Loves – 

Lay’s Honey Mustard ChipsAn writes, “My husband, my son and I all love Lay’s Honey Mustard potato chips.  I am not usually a crazy-got-to-eat-potato-chip person – but the taste is addictive.  I was surprised how much we really enjoy eating them.”

::Favorite Vacation

Susann M. Loves-

Cruises – Susann M. writes, “I absolutely love cruise vacations. I personally think it is the perfect way to vacation as a family or as a couple. I have found great deals on cruisedeals.com and cruise411.com. I have left out of my home town, requiring no air fare, and the cruise only costed $50 per person per day. This includes a small stateroom, all you can eat food, lots of entertainement, and transportation to some of the most beautiful places in the world! My husband and I like to skip out on expensive shore excursions and take a walk to the nearest beach. Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach in the caribbean?  Right now Royal Caribbean has a discount for residents of the tri-state area, so this might be a good time for you or some of your local readers to look into cruising. I am looking forward to my upcoming 12 night cruise to the Southern Caribbean. 12 nights of luxury with just me and my hubby. Now that’s a dream vacation! I love Royal Caribbean!”

::Favorite Hero

Jamie W. Loves-

Her Older Brother Mike- Jamie W. writes. “On Sept 11th 2001 My older brother was called to duty as a member of DCFD at the Pentagon, there he helped rescue people for three days, was then sent to NYC for three weeks with the USCG where again he helped save the lives of  many trapped in the towers as well as patrolling the waters. Finally he was sent to Guantanamo Bay to guard the Taliban prisoners for a period of six months. Sept 11th makes me proud to be an American and so proud to be related to my brother who I believe to be an absolute hero. If that werent a good enough reason, on Sept 11 2005 my husband and I became parents and welcomed our first baby, and again on Sept 10th 2010 (the little guy couldnt wait to get out);) we welcomed our fourth baby. Yes four babies in just under five years so I also love livingrichwithcoupons.com!! This is a picture that I took of my brother Mike and my son on his 1st birthday.  I forgot to mention that The History Channel mentioned my brother by name as having been one of only two ppl sent to all three places.”

::What Cindy Loves

My Crock Pot – Once the weather starts to cool, I break out the Crock Pot! It honestly doesn’t get much easier then throwing everything into a pot and flipping a switch.  I’m all for making things simple in my life. 

The other day, I made the  Honey Garlic Chicken that I posted.  Tonight we are having the leftovers.  Yum!  I’m always searching for Crock Pot recipes so I have a feed set up at the bottom of the site (next to my mug shot).  The feed is for new Crockpot recipes as they become available so be sure to keep your eye out for any new recipes that pop up. 

If you have a great Crock Pot recipe, please share it below.

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you love?…

send it to: WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com

If your “What We Love” gets posted, we’ll send you a Free Living Rich With Coupons ReUsable Shopping Bag.

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  • su

    Cindy, I made the chicken last night and was planning leftovers for tonight too. So, how do you use the leftovers?

    • Cindy

      Sometimes I shred the chicken and put it back into the liquid. Then it up and serve on a roll.

  • April S

    I went to check out the crock pot recipes at the bottom of the page and was thrilled to see venison, I laughed out loud at the recipe.

    “I cooked Bambi.”

    We cook Bambi too. 🙂

  • Joe

    You can try this site for Crock pot recipes. It’s Stephanie O’Dea who has a few books out but also has a meal for every day of the year.

  • Joe

    Sorry forgot the link


  • Cheryl

    To Jamie W. I love your brother too. He’s a true American Hero! So proud of our men and women who so selflessly service our country so we may have the freedom we enjoy so much!

    • jamie w

      Wow what a nice thing to say! Im sure he appreciates the comments as well! Thankyou!

      • Jessica

        Your brother is a true hero in the eyes of many. Please give him a big thank you for me!! It’s men and women like him that make it possible for us to live the lifestyle we so often take for granted.

  • Laura Cotto

    Hi Cindy, I don’t own a Crock Pot yet and I am dying to get one. Any suggestions on what brand I should get?

  • Jessica

    This chicken was sooo good. A keeper for sure.