What We Love Wednesday

What We Love Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what people love to eat, what store they shop at or even what their favorite mobile app is? Now is your chance!

Every Wednesday I will post “ What We Love Wednesday” where all of you will have the opportunity to send me what you love! This could be anything from your favorite nail color to your favorite website! It is up to you to share what your favorite things are with the Living Rich with Coupons Community.

So, send your favorite things to WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com.

We got some great responses for this week’s What We Love Wednesday! All of the readers below are receiving a reusable Living Rich with Coupons shopping bag!

::Favorite Crock Pot Recipe

Sue Loves –

Hungarian Stew – Sue writes “I love this receipe!  I know you will too!”

*You can print this recipe by clicking on the check box below


Gwenn Loves –

Slow Cooker Roast Beef Sandwichs – Gwenn writes “This is one of my absolutely favorite crock pot recipe!!!!”

*You can print this recipe by clicking on the check box below

::Favorite Website[%printable-list:RostBeefCrockPot%]

Tami Loves – 

Once a Month Mom– Tami wrote, “This fabulous website is the best!  I just started using this a few months ago to do bulk cooking.  Working full time and having a 8month old makes it at times difficult to not only figure out what to make for dinner, but also having the time to do so.  Now I cook once a month on a Sunday and stock pile my freezer.  Not only do I cook dinners, but also breakfast and lunches!  The authors give you a variety of menus to choose from which include: traditional, whole foods, diet, gluten free, vegetarian and even baby food!  They make it so simple.  You enter in the number of people you are feeding and it gives you the recipes, shopping lists and even step by step process of the cooking day.”

::Favorite Splurge Item

Cynthia Loves-

Coach Handbags – Cynthia writes, “I am a huge fan of hand bags.  Especially those made by Coach!  You recently posted a special of 30% off a beautiful gray Coach bag at the outlet.  I begged my husband for it.  If I save my pennies (by couponing) and promise to get rid of all my other hand bags (about 20 of them)…lol.  The bag is mine!  Woohoo!”

::What Cindy Loves

Mums – Fall is my favorite time of the year.  No, not because my birthday is in fall.  Okay, maybe it is a little 😉  It’s mostly because the weather in NJ is so nice, the air is not as humid and the smells in the air are so fresh.  And, one of my favorite flowers are planted this time of year.  I love Mums!  I love cleaning up the garden and replacing those annuals and perennials with colorful mums. And, of course, I even have a coupon for mums!  Woohooo!

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you love?…

send it to: WhatWeLove@LivingRichWithCoupons.com

If your “What We Love” gets posted, we’ll send you a Free Living Rich With Coupons ReUsable Shopping Bag.

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  • Misally

    In love with Sassy’s new grow up sippy cup! I’ve only read reviews but will be buying it this weekend…..can’t wait to try it out with my toddler!

  • Judy

    I so love Coach as well. Thanks for the coupon!!!…I cashed in my change jar, went to the outlet in Pigeon Forge and treated myself to the metallic silver leather and print purse and saved an extra $60 with the coupon :0)

  • Jennifer C.

    I can’t wait to use that coupon for mums, too! My 3 y/o was protesting one more stop today so I put it off til tomorrow 🙂

    • Maggie

      Reminds me of my kids. They ask me how many stores I need to go to and how many things I need to buy at each store – they are not fun to take along on big shopping trips.

  • Deena

    I love cross country season!! For the past 5 years my son has been running cross country for our high school (yes, he ran varsity as an 8th grader!!). This year he is a captain and is being recruited by colleges here in the northeast. But we have the added blessing of our daughter, now an 8th grader, running this year as well! It is so great to see them grow together as siblings and to grow as stronger individuals through this sport. My husband ran in high school and college (and if you saw me, you would know that they get this “gene” exclusively from him!! Cross country defines fall for us. There is nothing better to do than go outside and watch your kids play sports!!!

    • Cindy

      Deena, what colleges. My daughter runs on her college Cross Country team in CT.

  • Jaz

    Hey Gwenn – don’t know if you have one nearby, but my Costco now sells better than bullion paste in a huge-normous jar for about $6-7. It is at least 3, maybe 4 times the size of the small jar, so it’s an awesome deal.

    Also, Knorr has a new stock concentrate product out, that I am dying to try. There are some high-value ($2/1) coupons floating around. There are 4 little cups of the stock concentrate per package, and the price seems to be about $3.50 per (ouch), but with sale and coupons, I am expecting to get them for maybe 25-50 cents each. I haven’t tried it, but I looked at the ingredients and it looks like it should be good!

    • Gwen

      I have only ever purchased the smaller better than bullion paste, chicken and beef flavor. I didnt realize they made a bigger jar!! I will have to keep that in mind next time I go to Costco.
      I also just bought some of the Knorr product but have yet to try it!! They were on sale for $2.79 at Giant, and then with the$2 off coupon it was only $.79, so not bad!! 🙂

  • Heather


    Mums are a perennial too! Plant them in the spring (get some for Easter or mothers day) take good care of them and they will create a good root base and be back next year! I’m in the garden club in my town and we do this every year and split them to sell at homecoming weekend, it’s one of our best fundraisers every year. I have a hedge of mums around my front deck that look so pretty this time of year! 🙂

  • Ruby

    I love the Fall (it’s coming!). The cooler air reinvigorates me and makes me feel more alive. The humidity here in Baltimore is a killer and as soon as those temperatures start to drop I start feeling more human! I also love Halloween and Thanksgiving, both Fall holidays. Everyone talks about Spring as a time for fresh starts, I feel that way about Fall!