Available Again: $1/1 Arrid Deodorant Coupon = Free at Walgreens

New Arrid Deodorant Coupon

If you missed this coupon the other day, it is available again.   The coupon is for $1 off any Arrid Antiperspirant or Deodorant.

Print: Arrid Deodorant Coupon

You can score these for free at Walgreens this week since they are priced at only $0.99 with the in-ad coupon.

Here is your deal:

Buy Arrid Deodorant $0.99 (with in-ad coupon)
use $1/1 Arrid Coupon
Free after coupon

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Thanks Kathy!

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  • Betty

    This will be free with coupon at SR on Sunday also!

  • Vercilla

    I live in Illinois( headquarters for Walgreens is in Deerfield, IL. ) If I can’t get this deal in the state where they are headquartered?? Strange indeed… I awlays have problems with those scenarios when the coupon is higher than the store coupon. They will not process it.. 🙁

  • Sandra

    I tried this deal yesterday and the cashier will not let me do it. He scan the coupon and everything and said it wasn’t working because i couldn’t use a $1 coupon on a .99 cents product, blah blah blah. I’m new at this, so i just left the store, but i left thinking he should’ve give me the free product!

    • Linda

      you needed a filler item. Try a single pencil or combine it with other purchases because they can’t adjust for some reason and wont give you the 1 cent if that makes sense.

      • Sandra

        It makes total sense and NOW i understand. Thank you Linda!

    • Eli

      You don’t need a filler item, the policy at walgreens is that they will match the value of your item…so your coupon would end up being $.99…..call customer service and give them the store number. They will call the store and a store manager will call you back.

    • Natalie

      Give the $1 off first then the walgreens coupon. That’s what my cashier said to do so that it does not reject the coupon. Next time call the manager!

      • Sandra

        I actually tried both ways, i gave the store coupon first which made the product .99 cents and then gave the $1/1 mfg coupon and did not work (he said they won’t accept a coupon for more than the product price). I then try later on and gave the $1/1 first and then the store coupon but the cashier told me that the Wags coupon was to bring the product down to .99 cents….either way i didn’t get my product. I guess i definitely need the manager.

    • kristin

      make sure you know your store’s coupon policy, but if it does’t say that you can’t do that, i would ask for the manager and ask them to explain why they can’t do that and that their coupon policy does not say that they can’t do that. any time you can get something for free, you should get it.

  • Purvi

    I don’t bother trying this types of deal because they always say you can’t use coupon because of higher value than store coupon. They never adjust the price.

  • Pamela

    They should have adjusted it down. I’m lucky the cashier I go to when I’m there is a couponer too. I just tried to print this, after not being able to print it last time it was up, and its telling me I already printed it, which I most certainly did not. THat’s 2 coupons now, I’m starting to get annoyed at smart source 🙂

  • Sandra

    Is there anything on Walgreens policy that we could print out and take to the store with us for these cases?

    • Deena

      search this site for coupon policies, or go to walgreens.com and search there. I printed it out and take to to the store with me!!

  • Sandra

    Also, I tried to do this deal at Walmart too, since they have the price matching, so it would be the same scenario, and the lady told me i couldn’t use the price match and a manufacturer coupon at the same time, which i know i can, but I don’t know where in the Walmart coupon policy i can look for this, anybody knows? thanks!

    • Sandra I’ve had the same problem. I printed out the Walmart policy and I can’t find where it says you CAN do matching and a coupon, but I’ve also not found where it says you canNOT. So next time it comes up I’m hoping to point this out…

  • Susan

    Sad to say- but I don’t even bother going to Walgreens anymore because they give me such a hard time! I have focused all my energy to CVS!

  • Karen

    The mgr. at Wags examined my Bumble Bee coupon so hard, I thought her eyeballs would fall out. She thought that it looked like it was photocopied because it was black/white. I told her that her being the Mgr. she should know the policy on using non color coupons. Oey

  • Sandra

    Sorry i’m writing again, but i have another question for you guys…does it make any difference in which order you hand the coupons to the cashier?

    • Jayme

      I always hand the coupons to them in an envelope in order. Walgreens in my area is the only store that I have ever had a problem with couponing. They seem to be less grumpy if you hand them an envelope:).

      • Amy W.

        Most people say they have less trouble if they do the manf. coupons first and the Wags. coupons after. At the Walgreen’s I go to they insist that they scan the Walgreen’s coupons first for some reason. I must be lucky because there they do know how to reduce the price of the manf. coupons and I never (knock on wood) have problems. I have had tons of problems at the other Wags. in my area and I don’t go there unless there is something on sale that I absolutly need and the other one is sold out.

  • Leticia

    Thank you LRWC’s. I picked up mine this morning. The cashier felt that her register was not going to accept the coupons so she called her manager. Manager said to enter the manufacturer coupon as .99¢ in her register and write the sale price on the coupon. Left the store with 4 arrid deodarents and only payed the tax.

    • Sandra

      I FOUND IT! on Walgreens Coupon Policy it clearly says:
      * Walgreens will accept manufacturer coupons for an item that is on sale.
      * In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is provided…
      * THE COUPON AMOUNT MUST BE REDUCED IF IT EXCEEDS THE VALUE OF THE ITEM AFTER OTHER DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS APPLIED (for example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).
      ***Soooo, i’m just taking my “coupon policies” printed out on all my trips!!!

  • Lori

    For those of you in ShopRite territory, my sale flyer for next week just came in the mail today (and Cindy posted her preview online) & I believe both of them indicate that the Arrid XX and the Arm and Hammer Ultr Max are both .99 each next week (starting Oct 15), so if you hold onto your coupon for a couple of days (and promise to leave some on the shelf for me:)), you should be able to get these FREE at ShopRite next week!

    Details in ad state: “2.5 to 2.8 oz pkg. Assorted, Invisible Solid or Solid Sticks (excluding Soft Solids) Antiperspirants”.

    Ban is also on sale next week for $1.49 in case there are any .75/1 Ban coupons around that would double to $1.50 off. (I don’t know that there are…just sayin’ in case.)

  • Lori

    Oops…meant to say Oct 16-Sunday for the .99 at SR! Also, Sorry Betty….I didn’t see your comment way up there!:)

  • jenn

    They always adjust the price for me, If it is in my regular store they have seen me enough that they are pros at figuring out how to make the coupons work, and if they say they cant or wont adjust the coupon down, just ask for the shift lead or manager, and the manager will set them straight….Im bummed I missed out on this coupon tho…. no adjustment needed for me 🙁