Chiquita Snacks Coupon Available Today

Chiquita Banana Snacks Coupon

Some time this after noon, you may be able to a new Chiquita Banana Snacks Coupon.

Update: Chiquita Coupon is now live.  It’s for a BOGO Free Chiquita Bites Singles or Chiquite Fruit & Juice Duos

Print: Chiquita Coupon


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  • Lady J

    we go through bananas. I totally need this.

    • April S

      I’m with you Lady J, I buy two bunches when I go shopping and they are gone in like three days at my house.

  • Arianna

    i hope it lets me print it twice! Bananas are so cheap in general, a good coupon could make them FREE!

    • Lady J

      i always just grab a bag of bananas. But with the right q – maybe I’ll actually need the scale.

  • carletta

    did anyone get the coupon yet

    • Lady J

      not yet. i hope it’s soon, because as much as my daughter does love bananas – I do have a life. And when I’m done working on the computer – we’ll be out of luck.

    • Maria

      coupon is up!

  • Lady J

    b1g1 fruit snacks says good only at select retailers.

    • Lady J

      doesn’t say which select retailers

  • Melissa

    The coupon is UP!! Not really looking like the bananas we were looking for though!

    • Lady J

      I know 🙁
      oh well.

  • cindy-j

    Its live! Chiquita Healthy Snacks BUY ONE GET ONE Coupon! Buy one Chiquita Bites Singles or Chiquita Fruit & Juice Duos and get one FREE! Download your coupon today! Expires on 11/1/2011. ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER. COUPON VALID AT SELECT U.S. RETAILERS.

  • Lady J

    I have the feeling this is going to be a complicated one to use.

  • hanna

    Good until next Monday….. Where can I find this product?? Which shop??

  • Rocky

    Doesn’t seem to be live for me, yet, and, I’ve been refreshing. Looked at the tabs, also, in case there is a separate one for coupons…Also checked the Healthy Snacks tab…And, Liked them to see if it would pop up, but, nothing, yet. What am I doing wrong???
    As mentioned, not the bananas we were hoping for, but, the bites sound interesting. Also, are they really only giving us 4-1/2 days to use the coupon? We need Cindy to have a talk with them….LOL