CVS: Buy $30 Get a $10 Gift Card Deal

CVS: Buy $30 Get a $10 Gift Card

Starting this Sunday, October 16 through December 25, 2011, you can earn $10 gift cards to Macy’s, Gap, Applebee’s, Shell Stations, American Express, Barnes & Noble or CVS/pharmacy every week simply by spending $30 on products marked as part of the “Earn Free Gift Cards” promotion.  The items will be marked in the store as well as in the weekly CVS Circular.

You will be able to earn up to (5) $10 Gift Cards.  Here is a scan of some of the items included in the deal this week.  I will put together some deal ideas shortly however here is one to get you started:

Buy 6 Wisk 26-32 loads $4.99 each
Total: $29.94 (should trigger the Gift Card Coupon)
-(6)$2/1 Wisk Coupons from the 10/16 RedPlum insert
Pay: $17.94
Get a $10 Gift Card
$1.32 each after coupons & gift card

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  • Dana

    This is awesome…THANK you for the heads up

  • shannon

    Where can I get wisk coupons, I dont have any – is there a site to buy any / LOL help!

    • christina

      they will be in the Sunday paper this week… 10/16 Red Plum

    • felicia

      I like coupons by dede or the coupon master (google them for the address). I found that buying more that 4 papers was wasting my time and money, so unless there is a lot of great deals I only buy 4 papers and then buy extra coupons. For example, instead of buying 15 newspapers just for the similac coupon, I bought 5 papers last week and spent 5$ on 10 similac coupons, plus 10 butterball coupons, and a few others. That saved me $15 dollars.

  • Meli

    Thanks i was missing the gass card deal!

  • Yvette

    Omg. Wisk is our favorite. I’m buying like 20 papers lol thanks Cindy!!!

  • Betty

    does this have to be in one transaction

    • Michelle

      CVS usually tracks your purchases at the bottom of your receipt. You should be able to see how much you bought and how much more you need to spend to earn the deal over the week.

    • Cindy

      Usually you can do them in separate transactions as it tracks on your Extra Care Bucks Card

  • Mindy

    Do you know if they are going to have any ECB deals this week or just the gift card deals?

    • Cindy

      Yes there will be plenty of ECB deals as well as the Gas Card Deal

      • Mindy

        WooHoo! Thanks Cindy!

  • Dana C

    Does CVS allow you to use more than 4 like coupons?

    • Cindy

      Yes they allow more then 4 like coupons

      • Dana C

        YAY! Thank you! Guess I’m getting 6 newspapers this week…lol

  • Stephanie D

    Quick question!

    The flyer says Flex-a-min is a BOGO. Normally Flex-a-min is $19.99, can i just get 2 and get the giftcard? Even though I’m only paying for 1? Or do I need to get 4?

  • Julianna

    Wow, it’s says “limit 5 free $10 gift cards per cardholder per week”!! If you get the $10 CVS/pharmacy card you could totally roll it.

    • Faith

      what a great idea!!! I might just do that!

  • Stephanie

    This is an amazing deal!! Thanks so much for the info., Cindy! You are very much appreciated!!!!!

  • Faith

    I have a bunch of buy 2 get 1 free qs for the mars/nestle chocolate (from a peelie at acme). How do I use that with the CVS deal of buy 2 get 1 free promo next week? Will I get 2 free ones? I’m confused ;9

    • Melissa

      I do as well 🙂 I almost used them this week (good thing I waited) I just did the math… buy 27 bars @ 1.19

      Total- 32.13
      Card Savings – 10.71
      Coupon Savings – 10.71
      AFTER GIFT CARD- .71 for 27 bars 🙂

      ^^ That I can afford!! Good luck!

      • elaine

        The B2G! Coupon states that the maximum value for the free item is $1.09. Does anyone know if CVS will accept it as $1.09 and we’ll have to pay for the .10 difference on each one?

        How would this work out?


        • elaine


          • Myrah

            If the price is $1.19 and the coupon is for a free item up to $1.09, you only have to pay the difference of $.10. I just can’t believe that a candy bar is so much now a days. I remember when they used to be $.50.

    • SonnyHaven

      Would you buy 2 and get 2 free with the in-store sale and MQ combo?

  • Carrie

    Anyone else coming up with any other “deal ideas?” Just curious.

  • Rita

    These are some great deals! I just wanted to warn everyone about the Shell gas card (I got one from a CVS deal a few weeks ago). When you go to use it, Shell automatically gives you a “discount” for using a Shell card. When you swipe the card at the pump and enter the $10 amount, the pump acts as if you only have $9.75 on the card, leaving a balance of .25 that you can’t use. The pump won’t let you “pretend” that the card has $10.25 to account for the “discount”. I know .25 isn’t a lot of money, but I just wanted to share this with everyone!

    • Mindy

      Take the card inside to pay and they will give you the whole $10 off

      • Rita

        Unfortunately the attendant was unable to help or read what was on the card- the computer was set to take the discount automatically 🙁

  • lauren

    If I use the self check out, they take all the discounts and sale prices off at the very end. If the full prices reach $30 will that trigger the gift card coupon to print?

  • does cvs accept american express? want to make sure if I have to spend a few dollars out of pocket to hit the $30 mark I can atleast roll it or hold onto it for next week?

  • Rose

    I have a question… since this is going on through Dec 25, does the dollar amount spent towards the free gift card roll over into the following week? For example if I only spend $20 on related products this week and wait til next week to spend the other $10, will the free gift card deal work that way? Or do I have to spend $30 all in one week? TIA!

    • elaine rhodes

      you have to spend the 30.00 in that week. If they have different items on sale every week for the same 30.00 promo then it has to be spent all in the same week.

      • Rose

        I guess that makes sense….thanks!

  • Waiting for some other deals to be worked out anyone have any ideas yet?

  • Kristina Mills

    you could do the Pringles…Get 20 cans of pringles @2/$3 = $30 – 5/$1 off four super stack pringles coupons = $25 OOP + $10 gift card. You spend $15 for 20 Super stackers = $.75 a piece!

  • Rose

    I think I’m going to do 2 of these deals this week…

    Transaction #1 :
    Mars/Nestle/Hersheys Fun Size 8pks 5/$5.00
    Buy 30 for $30.00
    Use 10 $1.50/3 On Any 3 Bags of Fun Size Bars (exp. 10/31)
    Pay $15, Get $10 CVS Gift Card (After GC $0.17 each!!)

    Transaction #2:
    Buy 3 Pampers Jumbo Pack $8.99 ea.
    Buy 2 Charmin Freshmates Flushable Wipes 2/$5.00
    Total Before Coupons: $31.97
    $1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive
    $1.50/2 Bags of Pampers Diapers
    (2) $0.25/1 Charmin Product
    Total After Coupons: $28.47
    Use $10 CVS Gift Card from previous transaction
    Pay $17.47 +tax, Get $10 Gift Card so $7.47!

    • momma

      Sorry i got lost at buy 30 for $30. 30 bags?

      • Rose

        Yes. 30 fun size bags… they are 5 for $5 so $1.00 each. I know 30 sounds like a lot but they’re not very big bags, they only have 8 pieces of candy in each bag.

        • I like your scenario with buying the candy, makes sense. I may copy. Where did you get the $1.50 off 1 Pampers?

          • Rose

            I’ve gotten them from buying bigger boxes in the past… boxes that say coupons inside.Sometimes they say $1.50 off any… but the last couple of boxes I’ve open the coupons said $1.50 of any one BOX which I guess I can’t use on the Jumbo packs because they are technically bags. It’s the luck of the draw! I’ve written to Pampers, have not gotten anything yet… hopefully they wil send me some higher value coupons!

  • Cindy

    When calculating the $30 is it the regular sticker price or the actual price paid? What if the item is on sale is only the sale price going to be calculated towards the $30? I understand that it must be $30 before ECB and coupons, but not about the price part. Thanks!