CVS Coupon $5 off $25: Money Maker Deal

CVS Coupon: $5 off $25

If you haven’t used your $5 off $25 CVS Coupon yet (you would have received it in your CVS email) , here is a way to take advantage of it tomorrow, 10/9.

Buy 1 pur-Absorb Iron $15.99
Buy 6 Lipton Tea $1.00 each
Buy 3 Hallmark Greeting Cards $0.99 each
Buy 1 Dial or Tone Soap $1.88
Buy 1 Covergirl Blush or Concealer $5.99

Buy 1 Cover Girl Blush $4.99
Total: $37.82
-$5/$25 CVS Coupon (in your email)
-$3/$10 Cosmetics Coupon (scan at coupon center)
-(3)$1/2 Lipton Coupons from the 9/11 SS
-$8/2 Covergirl coupon from the 10/2 PG
Pay: $18.82
Get a $15.99 ECB (pur-Absorb)
Get a $1 ECB (Lipton)
Get a $3 ECB (Hallmark)
Get a $1 ECB (dial/Tone)
Free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & ECBs

If you already used all of your Covergirl coupons, just take them out and the $3/$10 and you will still have the same final price.

UPDATE: Also, the deal is set up so that you have $10 worth of cosmetics to use the $3/$10 Cosmetics coupon and $25 for the rest of the order to use the $5/$25 coupon.  You should have no issues using both dollar off coupons because you have met each requirement.  However, if they will not let you, then just simply separate the Covergirl from the rest of the order and do 2 transactions.  Your end result will be the same.

Make sure to check out the rest of the CVS Deals for this week before you head out tomorrow morning.

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  • Ruth

    How often does CVS email the 5/25 or 4/20 coupons?

    • Michelle

      periodically – it seems like at least once a month. But it is not consistent and not everyone gets the same coupon. But when you get them it makes for a good shopping trip!

  • Lauren

    They won’t let you use $5/$25 and $3/$10 in the same transaction. They only allow one dollar off a purchase price coupon per transaction.

    • Cindy

      You can do it because the Cosmetic Purchase is $10 by itself and the rest of the order is $25. If you have an issue, you can easily separate them and get the exact same end result. I specifically set it up like that so that each dollar off coupon is met individually. Again, if you have an issue, then just separate them out.

  • Candice

    i didnt seem to get one- – –

  • Joanne

    These coupons usually don’t work on sale items so I usually don’t bother with them. Too much hassle at the register!

    • Anonymous

      The coupon that doesn’t work with the sale items is the 25%off because they would specifically say that on the coupon. The $5 off $25 will work on sale/regular items.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, thanks! I’ve had so many problems with the 25 percent coupon at my CVS. Good to know I can use the $5 one instead!

    • Bree

      I have never had an issue using coupons on sale items! Thanks Cindy … Lmao my brain would’ve starting smoking making up a deal like this. 😉

  • H

    Woop Woop. huge score today at RideAid and can’t wait for tomorrow. CVS and ShopRite Here I come!!!! Thanks Cindy

  • maria roe

    the greeting card Q states can’t be used on .99 cards:(

    • Cindy

      Which greeting card coupon are you referring to? There is no coupon for greeting cards in the deal.

  • makeup maven

    hey there went to cvs yesterday and used my $8 off two covergirl products, $1 off one covergirl product , $1.25 off ponds wet towelettes makeup remover, .20 cent coupon off dawn . well saved $25 and spent only $12. thats also using the ecb for $1.50 I had . did well . the salesgirl said so too. then on my receipt I got $2 ecb thats cause I bought the ponds wet towelettes. will use that next time I go. then off to rite aid to score some more covergirl stuff. they also had it for buy one get one 50% off and spend $30 and use your rite aid card you get $10 up rewards on next purchase. that printed on my receipt. so had a great day. thanks cvs and rite aid.

  • makeup maven

    just a note to my previous post. cvs had the covergirl makeup buy one get one 50% off like Rite aid. that ended today. rite aid also had physicans formula same thing and also wet and wild and almay. too bad I didnt have alot of cash with me I could have made a big haul with makeup. thats when you buy it. when you dont need it but do use it. figure then you got it and dont have to go run out and buy it when you do and dont have the cash

  • Annabelle

    I scanned at CVS but didnt get the $3 off $10 for cosmetics. I got 3 printouts for savings on different types of candy! and one for toothpaste. Guess they know me too well! (I dont wear makeup, but I buy it to use for gifts but candy I do use!)

    • Cindy

      It probably won’t print until tomorrow (Sunday)

  • Faith

    i didn’t get the 5/25 q, only the $4/$20 q.

  • Sandy

    I just wanted to add that there is a $2 coupon inside the box of pur-absorb iron supplement. I don’t know how I could rework this deal. Maybe open the box first then promise to definitely buy it?

  • Diana

    I didn’t get the $5 off 25 in my email…. but I usually do every week!! Any one else not get this coupon?

  • Melissa

    There is no where in the ad that i can find covergirl on sale for B1G1 50% off, only revlon and maybelline.

    • Kate

      It’s not this week, but that was not mentioned in the deal anyway. The prices she mentioned are regular price but still come out free after the $8/2 covergirl and $3/$10 cosmetics from the coupon machine.

  • meli

    i only have the $10 from the tide deal. I never got the $2 from dont trash your ecb or the $5 that woulda made it even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandi

      Email customer service. I did and they sent it to my card. I scanned my card at the Cvs kiosk and out came my $2 Don’t trash your ecb’s and my $1 Greenbag tag that was stuck on 1 scan remaining to get ecb.

  • Patricia

    Did this deal today. Spent $17 got back $19…One ECB didnt print so I will go back for that so I actually will get $20 back…LOVE THIS SITE!!!

  • Ed

    Seems none of the CVS stores near me have the pur-Absorb. Anyone else having any luck?

    • Annabelle

      Are you in CT Ed? I am and none of mine have it either. A manager at one store asked the pharmacy manager who said it is a new product and they dont have it yet. At this store it didnt even have the sticker on the shelf. She gave me a rain check which includes getting the ECB and another truck may bring in this Thursday. The other 2 stores have the sticker on the shelf so I thought maybe they had all been purchased but that manager said she thought they didnt have any either. So Im trying to work out another trip to get my $5 off $25 by tonight.

    • Hailey

      The pharmacy department ordered it for me the next day.

  • Beth

    Hi Cindy,

    I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. I made my first “couponing” trip today to CVS and got $65 worth of product for $27. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I plan on making my second trip to Acme this Friday for grocery items. Do you happen to know if they come out with the ad earlier than Friday?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  • Deena

    I just had a great trip at CVS using this deal as a springboard. Cashier did make me split off my 3/10 cosmetics into a separate transaction — no biggie as no one was behind me. Got two cover girl eye pencils for FREE using the $8/2 mfr coupon and the 3/10 from the magic coupon machine. Then I got the pur-absorb iron, two bottles of vaseline lotion with a BOGO coupon from a couple weeks ago, then two boxes of tampax pearl tampons using a BOGO coupon AND a $1 off coupon — FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER TRIED THAT AND IT WENT THROUGH NO PROBLEM because the BOGO coupon had the 01 instead of the 14!!! Anyway, total oop was $17.02, got a $15.99 ECB!!!! Love that!!!

  • Lynn

    I tried to do the Hallmark card deal buying 3 at 0.99 each. Cashier told me that there is no such deal. Has anyone else had success?

    • Cindy

      It’s right in the circular

    • Lisa

      You need to buy the cards that cost 0.99 each, however not all CVS’s sell those. I have several CVS stores in my area and 2 of them have a whole sections of 0.99 cards and the others do not. The deal to get the ECB was just on buying 3 Hallmark American Greeting cards in general. But if you want to do it for free, then you would need to find the cards that cost 0.99.
      Hope this helps explain it for you.