CVS Coupon Match Up 10/2 – 10/8

CVS Deals for the Week of 10/2/11

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  • Liz V

    do you think they will let me use 7 coupons on the lipton iced tea at one time? I only have 7 q’s and plan on buying 15 drinks.

    • Sakin Amber

      I think they do. I bought 11 Seattle best coffee about 2 months ago and I gave 11 free Seattle Best coffee coupon. They took them. No problem.

      • Liz V

        ok! I”m going to let them know before I ring up that I have all those coupons.

    • Kim

      My store has a sign saying only 4 like coupons per transaction, so I think it depends on the store. Good Luck

    • Erica

      It’s actually less expensive per bottle if you buy two 12-packs and then 6 singles (assuming you have the $2 off two 12-pack coupon). That way you only have to use 4 of your $1.50/2 coupons. I think it comes out to about 15 cents per bottle that way. 🙂

      • Erica

        oops…I meant only 3 of your $1.50 coupons!

  • just a fyi: the P&G coupon match ups have coupons that exp yesterday. i know your busy but wanted to elt you know :0)

    • candice

      some cvs’ will take expired coupons, my local one is one of those.

      • dude! never heard of that one!

        • Lisa

          me either!

  • aimee

    Cindy, there is a CVS coupon for $5/2 pro nutrients. Can I use that and 1 $2/1 instead? Thank you for the match ups. I’ll be giving 2 bottles to my mom.

    • aimee

      I printed the $3 Pro nutrients q and it said “not valid in connection with any other offer”. Does it mean I can’t stack it with CVS q? Thank you.

  • Lesley

    The nestle and M&Ms coupon are no longer available. I was not able to print them!

  • Does anyone know if u can roll ECBs for the same item? ex: I plan on doing this trip tomorrow:
    6 Dove Shampoo & Conditioner
    1 Listerine
    -(3) BOGO Dove
    -$1/1 Listerine

    Pay: $8
    Receive: $5ECB (Dove) and $2ECB Listerine … I want to use the $2ECB and another $1/1 coupon for another Listerine. Can I do this and still recieve another $2 ECB? Thanx in advance and Thanx for the matchups Cindy 😉

    • Michelle

      Yes you can do that at CVS

    • Laura

      I bought 5 Dove Shampoo/Conditioner and used 2 BOGOs and one .75 off. The shampoo was $3 each, but the BOGOs deducted 4.89 each, the original price. $15 – 4.89 – 4.89 -.75 = 4.47. With the $5 bucks back, I earned 53 cents!

      • Marina

        Did the BOGO deducted $4.89 automatically or manually? I was planning on doing this deal at RA.

        • Rem

          I did the Dove deal @ two Different CVS stores. The first store each rang at $3.00 so my BOGO discount was $3.00. The next store they rang @ 4.89 and then the BOGO was $4.89 off. It took off the CVS sale price as one lump sum not on each item. This makes the Dove deal for me a freebie that I can do over and over with my 4/20 coupon. I don’t even care about the ECB. 6 Shampoos came to $3.xx. I add in 2 pepsi to get to $20 and my OOP is 1.33 for 6 doves and 2 Pepsi 2liters! awesome.

  • Becky

    FYI, many of the listerine Qs specify 1 liter size, but the product in my ad is 500 ml.

    • oh Barnacles! 🙁

      • jessica

        This reminds me of jake & the neverland pirates! ! Lol

    • Jessica

      I just noticed this as well. I can’t find any for the smaller size.

  • oh wait, my coupons say Listerine Total Care or Zero (500ml)
    Listerine Antiseptic or Restoring Anticavity 1L 🙂

  • today, when i was at my CVS the coupon machine spit out coupons for $2 off huggies!

    • Ginny

      Huggies are on sale next week – 1 ECB and they cost $8.99. Great deal (assuming the huggies includes slip ons for the ECB):
      $2/off huggies CVS coupon
      $2/off huggies slip ons SavingStar
      $3/off 1 huggies slip on (mine expires 10/31/11)
      $1 ecb = huggies jumbo pack for $1. If anyone tries this next week please let me know 🙂

      Plus huggies are buy 6 jumbo packs get one free until 12/31/11 at CVS.

      • Cindy

        Did you just get the $2/1 Huggies CVS coupon?

        • Ginny

          My coupon machine was actually ot of ink when I went yesterdy 🙁 But I have a $1/off huggiesthat expires 10/14 from another wee, plus the $2 ECB for pledging not to be a ECB trasher (as if!)

          • Karley

            Ginny, I was just wondering if you purchased your “huggies deal” that you mentioned above?? I was also thinking of doing this but was curious to see if the slip-ons were considered part of the $8.99 + 1 ECB deal???

            • Haseena

              The slip-ons are on sale for $8.99 + 1 ECB….got mine yesterday 🙂

          • Margaret R

            Hi. my cvs machine is always running out of ink. If you ask an employee to refill it they are usually very helpful.

            • Ginny

              The 24 hr CVS by me is not coupon friendly and I usually shop late at night with the meanies 🙁 I will post as soon as I try it!

        • My Coupon Machine Spit out a FREE pack of Huggies Diapers and a $2.00 ECB. LOVE CVS

          • Theresa

            I got the free huggies Q today too. It is for buying 6 get the 7th free. I didn’t get the $2 off. Maybe next time.

  • KT

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Ed

    Hi, The Lipton 12 pack Iced Teas are $5 each at CVS this week and the circular says you get a $5 ECB when you spend $15. So, will this following scenario work you think?

    Buy 4 12-packs @ $5 each = $20
    I have a $4 off $20 purchase from CVS
    (2) $2/2 Lipton 12-pack Teas
    Spend $12 and get a $5 ECB, therefore $7 for 4 Lipton 12 pack Teas.
    I’m just not sure because I don’t know if the $4 off $20 will work when you also have coupons that would bring the total below $20?
    If anyone knows how this works , I’d appreciate the answer. Thanks!!

    • Cindy

      Yep it will work. You hit $20 so you can use the $4/$20 as well as the other coupons and your ECB will still print.

  • KT

    Give them $4/20 CVS coupon first then hand them the rest of your coupons.

    • paula c

      Should have printed mine out but checked put on card will that change the outcome? Since they will swipe first. Thanks

  • Jenn

    For the Bengay i saved some coupons that were for $5/1 from 9/11 smartsource so this deal could be a money maker after ECB

  • Jenn…..just tried it and it was a moneymaker. I live on Long Island so the Bengay was priced 6.39…..used 5.00 off and got my 2.00 ECB. I will go back and do it again on my husband’s card. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      it’s one per household.

      • Jen

        Right, because the CVS police are going to show up and verify your husband’s address. Uggh.

        • Jenn

          Haha you never know lol… i have a card and my fiance has a card so i do the same thing terri

  • LR

    Just got back from CVS, Did the Lipton deal got 16 bottles had 8 coupons for $1/2, used $5.50 in ECB paid $1.37 oop and got $5.00 ECB. Also Check your $1.50 Ricola . The coupon says off of 45 count or higher . The bags on sale for $1.99 are the 21 count.

  • Alison

    Does the P&G spend $15 get $5 ECB work on price before coupons? I was going to get the Swiffer sweeper kit ($8.99) and refills ($3.99) and have some great coupons from the company that were sent to me. I will still use them, but will get some other things on the list if I would get the $5 ECB.

    • Michelle

      The amount you have to spend is the total before taking off your coupons. So you could get the Swiffer kit for 8.99 and use the coupon to get the refill free -3.99 and add in something like a magic eraser for 2.50 and use a $1 coupon off that, totalling 10.49 and get your $5 ECB.

      • jenni

        I also have the P&G coupons from the company. The free refill does count. Did so great at cvs tonight!!!! Walked out with

  • Meli

    Has any one tired it with the Seatlles best yet?

    • Michelle

      Yes, I bought 6 Lipton with 3 $1/2 coupons, 3 Seattles Best, and 2 Cheetos/Fritos for 2/$6 with the $1/2 coupon. Total $11 after coupons and got my $5 ECB 🙂

    • Juliet

      I bought 15 cans of Seattle’s Best using $1/1 tearpad coupons- paid nada and got back $5ebs (coupons were on the cooler in cvs months ago and were still there yesterday)

  • CJ

    Thanks for the Pepsi ECB deal info. I’ll try getting 2 packs of Frappaccinos and 5 bottles of Lipton, get the $5 ECB, use $3 in coupons and the free $2 ECB that CVS gave out last week – total for all, $5 and with other ECBs will spend just $1 OOP 🙂
    The Sure and Brut coupons listed in the BOGO deal expired 9/30 so wont work. But there is a new $1 Sure MQ in today’s inserts.

  • andrea

    for the reach toothbrushes on sale this week has a $2 off coupon!!! more free toothbrushes!!!

    • rosanne

      hi, just wanted to let you know that this link says “offer expired” when you go print it

  • amber

    i took advantage of the P&G deal.(spend $30 – get $10 ecb). i did the deal that Cindy had posted with the Tide powder,using the $2 coup.the add states 32-40 loads.well they are discontinuing the 55 load bx and the retail price is $15.95 and they gave them to me at the sales price—what a steal…so i bought 4 bxs..

  • Pat

    Unless I missed it, it was never mentioned that Filipo Olive Oil is on sale for $3.99 a bottle so I got 4 and used 2-$1.50/1 coupons printable, and my ECB’s from the Planter’s mixed nuts and Shick 5 razor on another transaction and my $2 Don’t be a Money Trasher coupon. I am very happy today!

  • Connie

    What is and where do I get Pepsi Co Moments???? Thanks, Connie

    • D

      It was a regional insert this weekend’s paper. You may or may not have received it. There are printable versions available. Search for Pepsi on LRWC and Cindy posted a link the other day. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Is there a reason why I have to do the Tide/Gain in 2 separate transactions? Can’t I just buy 5 and use 5 coupons and then the ECB will generate. Please let me know. Thank YOU!

    • Elizabeth

      The tide coupon says limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip, maybe thats the reason for the 2 transactions. I’m planning on trying this deal tomorrow.

      • Emily

        I got the five Tide detergents today, pre coupon price was $29.85 the ECB printed, but my question is, on the recipet it says . 15 until I reach the offer. If I bought something say like the puffs and brought it over the $30 mark would the ECB print again?

        • amber

          it might. it happened to me said i was like 3o cents short so i went and got something else and it printed..woohoo more money

  • Alison

    Where was the Tide $.50/1? Was it in the P&G insert? I only had a $2/3 and 2 $1/2.

  • Jenn

    On the Tresemme 2/$7 deal there is a BOGO coupon…does this mean I will get both for $3.50 or does CVS mark it back up to the normal price?

    Also thank you so much for doing this!! You make couponing fun 🙂

    • Kate

      You should get both for $3.50 or maybe even less. There have been bogo coupons that end up taking off the original price amount for one instead of the sale price.

      • Jenn

        Awesome!! Thank you so much!

  • Jen

    I have just tried couponing at CVS for the first time last week. I bought 3 crest toothpaste for $12.97 and had 3 $1 off coupons for a total of $9.97. There was an ECB deal of $5 for every $10 spent but it didn’t print because I was three cents short. The cashier was nice enough to print it anyway and told me it was because of the coupons. Are all the ECB deals figured at the after coupon price? Thanks so much for your help.

    • jeff

      my ecb’s have been totaled from price before coupons

    • amber

      i find that at my cvs u have to hit the dollar mark or it wont print.they will however print it for u if u are a few cents short.and it uses the total before coupons

    • Janelle S

      My CVS does the ECB’s before coupons and if your a few cents short it still prints for me but I guess each CVS is different….Glad your cashier printed the ECB for you

    • Myrah

      Jen, the crest deal is NOT printing out. I did the Crest deal and because I used coupons, the cashier wouldn’t print the ECBs for me. I didn’t mind because customer care is absolutely wonderful. I called 1800shopcvs and the representative said ECBs is always calculated BEFORE coupons. I was told that the ECBs didn’t print out because the crest deal was not inputted into the computer system correctly. He put the $5 onto my card to print out the next time I go to CVS. If you ever have any problems with ECBs, call corporate. They are very nice and extremely helpful.

  • Jen

    Are the ECB’s calculated on the after coupon price. The last deal I tried to do they said it was the after coupon price but the match ups look like its the before coupon price. Does it depend on the CVS?

    • Jenn

      It must depend on the cvs because my cvs lets you get the ecb as long as you reach your limit before our coupons.

  • Sarah

    Hi All, Just came back from a trip to CVS. If you’re doing the Swiffer deal, look for the starter kits that come with “$4 in refill savings”. There is actually $9 in swiffer coupons inside! Makes for a great deal if you need more refills! Here are the coupons inside:

    $2.00 off any one swiffer sweeper dry sweeping refill (exp 12/31/2011)
    $2.00 off any one swiffer sweeper wet mopping refill (exp 12/31/2011)
    $4.00 off any one sweepervac or wetjet starter kit (exp 12/31/2011)
    $1.00 off dusters or dust & shine spray (exp 12/31/2011)

    Happy Couponing!

  • Kris

    They have the Kleenex colors on sale 75% off (clearance), so they’re 52 cents a box (100 count)!

  • My cvs coupon page actually has a Save $5 when you buy any 2 Centrum®, Centrum Specialist™, ProNutrients™ or Caltrate® product

  • KT

    Hey guys, Is there a policy at CVS about using a BOGO with an additional $’s off coupon. For example, the Dove Shampoo deal would we be able to use the BOGO with the .75 cents one off the one we are purchasing? What have your stores said about this?

    • Karley

      KT, my CVS accepts multiple coupons for the same product as long as the number of MQs is not higher than the number of products in that transaction. For instance, if you are purchasing 3 products- you cannot use any more than 3 Qs. But I think each CVS’s policies are a little different. I suggest trying it… either way it’s a learning experience!

      • KT

        Thanks Karly. I will give it a try.

  • question: for the febreeze air effects deal….5 air effects at 2.99 only comes out to $14.95….does anyone know if that is enough to qualify for the extrabucks or will you have to buy one more to put you over the $15?

  • Joanne

    Just got back from my CVS doing the Pesico Extra Bucks deal and there were tearpads on the refrigerator door for 50 cents off a 20-oz bottle of Lipton Naturals. So each bottle was only 50 cents after coupon! That’s a better deal than the $1 off 4 bottles I was going to use.

  • Emily

    Hi I just got back from CVS and did the Crest deal, spend $10 get $5 I had 3 $2 off 1 or more Crest products and found some Crest Pro Health 4.2 oz toothpaste for $3.49 sale price. I bought 3 that brought the total to $10.47 took off 3 $2 coupons the total was $4.47 and I got $5 ECBs back.
    Hmm… Looking at my recipt I see that they charged me $3.79 each, so I will have to ask them about that when I go back.

  • Jaimie

    Please note: If your going for the, spend $15 get $5 back, Only the 120count bounce dryer sheets work, not the 80count

  • Ruby

    Super happy about the listerine deal, only kind my bf really likes!

  • Jen L

    Does anyone know if you need to buy all items in one shopping trip or if it can be multiple times over the week to get the ECB deal. I wanted to get the bounce dryer bars and I have 3 CVS stores and each one has either one or two. Thanks for you help.

    • Ana

      Hi Jen, you can do multiple trips throughout the sale week to get an ECB deal. Just make sure to use your card because that is how they will track it. At the end of your receipt you should see the total earned and total needed towards ECB reward. hth

  • Raven

    Hi all I wanted to know if anyone did the tide and gain scenario and if so did it work. Thanks.

    • Ana

      Hi, It worked at my local CVS in PA, I bought 4 of the gain powder(they had plenty in stock) in one transaction and it calculated at the end of my receipt. I then went back for one more and received my ECB , even though it said $o.15 needed to reach ECB. I do know that for some the ECB won’t print unless you hit the $30.00 mark, but you can always ask if they will print it for you since its only a few cents off

      • Raven

        Thanks I went today to 3 different cvs because all of them but the lst only had 2 or 3. But the last cvs went to the back and found me 2 more so that I could use my 4 off 20. I had 5 extrabucks also so my total was only 13. 00 so that is 3 dollars after extrabucks, so that is .60 a box.

  • Jaimie

    Clean and Clear Buy 1 Get 1 half off, use 2 $5 coupons on the CandC website, i bought the face face blotter paper ~$6each, came to ~$9 for 2, used 2 $5 coupons from CandC website added up to ( -$1.00), It says Acne kit…on the coupon, but it went through on the face blotter paper

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the heads-up! I’m going to try this deal tomorrow.

    • Christina

      Thank you! That’s pretty awesome!!

  • Dawn

    Tried to get Brainstrong last night, scan the card….scan the Brainstrong, CVS carries 30 ct Prenatal on sale for $20.99…..and 90 Ct regual on sale for $30.99. I asked if different CVS regions carry different prices or different types, she said no (a manager) Nothing at $16.99 to start….

    • That is the correct price for the Prenatals on sale. The infant / child ones (30 or 35 ct., I believe) are usually on sale for $16.99.

  • Mom3x

    Hi all! Iam new to this so what does YMMV mean? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

  • Megan


    I just got back from a CVS is Bayonne NJ and I was buying the 9.99 Centrum and the $2 CVS coupon I printed was actually ringing up as a $2 charge rather than a $2 deduction! Please watch out for this in case it happens to anyone else. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was in store, but studied my receipt and got to the bottom of it. I’ll be calling CVS first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Shopping Mom

    Can anyone please explain what is SavingStar….a rebate or a coupon(need to be printed?) trying to do Huggies deal

    • Pamela Whitehead

      Went to CVS last night in Kearny, and did the Proctor Gamble. I was really happy because I needed a new swifter. It wasn’t in the ad, but I took with me the $5 free refill when you purchase the swifter. Turned out is was on sale and it also applied to the P & G total. The best part was my cashier didn’t to the final tally update and gave me the full $5 credit instead of the $3.99. Walked out of there with out of pocket $.53 Made $4.47

    • Ginny

      Savingstar is a program you sign up for and you record your store rewards cards and it automatically records that you bought an item and puts the money saved in your “bank.” After you save $5 you can withdraw it, for example, through a paypal account, amazon, etc.

      • Shopping Mom

        Thanks Ginny.