Dear Mom (aka “Couponlady”)…

Dear Mom (aka “Couponlady”)…

As a mom, you always want to help out your kids.  And as they get older, you hope that they will always reach out to you!  Well, check out this text I received from my son today.  I’m guessing most mom’s don’t get this from their sons that are away at college:

Patrick: We need some paper towels and toilet paper for the house and we shop at kroger.  Can u hook us up with some deals couponlady.

Me: deal on toilet paper at walgreens on friday

Patrick: we don’t go to walgreens

Me: okay I’ll check Kroger

Patrick: thanks couponlady

And that was the end of the conversation from my son.  I was looking for the hi mom, love you mom, but couldn’t find it in the message.  Probably because today, I was just the couponlady 😉

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  • G

    The love and respect are there. They’re between the lines. The fact that he thinks it’s understood and doesn’t feel the need to say it outright shows how much he feels it.

    • Cindy

      totally agree 🙂

  • Maria

    At least your son is shopping. My boys start out “when r u visiting? I need ____, _____ ” lol

  • hanna

    He is counting on mom and one day, you can count on him.
    Maybe you already have done so!

  • Lori

    I received this via facebook, from my college daughter (I sent her home with a bunch of good coupons too)
    “Just wanted to tell you I have fun looking at my personal stock pile from you! I am excited to go grocery shopping now haha :)”

  • Lori

    Isn’t it nice to know our kiddos are learning the value of a dollar before they have to really start keeping house! 🙂 I love that he knows not to just go out and blow his money! (my daughter too) That message from my daughter made my day as I’m sure the one from your son did too.

  • Leigh Ann

    This weekend my 10 year old son asked me if we had any Pizza Stuffers in the freezer downstairs…I said go check, I think I do. Well, a few minutes later I walked into my living room to see my son going through my coupons. I asked him what he was doing and he said “Mom, there’s no more pizza stuffers so I”m looking for coupons so you can buy me some this week. Look I found 5 so you can get me 5.”

    And to boot, he checked the expiration dates and knew they were so good! Boy do we have them trained!

  • Lori

    Leigh Ann that is GREAT!

    • Leigh Ann

      Isn’t it? My husband is even asking me for coupons before he runs to get stuff at the store….now he’s not thinking anymore I”m the “crazy coupon lady”…he sees what a big difference they make!

      • Lori

        That is awesome, my husband is just thrilled with all of this. I told him this winter I won’t have to buy any sundry products at all and he is very pleased. We are farmers so, it is nice to make it through the winter without spending a lot of money.

        • Dee2

          I broke my leg last winter and couldn’t drive and therefore shop. We lived off of a lot of our stockpile while I recovered.

  • coupon lady nj

    Cindy this may make you feel better…My daughter, away at college also, wants to know what kind of deals I can score in the liquor department 😉
    I remember in August, him getting up very early to go work the “Degree” catalina deal at Shoprite and reporting back to us all…what other teen does that? He clearly loves you!!!

  • Theresa

    I think that is so sweet…Read between the lines Cindy, I bet he brags to all his friends about you and your deals…Just last night my step daughter came over and “Grocery Shopped” in my stockpile.. Now she wants to learn to coupon also!

  • Anita M

    Love this! …”couponlady” – definitely a term of endearment from your son!

  • Diana F

    I agree with PP’s!! The love is definately there between the lines. I hope I get a similar text when my 21 month old is in college haha

  • Susan C. in NY

    He knows right where to go to get the help he needs–Mom! 🙂

  • Barbara A

    I had to go away this weekend so I asked my husband to please go to the dollar store and go early and pick up 5 newspapers and make sure all the coupon inserts (which I listed) were there. I got home and he had bought 2. I asked him what happened. He said that he looked on the website and saw that the store opened at 10 so he showed up at 10:02. They hadn’t updated the website and the store had opened at 9. He said that there were only 3 papers left and there was a lady behind him looking for papers so he gave her one (she really wanted more, too but my husband is a good guy and shared 1 of 3) And then he says that he was surprised how many men were in there shopping and buying multiple papers. DUH. Yes, men do shop and use coupons. ( His shopping is almost exclusively at Home Depot. He is very busy with his own work and totally supports my couponing and savings, etc but hates shopping) I then asked if he checked the papers to make sure that the coupons were there and he answers yes, there are sale stuff inserts. He assumed that would mean that the coupons are there, too. Phew! They luckily were there. On a side note I really wish that my Dollar store would limit how many newspapers people buy and not let people walk out with 100 and more.

    • Diana F

      Are the Newpapers at the dollar store really a dollar? That would be great for me because the Newspaper by me is $2.50 each!

      • D

        At Dollar Tree they are! 🙂

  • neysa

    Cindy, don’t worry. My son does the same thing. When he’s out and about with his girlfriend, he calls me go ask me where r the deals in town to take his girl out…

  • My children are still younger, at 6 and 8, and I am thankful to be teaching them about patience (waiting until desired item is on sale) and frugality. We are blessed to not be broke, but as a mostly SAHM, my girls know that money is meant to be spent on “living stuff” (bills) and meant to be enjoyed (day trips, vacations, movies, birthday parties…). They totally get that a dollar saved is put towards better use!!! College kids use so many personal products and snacks that I hope my girls can get the hang of couponing long before college so they have a great stockpile to take with them!!

  • Jenny

    This is just great!! I hope my 4 month old kiddo will coupon when he grows up and realizes the value of money.

  • I was at Subway on Friday with six coupons that were expiring that day. This was in a college town and I was in line with college students. I asked the girl in line in front of me if she would like a coupon and she asked if she could have two and said that I reminder her of her Mom. The group of students behind me were happy to have the rest of the coupons. Whether we are aware of it or not, our couponing ways seem to rub off on our kids!!

  • Dee2

    Two of my kids are really into couponing. They are both just out of school and want to make their dollar go as far as possible. They don’t text me, though. They read your blog, Cindy!!!

  • Mary

    Just reading this story put a smile on my face. The fact that your son reached out to you means that you have some effect on him…and he does love you as (one other reader said) it is in between the lines:D

  • su

    At least your kids talk to you! 🙂

  • Tiff

    My oldest is 8 and the other night he took every baseball card out of the holders in his binder and asked me if I could help him set up his very own coupon book. It was so adorable. I’m sure when both my boys get older they’ll refer to me as the couponlady. LOL!!!!

  • Ruby

    I wish my mom did this when I was in college, it would have saved me a bundle! I do think it’s funny when the boyfriend asks me ” so what can we get for free this week.” It make me feel good that I am making good use of our resources! Keep up the great work!

  • em

    Thanks for the laugh. That is really cute. I think it’s great that he comes to you for what he needs.

  • Patty

    I actually have a story to share myself. My 22 year old college daughter sent me a text and told me she needed to buy some shoes and asked me if i knew where she could get some good deals online.. She told me 3 stores where she had found things she liked and wanted to know if I had any sugggestions to get them cheaper. So I surfed the net and ended up finding coupon codes and free shipping deals for most of them and saved her some money. So apparently she is listening when I preach not to spend so much money when shopping.

  • Jessie

    It’s great to get them started young – I learned to coupon shopping with my dad as a kid (he did the shopping in our family because my mom wasn’t careful about prices and it drove him nuts.) Now my kids are watching me: My four-year-old was playing “shopping” the other day, and built herself a register out of blocks. I had to crack up when she was explaining the parts of it to me and said “and this is where you put the coupons!” She also asked her sister, the shopper, “do you have your money and your coupons?”

  • Rachel

    My 4 and 5 year old were playing the other day. First they “went to work”, them one went to” get the baby” and bring her home. Then they were coloring and cutting out pictures. I asked what they were doing, and they told me “Cutting out our coupons”! Got to train them young!