Extreme Couponers In Training – Rite Aid Trip

Extreme Couponers In Training – Rite Aid Trip

One of my Extreme Couponers in Training, Megan,  headed to Rite Aid last night where she ran into a LRWC reader.  I am jealous because I never run into any readers and she got to meet someone again!  So, hi to the reader that Megan chatted with at the Wayne Rite Aid!

She did 4 transactions and got a great deal on these items! Here is what she did:

Transaction 1

Cover Girl Instant Cheekbone Blush $5.69
Cover Girl Classic Blush $2.84 (50% off)
Cover Girl Classic Blush $5.69
Cover Girl Classic Blush $2.84 (50% off)
Cover Girl Under Eye Concealer $5.49
Cover Girl Cheekers Blush $2.19 (50% off)
Cover Girl Cheekers Blush $4.39
Cover Girl Cheekers Blush $2.19 (50% off)

Coupons Used:

-(4) $8/2 Cover Girl Face Product (10/2 P&G)

Subtotal: -$0.68
Tax: $2.19
Total: $1.51
Received: $10 +Up Rewards
Money Maker: $8.49

Transaction 2

Scope Outlast $4.00
2 Gillette Body Wash $4.00 ea.
2 Tressemme Shampoo/Conditioner $3.99 each

Coupons Used:

-(1) $1.50/1 Scope Outlast (10/2 P&G)
-(2) $2/1 Gillette Body Wash (10/2 P&G)
-(1) BOGO Tressemme (10/2 RP)
– $10 +Up Reward from Transaction 1

Subtotal: $0.49
Tax: $1.40
Total: $1.89
Received: $2.00 +Up Reward (Gillette) and $2.50 +Up Reward (Scope)

Transaction 3

2 Gillette Body Wash $4.00 ea.

Coupons Used:

-(2) $2/1 Gillette Body Wash (10/2 P&G)
-$2.00 +Up Reward from Transaction 2
-$2.50 +Up Reward from Transaction 2

Subtotal: – $0.50
Tax: $0.61
Total: $0.11
Received: $2.00 +Up Reward (Gillette)

Transaction 4

1 Scope Outlast $4.00

Coupons Used:

– $1.50/1 Scope (10/2 P&G)
-$2.00 +Up Reward from Transaction 3

Subtotal: $0.50
Tax: $0.28
Total $0.78

On the last transaction, she did not realize there was a limit of 1 Scope UPR.  But, even though she did not get the $2.50 back she still managed to come out only paying $4.29 total for everything which was ALL tax.  So, really everything was FREE!

I have to say, I was pretty impressed and quite proud.  She worked out these deals all by herself.  I didn’t even know she was going so there was no coaching from me at all and there was no phone call from the store asking questions!  I think she’s finally got it and was totally excited about all the stuff she got!  What a great feeling for both of us!  Now maybe she’ll stop shopping in my stockpile 😉

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  • Jacqueline

    Great job to your daughter! I did my first trip(2) mini ones this week, and have friends asking all ready!

  • jen

    awesome!!! Wish I knew about couponing when I was in college!

  • Eva

    She did fantastic. Great job.


  • Barbara A

    You should be soooo proud.

  • Miriam

    Awww thats wonderful, i may just copy her shopping trip! lol 🙂

  • June

    Job well done!

  • kim

    I jst did my first trip to rite aid,, and used the cover girl coupons, got 42 worth of make up for 11 bucks with tax, and a 10 + up reward!!!

  • mandee

    Now to make her trip even better put the cover girl codes in for the taylor swift items from rite aid she will get 10 points for each item and the TS items start at 10 pts& free shipping!! 🙂

  • Ueen

    Yay Megan…..

    Cindy, I would love to say hi to you in person but you will not like it if I shop where you shop because We might be fighting for the last free item on the shelf. Jk
    An LRWC fans gathering would be great. 🙂

  • Leslie

    Way to go. I am so happy Megan had a great experience at the Wayne Rite Aid! When I first started couponing in late Spring I never went to drug stores for cash register rewards. I was literally afraid. By July I feld confident to give it a try. Rite Aid of Wayne was my first store and I was nervous. Armed with my club card which I ordered on line, flyer and coupons, I made my first purchase and received several +UP rewards. After this transaction, I realized I forgot to purchase an item I really wanted so I went back with my coupon and +UP reward to pay for the missing item. The cashier told me I was not allowed to use my +UP on same day transactions while the manager stood next to her. I said I honestly did not know, felt embarrassed and returned the item to the shelf. As I was walking out the store I heard the cashier and manager walking and talking. The cashier said “that lady was lying”. The manager said “she knew exactly what she was doing by trying to flip her rewards”. Then they both looked up with shock and guilt on their faces when they saw me because they thought I left the store. Megan you are amazing! You have given me the courage to go back to that store and try again.

  • chris

    This is awesome

    • Anonymous

      Hello all! I am new to couponing but correct me if I am wrong but I believe Proctor and Gamble had a mail in rebate this passed weekend for the cover girl make up. Hope I am right? Not that we didn’t get a great deal already 🙂


      • Michelle

        Yes there is. I just found out about it this week too. Spend $50 and get a $10 MIR on Covergirl, Venus, Olay, Secret, Clariol, Pantene, Safeguard, Ivory, Aussie, and Herbal Essences products. You can get the form @ http://www.pgpinkrebate.com/pink_rebate.pdf. It’s valid on purchases from 9/1/11 to 10/31/11 and can be submitted until 11/30/11.

  • Anonymous

    Great Job. The problem I am having is each Sunday paper costs $3.00 so I would have to spend alot each week for multiple coupons.

    • Jesse

      You should try the dollar stores, or if you have CVS EB (or something similar from another store) you can use those to get free papers. Can i ask where you are getting your papers? I live in gloucester county and dont pay more than $1.50 at the most.

  • jesse

    Cindy, first, thank you for all the hard work you do! You have saved my family so much money, we are so grateful!
    I have to say your daughter did amazing at Rite-Aid, I went there tonight with the intention of copying her transactions, but when I saw the covergirl inventory was low, I got what I could and actually found an even better deal, I was totally amazed! Here is what I did:
    2 instant cheekbones blush – $5.69 each
    2 instant cheekbones blush 50% off – $2.84 each
    2 cheekers blush -$ 4.39 each
    2 cheekers blush 50% off – $2.19 each

    total with tax: $32.34
    used (4) 8/2 covergirl Q’s

    total after coupons: $0.34!!
    got $10.00 +UP reward

    Thought I would share this for anyone who hasn’t done this deal yet.

  • CK

    Is she donating the men’s body wash to some lucky college co-eds? 🙂

  • Wendy

    I’m glad to see I could buy under eye concealer and use the $8/2 Cover Girl coupon. I really didn’t need 8 blushes. 🙂


    • Michelle

      Me too! I got 2 foundations, 2 powders, 4 bronzers, and 4 concealers for $14 something and got my $10 UPR. I really needed new makeup!!

  • Zeila

    hi! i used 4 covergirl $8 off coupons today but i have more, so do you think i can go back and use the other 4 with no problem tomorrow???

    • Leigh Ann

      You can, but you just won’t get the $10 +UP rewards, if you already used your card for the first transaction.

  • Anonymous

    was the $8 off2 covergirl coupon regoinal? because i didnt get it