FREE Redbook Magazine Subscription!

Free Subscription to Redbook

Woohoo!  You can score a Free Subscription to Redbook Magazine.  I don’t have this one so I’m sooo excited it’s available.  Just a heads up, by requesting your free subscription, you will also be signed up for emails from

You will also get a $5 voucher to be used at

Request: Free Redbook Magazine Subscription

Thanks commonsensewithmoney!

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  • Nancy

    Went through all the pages and didn’t find an end page that verified I had completed the information for this free subscription. Did I?

    • Bretany

      I did the same thing, but I did receive a email stating it went through 🙂 hth

  • Diana Angelina

    I did it too. I always feel skeptical about these free magazine subscriptions though. Anyone else?

  • Candice

    ive never had any problems– i dont use my real name though. .

  • Kat

    I got a confirmation email as well (in a junk email account I’ve created for purposes like this).

  • Jen

    Do you need to agree to/sign up for all their additional offers to qualify?

    • Jen

      Nevermind, got a confirmation message! Wait and see…

  • melissa

    i went through whole process and they stated “here is $5 voucher” we are out quantity for magazine choosen 🙁 oh well

    • Emmy

      Got the same message…

  • Kelly

    I couldn’t even find it. : (