Giveaway: Cheryl’s Cookies!

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Cheryl’s Cookies Plush Treat Pail

Usually my desk is covered with coupons, store ads, inserts… but you probably knew that!  But today it is covered with COOKIES!!!!  I’m lucky because I am able to sample some of these cookies that we are giving away!  They all came with a cute felt pumpkin bag that can be used for your trick or treaters.

Cheryl’s Cookies is offering to one of our readers a “Plush Treat Pail”.  Its filled with cookies and has a sack of milk chocolates wrapped with pumpkin foil.. very cute (I haven’t eaten one of those yet!).  But the cookies are yummy and I am ready to eat another one!  😉

Also, check out Cheryl’s on Facebook and let them know your favorite holiday cookie.  But before you do that, don’t forget to enter this giveaway!

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285 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cheryl’s Cookies!”

  1. Karen says:

    All time favorite halloween costume is one of a cat

  2. Rachel says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume has always been the bride of Frankenstein, of course right along side her man – good ole Franky!

  3. Melissa says:

    My favorite costume is a big “P” on my shirt and plenty of black makeup around my right eye. That’s right – I’m the “Black Eye P” 🙂

    1. susan c says:

      omg… my hubbs was that one year…. how funny is that…LOLOL

  4. brittany says:

    My favorite Halloween costume for children this year is the adorable cupcake one at Old Navy, too cute!

  5. Erica says:

    Old Navy’s dragon!

  6. Teqiyya says:

    My all time favorite costume is the French maid.

  7. Caitlin says:

    My favorite halloween costume is a mail order bride – wear a veil and postage stickers!

  8. Colleen Scott says:

    My favorite costume was tigger! My daughter wore it all year long!!

  9. mary theriault says:

    My favorite costume a Witch!!!!

  10. Julianna says:

    My favorite costume ever is the princess dress that I made for my daughter this year.

  11. Cherie says:

    Thunder Cat

  12. Kristy says:

    My favorite costume is the witch custome! You can have so much fun with that character!

  13. Cheri Sanchez says:

    My all time fav costume was when I was a lil girl it was a pumpkin that had the blow-up head hat thing haha..was soooo long ago I don’t remember what it was called..haha, Thanks for having this giveaway!

  14. Mary says:

    My favorite costume is the rainbow bird costume my mom made for me 20+ years ago!

  15. pam shukitt says:

    Just saw a very clever costume, someone was dressed up as a Ken doll still in the box, very creative and made me laugh.

  16. Bernadette S. Comfot says:


  17. michele says:

    My favorite coustume was when my daughter was 2 she was minnie mouse and she has dark hair ..It just looked so adorable : )

  18. Shannon says:

    My absolute favorite costume is the one I got for my daughter last year – a koala bear!!!

  19. Tracy says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume was a homemade catepillar costume that my dad made himself! It took 6 people to be the catepillar!

  20. Michele S. says:


  21. Susan says:

    I’d have to go with a big scary Ghost! Boo!

  22. An says:

    I love Tinkerbell (if you got good legs to pull it off)! I will settle for anything with wings: Butterfly, Angel….

  23. christine says:

    My husband went as a nerd!he looked so funny….thats my fav!

  24. Gina Taylor says:

    Mine is from my wedding was. We were married on Oct. 31st 2009 😀

    He was a Pimp (He wanted to wear a suit) and I was Little red riding Hood 🙂


  25. cheryl manna says:

    My son’s mailman costume complete with a screaming hatchet and a disembodied hand. I need Cheryl’s Cookies, same name, lolol.

  26. Patti says:

    My favorite Halloween costume for kids is a sock monkey! I was so bummed when I could not find it in my son’s size!!! There is always next year!!!

  27. Alice says:

    Favorite was my daughter as a bride when she was 3 – we used that photo for her bridal shower invite – my little girl all grown up 🙂

  28. Elise says:

    My favorite costume when I was growing up was a “tired mother”, which I made for myself when I was 12. I actually won a costume contest with it.
    I put my hair in curlers, drew dark circles under my eyes, wore a bathrobe, and pushed a doll in a stroller. It was cheap and fun to make, and it got a lot of laughs…

  29. Amanda Gribbin says:

    I love when women are pregnant and dress up as an oven with a bun in it lol

  30. Diane F says:

    When my son was a toddler, I made him a red M&M outfit for Halloween and I went as a bag of M&M’s. Fun costumes!

  31. nikki deviney says:

    my all time favorite halloween costume would have to be– Mike Myers.
    he is the definition of scarey and has been a staple for halloween since the movie arrived. You can’t do halloween without a little something spooky!

  32. Jenny says:

    My Favorite custome is the pumpkin – which is what my 5 month old son is for this first halloween 🙂

  33. Val says:

    Scarlett O’Hara — I’m from New Orleans. 😉

  34. Kristy says:

    My favorite costume is anything rennaissance! So many options to choose from the winch to the the royalty!

  35. Shirley says:

    My favoriate halloween costume was one my mother made me a wonder woman costume. She was always working and we never spent much time together but some how she found time to make me this costume. We went to the local firehouse in our town where they put on a Halloween party with food and treats. At the end they did a contest for the most orginal costume ,most beatifill, and ect. I was a fat kid but for that moment when I won I felt like the most beatiful girl. That was one of the best times I spent with my mom.

  36. Ellen says:

    My favorite is a T-Shirt that says ” My costume is at the cleaners”

  37. Michele Oliver says:

    My favorite costume was when my boys were sumo wrestlers!

  38. virginia koons says:

    My all time favorite costume right now is my little bulldog Lola~beans costume. She is a frog for Halloween. We call her our little bullfrog. LOL!

  39. kim says:

    My favorite costume was when my sister-in-law dressed my 6 month old niece as sweet pea pod. Adorable.

  40. Brittany says:

    My son’s homemade red lego costume made from a rectangular box and peanut butter jar lids. Got the best compliments and it sure beat a store bought one!

  41. Melissa says:

    My favorite costume is the cow costume I have for my little 4 month old. I’m from Wisconsin, so it’s very appropriate!

  42. dawn says:

    I love when little ones dress up as butterflies. They are just so adorable!

  43. Jen C. says:

    My doggie is going to be dressed up as a bumblebee and she is pretty darn cute in her costume. Bumblebee takes my favorite spot this year!

  44. Maureen says:

    When I was dating my now husband we went to a party as a red and as a green M & M. I thought it was a great outfit.

  45. Danielle says:

    My favorite costume was when I was a flapper about 10 years ago.

  46. Sheri G says:

    Johnny Depp in his Capt Jack!! 😉

  47. Cara Gerster says:

    My favorite costume for kids is the half devil half angel. So true!

  48. Christina says:

    My all time favorite costume was when my oldest daughter was 6 and she was a scary witch and my 2 year daughter was her black cat. My second favorite was the year we dressed my son as a skunk!

  49. Felice says:

    My twins were R2-D2 and C3PO.

  50. Michelle B says:

    One year I made my 2 year old into a “nerd” pocket protecter, taped glasses and a comb over. I never got so many copliments for a costume and it only took me 15 minutes to make!

  51. Deena says:

    My baby girl was a strawberry — what could be sweeter??

  52. Meredith says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is the peas in a pod for babies, too cute!

  53. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite costume right now is my dog Honey’s hot dog costume.

  54. Arianna says:

    Pippi Longstocking! I was it for 5 years in a row!

  55. Liz says:

    Ladybug. It’s so cute that no one even noticed it was on backwards.

  56. Nancy says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume is Minnie Mouse. My husband and I went as Mickey and Minney on our first Halloween together and I knew that he was the one!

  57. Julie says:

    Mine was when I was 8 years old I wore a flower girl dress that my mom had made for a wedding.

  58. tina says:

    My all time fav costume is a Bunny. I dressed my daughter as a bunny last year.

  59. susan c says:

    when i was bartending …. i was an orange m&m…i won first prize…. a bottle of booze…lolol…

  60. Shannon says:

    My favorite costume was Holly Hobbie when I was about 5.

  61. Dana C says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is my son’s from last year. It was the first year he picked what he wanted to be and he wanted to be a blue crayon! So cute 🙂

  62. Christine says:

    My favorite costume was a set of triplets dressed as pigs…..3 little pigs!!

  63. Joan Vanderploog says:

    I would love to win some of your cookies, They look yummy!!!

  64. Adrienne says:

    Mine was a fortune teller…so easy and looked great!

  65. stephanie says:

    my favorite costume was my pink power ranger costume when i was 5 its my all time fave now because my little 4 year old wants to be a power ranger for halloween after he watched some of the old episodes on netflix with my husband.

  66. Jessica says:

    my 7 month old daughter is a lady bug this year = my fav costume (but only because my daughter is wearing it).

  67. Kelsey F. says:

    My favorite Halloween costume of all time is when my friend dressed up their baby as a lobster and carried her around in a lobster pot all night. So cute!

  68. Joan Vanderploog says:

    My favorite custom was I dressed up like a little girl. Pig tails and bloomers. This was about 35 years ago.

  69. Jessie says:

    Love the witch – it’s a classic

  70. Amanda says:

    When I was in 4th grade my mom made my costume…i was a baby on the back of its mom!

  71. Annie says:

    Definitely my 2 year old dressed up as strawberry shortcake!

  72. Donna Peterspn says:

    My favorite is the witch becouse I work at a unit in a nursing home by the name of “2 West”, therefore, I dress up every year at my nursing home for the residents. I love having fun at work on the holidays.

  73. Denae says:

    My favorite costume was grapes. I wore a lot of purple balloons safety pinned to some purple clothing and topped with a stem hat.

  74. Tom says:

    I love going as Dracula!

  75. Bambi says:

    My favorite halloween costume is a witch..not a bad witch but a pretty sparkly one~!!

  76. Maria says:

    Mine has to be a witch. Black pointy hat, black dress, black shoes…its always a nice quick and easy costume.

  77. Misty says:

    On my daughter’s first Halloween, she was the air freshener tree for cars and it was hilarious because after she did a #2 she was far from smelling fresh! We renamed her the car defreshener and instead of smelling like pine she smelled like behind LOL

  78. Harmony says:

    I was a pack of gum when i was a kid just a box and paint so simple

  79. Tina says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is my “bridezilla” costume. It’s hilarious!=) Make up smeared on my eye lids, and lipstick all over my mouth

  80. Jessica says:

    My favorite halloween costume is an M & M.

  81. LR says:

    My all-time favorite costume is dressing up like a witch. I was a pumpkin witch last year and this year I will be a candy corn witch!

  82. David says:

    Two years ago I went to a party with the theme of Q. Two of my friends joined me and we went as rope and stanchions. A few people got it, but we had a lot of explaining to do!

  83. Mary says:

    My favorite all-time costume is a train engineer costume we made for my son when he was about 4. At the time, he was obsessed with trains, especially old-fashioned steam trains. I got him some small garden gloves and a blue and white striped cap. He wore a red turtleneck he already had. My husband made him a “train” that he wore around him made from a rectangular packing box and drew and cut out the shape of a train, complete with a cattle catcher. He also added a headlight on the front that had an LED light. My son colored the train, so it was a group project. It was such a great costume!

  84. wilma says:

    my favorite Halloween costume is pumpkin, little one are so cute in them

  85. lisa says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume has always been well, is now, the red power ranger since my son is being that and it looks so cute.

  86. Laura O says:

    I just adore the Raggedy Ann Costume : )

  87. karen greenleaf says:

    candy corn witch!!

  88. Yvann says:

    It’s nothing unique, but my all time favorite was one of my pledge sister in a whole body cow costumes. That week, my pledge class would gain points if we trick-or-treat actives on campus with costumes on. I will never forget the active’s face that I was interviewing when my pledge sis popped out of nowhere to earn us points! How she struggled not to laugh! hahaha

  89. sandy says:

    my favorite costume of all time was my son’s tigger costume. It was his very first costume and he was so darn cute!

  90. Maurin says:

    My favorite costume of all time was a belle dress my grandma made me when I was little. It looked so great, and I always remember her making it for me, and how proud she was when she took me trick-or-treating. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Mariellen Boyd says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is any one that my son wears!! This year he’s going to be a robot.

  92. Christina says:

    My favorite is the one my daughter wore last year. She was a 7-11 Slurpee!! We sewed the entire thing and 7-11 gave her a free slurpee!

  93. Beverly says:

    My favorte Halloween costume is the Lady Bug. The babies look soo cute I want to just eat them up. 🙂

  94. Shell Holland says:

    My favorite that I’ve ever been was a spider web!

  95. Virginia Reid says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume is the lil’ red devil my mom dressed me up in as a baby. There were even suction-cup plastic horns that were lick & stick to my forehead, but according to my mom, they never stayed on. 🙂

  96. MeganChipp says:

    Mine is the Devil 🙂

  97. Christine R says:

    My favorite Halloween costume has to be a bumble bee..I wore a yellow shirt and made the stripes out of black electrical tape n wore black tights and boots, only thing i hadta buy was the wing/headband set, it was $5!

  98. Emily says:

    Ace of Spades costume my dad made for me when I was a little girl!!

  99. Tara says:

    my favorite is Minny Mouse!

  100. Sherri says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ

  101. Misally says:

    My favorite all time costume was when my bestie dressed as a whoopie cushion!

  102. Dominique says:

    Would love to win.

  103. sheri says:

    favorite costume is the witch!

  104. Ginny says:

    I love Dorothy from the wizard of oz too!

  105. sheri says:

    my favorite costume is the witch!

  106. Amanda S. says:

    My all time favorite costume has to be a PUMPKIN 🙂
    I know, not very original, but always cute & comfortable!

  107. Dawn says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was when my then 2 year old son dressed up as a lego. I worked so hard on it and it turned out soooooo super cute!!!!!

  108. Amanda says:


  109. Eric says:

    My favorite was my Coca cola can costume. I wore that thing for years. Then again, I am a guy, so I like easy

  110. angela francis says:

    My favorite costume is red riding hood. What can I say, I love anything with red. And the fact that us adults can dress up is fun too. Depending on the outfit and party you can be whatever you want and escape for a little while. I just like the story, good girls always win, yah!

  111. Anita M says:

    My favorite costume was one I made for my sons ( first son worn it when he was two then passed it down to his little brother). It was a tube of toothpaste, with a ruffle lampshade as the cap. I told them this was the ONLY time they could walk around with a lamp shade on their head and get my approval 🙂

  112. Carmen says:

    My boys are Transformers and Captain America this year, so I’d have to say they are my favorite!

  113. Lauren says:

    I was Hermione Granger one year, which was fun!! I love Harry Potter.

  114. sue says:

    when my daughter was eeyore she was adorable

  115. Heather says:

    My fave costume is my daughter’s Boo costume. It’s been through three kids!

  116. Rory D says:

    Favorite costume was Sandy from Grease when I was 8.

  117. Robi Klee says:

    My favorite costume was made one year when it suddenly got too cold for my kid’s original costumes…it was rainy & cold…so, after scrapping the original, store bought costume, I made large popsicle sticks out of cardboard & stuck them down the back of their purple footed blanket pajamas. They went as GRAPE POPSICLES!! They were the warmest popsicles in the neighborhood!

  118. michelle z says:

    my favorite was about 4 guys from college being teris pieces.. they all fit togetther

  119. mark d says:

    I liked when a father dressed up as pac-man and his 3 daughters dressed as ghosts

  120. Kevin says:

    I love pumpkins costumes.

  121. Kristen says:

    My favourite costume: A deviled egg: dress up like an egg and add devil horns.

  122. Natalia says:

    Definitely, my all time favorite is Tooth Fairy men costume. Cracks me up every time.

  123. Julie says:

    My favorite costume is actually my daughter’s bumble bee costume from six years ago . . . I still have it and it still brings a smile to my face when I see it in the back of my closet.

  124. Annette says:

    a princess costume.

  125. All4Savings says:

    My favorite would be when my mom disguised herself as a witch! She had the biggest mouth! LOL

  126. Gina says:

    My favorite costume from childhood is a tie between Tinkerbell & a “Punk Rock Girl”.

  127. Jayme says:

    My favorite all time costume was when I dressed up as a baby last year! It was comfy and cute all in one.

  128. Bonnie says:

    a cat…or maybe catwoman for the bold, lol

  129. Ellen says:

    My favorite costume is Tinkerbell – too cute!!! : )

  130. Kathleen Misner says:

    My favorite costume when my son was Batman. I got the cutest costume and he would not wear the eye mask, so I had to paint the mask on his face. He was the cutest Batman EVER!!! (Now he is 21 years old.)

  131. Diane says:

    My favorite costume was a Lady Vampire.

  132. trudy says:

    My favorite halloween costume is Tinkerbell.

  133. Erica says:

    One year I dressed up as a guy and my own father passed me on the street and didn’t recognize me, I would say that one is my fave!

  134. Dotti - Maple Shade NJ says:

    My favorite costume is the old time Frankenstein! It is so Halloween – scary.

  135. Rei says:

    I was a tree one year. My mom rolled me in cardboard and…I couldn’t sit in the car when she drove so I had to lay down in the back seat.

  136. Allie says:

    My favorite costume would have to be a witch. It’s a Halloween classic that can be personalized in a lot of ways.

  137. Jolene says:

    My favorite is The Shark Ate My Dog costume, super funny with my dog’s head coming out of the sharks mouth!!

  138. Melissa says:

    My mom made me a punk rocker when I was about 8. She cut a jean skirt and sprayed it with sparkly paint, fringed my shirt, side pony teased and crazy make- up. So cute!

  139. heather says:

    My favorite halloween costume is Stewie!!!

  140. Brandon says:

    Faovirte is zombie.

  141. Shaena says:

    My favorite costume was worn by our friends a few years ago, they were “Ceiling Fans.” A play on words, they came with shirts lettered with CEILINGS!, pennants and banners that said “Go Ceilings!” and pom poms. They cheered all night for their “team” – it was hysterical!

  142. Ruth says:

    Just love it when my niece was dressed as a pumpkin. So cute and she looked so comfy even when it was too cold outside.

  143. JS says:

    One of the best was when my kids were Zeus and Athena.

  144. Jenn says:

    My favorite costume was the one my aunt wore to one of our family Halloween parties. She came as a toilet!

  145. Amanda says:

    My favorite costume was when I was in high school. I was a salem witch. My mom made me a setlercostume and then her bf made a noose (with a safety knot of course) to wear around my neck. He also did stage makeup to make it look as if I was dead and had a bruise around my neck where the noose had hung me. It was very life like. I got second for scariest costume, loosing only to a girl who dressed as a dead homecoming queen from our high school

  146. Tiff says:

    Super Mario. Last year I made this costume for my youngest son and it look so much better than the store made costume & cost not even $10 to make. Love Thrift stores!!! Even made the hat too.

  147. Lisa says:

    My favorite costume was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

  148. Sallie says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine!!

  149. jen says:

    My sister made a Mermaid costume which I got to wear once. It had starfish sewn on which was cute until her Jack Russell ate one and they had to call poison control. It was not poisonous luckily, but ended up being a good story.

  150. CJ says:

    My fave costume is when my husband made my daughter a Princess Mononokie costume. She was adorable and fierce!

  151. su says:

    My favorite costume was the year my husband was a cow…including the utters! Sooo many jokes, sooo little time 🙂

  152. Stacey says:

    I love the “Quail Man” costume!

  153. Diana says:

    I love when I see little ones dressed like pumpkins. So adorable!

  154. patti says:

    My favorite is one I made for my daughter – A princess sitting in a horse!

  155. Carol says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is robot plush costume! My son wore it in his pumpkin patch party and he looks so adorable and unique. Ü

  156. Meg says:

    My favorite costumes were when my kids were Jack and Jill. They were so adorable!!

  157. Jenny says:

    My 2 year old was Dumbo last year and it was the cutiest thing ever!

  158. Cheryl says:

    One year I was seaweed.That was my favorite. I had to cut a lot of garbage bags. New of course LOL:-)

  159. Megan says:

    My favorite costume is a cat! Something that’s easy to put together and always looks good =)

  160. Amy says:

    My favorite costume was my daughter dressed as a ladybug. Oh so cute!!

  161. Lori says:

    Wonder Woman!

  162. jennifer says:

    my favorite costume was always wonder woman!

  163. Lisa W says:

    My favorite costume was when my 5 year old daughter dressed as a cow girl. We borrowed our cousin’s pony (a real pony) and she rode the pony around the neighborhood to trick or treat. We drew quite a crowd! The next two years have been hard to top it.

    Would love to win the cookies.

  164. Melanie Hinojosa says:

    My son’s first Halloween costume is my all time favorite. He was a cute little elephant! 🙂

  165. Cathy K says:

    My favorite costume is anyone that is worn by a very “oh that’s my favorite candy” child at Halloween!

  166. Lisa says:

    My favorite costume is when I was a Christmas Tree (with battery operated lights)! It was awesome!

  167. Donna says:

    My favorite costume was back in 1985 when my two cousins and I were dressed as pillow people heads! Everyone thought they were so great and we got a prize for most original! Plus what better way to spend halloween than with my 2 baby cousins! I wish it were 1985 again!

  168. lisa R says:

    My fav is Little Orphan Annie!

  169. Michele S says:

    My favorite costume is Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  170. Julie says:

    My favorite costume was the chicken little costume I made for my daughter when she was an infant (she’s 14) now. You could hardly see her in the flurry of yellow felt feathers 🙂

  171. Michelle says:

    My favorite costume was when we were older kids and dressed up like babies. We used the candy ring pops as pacifiers and put juice or soda in the baby bottles to drink. Oh the memories!

  172. Patrice Plumadore says:

    My all-time favorite costume was the year my daughter dressed up as a chicken. It was a plush costume and she was just learning how to talk and was working the “bok-bok” Great memories

  173. Linda Eriksen says:

    My favorite costume was one a friend of mine wore one year. He was a shower! Complete with shower head and curtain!!

  174. Tiffanie T. says:

    My favorite costume is when the babies dressed up pea pods 🙂 Oooohhh so cute!

  175. Melissa Meinke says:

    As a kid, I really hated dressing up, but wanted to trick-or-treat with the rest of the kids, so I was faithfully a gypsy every year … makeup & big hoop earrings were easy! As a mother, I will have to say that my daughter’s very first costume was my favorite … she was piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

  176. Annabelle says:

    I blew up purple balloons and stuck them to a trash bag and went as a blueberry.

  177. Jen says:

    When I made myself a walking float- a mermaid on a half shell!

  178. Jen says:

    One year my daughter was a giraffe…it was my favorite!!!

  179. Charmane Woomer says:

    Love seeing kids dressed up trick or treating, they all look so cute.

  180. Emily says:

    For my daughter’s first Halloween, we dressed her as Tinker Bell so I have to go with that!

  181. Irene D. says:

    Back in the day, my girlfriends and I dressed up as a 1960’s singing group (like the Supremes). We teased our hair as high as it would go and found matching vintage dresses at a secondhand store in NYC. We even had a tape of 60’s music that we sang along with.

    One year a bunch of us went at the killer bees from Saturday Night Live.

    Who says Halloween is just for kids?

  182. Lisa says:

    A person showering…use hola-hoop secured to yoour shoulders, attach the curtain to the hoop, make a spout out of tin foil, and wear a shower cap. Add soap, back scrubber, etc. Just a small portion of your head should show above the hoop. You see by opening the shower curtain so please don’t be naked under there!!

  183. Laurie M. says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is my daughter’s ballerina witch last year – with a cute tutu – and I got it for $7 shipped with a coupon 😉

  184. allie says:

    When ipods first came out my husband dressed up as one–everyone thought it was sooo exciting!

  185. nikki wilson says:

    My all time favorite costume was when my daughters (twins) went as Thing One and Thing Two with blue haired wigs and all.

  186. Ellen S says:

    I like when little kids dress up as old people with grey hair and walkers.

  187. Kelly says:

    I love to dress up as a pumpkin!

  188. Shannon says:

    My favorite is my 3 y/o in his monkey costume!

  189. Vicki Gutierrez says:

    I love the Disney costumes!

  190. Eileen says:

    I love the classics so a good pumpkin costume is my favorite.

  191. rosanne says:

    my favorite all time costumes are the matching bee costumes i made for the kids when they were younger. i miss making those homemade costumes!

  192. carrie says:

    My new favorite has to be my 9 year old daughter going as my husband this year! Funny thing is, she knows who she is but no one else will! LOL!

  193. Stephanie says:

    Anything that lights up! I’ve made my son a Christmas tree and a truck with working headlights, and my daughter a twinkly snowflake 🙂

  194. marilyn says:

    A pizza maker – apron, chefs hat and pizza box

  195. Jules says:

    My favorite costumes were when my 12yo son and his friend dressed up like Paris Hilton and Niciole Richie. It was when they were having a hit with their television show Paris & Nicole. Not only did no one realize that they were guys….they were PRETTY in their miniskirts and wigs! LOL The pictures we have are hilarious. They were very secure in their maculinity!!

  196. Pam says:

    My favorite costume is a fishbowl!

  197. colleen H. says:

    my favorite Halloween costume are on little children .. when they are pumkins, Disney princess, fire fighter, puppy, Characters from there video’s like Buzz light year Winnie the Pooh ETC

  198. Lyn says:

    Favorite costume is a bottle of elmer’s glue – dress in white, attach enlarged logo to shirt front and get a bright orange winter hunting cap from Walmart.

  199. Ellen Gannsle says:

    My favorite costume was when my stepson dressed as Mr.T, he loved the Rocky movies, and looked really funny.

  200. kelly f says:

    My all time favorite costume has to be my sister’s costume this year. She taped smartie’s candies to her pants and is going as smartie pants.

  201. sarah says:

    my favorite costume is when my twins celebrated their first halloween & went as little pumpkins—so many years ago 🙂

  202. Barb says:

    Vampires seem to be big this year thanks to the twilight series, which is great because that is my all time favorite costume!

  203. Karen says:

    My favorite costume is a boxer. My little cousin went as one two years ago and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  204. TJ says:

    Favorite costume is a banana!

  205. megs says:

    My niece was a puppy from 101 Dalmation!!! Too cute.

  206. Jessica A says:

    My favorite costume was a bat. I made matching costumes for my son and daughter last year and the were adorable. I also loved that no else had costumes that looked like theirs.

  207. Nancy P says:

    My fave was both of my kids as bees! So cute!!!

  208. Michelle says:

    My two boys wearing transformer’s costumes

  209. Ebie says:

    I was a pinata once, with a ruffly dress and a pinata head on my head, and the rear end safety-pinned onto my backside – unfortunately, I didn’t think through the sitting-in-the-car-on-the-way-to-the-party part.

  210. Annie says:

    I saw a pancake costume once. Kids get so creative!

  211. Jennifer says:

    Love the headless horseman costume…

  212. Kristine says:

    My favorite costume is my daughter’s dalmation costume!

  213. Brenda says:

    My favorite was my oldest son wore a pirate costume and my youngest a baby clown….. they were one and two and they rode in their wagon to go trick or treating!

  214. Kami says:

    My little cute boy as a monkey this year

  215. violet says:

    One of my favorite costumes was when my son, who dressed up as a chicken, and I, who dressed up as a Hippie, went together to a Halloween party. We were nicknamed “Hippie-chick”. He, and I, thought that was so cool!

  216. katie says:

    When my kids went as Simba and Nala.

  217. Stu says:

    My daughter as a princess

  218. Tina M says:

    A witch. 🙂

  219. lana says:

    my favorite costume is my daughters, shes a chick! she looks adorable in the fluffy yellow feathers!!!!!

  220. JT says:

    black turtleneck + black leggings + white dashes of surgical tape from neck to ankle = a road!

  221. Michelle says:

    It’s a tie between my daughter as a pirate and my son as a clown.

  222. Lynne says:

    I love when my daughter dressed up like an 80’s girl.. I am a product of the 80’s and I loved all the big hair and leg warmers….

  223. Nadine says:

    My favorite custome would be ninja.

  224. Roxanne Oswald says:

    The classic witch is my all time favorite costume. Ever since I first saw Wizard of OZ! And it’s such a versatile costume, too, that you can change it up every year.

  225. Elizabeth says:

    My all time favorite costume is my dads. He dressed up as a witch. Wart, crooked nose, green face and all.

  226. Patrice says:

    My all time favorite halloween costume has to be when my little nephew dressed up like a mushroom from Super Mario Bros.

  227. Grandma Bird says:

    My all time favorite costume is a black crow.

  228. Jennifer says:

    My favorite halloween costume was being a vampiress

  229. Elise says:

    My son as Superman and my daughter as a fairy!

  230. Bea says:

    My favorite costume is a big bumblebee.

  231. Laurie A says:

    I was a Christmas Tree one year when I was in elementary school! My mother put hoops in it and I swished when I walked. It was cool.

  232. A. Edwards says:

    My favorite costumes have to be any baby or doggie costume, they always make me laugh and say Awwwww… I absolutely live them. 🙂

    1. A. Edwards says:

      *love them.

  233. jennifer says:

    I went as a Hershey’s Kiss one year in Middle School!! Best Costume EVER!! 🙂

  234. Leah says:

    The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz with silver painted face to look very realistic.

  235. Claire says:

    My favorite costume is this year’s “Ben 10” get-up for my 4 year old son. I had no idea who “Ben 10” was and didn’t know if I would be able to find such a costume, so I told him that he would have to be Batman like last year. He took it in stride, but I could tell that he was bummed! However, when I went to the Halloween store, I found a “Ben 10” costume! I surprised my son with it and he has barely taken it off since! What a wonderful Halloween! He’ll surely remember this one for a long time!

  236. Erica says:

    My favorite costume is Winnie the Pooh with his extended adorable belly!

  237. Janine says:

    My favorite costume is when my daughter dressed up as a teenager in the 50’s with a pink poodle skirt.

  238. Danielle says:

    My favorite costume was the mini Philly fanatic at the Halloween parade this year.

  239. Laurie says:

    A witch of course, I was told this was type casting!

  240. Frances says:

    My favorite costume growing up was a kangaroo.

  241. K. Clark says:

    My favorite was when my niece and nephew dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse…and they were the cutest ever!!!

  242. Anne says:

    My favorite was last year when my boyfriend and I went as Katy Perry and Russel Brand 🙂

  243. Danny H says:

    my favorite costume was a mummy.

  244. Stephanie says:

    It has to be my son’s costume this year. He’s a UPS man… He’s only 2 lol

  245. Francesca says:

    My favorite was my bumblebee costume from last year!

  246. Laurie says:

    My favorite costume is the classic witch!!!!

  247. Kathy C says:

    My favorite costume was my son’s Scooby Doo costume from 2 years ago.

  248. Akku says:

    I believe i can wear only pumpkin costume:) this year

  249. Christine says:

    My favorite was when my daughter (9 at the time) and her best friend asked us to make them salt and pepper shakers! it was the cutest!!

  250. Carrie says:

    My favorite costume as a kid was dressing up as an astronaut!

  251. Jessica says:

    My favorite costume I saw this year was a whole family dressed up as the smurfs!! Blue faces and all!!

  252. Mike says:

    My favorite all time costume was when my son was a turtle!

  253. Stefanie says:

    My favorite costume was my daughter’s last year. She was just over a year old and went as Raggedy Ann.

  254. Marisa says:

    I love my 3yr old’s chicken costume!

  255. Liz P. says:

    My fav costume has gotta be my 2 yr old’s for this year. Shes gonna be Rapunzel, but she has brown hair and the Rapunzel hair piece is blond. I got her a brown long hair pony clip-in at Claire’s and she looks awesome! She wants to wear this fake hair everyday!
    The cutest brunette Rapunzel I ever saw!!
    P.S-I <3 Cheryl's cookies! THE best!

  256. Ali says:

    My favorite costumes were on twins last year. They were in skunk costumes and their mom was pulling them in a wagon with a sign that said “mommy’s little stinkers”

  257. Vickie says:

    My all time favorite was a princess costume I wore as a little girl. It had a crown and a wand and made me feel so special that day.

  258. Randy says:

    My favorite costume is my husband and mine for this year. I am the chiquita banana lady and he is a flamenco dancer. We have matching red tulle outfits! 🙂

  259. kat says:

    Black pants and shirt with yellow electrical tape to make a road. Sew matchbox cars to the road. LOL I loved that costume.

  260. Laurie says:

    My favorite halloween costume was when my son went as a Shoprite bag full of groceries.The best part was that the costume was totally free!! We made it out of a box,brown shop rite bags and various boxes and egg cartons etc we saved .It was a big hit and the price was great.

  261. Michelle says:

    my favorite halloween costume is my sookie stackhouse costume from this year. simple and comfortable. a tshirt , black pants, and an apron! true blood <3

  262. Tina says:

    The best was a brother and sister down the street that went as a squirrel and a skunk.

  263. Lovingmynewhobby says:

    My favorite costume is when my son and daughter dressed up as Snow White and Prince Charming

  264. CouponerLI says:

    A scarecrow…my sons first costume!

  265. Liz says:

    My husband and I went to a party as Email and Attachment one year- that was fun.

  266. Natalie says:

    A bat costume for my little black Chihuahua. I think he’d look super cute! 🙂

  267. Veronica says:

    My favorite costume ever was when my son was 2 he was a mailman – complete with the mailbag used as his trick or treat bag. It was a ode to my mom who has been with the post office for almost 30 years 🙂

  268. Jaclyn Kahn says:

    My mom made me a Beanie Baby Penguin! It was warm and soft and she left me a special message in the heart tag on my wing. Homemade costumes rock!

  269. terri says:

    My favorite costume is a classic witch.

  270. Chung says:

    my favorite is a maid

  271. Mary Nan Wilson says:

    My favorite all time costume is my Robin Hood! Bow and arrows too!

  272. p says:

    hulk hogan when i was a youngster

  273. Jennifer B. says:

    My favorite costume is my daughter as Snow White.

  274. Ashley says:

    My favorite is a zoo keeper. (you guessed it, it’s my sons costume) bought it when target went on sale last year. and will be doing the same thing again this year) . i love it after “holiday” prices/sales. thanks

  275. Sandra K321 says:

    My favorite was a Pocahontas costume that I made. I even sewed the fake fur skirt and make a bow out of a stick.

  276. Kat says:

    I made my own costume this year, and I must say what fun it was to be a Peacock!

  277. Anna T says:

    My 1 1/2 yr old daughter is going as Minnie Mouse this year. She loves Minnie so much that she is obsessed with her costume. Seeing her this happy easily makes this my favorite costume of all time 😉

  278. Colin says:

    2 years ago I reached the peak of my Halloween costume greatness as the Condiment King with a cape made out of ketchup, mustard, mayo and hot sauce packets along with a tomato topped scepter and a Burger King Crown. Sadly, the cape still remains in my kitchen, waiting for re-use.

  279. Jenny says:

    Anything not scary, just happy little kids having a blast!

  280. Debbie says:

    My favorite Halloween costume has to be a smore! Homemade and original, the best!!!

  281. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    When I was little my mom made me a Kermit the frog costume. I wore a green sweat suit and she made a head and hand and foot covers.

  282. Lauren says:

    My favorite costume is my daughter’s Tinkerbell costume this year! It was custom made and is GORGEOUS!

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