iPad Couponing App as seen on Extreme Couponing

iPad Couponing App as seen on Extreme Couponing

Update:  Living Rich With Coupons now has a FREE Coupon Spreadsheet.  It’s available in for Excel newer and older versions.

I have received a bunch of emails today from readers wondering about the iPad Couponing App that was used on Extreme Couponing last night.  Well, I did some digging and I found it. It is called the WMC Couponing Spreadsheet Template and it can work on the iPad or on Excel.  If you want to use it on your iPad, you will need to have the Numbers App installed.  The Numbers App costs $9.99.

The cost is $4.99 for the WMC Couponing Spreadsheet Template in either the iPad format or the Excel format.

As of right now, I do not have an opinion on it as I just downloaded it myself and I haven’t had time to go through it yet.  There were enough of you that were inquiring about it today so I wanted to post the information I found.  If you are handy with excel, you can probably do this yourself.

Download: WMC Couponing Spreadsheet Template

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  • c

    is this $4.99 one time or monthly?
    i don’t see why, if it is monthly, we couldn’t just have someone come up w/ their own excel sheet that they copy a link to the template for! FREE! lol
    i am so spoiled after using this site for the last 2 months. if it’s not free or close to it, it’s not for me!! ;O)

    thank you, cindy!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had it for awhile. It takes some getting use to. I have it on my Pc and my iPad I prefer it on my Pc. Because u can actually use the whole screen

  • Nicole

    This is sooo easy to make for anyone with a little bit of excel experence!

    • Aileen C

      I agree. I don’t have an iPad, but I made myself a similar document in Excel and I print it and take it with me on every trip.

      • ashlei

        can you send me a copy?

    • Amanda

      I agree too. I made a spreadsheet with the formulas all done already for when I shop at the commissary, and it included the 5% surcharge (or the tax) that we pay so I know my total down to the pennies!!

      • Cortney

        Agreed – and as someone with a lot of Excel experience, I’ve used the Solver add-in (http://www.ehow.com/how_2124385_use-excels-solver.html) on those BIG deals like the gas card deal a while back. Might be worth a look for next week’s P&G deals.

        Plug in all the coupons I have (which aren’t always enough to get the deals listed on here) and figure out what to get for the cheapest deal to get the gas card using the Solver add-in. Then I’ll modify if I don’t want or need something that’s actually the best deal (like if diapers were the best deal of a mixed deal, I’m still not getting diapers).

        Similar layout to the spreadsheet here except I have a row for each coupon (like 40 cents/1 is a different row from 50 cents/1), then I put in columns for constraints like the # of coupons that I have in one cell, 4 max like coupons, etc etc. Solve for minimum total where the sale or shelf price total is greater than what the deal is.

        It does take some time to input the different items and coupons, but if it’s a big deal it can be worth it 😉

        • eskufca85

          can you send me a copy of what you made? I am new to couponing and I am thinking of making a spreadsheet but don’t know where to start really. Thanks

  • Ethel

    I saw that also and I did not want to pay $4.99 for it! My brother that’s pretty good with numbers and excel just made it for me. Exact same thing and it only took him 10 minutes to make it 🙂

    • Debbie G

      Ethel : Can you share it with us? I know that no one wants to pay for it when we can get it FREE !! That’s one of my favorite sayings !! : )

      • ashlei

        yes ethel please share!!

    • Anne

      Could you share please!

  • Laura O

    Ethel, Are you able to share the spreadsheet? I am not good at using excel.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yes Ethel. Would u mind sharing it with us? I really don’t want to spend $4.99 on something that I may not even have time to use or like. It would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • justine

    I believe I’m getting the ipad 2 for Christmas ….and I’m actually interested in that app…I’d totally pay the $4.99 for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  • Christine

    I just created an excel document when I saw that Extreme Couponing episode last night. Anything to make it easier at the store. I showed it to my hubby and he mentioned that I need to get Evernote for my BB, so I can check off what I’ve gotten while going through the store. No iPad for me yet!

  • Carrie

    Is anyone out there currently using this app? If so, how do they like it and is it worth the $? I’m debating on downloading it along with numbers to have on my iPad for all my shop rite trips!

    • Pamela

      I got it after the last time she was on the show. It was a lot cheaper than 4.99 before, I guess “fame” has gone to her head? 🙂 It was like 1.99 when I got it. Its nothing special honestly, I could have made it in excel myself if I’d realized what I was downloading. The database i’m trying to make myself is way more complicated 🙂
      In this spreadsheet. you can only enter 1 coupon per line. So If you’re buying 5 fantasticks and you have a .75 for each? You have to put each one on its own line or it doesn’t calculate the total properly. Not sure if it just can’t be done in excel (I’m not an expert I just use it well enough to get by) but It seems to me it shouldn’t be that difficult tbh.

      • J. Kelly

        Pamela –
        It was offered at $3.99 as an introductory price. LOL No fame here, I’m just a small town country girl but so many have asked for the download that I did want to make it available. There is, of course, cost involved in maintaining a site with the fair amount of traffic that it attracts. Also don’t forget that I do a fair amount of giveaways, including a recent iPad… all out of my own pocket. 😉

        • Monica

          where can i find it at because its not in the app store on my ipad

  • Kristen

    This should be easy enough to duplicate.

  • 10461

    another reason for me to get a ipad for christmass!!

    • Liz V

      Is that your zip? cuz I’m also 10461….

      • Joanne

        I used to be in 10461..now I’m just north of you!

        • Liz v

          Ha! I’m in Indian village.

  • N Marc
    • Anne

      Wow Thank you Marc!!!

  • N Marc
    • hanna

      I will try this, thanks Marc!

    • marc i just downloaded and love it! thanks so much. putting that $4.99 in my pocket as i am typing…..:)

      • Laura

        Thanks Marc!!!!

      • Erika

        I can’t seem to figure out how to download the free excel layout

        • Anonymous

          I can’t figure out how to download this either

  • ashley

    i use the wunderlist. and it’s free

  • Diana

    Poor Ethel!

  • Liz V

    I am so bad I just make a list and little notes… I would get extremely frustrated trying to make a spreadsheet….I do appreciate the process though! Neat!

  • Roxy

    why pay when its sooo easy to make your own!

  • Lili

    N Marc….thank you!

  • what i’d like to know is if there’s an app (or community of people crowdsourcing the info) that will help you keep track of the different regular/sales prices at the different stores. that would be ridiculously helpful. i can’t keep all this info up in my head.

    • Pamela

      agreed! I’d kill for a shop rite price book 🙂

  • Allie W

    I use savings tracker, keeps track of monthly costs and gives you % and total $ saved on a month by month basis and also yearly. This was free too:


  • Lady J

    Am I the only person who still shops off a piece of paper?

    • Lady J

      It would definitely take me more time to make the list this way, then it would to just write the list down on the scrap of paper you get after you cut out your IPs.

      • Kit

        NO! I have the ipad 2 and love it. But I will stick to paper for now.

    • janet

      I still do! My grocery store, Tops, lets me create a shopping list from their online ad, and it prints with the sale price and any promo offerings. I can adjust quantities as I add it to my list. Then I mark what coupons I have by hand. It even has spaces by dept to write in items. No, it doesn’t total the trip for me, but it does make my life a little easier 🙂

    • Julie

      I do too! I save my precious ink for all of those coupons! 🙂

  • Sandi

    I’ve been using one for over 2 years now. I got it off of another site and I love it. I enter my weekly spending and it really helps me keep my budget in order.

  • Ana

    I manage my monthly budget on a spreadsheet. I use Microsoft Works spreadsheet which is like an outdated version of Excel, I’m going to have to make my own anyway but it’s a good idea.

  • Alison

    I just made this on google docs and posted it to the templates. I titled it Extreme Couponing Shopping List . I made a different tab for each store that I shop at so it will double as a shopping list and $ tracker ( and it’s pretty and colorful)! Hope this helps people, I really like google docs and theres a bunch of apps you can get on your iphone that can access it as well.

    • G

      I tried to search for it on google doc and it is not coming up. I would love to download it!

      • Alison

        It’s up now!! I guess it took them a little white to post it. If you want to add more stores just duplicate the sheets and rename them. Is you want to add more lines just do so before the total lines. Hopefully all my calculations are right ; ) enjoy!

        • Lisa L.

          found it! only thing is I wish you add a columm for coupon that doubles. I will try to see if I can add it. Thanks!

    • Erin

      Am I an idiot can’t find it – new to google docs so pretty lost!

      • AO

        I actually deleted the first and reposted it because I found sone errors. It should be up by now. Type in the exact title.

  • Michele

    I know many don’t want to pay for an excel sheet so this isn’t for you. My Hubby bought me a program(haven’t used yet) that scans and inputs your receipts for you. I think it was about $100. Setting up the excel sheet and getting use to the layout(even though I created it) too way more time than he liked. It’s called Neat receipts.

    One thing to remember in excel is DON’T hit delete in any column with a formula. Always use undo or zero. There are formulas that if you hit delete it doesn’t just delete what you accidentally typed but the whole calculation.

  • Deb

    Okay, i’m a newbie – so with this excel spreadsheat how do i get a detailed list of every single grocery item ?? Do i need to enter every item manually ?? i shop at vons …..

  • Lori

    @Alison, I just tried to find the document you said you put on Google docs. Unalbe to find it. Please tell me how to find it.

    • Alison

      go to create then select from template and enter the name: Extreme Couponing Shopping List. It should be there. I’ve been using it myself and noticed a few kinks, but you should be able to adjust the formulas yourself when a line item doesn’t come out right.

  • heather grintz

    does anyone know if there is an app that would work with android? i just got an android tablet and would love to use it to help with my shopping.

  • Cindy

    I bought this spreadsheet a couple of days ago to go with my ipad. I have numbers on my ipad and the link I was sent for this does not work. I have emailed the owner working mom coupons 3 times and no reply. Her website looks like it has not been updated in nearly 2 years. Probably not since she was first on TLC and everyone wanted her spreadsheet. Just wanted to let anyone know this before you buy.


    • Cindy

      correction.. not updated in 4 months.

    • Kelly

      Cindy –
      I do appreciate honest feedback and I understand where you are coming from. First allow me to apologize for not having responded to your emails – I do check email daily and respond within 24 hours. I do not see any emails from you to workingmomcoupons@att.net? If I have overlooked something please accept my apology – I would love to take care of you but I simply do not see any requests from anyone named Cindy.

      As for not updating the website, you are mostly correct about that. I started a new business about 6 months ago and work there every day. There are so many excellent bloggers out there that are so much better than I these days at keeping up-to-date and accurate information posted that I feel it would be a disservice to post deals if I can’t post them quickly. I appreciate my loyal fans and continue to check messages daily if anyone needs anything.

      If for some reason your emails aren’t getting through to me, you can reach me on Facebook as well on the WMC page. I will be sure you are taken care of.


      • Cindy


        I emailed you 4 times through your website before posting this and then one through facebook after your reply above. I’m not sure why you are not getting them. My email address is juneangelus@yahoo.com
        I look forward to hearing from you on how to get a link that works for word. Thanks!


        • Anonymous

          Cindy –
          Seems like our emails are not getting along, how frustrating! I did get your most recent email and replied to it. I will email you again at your address above. Just to be clear, the spreadsheet is formula-based and there is not a version that will work with Word. It will work with Microsoft Excel or Numbers, depending on your needs. I hope you are able to receive this email. 🙂


          • Cindy


            I received your email and the new link is working great, thanks for your help.

          • Cindy


            The new link works great. Thank you!

  • AmandaOliversen

    is there anything like this got tablets?

  • Sandy

    I’m just starting couponing. Haven’t even started yet. I’ve always felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to even start or what to do. I saw this app and got so excited. I just downloaded it and I know that it is going to be so helpful. Now I have to get some coupons and get started.I’m so giddy with excitemnt because I never thought that I could do this and always wanted to. So wish me luck and any helpful hnts in organization would be appreciated. I work 9 hours a day and take care a a bed ridden mother at night. so anything to save me time and money I’m up for.

  • Tracy

    How do I get my spreadsheet downloaded onto my iPad? I got the family budget one and the coupon one, but every time I click the link in the conformation email it takes me to the page to buy the downloads again. I want my money back if I can not get the downloads on my iPad!