La Creme Coffee Creamer Rebate

La Creme Coffee Creamer Rebate

There is a new La Creme Coffee Creamer Rebate.  The rebate is for up to $2.99 back from the purchase of a La Creme 16 oz Coffee Creamer between 10/1/11 – 12/31/11.

Print: La Creme Coffee Creamer Rebate

Here are some coupons you can use to turn it into a money maker after coupons & rebate:

Lately it looks like this my be the only way I can get Free Coffee Creamer.  So, sad! 🙁


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  • Arkie

    Does the BOGO work with $1/2?

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering the same, does anyone know?

      • Brandi

        No.. you can’t use a $1/2 with a BOGO coupon. That would be using 2 coupons on one item.

        Some stores will allow a $1/1 with a BOGO coupon though.

  • Lisa

    I was so excited when I discovered that my ShopRite had this new product, but yesterday I looked for it and it seemed that they have stopped carrying it already. First they stopped carrying the organic soy creamer, then the soy yogurts and now this lactose free dairy creamer… I already talked to customer service when I realized that they no longer have any soy yogurts, but they don’t seem to care… : ( Any products that don’t sell a lot every day won’t be part of their selection I guess. That’s too bad for the rest of us who don’t buy (and/or can’t eat) what the average shopper buys. Hopefully this trend will turn around.

  • robin

    Sorry today is the last day, but A&P had international delight BYGO free. The price is $2.45, with the $.55 / 1 coupon – printable, the price for two is $.25. Not free but close!

  • jmartcougar

    these were $2.59 at safeway didn’t see the .50 off 1 still its free thanks!

  • Michelle

    Hi Cindy! Starting this Friday, Foodtown will have Coffeemate Creamer for $1.39. There are a few coupons out there that will make this pretty cheap!

  • lisa

    FYI – The two shoprite by me stopped carry this brand…not a big seller apparently. Ramsey and Oakland.

  • sherri

    Anyone having trouble printing this? It seems it is printing in english and some other language for me..all my coupons ect are printing not sure what is going on…