My Shopping Trip – ShopRite

So, I need to know…who bought all the Fantastik at my ShopRite?!?  There was none to be found.  So sad.  Here is hoping they restock as I’m sure I’m going to be at ShopRite  A LOT this week with all these awesome deals.

Yesterday I made 3 trips to ShopRite.  Actually Pat made 2 and I made one.  I kept sending him to try out deals in the morning.  And I do have to say that he is quite good at it.

The first 2 trips were less then $1 out of pocket because I was rolling my previous catalinas.  For this shopping trip I paid $30.18 out of pocket of which $21.76 was meat & fish.  I was so excited to find some more 1/2 price manager special ground beef.

Also, during the day, I stopped at the Farmers Market and spent $42.  I know wow, $42?  I never spend that much at the Farmers Market but my daughter Nikki was home from college for the weekend and I took her there to get some fruits, veggies and nuts for her to bring back to her apartment at college as well as for us at home.

So, here was my shopping trip to ShopRite.  And, I will be going back all week!

3 Grande Tortilla Chips $1.49 each
4 Kraft Mac & Cheese $1.19
4 Ore-Ida Easy Frieds $1.25 each
1 Milk Bone Dog Treats $2.79
1 Milk Bone Essentials Dog Treats $3.59
3 Crest Toothpaste $1.99 each
1 Tropicana OJ $1.88
7 Vitamin Water $5 total
Heinz Gravy $0.99
4 Carolina Brown Rice $0.99 each
4 X-14 Auto Bowl Cleaner $0.89
3 Total Raisin Bran $1.99 (raincheck from last week)
2 Libby Peaches $0.67 each
1 Bottom Round Roast $6.40
Ground Beef 5.77 lbs for $$9.37 (manager’s special)
1 Tilapia 2 lbs $5.99

Coupons used:

-(3)$1/1 Grande (9/11 SS)
-(2)$0.55/2 Kraft Mac & Cheese (Kraft Coupon Book)
-(1) Free Milk Bone Essentials wyb Milk Bone ($3.59) (NLA)
-(3)$0.50/1 Crest Toothpaste (I purchased these through Coupon Dede and they were for any Crest 4 oz or more) (10/2 P&G)
-(1)$1/1 Tropicana (Pepsico Moments)
-(1)$0.50/1 Tropicana ShopRite Coupon
(4)$0.50/1 Carolina (9/11 RP)
-(4)$1/1 X-14 (coupon adjusted down) (7/24 SS)
-(3)$0.85/1 Total Raisin Bran (NLA)
-(1)$1/2 Libby’s (8/28 RP)
-$5 Kraft Catalina
-$3 Pet Catalina
-$4 Catalina from Blue Diamond
-$3 Catalina from Ore-Ida

Paid: $30.18 ($21.76 was meat & fish)
Received: $5 Catalina (Heinz), $3 Catalina (Ore-Ida), $3 Catalina (Crest)

Make sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find all the coupons or head over to the ShopRite Deals for this week

Update on my Grocery Budget:

Remember, I had not been shopping for about 4 weeks so my grocery budget had built up.  Now I’m spending more each week but I’m still averaging less then $50 a week if you count the 4 weeks I hardly spent anything.  And, over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been stocking up on a lot of meat.  The break I took from serious couponing for 4 weeks was a much needed break and I feel ready to tackle these awesome deal.

Here is my progress now:

$465 grocery money as of 9/18
-$72.54 spent on 9/18 Shopping Trip
-$6.99 spent on 9/24 Shopping Trip
-$61.20 spent on 9/25 Shopping Trip
added $150 to our grocery envelope on 9/30
-$33.00 spent at Farmers Market
-$10 Bought Newspapers on 10/2
-$10 Walgreens Cottonelle Deal
-$43.75 spent on 10/7 Shopping Trip
-$31 spent on 10/9 Shopping Trip
-$42 spent at Farmers Market
Total in envelope as of 10/9: $304.52

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

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  • trish

    Does anyone know how many times we can do the gravy catalina? Has anyone tried more than two times?

    • Nancy

      I have done the gravy Catalina 5 times since yesterday on the same PP card, and it worked every time. I went to the SR in Manahawkin, NJ 🙂 Look for the coupon under the label of the Turkey gravy ($1/2), use 2 of them, buy 5 gravies total, pay $3 and get the $5 cat… making it a $2 MM!!! I am never going to use this much gravy but have them all packed up and ready to be donated to my local food bank.
      Good luck!

      • Nichole

        Better yet, get 6 gravies and use 3 $1/2 coupons and you still pay $3 and get a $5 cat!

      • Melinda

        Where is this coupon? Is it on the actual label of the gravy, like you have to peel it off?

    • Jessie

      The gravy price is not a price plus, and the deal doesn’t require your card! (I found this out by accident when it printed the cat at the self-checkout before I scanned my card) Don’t know if there’s a limit per card, but you can certainly do it as many times as you want if you don’t scan your card, and you will get the cat each time.

  • chris

    Cindy which store do you use. Mine does not double DND coupons

  • Jen

    Cindy, you do such an amazing job here, it irks me when you feel you have to justify spending or not getting everything for free. YES, we idealize you, but anyone with half a brain knows the reality is that sometimes ya hafta buy some meat. And that’s rarely going to be free! Keep up the good work, and STOP APOLOGIZING!

  • Dawn

    I bought alot of Fantastik for the shelters we give to, but they still had ALOT of it. Our shoprite in DE doesnt’ fully double coupons either and our store is small, but we are getting a new and bigger one!! YIPPEE!!
    You do a great job and THANK YOU for all you do for all of us!!!!!

    • stephanie

      which one do you shop at im in de too?

      • Dawn

        stephanie i go to the one in Newark, can’t wait until the one in Bear opens up. don’t know when that will be do you??

  • Kabby

    Concerning the Spend $20 get $5 OYNO….I do not see anyone reporting you are able to do this deal more than once(different transactions)….this deal has my head spinning…so many options…I skipped this one until I did the other great deals this week. Have people been able to do this deal multiple times …of course in separate transactions? Cindy thank you for all you AND family do for all of us.

    • gabby

      I’ve done it twice with a few different varieties of the V-8’s and also with the campbell’s soups. Be careful with those though because the cream of mushroom and cream of chicken are NOT included (I had to exchange with cream of potato in my second transaction to get the cat).

      • gabby

        Also forgot to mention that when I did this deal both times that a coupon for V-8 fusion juice popped out with the cat save $1/2, so I used that when I did the deal the second time around. My kids drink juice like there’s no tomorrow, so I stocked up : )

        • Yvette

          Can u use the cat from the v8 to buy more v8 and get another cat?

  • ethel

    great job! went to shoprite today and they had no more Ore-Ida Easy Frieds 🙁

  • Heather

    I took a break also right as school was starting up so that I could get used to my new schedule and not burn myself out. I just started back up last week and I’ve already restocked most of my stock pile, I need to look at my laundry room. I know how much I appreciated my break and could not imagine having to continue writing out deals while I was trying to break away for awhile! Thank you for all that you do!

  • su

    How/where can I get a Kraft coupon book?

  • AMAZING Job, Cindy!

  • Annabelle

    I wish I had a grocery budget. I have no idea how much Im supposed to spend on groceries. I try to keep it under $50 for one week but then I go to both Stop & Shop and ShopRite and end up spending close to $100 between the 2. Even after reading the Motley Fool, Dave Ramsey, Complete Idiots Guide to Getting out of Debt and the one from the Canadian lady, oh and the Suze Orman budgeting tool I still am clueless on how to set up a budget. I dont understand how using what Ive spent in the past will help figure out how much I should spend. Obviously it cant be what I have been spending, because thats too much. Oy!

    • Sandi

      Download a grocery budget spreadsheet. I have been using one for 2 years now and it really puts my spending in perspective. It is a very helpful tool to have.

  • Pam

    I’ve been having to go to Shoprite earlier and earlier every Sunday to make sure I get all the deals, which means that I have to spend part of my Saturday night getting all coupons and list ready. I was there early and there already wasn’t any more Tropicana 50 left.
    I am not going to even attempt to go back to Shoprite till later in the week after they get a new shipment. I want to get some more V8 (the smoothie sounds great!) and I’m going to try out the Almond Milk.

    • Kathy

      What I found works for me is I got about an hour and a half before closing. My store closes at 11pm every day. When I get there they are always filling up everything and even things that were out of stock all day are already on the shelves and I can get some. That was the only way I was able to get the pepsi max last week.

  • Danielle M

    Can you do 5 Gravy and 5 Orida Easy Fries in the same transaction and get 2 $5 cats or should I split the order? Thanks

    • Mary

      I tried that yesterday and it only printed out the one $5 cat, and the $3 oreida cat. HTH.

    • Lianne

      split the order

  • Danielle M

    Thanks Mary!

  • Cindy, how do I order a Kraft Coupon Book?

    • Cindy

      Unfortunately it’s no longer available.

  • meli

    great job cant wait to go!!

  • Linda

    How are you doing on your grocery budget?

    Well I was thinking about this alot lately. I spend between $75 to $100 per month just on meat.

    Once a week I can spend from $20 to $60 at a store depending what I need or if I am stocking up.

    I don’t think I am at the point of spending next to nothing for groceries but I can tell I am getting a whole lot more product for my money. So my quanity has definitely increased.

  • Alie

    There is also a .50 off 2 coup for VitaminWater from the SR kosher calendar. Not much more savings but every little bit adds up.

  • I am in awe of all you ladies who know how to use coupons. I am only just discovering the power of coupons. I have lots to learn, but I am so happy I have discovered this wonderful site, to help me on my journey. Thanks for all the information.

  • Sandi

    How much do you allow yourself to spend each month/year? I give myself a limit of $120 a week to spend on a family of 4, all adults. I am thinking of cutting back to around $60 a week since I have a pretty good stockpile built up.

  • Yvette

    Can u buy the v8 and use the cat to buy more v8 and receive another cat?

  • Susan

    Congrats on your trips! No Fantastik, gravy or fries at my store. I did manage to get the Prego and chips. Thought I would go early in the week, guess you have to be there a 6am nowadays.

  • Maria D.

    Hi Cindy:
    It took a while, but just this week I took a break from food shopping. I only purchased milk for the kids and a few things we use that were on sale. I spent around $35.00 this week.
    Thanks for your tips and information.

  • Beth

    Anyone else having trouble with the x14 coupon?