My Shopping Trip – ShopRite

Last night I was finally able to get to the store.  I have to tell you, I’m so disappointed because time just got away from me and I never got to Stop & Shop last week.  There were so many deals I wanted to take advantage of and, well, life got in the way and I never made it.  But, I did get to ShopRite last night.

It was not the shopping trip I had hoped for as some coupons didn’t double and I had to grab a few things without a coupon.  I was trying to squeeze the trip in between grabbing a bite to eat at the local pizzeria and picking up my son from the airport which, by the way, was after he missed his first flight.  Yes, that’s a whole other story.

But, in the end, it was a decent trip.  Certainly not my best, but still good.  Here is what I got:

9 Hunt’s Tomatoes $1.00 each
1 4 Grain Eggs $2.49
2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt $1.00 each
1 Tostitos $2.99
1 Tostitos Salsa $2.99
1 ShopRite Grated Romano Cheese $5.49
1 Bimbo Honey Wheat Bread $2.49
4 Poland Spring Sparkling Water $1.00 each
2 2000 Flush $1.64 each
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99
3 Cheerios $1.99 each
4 Energizer Max Batteries $2.99 each
1 ScotchBrite Sponges 4 pack $1.99 (on managers special)
1 ShopRite Italian Sausage $5.13
2 Nestle Butterfinger $1.87 each
4 Starkist Tuna Cans $0.88 each
1 Kraft Singles $1.99
4 Al Fresco Chicken Sausage $3.99 each
4 Birdseye Chef’s Favorite Veggies $0.99 each
1 Coffeemate $1.99
1 Milk Bone Essentials $3.59 (not in picture)
1 Milk Bone Mini Bones $2.79 (not in picture)

Coupons used:

-(2)$1/4 Hunt’s
-(1)$0.35/1 4 Grain (did not double)
-(2)$0.30/1 Yoplait Greek (NLA)
-$0.50 Cellfire Coupon for Yoplait
-$1/1 Tostitos Coupon
-(4)$1/1 Poland Spring Coupon (NLA)
-(2)$1/1 2000 Flushes
-(1)$0.75/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (NLA)
-(3)$0.75/1 Cheerios Coupon
-(4)$3/1 Energizer (NLA)
-(1)$0.75/1 ScotchBrite Coupon
-(1)$1/2 Nestle Candy Coupon
-(4)$1/1 Al Fresco Coupon
-(4)$0.50/1 Birdseye Coupon (all coupons beeped)
-$3.59 B1 Milk Bone get a Milk Bone Essentials Free
-$5/$75 from the Kids Stuff Book
-$5 Kraft Catalina
-$3 Pet Catalina

Paid: $43.75
Received a $5 Catalina from Hunts
Receipt says: Total Savings Today: $111.44

Make sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find all the coupons or head over to the ShopRite Deals for this week

Update on my Grocery Budget:

During the week my husband ran to the Farmer’s Market where we spent $33.  Here is an update on my grocery budget.  Remember, I had excess money in my grocery cash envelope because we had been living off our stockpile for about 4 weeks.

Here is my progress now:

$465 grocery money as of 9/18
-$72.54 spent on 9/18 Shopping Trip
-$6.99 spent on 9/24 Shopping Trip
-$61.20 spent on 9/25 Shopping Trip
added $150 to our grocery envelope on 9/30
-$33.00 spent at Farmers Market
-$10 Bought Newspapers on 10/2
-$10 Walgreens Cottonelle Deal
-$43.75 spent on 10/7 Shopping Trip
Total in envelope as of 10/8: $377.52

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

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  • Nancy B

    Glad to see you had a sucessful trip! I was very disappointed yesterday as people had cleared the shelves for the few good deals I was hoping to score 🙁 but I am not giving up and going to try again this morning…

  • Jenise Sarraga

    I did an awesome job at Shoprite as well. I spent 62.00 and saved 162.00.

  • Patricia

    wow!! Cindy, you are very good and I love the fact you keep it very real…like life get in the way and I couldn’t get to the store…that’s me many times and sometimes even as good the deal is I don’t have enough money to do it because we being struggling for almost 3 years now! trying to get our feet back on track !! and I wish I could say that my budget look as good as yours!! but we keep trying.!!! thank you so much for your time and your extra time in building this wonderful website!! and for being an inspiration for many of us!!!
    Have a great and blessed weekend Cindy and Family!!

  • Susan

    Like you said, life gets in the way! But, there will be other deals right around the corner. I didn’t make it to Stop and Shop either, oh well! Family is so much more important – glad he finally made it home! My son in college came home last night also – love having him home for a few days! Sure beats a great sale! Enjoy your weekend!

  • brandy segura

    What is NLA?

  • Susan

    No Longer Available…..

  • liz

    This week I spent $6.84 and saved $104.93. Leveraged stockpile as foundation for meals and the 6.84 went to the add ons that we needed like a red onion, loaf of italian bread, honey mustard salad dressing, etc. to allow me to complete the meals as outlined in the recipes I used. Yahoo!

  • Carol

    As always thanks for sharing, and keeping it real! When people see me with my coupons and savings they always ask me if I watch Extreme couponing and I say no, I follow the rules, and follow an awesome website, LRWC, and she makes your shopping and savings so much easier.

    I was at shoprite yesterday twice. I went and did my big weekly order which included a big side of filet mignon and lots of chicken that was on sale for .69 cents, but had to return the hunts, because hubby added wrong, so I spent 162.82, and saved 247.85. Only got one 2.00 catalina to spend. So we went back to return the hunts, and I redid that offer, got my 4 packages of veggies, my four hamsteaks, granola bars and chex mix, and that time I spent 16.35, saved 53.85, and have 7.00 dollars in catalinas. Thanks to your blog, we know are stocked up on veggies!!!

  • Stacy

    I went shopping at Shoprite on Long Island last night and they said the Energizer Batteries that were on sales for $2.99 was the 10 pack not the 8 pack as advertised so I couldn’t use that coupon since it said 8 pack on it, disappointed. Nice trip and thanks for all you do!!

  • Sandi

    So far this year, my shelf cost is at $9,612.43, store discounts $3,011.03
    coupons used $2,185.50 , total oop $4,361.76, my goal is to keep it around $5,500 for the year so I think I have to cut back some in the next couple of months. These totals include all of my trips to Shoprite, Cvs, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens. I would love to only spend $2,500 a year on groceries, but I just can’t pass up some of the great deals. I always average half price on everything at the end of the year so I’m happy and I have a fantastic stock pile.

    • Kristi

      Sandi – what a savings – you should be proud of yourself – how many people are in your family? I wish I could take advantage more too – I recall a few weeks ago Cindy saying she had not been shopping as much either and then I didn’t feel so bad.. I felt a little burnt and I guess for the Summer months didn’t need as much stuff for my stock pile. But, I was encouraged by Cindy’s comments especially ‘there will always be another deal”! And that’s so true – this week for me felt like a lot of deals to take advantage of but now, going into next week, I don’t have as much (and luckily don’t need as much) in the budget, but I do like to have a little safety for that “OH NO we are out of xyz” item – (usually a necessity like Milk, Eggs, banana’s or cheesesticks)
      PS- Love hearing how everyone is doing/ has been doing – its encouraging.
      We have been doing this since March and in May settled on a budget of $75/week and that has really been enough for our family of 4 – minus a few unexpected slip ups.
      March – Spent $889, Saved $1162
      April – Spent $324, Saved $382
      May- Spent $285 Saved $393
      June – Spent $285, Saved $547
      July – Spent $284, Saved $326
      August- Spent $306 Saved $284
      September – Spent $294, Saved $274
      October – So Far – Spent $63, Saved $125

      Prior to doing this I monthly grocery bill had been in the $800-$1000 region, even some months $1100. It seems incredible now to think of spending that much in a month!!!

  • Erin

    I am right there with you Patricia. Been a struggle for a while now! I tend to get frustrated when I can’t take advantage of deals bc of lack of funds. But then I have to remember how much better things are now that I do use coupons when I can. Keep your head up! It sure is a struggle but I have faith something will give!!

  • Kristi

    I went to SR earlier this week and spent $18, saved $86 in 2 separate orders. I would have sent it in but didn’t have written down all the coupons I used etc. I do have a photo I posted on my facebook page and would include it here if I could! But, I was pretty pleased. I used $3 catalinas from the previous week.

    I got (4) Cheerios, (4) Chex Mix, (2) Go Go Squeeze Apple Sauce, (1) Pam, (2) Old El Paso Enchilada Saucce (3) RoTel Tomatos, (6) Suave Kids Shampoo, (2) Poland Springs, (8) Lipton Iced Tea, (1) GUM Toothbrush, (1) Emmi Swiss Yogurt (1) Haribo Gummy Bears, (1) Energizer batteries, (5) Steamed Fresh Veggies
    I also went again this week and forgot to give the cashier my card, so my coupons didn’t double. I went to the desk and was able to get back the amount I would have saved with my card ($5.50), but didn’t realize about my coupons until I was driving home (about another $5). I guess I didn’t have my A game going on – but like CIndy said- sometimes life happens… Overall, this couponing thing is the best thing thats happened to us! I love it- huge savings each month and a new hobby!! Yeah! Thanks of course go to Cindy! Have a great weekend!

    • carol

      I hate that about coupons, forgetting or losing them. Life gets so busy in my houae, and i get behind in coupons and it is so hard to catch up. I have no kids for the weekend and what did I do go to Shoprite. LOL

      • Kristi

        Carol – so true..I really don’t think I could do this if I didn’t work from home. Doing so allows me to check LRWC many times each day to take advantage of new coups that become available. And, I do spend some time during each day reviewing deals, comments, cutting coups etc. Its very time consuming.. Luckily this is the first year both my kids are at school 9-3! Hats off to those out there that work outside the home and still manage to do this too- thats impressive!! And, like you Carl – when I get “alone” time outside of the house – I like go to the store to do small deals – is that ridiculous? It makes me happy – I guess thats all that matters!!

        • carol

          I told sh Shoprite with great deals is foreplay. LOL

  • Melanie

    There are new $0.55/1 and $0.75/2 coupons for creamer on the Coffee-mate website that were posted either yesterday or the day before. What happened to all of our free creamer 🙁 I’d die without coffee!!! Haha!!

    • Cindy

      I know…that’s what killed me. We had no more creamer left and I brought along the $0.55 for the Coffee Bliss (I think that is the name). That one was not included so I couldn’t use the coupon. I would have passed and picked it up when I had the coupon but the hubs was with me and he “NEEDED” the creamer for his coffee last night and tonight. So, I gave in and got it without the coupon.

      • Melanie

        I believe these two coupons are new 🙂

        There’s a $0.55/1 “any variety, excluding Bliss” and a $0.75/2. I haven’t tried the Bliss kind yet, but I’m in love with the new Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice 🙂

        • susan c

          thanks melanie…. i just printed both of them…:O) i’m in maryland at my sister’s .. i can’t wait to print them off my computer at home…it’s the little things in life ya know?!? lol

      • Valerie

        Cindy I went to A&P today . They had International Delights for $2.79 with a bogo sale. I had 2 .55 q’s from one of your links that doubled, so I got 2 bottles for 59 cents, not free but good. FYI- i never before used this stuff in my life until I started reading your blog and was able to get some for free- now I too am hooked!

  • MARY

    This thread is inspiring. We all have reasons why things aren’t ‘extreme’ but they sure are a lot easier on our pockets than last year! I would not be couponing if not for this site!

  • momxfour

    Great job!
    I have a quick question about printing….I have two computers and one printer but when I print two of the same coupon off one printer then try to print the same two off the other printer it tells me I already printed them? I thought it was two per computer not printer…anyone else have this problem? Also everytime I go to print a coupon such as the Al Fresco it isn’t reset. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks Again for this website 🙂

    • Kristi

      momxfour – I would like to hear the answer to the reseting question.. As for the printer issue- I typically do not have a problem when using the same printer for my computer and my husbands lap top. I would say out of 50 times, maybe 1-2 times I get some odd response like that and I am not certain why.

      But resetting- I would like to understand this better too- when does it happen? How often? How do you know when etc?


    • Cindy

      It is 2 per computer. I’m not sure why that is happening for you.

  • Meli

    i am inspired by all of you thanks !!

  • Shanta

    Cindy my all 4 of my BirdsEye coupons beeped also, the cashier had to get an override for all 4 of them & the Carolina rice coupon stated DND5, but they did double & I was happy about that because the double made them free for me. Great trip Cindy!!!

  • lovescoupons

    Do you put the money in your grocery budget every week, bi weekly, monthly? I have to remind myself that every trip can’t be the best. Last week I tried to use my $5/$50 coupon at shoprite last week and the cashier told me it had to be used AFTER all my other deductions and coupons – is this right? They’ve never done that to me before. Thanks for all you do. You have really helped sooooooooo many people. My family & I is very appreciative, thank you! 🙂

    • lovescoupons

      Also, is your budget just for groceries or like target & Cvs trips too?

      • Faith

        no, not right. they should scan that coupon first! i love how they just make the rules as they go along! *sarcasm* lol

      • Cindy

        The money we budget for groceries is for any food, health & beauty aid products, produce and even my newspaper and if I buy coupons from a clipping service. It doesn’t matter where I buy it, Target, CVS, Walgreens, ShopRite, etc. It all comes out of that money. And, sometimes if I have a lot of excess in the budget, we will use it for a nice dinner out every now and then.

    • Cindy

      I put $150 in my grocery envelope bi-weekly. We do that because that is when my husband gets paid. The $5 off $50 is before coupons not after coupons. Actually it’s even before price plus deductions but that will depend on your cashier.

    • Anita M

      Some of those $5/$50 state after coupons and some dont mention anything. Be sure to check the fine print. My Acme q’s absolutely stated AFTER coupons, sales, and all other discounts. 🙁

  • Lady J

    Now that I am really couponing, I think I will keep tracking my spending and savings come January (just couldn’t get into it in the middle of the year).

    I have always kept an eye on Christmas spending. It can get expensive. I save for Christmas by using my credit card. Every expense goes on the credit card, which gets paid in full when the bill comes. In exchange for using the credit card, I earn points which I cash in for gift cards. Between my credit card, swagbucks, mypoints, e-rewards, (hopefully coke rewards – if I’m lucky enough to catch the gift cards) and gift cards I’ve gotten and put away during the year, I have at least 800 in gift cards to spend for Christmas (that was the total during the summer). Credit cards do work if you can pay in full on time. If not – stay away.

    The credit cards, along with the other things listed, really do help me save money for Christmas. When my family gets a gift card as a gift that’s not quite us, I buy it and put it with the Christmas stash. While not right for us, it’ll work to buy a gift for someone else. Then, the gift recipient can use the cash to get something more their taste – which was the original intent of the gift card anyway. I may spend $25 to $5o to buy some gift cards here or there, but that spreads the cost of Christmas throughout the year so there isn’t one lump sum bill at the end of the year.

    Also, I put the target or babies r us gift cards I get from shopping deals away for this purpose too (be careful some gift cards earned on delas do have expiration dates).

    But, I have to say, when I did use cash, my absolute favorite way to save money was to put cash in an envelope. You really don’t spend as much when you have to take out the cash and see the envelope being depleted.

    I would do that for vacation. I would plan budget trips at budget hotels. Then I would go to the bank and take out $300 or so in singles to last me the week (excluding hotel and say Disney tickets). I would put them in envelopes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, gas, snacks, entertainment, souvenirs. Each day had it’s own set of envelopes. Seeing the money in the envelope – I just couldn’t spend it all. And because it was in singles – to me, it stressed the point more. Any money not spend from an envelope went into a savings envelope. I always came home with at least $100.

    When I was in high school, I saved quite a bit just by putting change in a jar in my room, by senior year, I had enough for a European vacation.

    Saving money is all about the little things.

  • Miss Ginny

    great site….such a blessing

  • Hi everyone!
    Great Job, Cindy and everyone…you are all so inspiring as I am a very green coupon diva (only been couponing about a week and a half). But, in that week and a half I have cut my OOP in half. Although I have spent my entire grocery budget ($100 last week and $100 this week for family of 5) taking advantage of deals and beginning my stockpile. My goal is to continue learning from all of you amazing diva’s…and keep my OOP at least 50% discount…and then increase that to 60-75% starting 2012! Thank you all so much…Namaste <3

  • Anonymous

    Nice shopping trip Cindy. I stocked up on the Bird’s Eyes (20 bags)but what a hassle that they all beeped.The manager had to come over to override my q’s, asked me if I got the right products , then taking the veggies out of the bags to make sure I was telling the truth plus people behind me rolling their eyes because I was taking too much of their time. Whew! But it’s still worth it because it’s our favorite and I always pay $2.50 for these when they’re on sale so getting them for FREE was awesome.

    • Valerie

      Yeah- I got 6 bags on two seperate trips, used 4Q’s from circulars and two were printed- everything beeped both times.. I got the right product, but let me tell you, cashier sure gave me the evil eye- but I just shrugged and kept calm while they were checking. I had the right products so I don’t know what all the beeping was about….

  • Kathie

    I went to SR this morning to do my weekly shopping. Got $232.16 worth of groceries for $51.55! Total savings $180.61.

  • Liz v

    Love to read your real shopping trips. ITs fun to go to the store and spend like nothing on free cereal or veggies or what have you, but the reality is we aren’t getting everything for free, but simply using coupons to make things as inexpensive as possible. We get hard on ourselves sometimes when deals don’t go perfectly, but just saving some when you can
    and learning everyday is what counts! Thanks for this site!

  • jessica

    By the way the pet catalina works as regular $$ off. You don’t have to buy any pet products!

  • Lisa

    It’s all about saving money…not going out and scoring a deal that you really don’t need. I spent around 45.00 this week and saved almost 85.00 in coupons. I NEVER spend more than 65.00 in a week for a family of 6. Everyone always comments on how healthy I feed my children and how cheap (I make alot of my meals from scratch). Thank you Cindy for helping me out with you informative blog! Your the best!

    • Thank you for this comment, Lisa. “It’s all about saving money…not going out and scoring a deal”…this has really touched me deeply and created a huge AH HA moment. Saving money is the reason why I am interested in doing this. I have now changed my coupon priorities because of your comment! 🙂

  • Valerie

    Doing a lot better since I found your website Cindy- you have saved me a ton of $$ and taught me how to stockpile better. I only wish you were around when kids were little and home and I was really struggling, but anyway, I give them lots of stuff for their households and grandkid is benefitting. Thanks so much and thanks also to all your readers who contribute ideas and feedback- very helpful!

  • Gretchen

    I have noticed that MUCH fewer of my coupons have been doubling at ShopRite lately. I am wondering if they have changed their coupon policy recently and are capping how many coupons they double ?