My Shopping Trip: Target

After dropping off Bogo to get his haircut, I ran into Target to try out the Q-tips deal I posted earlier. 

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with Target.  It’s mostly love but their registers drive me crazy.  Fortunately, when I did this deal, the gift card was triggered right away so I didn’t have to deal with that.   This time I had one coupon that didn’t come off all the way so it looks like I should have had more items in my cart to cover the difference of the gift card credit.  If you remember, when you have a gift card deal the register appears to deduct the $5 Gift Card on the reciept although they don’t actually take off the $5.  It becomes an imaginary credit. My total was going to fall below that imaginary credit (not including tax), so my last coupon only took off $0.04.  Had I had more in my cart to cover the difference, I would have had the whole $0.60 come off.

You confused yet?  I know I always am reading Target receipts 🙂

Here is how my transaction went:

4 Gold Peak Tea $1.02
4 Q-tips 375 ct $2.69
-(4)$1/1 Gold Peak Tea (I’m not sure if this is still available)
-(4)$1/1 Q-tips Target Coupon
-(4)$0.60/1 Q-tips manufacturer coupon
Total should have been: $4.44 but the last coupon deducted $0.04 to make it $5
Tax: $0.41
Total came to $5.41
Received a $5 Target Gift Card

Final Price for all was $0.41 which was tax.  Pretty sweet as I need Q-tips!

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  • nice deal. not feeling target though. i always have to call the manager to explain the coupon to the cashier. too much work. in love with self-checkout at cvs and stop and shop.

  • Tiff

    Target receipts drive me crazy!!! I swear they do it to through off us couponers so we don’t complain if the totals not right.

  • Linda

    I love couponing however I really don’t get GREAT deals like coming out of the store paying less then a 1.00 or something like that…My hub would say why do you need 4 things of q-tips, it’s hard to explain if it’s a great deal…just like the extreme coupon show, who really needs 63 bags of chips that will expire before you eat them….I wish I knew couponing better, how do you learn???

  • blanca

    Can someone please explain, how I can use (4)$1/1 Q-tips Target Coupon, when the target coupon says limit one coupon per transaction?

    • Cindy

      Each store handles it differently. My store allows more then one and some stores do. It depends on your store.

      • Ana

        The inconsistency kills me. First time I did this I got 4 free cat treats. (o.99 price cut, then target 1$ coupon) Fantastic right?! Since I got my sister to print me more on her computer and so on, I had 4 more on a different trip. This time they bickered between cashier and manager and decided to do it for me but on different transactions of a cat treat each. Seemed really silly. I think that if I had only used two the cashier wouldn’t have noticed much.

        He did explain to me nicely though, that YOU CAN USE TWO TARGET COUPONS ON LIKE ITEMS. For example two cat treats or energy drink of different flavors.

        It depends on the coupon really. If it doesn’t beep and you don’t have a ton of them they don’t really notice. If it beeps then you might have a problem using them for the same item.

    • alejandra

      Right @ my target it’s only one per item per transaction..they re-read coupons a million times..then eventually call a manager….Not a fan of target & coupons!

  • Kim Olenderski

    OMG, I hate Target receipts also. They are very confusing and I’m never quite sure whether my coupons were all deducted properly.

  • Ted

    Those Gold Tea’s taste like sugar water, haha. I got some the other day.

  • aimee

    I did this deal today too, thanks for the tip Cindy. It didn’t go smoothly for me though because all $0.60 q’s beeped but the guy let them all through. I didn’t get the gift card so I went to cs but the girl insisted that it’s only for 750 ct ( got (1) 375 and (3) 500 ct. , there was only 1 375 ct left). I told her i’ll get the tags to prove that I was telling the truth. When I gave her the tags, she read them very carefully. and told me ” I don’t know but maybe it’s your coupons that won’t trigger the gc, then gave me $5 in cash ( not looking happy of course ). I left very happy because I only paid $1.88 for all 4 boxes of q tips.

  • ranie

    plz plz let me know where you got those coupons and how to get other ones…i have been racking my brain all day trying to get coupons on the web and i dont even know where to go! plz any help will be great. thanks!

    • Kate

      The links above take you directly to the pages where she got them. The $1/1 is a Target web coupon found on the Target website and the $.60 is a manf coupon found on You’ll need to register and start earning points (super easy though) and when you have enough you can use your points to print coupons through their site.

    • try: or or or or or or or or or Good Luck, Barbara

  • Maria

    I got 2 Q-tips and 2 Vaseline lotion since I didn’t have the extra 2 Q-tips coupon. Did your recyclebank cpns beep? The cashier still put them thru, but it was my first time using them so I was curious.

  • ranie

    i signed up and completed my registration but i dont know where to go from there…im new to the whole couponing things so idk what to do next?

    • ranie

      Also can u combine your teas as far as ounces? cause i only found one coupon for that brand of tea but it was for 59oz

      • MichelleK

        Nope, can’t combine ounces. You need to buy exactly what the coupon states. I had a couple of the 59 ounce coupons too, and no store in my area carries them. When I started couponing, I studied the Beginners section for days…maybe you should try that to help get you started. It will help!

  • Wal-Mart just started carrying the GoldPeak tea large bottles. Weis Markets & Giant also carried them. Why is it that coupons beep? As I have had, many coupons beep that I know were good. From what I remember all cashiers have put them through.

  • Ana

    FYI the Gold Peak tea sale might be regional because at 2 of my targets for the last 2 weeks (including today) they were at full price . 1.49$ or more (can’t remember).

  • sandra

    my target doesnt even have the gold peak tea here in wny

  • Monique

    Acme carries Gold Peak tea, both sizes

  • ranie

    well im going to target today so wish me luck! there are alot of things that go into the whole coupon art! kinda overwhelming at first but thanks for all your help!

  • Jules

    what zipcode is the Q-tip coupon under? i am only seeing a $1/1 Qtips precision point for 40 points that is for a 170 pack…thx!

  • An

    I went to Target today and it took me too long to get out. I bought both the Qtips and the Curel. I had no problem with the Qtips gift card but the cashier did not want to scan the coupons because “I was getting a gift card”. They were out of the small curel but I bought the larger size and the gift card did not show up at the register. A new supervisor was there and she walked over to the Curel but came back with a different tag and proceeded to tell me that I got the wrong size and that the cashier was right with the Qtips coupons.
    I physically had to walk over to the Curel display with the supervisor and show her the correct tags and then I calmly explained that Target coupon policy is regardless of gift card promotions.

    Eventually I got the proper coupons and gift cards but it was annoying. I even think the cashier removed my bag credit out of spite – but at that point I just wanted to get out of the store.

  • Miranda

    I am so excited about the Q-tip deal since this is something we are always running out of, however I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding this right. In order to get the $5 gift card I need to purchase 4 Q-tips 375 count. Is that right? Thanks for all you help Cindy, I am new to this and you have made it so easy to jump right it!!!

  • Monica

    I did this deal yesterday. My .60 coupons all beeped, but had no issues with anything else. I bought the 275 ct Qtips. The cashier did not look happy with all my coupons, but they never are. She didn’t give me any grief about using 4 Target coupons and the gift card came up as soon as she scanned all 4 Qtips. I don’t usually have any problems with coupons at Target, but I agree with their receipts, totally confusing. I may go back for the curel deal later this week.